Walmart Family Mobile Review: Plan Rip Off

Walmart Family Mobile Review: Plan Rip Off 80.00% satisfaction rating from 11 complaints

Finally a family plan I can afford? think again because may be not. I consulted with sales rep at walmart store and the customer service over the phone several times before i decided to subscribe, i will need 4 lines total @ $120.00 a month, I specifically asked if i can retain my phone# the other 3 lines that will be added will be new #’s they all said no problem at all.

I purchased everything I needed to start, read all the walmart family mobile reviews, activated my 1st line, canceled my old carrier, when i tried to activate the 2nd line the walmart rep. said sorry that i will have to purchase the 2nd line at full price that’s additional $20.00 making it $140.00 or give up my old phone# on the 1st phone for a new #.

Buyer beware they draw you in and then the truth. i can not afford $20 more a month so I’ve decided to put adding my kids for now, you can imagine how disappointed they are.

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46 thoughts on “Walmart Family Mobile Review: Plan Rip Off

  • Robin

    This cell phone service is horrible – even though Walmart is using T-Mobile’s phone lines, I get dropped calls at every turn!! Poor connectivity service…

  • jason c

    this is an awful company, they lost my online payment. then told me it would take 4 days to reserch the payment they will call me back, called my credit card company and they gave me the transaction number date and time called family mobil back and they said okay hold that information. out landish right.? gets better, then 8 days later called me asking for payment. called back asked for a supervisor supervisor was very unhelpful told me he would put a hold on my account and give him 4 days with the new info, after 16 days of this they returned the money to my prepaid visa card well all of it minus a 10$ reserch fee for them losing my payment, this is nuts i am a good citizen who pays all bills early and has no debt, i got this plan to help keep costs low and the bill changes by a few cents every month, walmart is a evil corp and we must ban together to bring good buisness back

  • bert

    everything was fine until i decided to go with someone else because of price. got my final bill, went online to pay like normal, account disabled, call customer service and they wanted $5.00 to take my final payment over the phone or i could go to Walmart and pay it with a .88 fee. so i went to Walmart, they can’t access my account either, called customer service back, had them talk to the Walmart rep still can’t resolve it, so i ended up paying the $5.00 fee to pay over the phone. well next month comes along and theres my $5.00 bill for paying online. so here we go again now they want another 5 to pay off the other 5, so now i’m up to 10. will next month be 15?

  • Abby


  • mochi

    Yah, this is my first time with them and I’m waiting on my first bill. One, its not accurate and Two, its not telling me my web balance! I only have 2 lines and they better not tell me I owe over 100$ or I will be pissed. How the heck am I suppose to know If I used up my 200MB yet? Idk how to calculate it, I just know youtube uses it up fast and so does facebook. Man… this sucks I should just go back to straighttalk, but I spent all my money on this darn company. Anybody else have this problem with web balance? Its a bunch of BS

  • farah amin

    i like to use wallmart family plan service..but i want to see my call records in this month.i dont know how i get it.can u please tell me that process.that will be helpful to me.thanks to give us such a good cell phone service.

  • cheresa

    I didn’t realize when I got this service that it did not include the internet,picture messages and the calls dropped so often. I was trying to save money but in the 3 months I have had them I have paid almost 400 for 3 lines. This was a bad choice

  • Richard Osgood

    I have tried to resolve this billing issue over the phone several times; however, I am told that this is not possible by the Wal-Mart Family Mobile representatives and their supervisors. In fact, they even refuse to give me the name and mailing address of their company’s CEO. This company could post a negative charge against my good credit rating which I am doing everything to stop and make a reasonable, although unfair to me, restitution. Wal-Mart/T Mobile is using Bait and Switch tactics and using the US Mail and US phone system to perpetrate this fraud.

  • CJB

    Walmart /Mobile family plan is a major ripoff… If you take any phone provider and strip out everything of value in addition to having to purchase a very expensive (and crappy) phone you will see that for what it provides it is actually overpriced.. Not to mention the fact that you will be billed incorrectly and provided with poor service.

