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I purchased my ccordless phone on 11-17-2018 and also purchased the 2year warranty as of a couple of weeks ago the phones stop working ,I thought maybe it was the batteries so I purchased new batteries that cost me $23.00 for 4 new batteries yet the phone still did not work,I have gotten the run around from one department to another ,I also emailed my issues to the company I have yet to here from them all I want is for my phones to be replaced.
I rate my experience with this issue a ( 1 )


I purchased a Panasonic toaster oven. It kept shorting out my circuit and then started to spark each time I used it. I sent the toaster oven back to Panasonic along with my receipt of purchase (the toaster oven was less than 3 months old and we had problems from the outset with it). I explained the problem to customer service. I just received a call that a determination has been made that it was user error- that the toaster was too close to the outlet evidenced by the burn marks on the back of the toaster. I told the rep that I took issue with that determination. First off - the toaster shorted out my circuit every time I used it along with the microwave FROM THE OUTSET. I had a toaster oven there for years before, and now have another one there now, and have never had circuit issues except when the Panasonic model was being used. Second, the toaster was placed a few inches from the outlet - the same distance as I have always had my toaster, again never with any issues except for the Panasonic model. Finally, sparks were flying from where the plug went into the wall - even after I put a surge protector in. Clearly something was defective with the product that had nothing to do with the "distance to the outlet" and the company refused to stand behind its product and instead lay blame with the customer..
Needless to say I will never purchase another Panasonic product again. I paid $100 for this defective product, and instead of refunding my money (which is all that was asked) the company blamed me. Horrible business practices and horrible customer service. I will also make sure I post on every available social media forum what a horrible experience I have had.


I am trying to unblock a phone number. When I contacted Panasonic help desk to speak to a tech person it will cost me $26 for help. Another call tells me wait time for a two is 20 min at $9. I do not believe that after buying your product I have to pay for help in solving this problem. I have a Panasonic HD Link2Cell Cordless Telephone with Digital Answering Machine, Model #KX-TG885SK. It is not a cell phone, each handset has its own base. The main base is plugged into the wall. If you need to speak with me, 732-742-6034.


need address to return phone,given run a round constanly,I have a new one sent to me just need to return the other help this is terrible,what is wrong with you,I just need an address that no one seems to know without charging me for the info.I got it for a Christmas present couldn't hear on it,girl told me to return it but didn't give and address and ups wont send it without and daughter bought it thru amazon,you sent me a new one,please give me an address without making me take a 5 dollar questionaire,just send an address,that cant be so hard,I have tried calling and writing and no one helps.please help me????


I received a birthday gift from my daughter who resides in England. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ330 (FZ300). Fabulous camera. However, the manual/Guide that came with it is of no use to me whatsoever. It is written in French, Spanish, Italian and German ......................... I think that I may have even seen Swedish! I'm English, Panasonic is based in England? Do they really think that the English have no need of a manual? I have called, e-mailed and gone on to their website. I have gone into their support section/manuals .......................... OMG it's madness, there is no way to print out their manual. Yes, I have downloaded them to my computer, but I want one to hold in my hand when I need to refer to it out in the field, so to speak. I am a pretty savvy photographer but have ALWAYS used Canon, again fabulous photographic equipment, and ............................... their manuals are in English, plus there is always a human being at the end of the phone line ready and willing to help. I have just ordered a manual (written in English) from AMAZON - what's another $20. Take heed, if you buy from Panasonic, make sure to ask for a manual/guide written in English.


Panasonic is the worst manufacturer of television sets. It never fails to dissapoint. I am so fed up with the unplug this hold that for 60 seconds and see what happens. I should not have to be a certified technician everytime the power goes out or the tv doesnt feel like being watched. I know there are those who would say “well just go by another tv” but in this economy only people who have money to burn are the folks who make the products cheap and sell it for hundreds of dollars. Even though I know Panasonic could CARE LESS about little old nobody me this is very disheartening. My wife and I work 14 hour days and we dont have time to open up the back of a tv to see if the motherboard is bad and every tv repair man will charge more in labor than the price of the part itself but again I know PANASONIC doesnt care!!! I cant believe im saying this but Thank God for Vizio at least when theres a storm outside and the power goes out i know when it comes back on their tv WILL WORK NO PROBLEM. I know saying I wont buy any more of your products is futile because you are just going to keep making tvs for cheap and sell them expensive. Ok Panasonic I know you guys arent reading this anyway so im done.


