The T-Mobile Black Friday Sale is a Scam


I am greatly disappointed in the recent T-Mobile Black Friday Weekend "Deal." I have been a T-Mobile customer for over 6 years, plus a previous T-Mobile customer for over 10 years. On 11/23/16 I intentionally contacted your customer service department to specify the details of the Black Friday deal. I verified which phones were eligible and the cost associated with the phones on my current T-Mobile Simple Choice plan to upgrade to a iPhone 7plus and Samsung Galaxy S7. I also verified if my plan qualified for the deal. 

The agent, whom did a perfect job with her customer service in regards to tone, politeness, patience, etc. told me that my Simple Choice plan was eligible for this Black Friday deal and that I would not have to change my plan to the T-Mobile One plan. 

She also reminded me that if I go online as opposed to calling to upgrade I would save $20. I thank her for all her assistance and knowledge and planned on upgrading my phones today, 11/24/16. Later that night when I left work I received texts requesting to rate my experience with my recent contact of T-Mobile's Customer Service department. I rated T-Mobile very well as I was pleased with the experience and the representative. 

Today when I went online to upgrade my phones I was expecting to pay $200 plus taxes and sim card upgrade. When I arrived at the checkout page it did not show the $100 cost for upgrading my Samsung Galaxy S5 to a Samsung Galaxy S7. I went back to the T-Mobile Black Friday page and clicked on the "Here's how to get this deal" link. That link stated that a customer would have to, "Add the T-Mobile One Plan." 

I then proceeded to contact T-Mobile's Customer Service Department. Once I was able to speak to a representative and voice my question about the plan change he politely asked to place me on hold. When he returned to my call he stated that the site is correct and that I would have to change my plan to the T-Mobile One plan. 

I then explained my previous conversation with the customer service representative on Wednesday and he told me that she was misinformed. I quite emphatically explained that this is unacceptable and customers should not be punished for an employees misinformation. The representative apologized and stayed mostly calm as I was upset and very displeased with this information. The representative did not offer me to speak to his supervisor or any way of compensation for his company's mishandling of a loyal customer.

I have attached the T-Mobile Black Friday Sneak Peak advertisement from Wednesday, 11/23/16. This advertisement does not state anywhere that a qualified plan does not include the Simple Choice plan nor does it state the T-Mobile One plan is required. 

Again I am greatly disappointed in this entire process and will not be recommending T-Mobile to any potential customers if asked. As I am a very loyal person in general I have avoided switching to another carrier even with the lack of cell coverage in my office at work and knowing the Verizon's cell reception is nearly perfect in my office. However, I will be considering a switch in the very near future unless I am compensated for this horrible experience.


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In July due to misinformation from a sales associate named Michael at your Springfield Il store on the West side of town I got a phone plan from your company. We asked for a phone with a good camera and he recommended a Samsung. The camera isn't nearly as good as the iPhone 6 which we had before. I told him we had Sprint and got terrible coverage.

He told us that Team Mobile has a roaming coverage plan so if we were out of their coverage area it would let us latch on to another provider for coverage. We live in Auburn and I told him we go South a lot and with Sprint and it had no coverage so we couldn't use Mapquest so we got lost a few times and didn't want that happening again. He assured us with the roaming plan not to be concerned. Everything this sales associate told us was completely false and he should be held accountable.

I talked to a customer service representative on your help line and he told me that their is very limited coverage in Auburn, IL and the roaming plan is not available in our area and verified that everything the sales associate told us was wrong. I have a phone that does not text, call or have internet connection in my hometown until I am at my home and have a wi fi signal. The phone also has terrible reception and I always have people telling me (I can't hear you, hello, are you there) and lose calls due to poor signal.

I just lost a phone call with a business associate and I am not happy. I want fully refunded for every penny I have given to your company and I want this sales associate either fired or taught how to give proper customer service.


I have been a loyal customer with T-Mobile for over 4 years and received a Black Friday sales promo to upgrade my phone for $0 down. I went into the T-Mobile  store in Cheektowaga, N.Y. on Walden Ave. last week and was there for 2 1/2 hrs- the associate was having trouble switching my phone from pre-paid to a 2 year contract d/t this promo. He was nice but this transaction took way too long and I finally told them I would put my contacts in manually because I was there so long. 

I was not given a print out of my new service it was told to me verbally.  I called T-Mobile to see what my actual monthly bill was going to be and was told the my SS# was not matching my account info-I began to worry, then spoke to a customer service rep, who informed me that the wrong SS# was on my account and I needed to go back to that store so they could fix the problem. I called the store and spoke with Mark-manager who was rude and told me they do not handle this in the store, customer service takes care of it.

After calling customer service again, they told me to take my Social Sec. card and license to the store so they can file a ticket and fix the problem and they also called and talked to Mark as well.  I went to the store as advised by the customer service rep and was told first by Mark that they cannot fix the problem I would have to start all over with a new account and would not get the $0 down promo. 

He was very condescending stating that they onlhy reason I received the promo is because I was a well qualified customer and I probably would not receive the $0 down with my SS#. I explained to him that I was upset because I could not pay another account with this phone because it is also stating my SS# was not matching.  Finally I was told that I have to use a special PIN to access my account because they didn't use my SS#. 

I stated to Mark I  was very upset as I felt something was going on with my SS#  because of issues with other accounts now saying my SS# didn't match when using this new phone and new account-so I left. Finally I called a supervisor at customer service who explained that they used a default SS# not my own d/t converting from pre-paid to a annual contract and I stated to the supervisor, the associate who did this transaction asked for my SS# 3 times so this didn't make any sense to me that my own SS# was not linked with this account.  Very unsatisfied customer.


