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Optum is a health services company is striving towards delivering affordable prescription medication and other consumer health products. It specializes in Clinical management and is the world’s largest provider of integrated health services.

Any general comments or complaints can be registered by calling 1-800-888-2998. Optum provides a varied range of services from Data and analytics to health care delivery, IT and operations, pharmacy care services. They are a pioneer in modernizing healthcare infrastructure and cater to verticals like government, corporates, families and individuals.

Larry Renfro is the CEO of this health medication giant. With over 15 corporate offices, the company is headquartered in Minnesota at 11000 Optum Circle, Eden Prairie, MN 55344. The company also maintains operations across North America, South America, Asia-Pacific and Middle-East.

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I would give lower than 1 star if possible!!!! I have waited for my prescription (auto-fill) for over a month! I am out of my meds. And still getting calls saying it is on its way one time, there is a problem another time, 5 calls in 3 days!!! How hard is this!!!

Please United Health Care get a different prescription provider...FAST!!!!!!


Nurse practitioner treated me very unfairly, was very judgemental, rude, and made me feel as though I was not receiving the best care and treatment for my condition. When speaking to me, she was very hostile and made me feel as though my health did not matter to her. Her name is Nurse Practitioner Annie Davis (Priscilla Davis) at Michelin Family Health Center in Lexington, SC


Beginning around the first of April the medications I requested by phone were never filled. Supposedly because of unsuccessful attempts to reach my doctor which has never been a problem for me.
Serious conflict started April 24th. I was not informed that OptumRx was filling, shipping,
and charging me for a rx that I didn't request. I didn't even know what it was for. Shipping and withdrawing the funds occurred faster than the speed of light. The shipment was intercepted practically at my front door. Why did I have to wait a month to get my money back? Let me stress again that OptumRx had no consent whatsoever ever to process or bill my acct for this. The refund was finally received during the first week of June.
June 26th the same thing happened for the second time. Once may be an honest mistake. Twice is deliberate. There better not be a third time. I called OptumRx and asked who ordered this shipment. The rep spoke to me as if I were asking questions I had no business asking and informed me that my doctor placed the order. All a doctor can do is submit a prescription. This rep argued that doctors can order prescriptions for people that OptumRx can fill without the patient's knowledge or consent. The only words out of that man's mouth were we can and I can as if OptumRx can take money and liberties at the expense of patients as they see fit no matter the harm, trouble and worry it may cause.
. Nothing will convince me that these practices aren't deliberate considering everything seems to be cleverly planned out. Let me remind you that I was made aware of these actions June 26th and the funds were deducted from my acct first thing in the morning June 27th and I received the package that I did NOT request or consent for also on june 27th by 10:30 a.m.
OptumRx has taken more than they deserve at the expense of so many. I will never give the benefit of the doubt again nor will I allow OptumRx to take advantage of me again. I cannot give even 1 star in good conscience. If these protocols aren't illegal they should be. Perhaps I'd do myself justice by making some inquiries.


No sure if this is the correct department. I am wanting to complain about Ootum ID and Optum EPS. I have tried for month to get a former employee who is the administrator to our web access for EPS. I have been given the run around stating that I have send in notarized letter stating who I am. I am the Billing Manager and I need access to the ERA through EPS. A former employee still has access to that site. I sent in a administrative change letter that was emailed to me and now they want a notarized letter from me. I have never heard of such a thing. I finally got my Optum ID but it took over a month to get it while being on a three way phone call with the former adminstrator because she wanted a screen shot of the account. That is a complete HIPPA violation, now they won't deactivate her without a notarized letter from the company again that is a complete HIPPA violation. This is completely uncalled for. I hope this gets resolved rather quickly,. The insurance board will surely hear about this.