I called to ask a procedural question re: call blocking. I was conned into payng $5 for the privilige of paying an addition $26 to speak to a live expert, not a Panasonic employee, but a service you use to avoid spending the money to help your customers, and making them pay themselves , ie., to fleece your customers and save your company money. I will contact my credit card company, complain to them fleeced out of money by Panasonic. For a lousy $5 you will get bad press, you will be added to the list of complainants, of which there are so many already, I found out, too late. I will certainly advice my children and grandchildren, and my friends to alert their families not to buy Panasonic phone products.

I have a friend who did Panasonic a favor, he got someone who has a business to order 50 laptops: My friend gets laptops for himself, forever, at a whopping discount; So, it seems that one hand washes the other, when it comes to making money for you. But not when it comes to taking care of unsuspecting normal customers who buy phones for their homes. We will see about that. And, shamefully, my credit card company will put yet another asterisk * after your name on their list of companies complained about IF YU DO NOT REFUND MY $5 WITHIN ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, THAT IS, BY OCTOBER 10. And don't tell me I have to get it from Justask. I am your customer, I bought the phone from you not just ask, as a consumer i expect the vender to stand behind his product after the customer paid you, the vendor, for the product.

thought I was talking to a Panasonic service: apparently you employ justask to take care of YOUR customers and want to charge them for it (after spending money to buy YOUR PRODUCT!!! I was told I have to give a REFUNDABLE $5 ON MY CREDIT CARD. I thought Panasonic would answer my questions and give me back my $$. Apparently I was connected to a service called justask, when I clicked on the website for "{Panasonic).
I got a written message from "greg" who I thought was a panasonic customer service person; He gave me an answer which showed he didn't read or didn't understand my message: he said "I usually just save it from the block caller list: " ???????? my question was,, after saving it to the caller block list, two options appear: save? and clear? how do I know which to choolse to complete blocking that caller???????

So, I WANT MY $5 BACK!!! And I want Panasonic customer service to answer, clearly and completely the perfectly clearly stated question I gave, to what was, on the list of websites, PANASONIC.


reported fault on microwave 31/8/2018 by 1/9 /2018 still heard nothing iphoned 3 times on Saturday at 15 minutes a time then contacted john lewis u alsoBristol who also spent 15 minutes on phone no luck either I phoned Monday and told it will be sorted I phoned again today and was told they would let me know which has not happened can you please put a letter on every item you sell explaining why your customer service is so bad


I bought an jetforce upright bagless from fingerhut 3/31/15 bought the service plan I had problems from the start with it shutting off so I contacted fingerhut they said to call you I did said to send ot to Wisconsin and pay shipping well I didn't have it so I kept cleaning it using it the best that I could it would run for a bit then shut off nobody ever got back to me I had to buy a vacuum today because I just cant do it anymore this was a waste opf my money and nobey helped me thank you


On Friday June 29th 10.34 am I ordered from Panasonic a "Smart TV " which was the model TX-50EX750B 50"/4K ULTRA HD TV/LED LCD TV /3D TV ..............I have tried many times by email and telephone to get satisfaction of the status of my order and the reply has been out of stock which was never informed about when talking about te product on the telephone pre-order I have paid £799.00 for the item .I telephoned Panasonic regarding the again status of my order and was told it had been dispatched ,again I am waiting so again contacted Panasonic regarding my order and cancel to this I was told I would have to wait until it was delivered and refuse to accept the item at which time it will be returned and a refund given I must say to date NOTHING HAS HAPPEND TO GET MY £799.00 MONIES BACK .THE ORDER HAS BEEN CANCELLED I do not need this tv as have now purchased a new one delivered the next day . please refund all monies .







I am visually impaired and need to use a headset with my Panasonic KX-TG585SK system. I previously contacted Panasonic Phone Support by phone and was told to purchase headset KX-7cA430 to use with the above phone. I purchased the KX 7C A430 headset which works fine for the first two or three calls and then goes to a humm noise. If I wait a few days or use a different phone, the headset will work for two or three calls and then just a 'humm' - no sound or dial tone. I tried on two occasions today to get assistance from Phone Customer Support. I was referred to sales which was of no assistance at all. Panasonic supports only interest is collecting $9.95 before offering assistance. I am not willing to pay the $9.95 because I think they will recommend the same model headset (KX-7C A 430 that they previously recommended and that does not work. I think Panasonic should stand by their product and provide free assistance.


Bought a veria tv in 20011 flat screen from Sam's it went out 2018 and my tv repair service said 2 things
1 - the tv and parts are no longer available,
2- the mother board that went out is not the original Panasonic board that came out of Sam's club, that's was new in the box,. At this moment I will never purchase another Panasonic anything since I can't trust your tv to be able to fix .


im purchase a cordless phone in Nov 2017 By Jan 2018 2 of th hand sets quit working.
Customer is not existent. takes for ever with. the phone maze. If you get a rep they don't understand English.
I tried to explain I can't attach receipt from my Mac, and I don't have a fax set up.

