Thinner and Thinner Scott Toilet Paper

Thinner and Thinner Scott Toilet Paper 100.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

Hello, I have used Scott Tissue toilet paper since 1980. I now am stopping, at first the rolls were getting thinner and thinner, so I began buying the “soft” I now no longer am a customer. I officially will not be giving Scott toilet paper product anymore chances unless you make it like you did in the 80’s, it was never super soft but I do not need that. I wanted the product that had value that I used to be able to purchase. Thank you!

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One thought on “Thinner and Thinner Scott Toilet Paper

  • Lee

    After 30 years of using Scott toilet paper, I have never been so disappointed in your product. Why does money have to take over quality of your product. You made it thinner and also made a whole lot of your favorite customers decide to go elsewhere. So, for the first time is all those years I am no longer going to buy your product anymore. Until you change back to what make us all buy this in the first place, no more Scott toilet paper. Because it was wonderful I paid a higher price, now it isn’t worth the thin paper that is on the tube.

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