Wells Fargo Mortgage Refinance

Wells Fargo Mortgage Refinance 20.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

I tried to refinance my house with Wells Fargo and I have a good credit score, I owe less balance on bills then when I bought the house as well as I put a large down payment down so I don’t owe a lot. I thought this would help me out in this process with Well Fargo Mortgage, but oh was I sorely mistaken. The person I was working with was concerned about a balance of $38.10 which was going to be paid off that week, but I figured nobody would take such a small amount seriously. Even thought they have gotten Stimulus money they are not interested in refinancing my house, though I have explained the situation. I pay my mortgage early every month since I bought the house, and this is extremely frustrating given my situation. They are not interested in any business, especially mine!

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