  • madalyn

    I completely agree, the service is a rip off and the monthly charges kept going up and up without any explanation or reason. When I finally said enough is enough and canceled my account with them, they claimed I owed an outrageous amount. You have to go through every option in the customer service line to eventually ( took me a month ) find the one that will let you speak to a person. By the time I reached this point I was ready to take them to court, and after finally getting through to a rep. just paid the amount because I was so stressed and annoyed with the situation. I want to share this with anyone who is thinking about signing up with this company, DO NOT DO IT!, you will be sorry and you will be writting a review trashing the company as well.

  • Ben

    The service is terrible, their internet is so slow that you can not do any thing with it. Its price is not worth it. You can find better services all around. Oh by the way, their customer service? assume that there is not any!

  • ryan

    I talk with a person in tech support…They told me wal mart family plan has moved everyone back to 210 meg bit of data…if you go over that,you be push back too 2g. When I sign up they was offing 5gbit of data..Tech person told they change there plan the following month, going from 5 Gbits too 210 mbits…But could get 1 meg bit of data for extra $10.00 month, would move my unlimited plan from $45.00 to $55.00 dollars month..To me this a rip off..We are going back to Verizon at least you get 4gbit of data…This family plan is a rip off for sure…Going from 3g to 2g is like night to day…by..bye tmobile walmart family plan…

  • mike

    Walmart Family Mobil is a mess please don’t get this service, you will be sorry.Talk about run around.You really don’t know who you are dealing with .Their customer service was asked to discontinue service for my phone and wait and when I got my final statement, call them.They said final bill was payable at Walmart.Got the bill and Walmart could not apply payment to Family mobile due to the line having been cancelled for my phone( so they say ) I tried to pay cash at Walmart couldn’t.Family Mobil made me pay by debit card over the phone there at Walmart and charged 5 bucks to do that & I don’t trust that my debit card is not compromised.Please report your neg response if you decide to chance your luck.I think it is a scam not necessarily known by Walmart itself, because Walmarts people tried to help.This is just a brief response, it goes deeper, starter card blues–Good luck

  • mike

    Same for me sir, they are crooks need to be investigated or shut down due to unfair practices–you can’t win at this crooks game.

  • Bile Adan

    Ohh my God i was planing to go Walmart family plan for 3 lines but i baught it the 3 simcard i was trying the to acctivate the customer service line it takes forever to get hold with some one i have T-mobile family line and i pay $120 a month with 3 lines i was thinking to go with walmart family line not anymore right when i read with u guys complain i changed my mind i will go today and return their simcard and get my cash from walmart this company is Damn thanks guys for share me ur story it was great to hear.

  • Jimmy J

    I switched to Family Mobile from AT&T and cut my bill in half. I dont drop calls anymore, and get unlimited data. This is the best deal out there for mobile without a contract

  • Tasanee Kichi

    I’ve had Family Mobile since October of 2010. I’m almost reach two years. At first, I thought plan was great. I’m getting a lot for my money, I’m paying for 2 phone for about $80 a month with an extra $10 to use the web when you had to buy the DataPaks. As time has gone along, I noticed how slow the data is. I can’t watch videos because it wants to buffer every two minutes. Downloads take way too long. Page flips take forever. And then mid 2011, I don’t know what happen, but I started to get free Data, of course I didn’t report it. Then into the fall season, they try to announce it and play it off as if they are having a holiday special thank you promotion by giving away free unlimited data at 3G speed. Now that that’s over, they have kept the unlimited talk, text, and data but your data caps at 250MB. What kind of CRAP is that? I use that FAST in 2 days if I don’t want to watch any videos! I’m forever on Facebook, Instagram, and Pandora. As A LOT of today’s generation is! Now let’s talk about their customer service. Man, I haven’t been able to access the online account since I got this plan. EVER. I try to sign up and nothing happens. I use the stupid temporary password they send to your phone, log in, change it to mine, and it just freezes. The customer services says they have put in a ticket and will call me once tech support works it. Never got a call. EVER. Every time I call to talk about it, they say it’s been done and fixed. Obviously NOT if I’m still going. I don’t want to call them, ever. I have better things to do. Now the ONLY reason why I stick with them is because I don’t want to be glued to a contract, but I need the unlimited talk and text. Now that’s I have finally realized AT&T offers the same plan for only $5 more. I’M SURLY switching to them VERY soon. My advice to everyone who is reading this, do not waste your time. I’ve never wrote a review this long in my life. Oh and another thing, I drop calls EVERYWHERE EVEN though my phone says I have full bars while in 4G coverage. What kind of CRAP is that?! I’m so over this company. I was with T-Mobile before this for about 2 years as well. T-Mobile, you will never get my money again. You got 4-5 years of me combined with you letting Walmart use your service. GOOD RIDDENS!

