2011 Ford F-150 Leaking Transmission Fluid

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Bought a new pickup on May 29th on June 7th transmission fluid was leaking out of the truck, had it towed to the dealer it only has 190 miles on it, They said it was a transmission pump and blown seal, The problem is that they can’t get the part to repair the problem. They have now had the truck longer than we have. Have complained to Ford Corporate at least they aren’t lying to us like the dealership is, they said the part won’t be shipped for another 2 weeks. We were supposed to leave for vacation on June 28th doesn’t look like that is possible now. Doe’s anyone know what we can do to resolve this problem?

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11 thoughts on “2011 Ford F-150 Leaking Transmission Fluid

  • Wesley McClellan

    Yes – we expereinced same problem – all over our garage floor. Took an entire month to get our truck back from the dealer due to parts availability. This defect involves several Ford models and will become a bigger headache for Ford. My question is – why are they continuing to sell new vehicles with the knowledge this manfacturing defect exists? I am seeking a partial or complete refund of the extended warranty we purchased.

  • Rich

    Hi sounds like my problem ,I do not have a lot of fluid leaking it looks like is comming from between the rear of transmission and transfer case atacmment. is this the same problem you are having i thout nit may be rear transmission seal? my truck is a4x4 mfg 11-19-2010 SHOULD HAVE GOT A TOYOTA. NEVER AGAIN

  • Darin

    Just put 500 miles on my new ecoboost transmission fluid leak, hope it dont take long. All i own is ford ” best truck” and i would never buy a toyota. Ford will fix this problem

  • vince

    i also have f150 eco boost in shop, two weeks now.i was pulling my camper,smelled odor pulled over, oil everywhere.transmission slipping. ford says they are replacing pump and seal.tranny has to be damaged.dont know what to do,

  • daniel

    Bout a 2011 f150 fx2 sport. 11,100 miles, engine is leaking oil from the left side, and the transmission is leaking fluid from the transfer case. So much for the peace of mind of a new truck.

  • Richard Williams

    I have a new F150 4×4 with less than 2000 miles. The Trany was leaking. I was a Ford Truck Mechanic a few ago so I know about problems Ford has with their Truck. when you buy a new car or truck make sure you ask for a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) I found the leak when I changed my own Oil. If you see any oil leaking get you Truck into the dealship asap. The seal is leaking from the pump inside the trany and Ford knows it.. Here are the date on the TSB 4/11 thur 6/11 if your Truck was built between these dates you should get your Truck looked at Also the parts are on back order..

  • topero hermoso

    i bought the car (ford fiesta 2011 sedan white) last november 2011, and has 3 years warranty services. I am just wondering why my car didn’t start and no power at all, engine wont open,no dash board light, no clock, power window not functioning, and i cant even lock the door. I am very disappointed with our ford dealer here, they cannot identify the problem and defect of that car, This is a very serious problem on our part, am using this car for business transaction and operational events, specially this december i have many client in weddings and other production project, And the dealers can not provide me a sub service vehicle, so that we can use temporary, while my car is under repair, the dealer here said that they will bring my car to manila Ford main office for check up this coming friday..And another 3 days of standby out side of there shop, As we admit the car for them, they promise us that they will take care our car, And now what happened, as we pass by along the ford shop here, my car is still in the outside of there compound,without any protections from the sunlight and rain, they promise us that they will put our car in the safe place, look as my complaints includes the car can not be lock, so the car is not safe to be expose, so we are assuming that they will take care and put it in the safe place, we don’t know how long will stay my car for repair. This is not my fault, so please give me an alternative solution, we want a service vehicle.. or else we and my lawyer will move agains Ford company..

  • Mike

    I bought the 2011 f-150 in Feb. I’m approaching 25k miles but all along I’ve had some unnerving issues with the transmission. When I am slowing down, it feels like I’m being rear-ended. Good gosh it’s violent sometimes too. Other than that, no complaints but I need to know what’s going on.

  • Jim ward

    I have had a world of trouble with my 2010 F150 4 Dr. I have had the truck in the shop from water leaks in the cab to power steering fluid leaks through the cooling system. Only 39 K on the vehicle. I always have had a Ford Truck at some point. I have never had so many problems with this product. If you’re not sure, your problem may be some kind of fluid problem flowing through the cooling system. Some expert decided to attach the all hoses thought the top of the cooling unit. If anyone has the same problem, please share. Oh, yea, out of warranty. Just my luck… My mechanic says Ford knows about this problem. I haven’t found anything yet. A little help if anyone who has had this problem would be appreciated.

  • KEN

    im having the same problem with my 2010 fx4 with 46000 km on , i have a problem with my engine damage from a knocking cam phaser and they say there is Engine Sludge so no warranty , i have only done 3 oil changes on the truck but i cant see that causing SLUG and they said cause i had a after market oil filter on the TRUCK it voids the WARRANTY, SO THERE SUGGESTION WAS PAY $10,000 FOR A NEW MOTOR , i took to engine rebuilder he to me just to drive and change the oil a few time and see if it fixes it self or drive until the motor blow, please any help to fight this with ford would help. Now i just found transmission fluid on my driveway and they are telling me i have to wait for the part omg this truck is junk please any info would help

  • Brian

    I just bought a new f-150 and the oil filter sprung a leak on the highway. Didn’t know it until the turbo started making noise. Ford response was change the oil and filter. Only 1482 miles and three weeks old. P.O.S.

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