Jacqueline Bauer CPC
Billing Manager of Flushing Urgent Care


I received a phone call from someone who claimed they were from United Health Care yesterday. He told me that I needed a renewal of my Pravastatin medication. I told him that my cardiologist and I had decided that I was to get off my previous statin medication and after three weeks to try Pravastatin. I told this man that I did not need a refil at this time. I also suspect that he contacted my pcp office and said that I needed a new prescription for Metformin, which is not true. I just picked up my prescription last week and it is good for 2 months. In addition, I have one refill, so I did not need any prescription for Metformin. My problem is that this man has gone behind my back and called Rite Aid and ordered Prevastatin and also contacted my pcp. When I went to RiteAid this afternoon to pick up a prescription that I had requested they also had a new bottle of Prevastatin.
I told RiteAid that I did not need that prescription at this time. This is not the first time that this has happened. I don't want to have to argue with a prescription salesman (whatever) every three months or so. There are HIPPA laws and I don't disclose what I discuss with my doctor with someone from Optum. How can I get this to stop?


Never received my Optum Care card when I called in January to find out why they had the wrong address which I changed two years ago... It was corrected and here we are in March I’ve connected twice and notified I’d be sent another card... What’s the problem ?


I live in Las Vegas, yesterday I had ordered rides back and forth , my ride was supposed to pick me up at 3:30 to go home, the ride never showed up.I called Optum care numerous and no one answered , I learned today there was a 40 minute wait,I am 84 years old and am handicapped
I didn't get home until after 5 at an expense of $12.50 which I want refunded
.In all the years I traveled with Executive Cab this NEVER happened


I am trying to send OPTUM RX my Feedback for my experience this week in obtaining prescriptions - this format will not allow the length of my document to be included. Please provide an email address and contact name that I can share this experience with.


dec 31 I ordered restaesis eye drop first heard zero then $400some dollars...today would be $75 medicare I called same day cancel they said was shipped san diego...I asked for them to have sent back said no..dont take medication back..its not possible open vials plastic twist off...not something taken internally not medication...I dont want to be charged on am ex patricia k chipinka 2/13/1941 was with united health care Id 8406799-01 210 695 9588 210 831 6400


The company claims that they are available 24/7. When calling on a Saturday afternoon and trying to get through to a customer service representative, the call simply went to the survey that takes place after a call. Nobody answered. Was simply forwarded to the survey. Obviously gave 0 responses on their survey which says from a level of 0-10, 0 being the worst score possible.

Made an online account to try to contact them and the SEND button doesn't even work after navigating through their system to send them a message. Send button does absolutely nothing. How are you supposed to reach these people to get any sort of assistance?


Your customer service people are rude I was asking about paperwork for my husbands prescription was told they could not speak with me and was told they already contacted him I told them this was not true there said they left a message on our answering machine but was cut off I said then you did not contact us and asked her to please call my husband about this which she refused Saying it was my fault I have a faulty answering machine I find this unreasonable we pay a lot a money for this insurance and should be treated with more respect


6/30/18 Ordered Victoza, told needed new rx. dr sent new rx
7/3/18 Order placed and scheduled for overnight priority on 7/6/18Meds need t be refrgerted)
scheduled to be delivered on 7/7/18; did not arrive call made to Optum on 7/9told I needed to find out where order was.
After 2 hours on phone with an extremely rude supervisor in Texan named Kinesha who hung up on me, another assistant Angelina tried to help.
We called FedEx, gave tracking number 444061546199, was told that that a call was made to FedEx by Optum telling them to return the medication to them It was shipped back to Optum under tracking number 714511389783 and was received back at Optum on 7/10/18 and signed for by D. Simmons. A new order was placed and I was told it would be overnighted and I would receive it on 7/12 since I am now out of medication. It was not shipped. was told tonight, 7/12 that it would arrive on 7/19 BUT, if I wanted to send them $12.50 they could send it overnight.. I understand that orders take time to process,but since your company screwed up, I should not have to wait. I was told to go to pharmacy and get myself. Cannot do, very expensive and not time to refill since Optum refiled and never shipped. Now I am with out medication, getting nowhere with the incompetent and rude people manning the phones .I am t a loss now kind of screwed since there is no one at your company that gives a damn.


I have been a Medicaid provider for the last 15 years I have 60 to 80 Medicaid clients. I specialize in the SPMI population severely and persistently mentally ill. I left Changes Counseling because Christian Smalley the owner thought it was okay for Marvin Johns to make sexual comments to one of my clients. Mr. Smalley told me she deserved it because of the way she was dressed. He accused me of having PTSD because I took it, "so hard" I didn't go back all my client followed me to my new counseling center called healing house counseling.