I joined T Mobil and got a LG K10 cell phone at the T Mobile store in Yuba City, Ca. I have never been a customer of T Mobile. My sales person was Emillio. He set me up with my new plan and programed in my old cell number called the phone  and then bagged up my things and  said "your good to go". He didn't show me how to do anything. Later that day when I finally got time to sit down and check out the phone I tried to text, didn't work. tried to set up email, didn't work.

Tried to make a call it only would allow emergency calls service. Using another phone I called T Mobil for help. Keep in mind its evening time. It took being put on hold 3 or 4 times before connecting with the tech that could try to help me. After trouble shooting for awhile the tech  ended up changing the phone to some other program. The phone seemed ok. The next day I took the phone back to the store to have my contact information from my old phone transferred to my new phone. It slipped my mind to transfer my contacts when I got the phone and it wasn't offered by Emillio.

Would have saved me a trip back to the store. The person helping me at the store was having a hard time doing the transfer and said it is usually very simple. Bad phone?  The next day Friday 11/18/16 the phone isn't working again. So once again I'm calling T Mobile for help. Now I'm doubting the phone and T Mobile. The tech ended up clearing all my and the phones information and powering the phone off and on. It still didn't work. So the tech told me to take it back to the store because it is a factory defective phone. So now its my third trip to T Mobile store.

At the T Mobile store I tell employee Melina I'm returning the phone it has been determined defective by T Mobile. I don't want the phone and am  canceling my service. Melina said ok and that she will have to charge me a $50.00 restocking fee. On a factory defected phone? She told me there is nothing she can do about it and has to charge me $50.00. I gave back the phone. How can I be charged a restocking fee on a phone  that was sold to me broken? Melina gave me no apology for my inconvenience.

I called T Mobile again for help on all this and I found  out I'm getting charged $90.38 for a month of service and it cant be prorated because I had the phone for more than one day. I was transferred to another T Mobile member and they reduced the charge to $8 and something cents for the three days that I had the broken phone. I purchased the phone at 4:00 pm Wednesday and returned it at 12:20 pm Friday. So far I have been charged $50.00 from my checking account and am being billed for the three day prorated amount. I should get a full refund. Is this what I get for trying T Mobile?


T-Mobile are billing me for services I never received. I called about possibly starting service and your rep was to ship out 2 SIM Cards - that never arrived.  When I called T-Mobile to tell them and cancel the transaction I was transferred 5 times before I got an English speaking person that assured me it was their error and there would be no charge. An invoice arrived and I contact you again and received a letter of apology and that there was no charge.  Now I have another invoice.  I have filed a complaint with the FCC.  This is sloppy and irresponsible and I will not pay for something I never received. If you take this to collection I will contact me attorney.

I called in advance to assure myself how to avoid roaming charges while on a cruise ship. I hit the data roaming button as suggested. While on the ship, nothing updated, which I expected. What I didn't expect was the over $2900 bill they then sent me for "roaming charges."  They said they were charged by the ship and had "no choice" but to pass it onto me.  Utter and complete thieves.  

I added an additional line to my account and without any notice or consent  a T-mobile representative changed my grandfathered plan to their current deals.  I called around 6-7 times and spoke with 6-7 different representative in 5 consecutive days.  All reps assured me that they are going to fix the issue however till today, my plan was never resolved and  I was told they can't fix it for me.  I ended up losing my grandfather unlimited high speed data and all of my other previous plans.  

I've been with the company for 9 years and they can't even offer anything to compensate for the hassle and inconvenience.  They treat and offer new customers way better deals than their loyal customers.  This company is ridiculous.


I've always had a poor signal with t-mobile.  I've been with t-mobile for about two years. The signal has not improved at all during this time.  I have five phones on t-mobile.  I'm trying to switch four of the phones over to AT&T.  I was going to keep one phone with t-mobile because my son who lives in Chicago likes t-mobile.  Before I switched I had my phone unlocked about three weeks ago and it took less then ten minutes.  Was taken care of while I was on the line with the t-mobile support.  No problem.  

Then yesterday I went to AT&T to switch four of my five phones.  Two of the phones were unlocked and two were not.  I called t-mobile and they said it would take up to 24 hours to send me the instructions and unlock code.  Remember it took me less than ten minutes to unlock my phone when I was not switching phones carriers.  Now it's 24 hours later.  So I called today because it has been 24 hours and still no email.  Now I'm being told it could take up to 48 hours (by my contract).  Sounds like a bunch of jerks.  I told the t-mobile support person that they just lost another customer (remember I was going to keep my son on t-mobile).

I would like to rate my experience as a zero. They let my granddaughter change the contract, order two phones and add a line when she wasn't an authorized signer.  They had a promotion going where if you added a line you received the phone free after 3 months and could cancel the line and keep the phone.   This was according to the associate who put her in the contract.  We waited the 3 months and wasn't able to find out why we didn't get the phone.  Went to the store and they said it was because she was on jump on demand and didn't qualify.  

The associate knew this because she went in to look at phones and see what she had to do about her insurance as her phone had got wet.  We were told it was  T-Mobile fault but they wouldn't do anything about it.  There resolution was to give back the phone and pay $500.00 to cancel the contract which wasn't acceptable to me as I have paid the 3 mo. line, phone and insurance payment as I was told.