I have asked to be contacted and I get the same form emails!
poor product, no servicrQ


I purchased a Panasonic KX-TG6592T and KX-TGA659T - 3 handset Cordless Telephone System 1.9GHz DET6.0 on Aug. 5, 2016 from and received it on Aug.9,2016. On Sept.12, 2016 the Voice ID feature would not turn off. I called tech support and spent a good hour and 1/2, they told me I would have to send it into repair. I called tech support and spoke to a supervisor who told me my just purchase new phone was not considered new since I had taken it out of the box.

They didn't even offer to pay the shipping cost. I spent $131.38 on this phone system and don't want a repaired product. I want this broken product replaced with a new one. I have tried to speak to a live customer service person but it is impossible, all I get is either a repair person or a computer voice. Don't you have a real, live person to handle customer issues? Maybe I am old fashion but I don't feel a computer can solve customer issues.

I am very unhappy with your product, and support you provide your customers. I have always brought Panasonic phones and never had a problem until now. I get the feeling that your company is just too big to care about just one customer or maybe the product I purchased just doesn't cost enough for you to brother to stand behind its quality.


My mom ordered a 32" Sanyo smart tv for myself (her son) in Philips, NJ to send to myself (her son) in Olean NY. The clerk in electronics made my mom start an online account to order this tv. After doing so, the clerk then handed my mom her receipt after the purchase went through. I (her son) received a email that the order was ready to be picked up where I am. I then waited and ten minutes later received a email that the order had been canceled.

I called then spoke, to a associate named Dwight who informed us, that being that my mom just started the account , that day and tried to order a high priced item, that it had canceled the order and it would have to be verified with the fraud department. We were then told to try again in a hour, because he had to call the fraud department and have this verified.

I tried in a hour and the order was placed again, only ten minutes later to have it canceled again. I waited until the next day and called, to complain about this. The operator I spoke to informed me that it wasn't anything on my mom's end, that the system was going to continuously kick this order out for the tv, because it was a high priced item, and that it would come up to the fraud department every time i tried to order this, the associate also told me when i placed the order the second time, that it had to be from the same computer,phone, because it logs ip addresses, then told me that it was going to keep doing this.

I am very disappointed and mad about this for the fact of, if this is the case and everyone who has to start a account in the store and buy something of high value, that their order will be canceled, without their knowledge, if they are sending something to someone, out of state, or not in the store with them. This presents a big problem for Sanyo TV customers, who do not have a Walmart online account, and have to create one such as my mom, who now has had orders canceled twice on a purchase, because it was a "high risk item".

Even though she had to use her credit card, and show proof who she was, to purchase this item. My mom now has had to do a money to money transfer in Walmart just so i could pay for this item, which has created a serious issue over the course of three days now, and we are very unhappy with this whole issue.


Purchased a microwave at best buys Jan. 17th 2016. It went out July 8th 2016, took in for service 0n July 10th,picked back up from warranty place Kwik Electronics (Louisville Ky.) on the 13th advised fuse in power supply went out. It was replaced & worked till Aug 3rd 2016 when noticed a burnt smell so stopped using. I was able to take it back in to Kwik on Aug. 10th and Kwik advised it was flare heated which is burnt like actually baked into the enamel on complete inside and outer edge perfectly around the door.

Took back to Kwik Electronics they submitted pictures to Panasonic on Aug 11th (Thursday) and said nothing on this earth could have spattered like that on the inside as it was from heat and submitted to Panasonic field service advisor Robin Reaves. A lady from Panasonic did not call back until Aug. 22cd and advised they were denying the claim and they were to get back with Kwik Electronics. I heard nothing so I called back today Aug 31st to Kwik and talked to Tech he advised its working but still looks like it is 20 years old and no guarantee that it could still heat up or possibly catch on fire, again since it works claim is denied and nothing is still done about the fact that there is a problem with this microwave.

The exact wording from them to Kwik was as reads. The stains could have happened between July 14 until Aug. They picked up in good working condition and signed off on it. Note: from Kwik at end - Let them call Panasonic.

When I picked it up first time when fuse was replaced it did work, this is a second problem with the heat flare baked into the enamel and you can smell it. This is not a Microwave to be trusted. The problem with places like Panasonic is they have a menu when you call the Phone # they provide on there site so you cannot speak to a representative as the problem I have is not on the damn menu. They do this hoping you'll get so frustrated that you will just give up and their theory is so what if you say you'll never buy another Panasonic problem.