  • Bob

    Hi, Which ATT plan is only $5 more? Our plan is 2 lines minimum data and 450 shared minutes and is around $85. I feel like we are still paying for phones we’ve already paid off. We don’t use a lot of talk minutes but it would be nice to not have to think about it. We were thinking about Walmart family or Straight Talk but there are a lot of negative reviews out there.

  • Luke

    I have walmart family. I have 2 lines. Guess how much my bill is? $100.00!!! The bill is supposed to be 20 dollars cheaper. I think its HUGE Ripoff!!

  • Heather

    I love Family Mobile. I love the freedom of phones I can use, like right now my phone is a Samsung S3. I never have issues with the service dropping calls or slow internet. Before I eat through the 250mb my internet is blazing fast. And the calling customer service and not getting a rep? What? I’ve never had such an issue. Everytime I call I get great service. Heck and my bill seems to stay steady at $18 a month don’t really know how but I’m not complaining.

  • Holly

    Received a text from 456 “Your Walmart Family Mobile bill is now available online”
    Guess what? I am NOT on the Walmart Family Mobile Plan.
    I never signed up for it!
    I signed up with T-Mobile pay per minute!
    I checked the Walmart site, put in my T-Mo number, and walmart said my number is not a family plan number! So why is Walmart texting me that I have a bill with them?
    Walmart is now spamming and scaring people into thinking they somehow signed up for big fat billing plan!
    I am getting to old for this non-sense!

  • Carol Zrioka

    This is the worst service ever!!!!!!!!! I hate it. Anyone have any better plans. My phone always drops calls.

  • Abraham

    GREAT SERVICE AND PRICE. I love that this is unlimited on everything. I haven’t had any billing issues and the Concord smartphone is been a really good Android phone. It’ll play angry birds, facebook, Pinterest, web browse and more without any issues. YouTube also works well, but it can’t do Netflix and Hulu on this phone anyways although I’m sure it would on other phones, especially off Wifi. Service has been as good as TMobile which is great in our area.

  • Ashley Palacio

    Dang wish I had read this before getting on this plan!! Like Ryan ^^ I too was told the plan would be 45 a month with unlimited everything..and now the bill is 55 plus tax not to mention they charge you an additional 3 to pay your bill!! Who does that!!?? A “processing fee” ummm the process should be my bill is due here’s the 45 plus tax!! RIP OFF!!!

  • karen

    We bought 2 smart phones with the family plan holiday promo for $100 bill credit per phone. We are on our 4th bill and still have not seen this bill credit. Every month they tell us that we will seeit next month. I am calling the BBB tomorrow and reporting walmart AND t-mobile for false advertising. This is BS!

  • gary

    Go online bill pay is easy an free. You can see useage history an complete bill detail just google my family mobile.

  • Lavere

    T-Mobile..Family Mobile service sucks!!! I bought the Samsung Galaxy S2…The customer assoc. threw the phone in a bag and told me to activate in at home online….Terrible service!!! I took the phone back and got a full refund…I was disgusted with the service…Internet very slow…..I tried to switch to straight talk…Tmobile locked the phone so I could not use it with no other providers….I ended up going to ATT just because it’s hassle free…and customer service is hands on…Don’t waste your money on T-Mobile family plans SUCK!!!!!

  • kawigirl

    I truly feel your pain. I am getting the run around with them myself; about to contact corporate office via email; because that is the only way to contact them. CRAZY!!!!!! I admit I sure have research this company first; learning my lesson the hard way.

  • kawigirl

    I feel your paid. Been with them since Jan. 2013 and running away from this company full speed.

  • kawigirl

    Wish I had check the reviews first and YES I am sorry. This have been the worst for months that I have had in a long time…….: (

  • kawigirl

    I have some issues to and I email the complaints department @ We will see how that goes…… I have not heard good things about T-Mobile and when I discovered Family Mobile was linked with it I was like ” OH MY GOODNESS”

  • kawigirl

    WOW. yes I would definitely contact them. This company has probably got over on more than us; we are the only one willing and/or able to get the word out. So that hopefully it will save someone else from having to go through this BS.

