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They were rude to me as a customer and I will not give them anymore of my business.


I got behind on my rent payment on a full service mattress that my son normally pays but he was late this month. The store manager (Dan) at your store on Linden Avenue in Dayton, Ohio was rude to my son and made a snide remark to him that he has been late for the past few months. All of the accounts I have with Aaron's are in my name (Colin Standifer) and I feel it was uncalled for to make remarks to a third party I was former assistant manager with both Rent A Center and Rent way and I do know collection procedures. If this will not resolve the complaint then I take it up to the corporate level. I pay well over $300 each month to Aarons and I am at the point where I just might have them pick up all the merchandise on the first of May and rent elsewhere.


Most sites offer electronics, appliances at rates which are exorbitant. Here at Aarons.com, you will get the best deal that are hard to find anywhere else. This site even has furniture that caters to the needs of your home and brings great deals along with them. I have purchase few products from this site and taken them under the lease options. They have great payment options between 12-24 months, which allows the consumer to choose from. I have benefited out of this and I highly recommend Aarons.com to anyone who is looking out for electronics or furniture and easy payment options.


My complaint about aarons rent to own sales. I am very angry that i payed a month in advance and cannot get my money back because it was already with drawn from my account today. There is no refund policy haha. Well i don’t have the property any more, so why do they keep the money when they can go and rent that computer to some one and keep my money too! The contract with aarons ends when you return the property and i don’t owe them any thing. So Aarons rent to own stole my money they are not intitled to any money if they have the property back!!


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