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Top Discovery Channel Complaints

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Discovery channel Canada is full of nothing but old air crash investigation shows! They are the same episodes on an endless loop! Get your shit together and get new episodes! Your channel in Canada is humiliating disgrace! Fix it!


The blurring of the picture is very distracting and focus is really bad a lot of the time. Poor quality picture at least sometimes on every show . Connecting is poor too lots of time tells me to reload


This is not a complaint, but some info I know. About 30 tears ago I have fished on the Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Bay and back then there was a huge Hammerhead Shark the locals had named "Old Hitler". Not sure if it is the same shark that is called Big Moe in the episode "Monster Under The Bridge which is showing tonight. Just wanted to share this with you.

Keep up the great shows Discovery Channel!


Not only is there so many out of order shows that have no rhyme or reasons they completely hose you with commercials. I pay for discovery channel through my cable provider, but since I don't have a cable Box I use the app. I started with Discovery Go. and then they berated me with ridiculous commercials to the point where I wanted to end it all.


I like moonshiners but so many coercials make me turn it off


Where are the equal opportunity commercials for President Trump. Haven't seen one , I'm going to start spreading media bias all over Facebook. I expect an answer


When are you going to stop suffocating us with the endless Discovery Plus commercials?? They are every ten minutes, non-stop since December!

We enjoy many of your channels but I am so sick of those same commercials over and over and over and over! My cable bill is over $200 a month and I don't want to pay extra to watch our favorite shows. You have played enough commercials for the majority of your viewers to decide If They want to subscribe.




Good day,
I would really like say that the consistent playing of the same adverts on your channel between programs is really frustrating!!! For months you continue showing the same adverts for other shows over and over!!!Can you please advise on the reason for doing this??


on the series naked and afraid when will the episode frozen and afraid be on.


I like to watch naked and afraid. but the one show I missed was frozen and afraid .has not been on the line up .do you know when it will be aired.


This about winachopper sweepstakes, I live in Hawaii and it is not listed as a state to put on the entry. I would like to know why.


Re: Program about the Plank Road in California.
The narrator states the bridge is 6-1/2 miles long later states it is almost 7 miles long. ( Be consistent and accurate)

He states it requires 13,000...... thirteen thousand planks. He shows a drawing or graph depicting the construction using 4" wide planks 1" thick.
1 mile = 5,280 feet. = 3 planks (tight together) = 1 foot..... so 1 mile = 15,840 planks thus 6-1/2 miles of road requires 1021,960 planks. I only ask the information in your shows to be accurate.
I do watch discovery a lot, I try to not ever miss Gold Rush, do not miss Todd Hoffmans nasty beard and hearing Fricking every show. Now put a sock a new vocabulary in Tony's mouth and you will have a great show.


You are showing old shows and labeling them as new. Outrageous. Do you think we are stupid?


What happened to the show Airplane Repo? One of my favorite shows. Please bring it back. Thanks


Why did it take over a year to inform people who watch last of Alaskans of the death of bob Harte


I do not understand why the dam music has to keep drowning out the Nirator who tells you about what is going on all the time. I have to turn my TV up so loud to try to hear what the Nirator , it is so annoying


Thru Amazon Prime, I have purchased Naked & Afraid XL S4. I have not yet received
E12 & 13. I have also seen 100's of other similar complaints as everyone is complaining to Amazon although they seem to know nothing about I'm going to the source as I have not seen any news on why those episodes are not showing up if anyone could put out a news blurb or please do something as I saw only 20 minutes of the reunion show so I know it exists...Please DO Something! ....and why does discovery channel not have their own legitimate complaint dept.


Why do we have to watch Chuck on street out law's fight with everyone the last show Chuck is fighting with Shane! Then every other word out of Chucks mounth is F#ck! Whats up with that can't you get a handle on Chuck the show in ways in a family show yet I feel that if it keeps up I will not be able to let my grand son watch the show. The show would be just fine with out Chuck... Thank you.


Discovery Channel is straight up bs television..we all know that but my complaint is about your new series "extinction". I was so surprised to see some truth for about 10 seconds, big AG (agriculture). How its not a sustainable practice anymore with the amount of world population, ring a bell? Probably not for most viewers, most are focused on the doom and not how the resolution is goin vegan. What ...that's right all you have to do is stop eating meat, dairy, so do it. Vegans are literally saving the world day by day with no thanks, well thank you vegans. I'm on my way. Next up the Discovery Channel corporate office ignores this complaint and launches another silly TV show just to get ratings.


Get rid of cuban chrome and all the re-runs of the deadliest catch and put gold rush back on. The corporate office should know that the Discovery Channel programmers should be fired A.S.A.P.


Discovery Channel is one of the best channel I have ever come across. Wildlife documentaries are very beautifully done, great footage on mountain treks, nature and many more which one can watch and enjoy. I personally feel watching all this would make one relax and be stress free. Discovery Channel gives knowledge about facts which we would have never known. Discovery Channel has come out with apps which one can download from the App Store of your phone. Get some great videos to watch and enjoy HD streaming quality. Highly recommended channel and great for kids to develop interest about wildlife.

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