  • Tera P

    I have been dealing with a billing error since February. They keep turning off my phone and I have to explain this huge story of everything that has happened. If I get someone that will truly look into it, they always agree that I do not owe this. They turn my phone back on and tell me to send yet another email to or I do this every month but no one is fixing the problem. Can you tell me what the corporate office email is or the C.E.O. email?

  • Mike G, Detroit, MI

    Ok, phone and deal are not bad really, but people are correct the service is not that good. First. The guy at store did not setup phone correclty. He told me it would activate in 2-48 hrs. Ok, I waited 3 days, then had to call in to support for them to activate the phone. So who know what the guy did. Then I wanted the unlimited talk/text/web. Well for some reason I have to wait another 2 weeks before the web part will be activated. Why? Not the smooth transfer as I was hoping. Many reviews on the poor customer support and their correct.

  • REL

    I was good standing customer who paid bills on time. When I decided to cancel service, familymobile blocked my ability to access my account online and they also shut-off my account from their automatic payment system through phone (1-800) even before I received my final bill. Then when I tried to pay my final bill, they asked me to pay an additional Service Fee to process my final payment. I This is just a way for them to collect these ridiculous service fee, when other providers just accept your final payment happily withou any surcharges.

  • paul c.

    First phone stopped working. Took it back got a new one. second phone same thing. The amount of time had past for a replacement in Walmart.[ The instore policy]. We bought a extended war. for this reason. T-Mobile told us this war. was bought at Walmart you need to go there. Walmart said this warranty was bought here for T-Mobile you need to go there. The worst customer service I have ever had to talk with. The customer service agent said that there was some research to be done on this account to make sure all the info was accurate. The agent said they would call back . That was just to get you off the phone with them. Never called back . I would not waste my time with WALMART or T-MOBILE again. I am going to shop other stores from now on. WHAT A JOKE

  • joshua murphy

    We had a problem with our phone we were told to send it back with out the charger sim card and sd card. We sent them the phone and they got it in two days we had to wait 30 days to get it back when they said it would only take ten days. So we asked them to drop the bills down cause the phone wasnt being used do to the back order problem they said they where having. They wanted me to email the bill department and asked them if they would but had no way to with out my phone. So when finally got our phone in the mail there was no back to it. We called and asked to speak to a supervisor and he was very rude and was not willing to give me his supervisor info. And told us to go to Amazon to find a back to our phone really I hope the ceo will see whats going on.

  • Melody Edwards

    The worst service all the way around I have ever had. Don’t get pulled in by the cheap price. I would have someone call me and it never rang, the only way I knew if someone had called is if they left a message. When I went back to AT&T my final bill was for 2 months. If you call the customer service line they tell you they do not handle billing that you have to log into your account and send an email and wait up to 5 days. That in itself is inefficient, but if you port your number to another carrier you are unable to get into your account. After several attempts to speak to someone in customer service that was willing to just look into it, she realized they charged me twice for one month and gave me an email address to get to someone who could help me. The email customer service keeps giving me the run around after someone else had discovered their mistake. They keep saying I owe them the money which is wrong. Do not ever get involved with a company with no customer service you can talk to.

  • charles wooldridge

    I feel for all of you. I’m in rural area. High desert in fact, barely get 2g. Was told I’d get 2.5 gig of data on 3g then 2g after. I only get edge. Talk to customer support they tell you it’s your phone and you have to buy new one. At&t confirms 4g in area. Walmart family is slow, unreliable, and customer service is joke. Going to at&t next week.

  • slove

    Big mistake going with this service, is not worth the money, and disappointed that Walmart would recommend, since they sell their product to us, the consumer and we trustingly believe their advertisement, bring us into make a final purchase and the outcome is nightmare. As problems arise you get sent overseas to customer service and they say, you must speak with “customer relations,” which is only by email. They have poor customer relations team, whom drops the ball and you must do all the emailing, each time getting a new # to refer to when the next time you keep checking with them, and of course at the end they don’t see that they were in the wrong, still charging for a phone not using their service, but you can’t speak to anyone let alone write someone in charge. So the store responsible for all these problems goes to Walmart whom continues to use this product and sells it to the thousands of us all for the bottom line. Don’t make this mistake of purchasing from Walmart or familytmobile.

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