I bought a 42 inch Sanyo TV. Then we had a power surge due to the lightning and it fried. So, I sent it in and also had a three year service plan attached. Sanyo customer service, well they sent it back saying physical liquid or cosmetic would not fix it under service plan.

I will definitely never shop at Walmart again and will share this information to all of my friends knowing that my percentage won't hurt but my feelings will be from greatly dealt with. Sanyo TVs are also very poor quality if they can fry so easily with a simple power outage.


Do not have any dealings with Panasonic Service in McAllen, Texas. Terrible,Terrible, Lousy service. I sent my camera to them on the advice of a Panasonic web site who couldn't help me over an HDMI connection issue. I was told there would be a 7 to 10 day turn around. I was never contacted as to what the problem was. They refuse to answer emails, the toll free number didn't work. Finally they were reached with their local number. I was told that I had bent a wire in the connection!

The repair charge was totally absurd, essentially 1/3 the cost of the entire camera, for a problem that had nothing to do with actual functioning of the camera. When I told them not to fix it, they tried to hold my camera for ransom, saying I had to pay 3x what it cost me to send it to them including insurance in the first place to get the camera back! They finally agreed to send it back. Total time 7 weeks! I'm through with Panasonic. Please, everyone else be forewarned.


My FZ1000 Panasonic camera was purchased March 2015 under a 5 year warranty back by Panasonic head office, for some time now on turning the camera on a box appears on the screen saying "mode dial not in position". Then it is then after some ten seconds this disappears meaning there is a time laps before I can take a photo.

As I give wildlife talks using this camera to the Wessex Camera Society this fault has become most distressing as the one reason I purchased this particular camera was it's instant usage. The camera has been returned to where I purchased it. London Camera Exchange. Bath. England and sent of to be checked, but supposedly nothing wrong could be found even though it is still displaying the same fault?


We brought a set of 4 phones from Costco on the 12/09/11 one of the phones melted all the facing with bubbling occurring on the clear plastic. It was red hot when you touched it. We wondered if the other phones will be okay to use or if you have received other complaints about them. the serial no 1FCQA and the other noPNLC1012 ZA. Look forward to hearing from Panasonic customer service.


To the Panasonic complaints department. I have 2 Panasonic FX-MC 6040 Multi-function printer both less than a year old. Both having them same problem finally after 3 weeks of talking and arguing with customer service they decided to have me return items for review and repairs. Other than the damaged accumulators to the unit the printer were in new condition. But unfortunately when they arrived there was more damage done to them. Customer service dept. said that because they were damaged by shipping the warranty was cancelled. I ask them to file a claim with UPS since Panasonic sent me the pickup recites. The new excuse is that because it wasn’t packed correctly they could not file a claim.


My Panasonic 8 GB PMP 281 stopped functioning properly and will no longer allow me to use it with earbuds. It is less than a year old and has never been abused or dropped. Please send me a mailer so that I can send it to Panasonic corporate offices...


Bread maker SDBT56P is not working. The machine has multiple problems!


We have used a Panasonic microwave for 28 years, no problems, still working. Would like to purchase a new one but understand light doesn't come on when door is opened on new models. That is unacceptable. Are you going to change that in the near future? If not we will have to go elsewhere.


I bought a Panasonic electric razor model ES-SL41 wet/dry, the problem was when I received this item the battery was bad, every time I charge it it would not last 10 minutes, I sent an email and received a called from customer service and they said to mail it which I did and I was given a choice of other 3 models to choose from, I sent the razor with the original package and a copy of the receipt.

When I received the razor it was a different one and was poorly packed and came with a stain and worst the battery still lasted only a few minutes? bottom line I was very disappointed with the razor and customer service in general. I bought this unit thinking Panasonic was a good product which was not and will not buy another Panasonic product.


Purchased Panasonic Cordless phones about 3 to four months ago and have had nothing but problems with one hand set .the model KXTGF 344b Ser #5 axaoo88501. With contact wit two people who had problems with the language (had to have Ramon spell even thing He hung up .This is one Hand set that has been the problem.Now they want me to pack it up and send it to Panasonic factory. Do not know if the address is right because of the Lang problem. When asked for home office was check etc.when asked to spell it was Chesapeake etc. I have purchased your phones for years and felt your products were high quality. But looking at your complaint rating I am certainly concerned with my recent purchase or any purchase i will make in the future.


