Unhappy New Dish Network Customer

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I just switched from Directv to Dish and realized that I should have never switched. Dish network’s services are not up-to-date as Directv services. The picture images are poor and lack HD quality. Recording (DVR) is not as advanced as Directv (can’t change channels at the same tiem while you’re recording). After only 7 days of having Dish Network, I couldn’t get out of the 2-yr contract. Would have to pay $420 if I did. Don’t make the exact same mistake that I did because then you will be as I am….. A very DISAPPOINTED new dish network customer for the next 2 years.

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7 thoughts on “Unhappy New Dish Network Customer

  • TommyF@DISH Network

    Hi there. My name is Tommy Faust with DISH Network’s Executive Offices. I know how frustrating it is when you switch companies and have to learn new equipment. Our receivers do have the ability to watch one show and record another from the same TV. Our Duo receivers have two modes, Single and Dual. In Dual mode TV1 and TV2 will operate separately, though you can choose which TV will record shows. In Single mode TV1 and TV2 will show the same picture, but the two tuners you’re using from Dual mode are combined so you can record one show and watch another at the same time. You mentioned your picture is poor quality and lacks HD. There may be a setting you would have to check to make sure your TV is setup for it. This is taking into account you already have HD cables connected. Go into Menu -> System Setup (6) -> HDTV Setup (8). Verify Analog Type is Offair, TV Type is 1080i and Aspect Ratio is 16×9. If you have any other questions or would like any further assistance with the equipment you can reach me at thomas.faust@dishnetwork.com!

  • Donald Nesbit

    I cannot record a show and watch another at the same time on TV1 or TV2. If I watch comething on TV1, I have to record on TV2 and vice versa. Disapointed in Dish, been a customer for many years.

  • BeckiB_DISH

    Donald, when you are recording, you cannot record and watch live TV at the same time. You must record to TV2 or vice versa. I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the service. I would be happy to address any concerns that you might have. Please send me an email at becki.barned@dishnetwork.com. Please include your concerns, and your account or phone number. Thank you!!

  • nairoby

    new customer and very dissapointed at DISH, was promissed something i never got.
    The quality is very poor and the equipment that i got was not what i ordered now DISH wants to harge me to get a new cable box…. WORST CABLE/SATELITE provider.

  • Robert

    June 2012, I called and got a great deal with Dish. Satellite TV & Internet combo. The internet 29.95 and TV I believe was 19.95. Plus installation. Man what a deal, why didn’t I do this before, Right? I live out in the country away from the big cities now and couldn’t carry my DSL that I loved so much.
    Got it all set up and installed and it worked great for two months. But there was a catch! $10 lease on both the Internet and TV receiver’s! Humm, ok but let’s not get carried away here. After the first tow month’s I get an add on of ten more GB’s for another $10. Didn’t ask for that, but it’s more air time for only $10. (CATCH!) It can only be used between the hour’s of 2AM til 8AM. What you don’t use, you lose, and that’s if it’s counted to after hour’s. Some of that after hours came from the all time hours and would cut me short. Now after complaining a few times, they would give me coupon’s for discount’s on movie’s. Now I’m paying 29.95 + 19.95 + 10 +10 +10 a month plus tax. It all rounded to about $96. In the first year I’m stating to see a shortage of internet time after the first two month’s. This happened a few times and more discounts for movie’s. After the first year, all discount’s vanish and they say the real cost comes into effect. It was over a hundred and thirty dollar’s. I hit the fan, because I signed on for the ad price. The hidden cost start coming out. Then the big increase. After that more problems with air time start to vanish and they can’t tell me where or when. I find out later that there was also a HD charge that I had been paying after the first year, and 3-4 months into the second year it becomes free. I had been paying for it 3 months too long. I complained and got that back. In a total, I have lost Internet air time 4 times in two years before I stopped counting. The worst was losing 10GB in a week. I had been out of town for three days, and I was smoking hot when I found out.
    I have finally honored my 2 year lease and shut it all down. I use Excede now and a special antenna that will reach 80 miles out. I have the know how to make my own pirate receiver, but I’m not that type of person. Now they want me to pay for their equipment to be shipped back to them. Another $35! I don’t think so. I have it packed and ready for their tech to pick up, and they “CAN NOT” charge it to my card.

  • Michael Ontiveros

    My wife and I are on site property managers for a a apartment complex in Manteca, Ca. We allow all providers to offer services to our tenants as along as the installers follow a few simple guide lines. DO NOT ATTACH ANY EQUIPMENT TO THE BUILDING. We understand that some drilling may need to be done and that is ok. With that said we have had 2 of our tenants opt for Dish network and both times the installer has attached to the building as well as personal property of another tenant. When as the Manager I called to have these misunderstandings corrected in a timely manner. I was told that since I was not the account holder that nothing could be done. Wrong! I can ask the people to leave for breech of contract. So it’s almost as if your company does not care about their customers enough to ensure that they are able to retain their housing. Only the 2 year contract that they sign for your services. Dish Network is no longer allowed on the property as a result. Your techs should always try and contact the manager to be made aware of what is allowed and what is not. I even took the time to show the installer what was acceptable. This all could have been avoided if we were not given the run around.

  • Brenda Johnson

    I switched to Dish and got a promotional deal the first year and now i’m in year 2 and my bill is just as high as directv,dish touts their a better deal in their commercials but their the same,i have a high bill and more useless channels then i had with directv.when my contract ends i will cancel.i am very dissatisfied

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