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As my laptop coverage was about to expire, you sent me an electronic reminder and quoting renewal options ($149.- and $49.- respectively), but there was no specific time frame attached to those quotes. As I set out to speak with someone about my available options (I basically wanted the same coverage I've had for the last two years), I got NOWHERE! When I spoke to the people behind the "renewing coverage" option, I was told that my account was not under my name, and when I asked for a supervisor, they first resisted, and then hung up on me. I tried to obtain the information in question elsewhere (customer support, tech support, customer service supervisor, and it was all a colossal waste of time, every one denying knowledge of coverage details, etc., etc.,,and all referring me back to the people that hung up on me...I did not received/found an ounce of professionalism or customer concern from anybody, and I point this out because I think this kind of ineptitude is local rather than national. As I was looking for Corporate, the option for a complain, and so here it is. I hope than whoever ends up reading this --if any- one actually does-- follows it up appropriately.


The Greek Square in Gateway Dr.,Brooklyn, NY disabled my Microsoft Office program and will not replace another Microsoft program. Microsoft wants me to buy another program for $140.00. They do not know what they are doing. As a senior, I should pay for their error.


I bought a Pioneer Elite Home Enter. system designed by their Magnolia Dept ( high end) They matched them with front tower Polk audio speakers for the surround. I have had trouble with the amp cutting off and shutting down for 3 years now at higher volumes. Geek squad came out over 4 times to fix the issue. Sent in the Polk SW to be repaired thinking it was busted. Tried every thing. Still no help..I came to find out from Pioneer setvice that the Pioneer Elite SVX-52 does not support Polk speakers at 4 ohms. It only support 6 or 8 ohm speakers thus it was being overloaded and the dumb geek squad and specialist n the Magnolia Dept or geek squad idiots did not know that!@! in addition, the Pioneer specs touted that it also supported Pandara . which you could actually only get after a upgrade hardware download from their web site. I am really pissed about this and not sure what BB would do about their stupidity and lack of product knowledge. I am open to recourse suggestions..


My daughter has had two encounters with the geek squad in Tuscaloosa and Auburn Alabama stores. Auburn was the worst talked to her like she was dirt under their shoes. She was having some problems with her computer and (do not have protection on the computer) which we are aware of but they just told her that there is nothing they can do for her. Just simple question they want even answer. Got it. But do they have to be so rude and just arrogant about it.

They work with the public and could be nicer explaining things to costumers but no, they are total jerks. She even said and older man came in and did have a warranty on his computer and they talked to him like crap to. I will never buy another computer from best buy and if anyone ask me what I think of the geeks I will tell them what I think of them. Your people work for the customer that is what you pay them for. They should be more considerate of other who are not computer smart. Some people just choose to work in other professions. They chose this job they need to act like they enjoy it at least when they are working.

If I could have chose no stars that is what I would have done. Tell your people to be more professional.


I purchased two Galaxy phones from Best Buy in North Riverside mall. The sales person, named Manny, assured us that the insurance purchased from Best Buy Geek Squad would cover everything. One of the phones was lost/stolen. We called to make a claim and was told that Best Buys insurance does not cover that.

While speaking with a rep my husband was told that since we were given false information, they would cancel that line and refund the payments on it. We never received a refund neither was the line canceled. I continued to be charged for this line without a phone on it. I then filed a claim for the other phone because it was not working properly. It would not hold a charge, I received a new phone, Sometime later, my phone needed service again.

I filed another claim. They replaced the phone during this process. I was still being charged for a phone I did not have. When I called they submitted my claim and told me I should be getting my refund to my credit card within 2 billing cycles. This was last year. I still have not received my refund. I have been patient and would like to know if someone could look into asap. This has been going on since 2012 please help me resolve this issue.


ordered a phone on 21 of march 2015 was told either express with credit card or standard I was not told all details of standard have been without my phone for 2 weeks called geek squad about whereabouts of phone they finally explained standard last week also was not told old phone had to be shipped back by ups I sent back by usps nobody know where my old phone is geek squad has given me run around and im still without replacement phoned I was led to believe standad was regular ground ups shipment time and not send the old phone first then get new one I was not told I even took old phone to geek squad when I set up order for replacement phone and they didn't accept it I was totally in dark about this process and still without a phone and nobody between geek squad and ups knows where my old phone is before I can get new one where is my damn new and old phone geek squad?


Hello. I was wondering if you might be able to help me. I pay a monthly fee for geek squad protection on a galaxy s4. I recently opened a claim to replace my phone as it was broke. When I called on Jan 17, 2015, I spoke with a representative named, Thomasina Davis. I asked her is there was a service fee of $150.00 to replace the phone. She informed me that there used to be a fee of 150.00 but they had recently changed that policy and there was no longer a fee but there was a fee of 262.75 if you did not send back the damaged phone. I made sure to ask again that there was no fee. She did assure me there was no fee. But they did need to have a credit card on file for the fee if I did not send back the damaged phone.

On January 20, 2015 I was charged an amount of 157.64. I did not think much of it as I thought it was going to be removed when I sent in the damaged phone or that it would be applied to the balance of the 262.75 if I did not return the phone. I did however run into a problem when trying to return my damaged phone. I had it ready to be mailed out and had it in my truck. I didn't send it out right away and since then have lost the box with the damaged phone. So I called geek squad to let them know and to find out if I didn't send the phone would the 157.64 be applied to the 262.75 charge for not returning the phone. I was surprised to find out that, that would not be the case and I would still be charged an amount of 262.75 on top of the 157.64 that was already charged to my account.

While speaking with the representative, Donna, on January 28, 2015 around 11:30 am, she was informed by her supervisor that even if they did have the recording with evidence saying that the representative did indeed inform me that I would not be charged a service fee, they would not validate it. I am very disappointed as I was misinformed and that I will not receive any refund and that they are not trying to make any amends to the fact that one of there representatives did misinform one of their costumers. As a costumer of geek squad I have paid 10.50 per month for a year on just this one device. I also pay that same amount for another device for my husband. And paid that amount of two other devices (galaxy s2) for a number of months before that. This is my first claim through geek squad, so I am very disappointed and wonder what I can do, to fix this issue.

I will be returning the galaxy s4 that they sent me as I cant afford another charge of 262.75 on top of the already unexpected 157.64. I realize it is my fault for losing the damaged phone , which I had no intention of. If there is anything you can do to help me or point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

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