Optum would not let me bill directly they said they were closed to new providers. I began billing through Sundance Behavioral and they charged me 37% of what I was making. I looked for a way to bill straight through Medicaid and it worked for several months I received money. Then one day they told me that these were Optum clients and they stopped paying me I tried to get Optum to pay me directly as a provider they refused and told me to send them to other providers. I explained that there were deep relationship of trust there and it wasn't that easy.

Since June 7th I have been seeing all my clients without reimbursement. I have lost my home and the facility I was working out of and my clients are seeing me on an emergency basis only. It has been humiliating and quite difficult on all concerned I need to get on the Optum board in SL County, Utah.


Over 30 people were fired "laid off" yesterday and today at Tucson location. CEO made it clear that lawyers had composed the list of those unnecessary for business operations. Although another contract unit was available for agents to apply to, pending background check and urinalysis, a great deal of manpower and intention lost to those training for job as pharmacy tech. Attendance was disregarded, and of course, those who attend regularly will make unintentional mistakes.


I went to my account online. I typed in $20.86 that I wanted to pay on my account. They went ahead and charged my credit card an amount that I was disputing $284.81 in addition to the $20.86. I NEVER authorized the total amount of $305.67. This is my first and only billing complaint so far.


Prior auth was denied for my son's medication which he has been on for 3 months due to insufficient clinical data. Doctor's office called and did it again over the phone, everything should have been ok. My son met the clinical requirements for this drug due to the fact that he has tried and failed numerous in the same category. Also the medication already had a prior auth in place and just as needed the end date extended. It was denied the second time also.....after talking to too many incompetent customer service people, I demanded a supervisor and found out the supervisor won't return my call.

I'm taking this further and spoke to the doctor's office, I obtained the denial that was faxed from Optumrx to the doctor and found out the reason it was denied was because the clinical intake was put under my husband's file instead of my son who has the same name. Imbeciles and retarded people! Who does a clinical intake without asking for a date of birth? Simple mistakes like these are made too often, some due to incompetent and some I think are on purpose.

After all isn't Optumrx main purpose is to save UHC millions in not auth drugs? I plan to start a coalition and a class action suit against UHC and Optumrx to stand for those who can't defend themselves and have no idea how something like a prior auth would work. Those are most likely in true need of the drugs they can not get to therefore has to suffer without.


I vacation in Tucson for 3 to 4 months. While I'm in Tucson I have my optimum RX prescription sent to me. As soon as I return to Indiana I call them and have them change my address back to my Indiana address. Two I vacation in Tucson for 3 to 4 months. While I'm in Tucson I have my optimum RX prescription sent to me. As soon as I return to Indiana I call them and have them change my address back to my Indiana address. Two Weeks ago I ordered two prescriptions and receive them in Indiana with no problem. I need a refill on the third one so I sent a notice to my doctors office and they refill the prescription. Now I have not received this prescription in Indiana so I called optimum RX. They informed me that this prescription was sent to Tucson. This is not my permanent address. However, they wanted me to call the post office in Tucson.

Which I have no idea where it is. And follow up on this prescription. I do not feel this is my responsibility since I did not make this mistake. She informed me that the computer had overrode are permanent address and send it to Tucson. Then she wanted me to go through this long procedure to get the prescription sent back to me. I told her it was not my responsibility and hung up. responsibility since I did not make this mistake. She informed me that the computer had overrode are permanent address and send it to Tucson. Then she wanted me to go through this long procedure to get the prescription sent back to me. I told her it was not my responsibility and hung up. I am so tired of dealing with this company. We pay them every month for less expensive drugs. And then every year they upper cost and upped the price on the generic drugs were taking. What can we do?


I get my medical supplies from OptumRx as it€s an easy way to purchase. Optum Rx cares for us and has medical supplies you need from people you trust. Earlier I used to go the drug store and collect my medicines, but not all places you get particular drugs. AT Optum Rx you get all that you need and its supplied fast as well. A trustworthy pharmacy that needs no description.They give medicines that are safe to use and do not cause any side effects. I like their service and would continue to opt for them.

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