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Have brought zynga chips with my credit card, received a message on my account on face book to say i have violated my account to which i have no knowledge off. now they are saying they are going to take the chips that i paid for. please help. Our server chip to detect illegal transfers in your zynga poker account, so with great regret we confiscate the account, but if you do not make this mistake and think that this is a misunderstanding, you must defend yourself to save your account, please login here to verify your account. i think this is a scam and not really zynga poker?

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12 thoughts on “Zynga Poker Chips Scam

  • Rob

    You Won $400,000,000 Chips from Zynga Bonus Inc. Congratulations,,We are very pleased to inform you of the determination of winners from bonus chip (lottery) held each month by the department Zynga Texas HoldEm Poker,lottery conducted once a month in order to improve service for customers Texas Holdem Poker. Lottery Results selecting your email, so you are entitled to a bonus of $400,000,000 Chip and 50 Casino Gold.

    Bonus Type : Chips & Gold
    Amount : $400,000,000 Chips & 50 Casino Gold
    Play On : Facebook
    Claim your bonus :http://apps.facebook.com/zynga_claims_gift/?reward=TexasHoldEmPoker

    Steps to claim the bonus :
    1. Click the link we provide the above
    2. Read a little information and notices from us
    3. Follow instructions
    4. Acccount confirmation (security purposes)
    5. Successful claims bonus.

    Remember! For security purposes e-mail confirmation in accordance with the original data from email.
    We do not serve to confirm from your facebook account.

    Present by
    Copyright 2011 Zynga Game Network Inc
    1 013 7 08 1245 3 001 351
    Zynga – Reward Texas HoldEm Poker
    This gift is the result of the monthly lottery run by Zynga Corporation that aims to improve the user Zynga Games Online.

    This post has 1000s of LIKES, its also been around for awhile. But guess what….if though it has been around and has all those likes, ITS A SCAM…inmy opinion created by Zynga to get Credit Card Info. So do yourself a favor and find a reputable place to play, before you fall victim to this.

  • speelman

    i have won a monthly bonus voor poker 55,000.000 en 25 gold but i see no points. were can i find and take my bonus?

  • Anonymous

    I just recieved the same monthly lottery claiming i won 100000000 mil chips and 75 gold i ask zynga support to investage this claim and how i can claim it i email them…..

  • matt

    i had some chips stolen from me so i change my email and Facebook password with in ten mins i got a email saying i have won a ipod shuffle and a 9 week vip pass and over a million chips but they ask for my bank account details and whould i pay for £1 post cost and my £ sigh changes to $ i have not give them nothing and i email zynga poker and all they say is they get back to me so what can i do becouse zynga or not doing much about it

  • Beotch

    I noticed there are alot of indian people that play and want to be your friend right away. I don’t feel safe playing anymore because I feel they are all hackers trying to get my info. Also, I was playing a table and noticed my chip count went from 20,000 to 9,888. I didn’t even play my hand! As soon as I said something about my chips the person playing across from me left?!? That is dumb how people can’t even have fun anymore without worrying about getting hacked. Zynga sucks for not beefing up their security codes. With all the money they are making off of people it only makes sense! Another classic example of big business not giving a f*ck.

  • Ali Aldahey

    Guys dont ever buy from that guy jonathan hawthorne his email is “zyngaplaychips” he is a pro scammer his skype is “jonathan25071989″ stole a 300usd from me.

  • jalal

    its so unfair zynga looks like closing his ear on me.. I thought poker is a good game but now because my 50m was lost with no reason. I don’t know if it was stolen or being hack.. the management of poker must give solution on it. so bad trip. that 50m that being hack on me. I give my life on it with no eat, sleep just to play poker

  • Arne Mc Duncan

    Duangkamol Leck Seenumngen you false ape, urgent for money? Lie petray and live up in your clouds.

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