We bought a Panasonic micro-wave machine from John Lewis just two weeks ago. The goods are faulty and dangerous - the door frame has melted and could well have set the house on fire if I had not been present in the kitchen. On calling your help-line we were told that the definition of a guarantee is now one of simply repairing faulty goods - how you could repair burn marks I am not clear. It would also mean driving 40 miles round trip to your nearest depot and the same again if and when you repair goods that are clearly not fit for purpose. Your policy of just wishing to make a fast buck will eventually catch up with your company and people will just not buy your products. On this occasion you and John Lewis have made £200+ out of me but it certainly will never happen again. Buyer beware!


Panasonic has absolutely the worst support of almost any company I have dealt with. First of all, most of their operators are rude and smug, giving their name, but not an ID number when requested. Calling them is an exercise in futility, a series of passing the buck by transferring me to another dept, putting me on hold, and even when I finally get to speak to a supervisor (when they can find one) I find that a supervisor is no help and probably is the leader who perpetuates this "I can't help you, too bad" culture. These people seem like they do not have any concern and could care less about the consumer, who by the way buys Panasonic products so they can have jobs. Where's the accountability?

Let me get specific. I lost my software CD, HD Writer 2.5E, a program for my HDC SD9 camcorder. Panasonic has no download, so I must buy a new CD., but I cannot buy because the serial # has faded. Why do you need a serial # if you are willing to pay? Three operators, one supervisor, could not help: one chided me for losing the CD, one suggested I buy another camcorder, supervisor promised to call back, which he didn't. Will never buy Panasonic again!


Ordered a TC-50CX600U order #PNA-00086917 on7/3/15. Received on 7/13/15, Set up on 7/14/15, nothing, DOA. Called tech support and talked to Clyde, who concurred that the set was defective. He assigned a case #08146641to my problem and connected me with a Danesa and from there things went really bad. Suddenly, it was all my fault and they would have to investigate to see if the TV was defective. I told her I wanted the thing out of my house in three days or I wanted my money back. The TV is still here. After the way I was treated I don't plan on owning anything that is made by Panasonic in the future. Don't ever want to put up with this again!


I purchased a Panasonic bluetooth 6.0 phone set and one of the small chargers did not work. The following is not a joke. After eight months and many phone calls and promises of sending me a charger, they did send me one that doesn't work. I was not asking for a nuclear submarine just a charger. Needless to say a year and a half later I still don't have one so I gave up. I don't tell anyone I don;t see how bad dealing with Panasonic has been. Personally I think they should change their name to Scamasonic.


I bought a Panasonic washing machine. I needed to get a few spare parts to replace the older ones and I was informed that it would take at least 3 weeks to be delivered even though the machine is still under warranty. This is not good! Especially since we now have next day delivery available to us!

The Panasonic customer service is a joke, and not in a funny way either. I called and got three recorded voice messages that after listening to the third message it sent me back to the first option! I was unable to contact a live human and am still waiting for a response from an email. Panasonic sucks!


My TV 50" Plasma board burned out after less than 2 years. Of course the warranty is gone. On the internet they call it the 8 blinks of death.

Called customer service but you don't get anywhere. So I will not buy another TV from Panasonic things should not brake this fast. The internet is full with the "8 blinks of death" on Panasonic TV, so they do have a problem with it.


This microwave started rusting after about 3 or 4 yrs. I didn't know what to do, so finally contacted Panasonic 4-28-15 & was told to stop using it & nothing could be done. They took no responsibility & did not offer me any assistance, not even a coupon. It was as if I had done something to the microwave. I always cleaned it out, did not leave anything in it. I have had other microwaves for years & they did not rust, they just became old.

I will never buy any of your products again, & will tell everybody that I know to not purchase "any" of your products. I am tired of companies making bad products & nothing being done about. I was also asked if I had my receipt???


55 inch plasma TV stop working at 3 yrs old. SC board failed. Diagnosed by authorized Panasonic rep. Cost me $125.00 for diagnosis. Diagnosis was not a surprise. This is a very common failure with these sets after 2 yr to 3yrs of purchase. I decided to let them repair it figuring Panasonic would surely do the right thing and pick up costs associated with repair. It took 3 months for me to get my TV back. 10 weeks SC board was sent to repair facility from Encompass (contracted through Panasonic for SC board repair).

It was defective and did not work. Panasonic at that time sent a SC board direct . 2 weeks later it worked. A total of 12 weeks later a working TV. I missed all Thanksgiving,Christmas, NYE, college bowl, SuperBowl programming that we usually have family over and gather around the TV. I paid for 3 months of cable programming I did not use. I paid $200 for labor repair and $125.00 service/diagnosis call. Panasonic did pickup costs for SC board. This is not enough. Should have picked up all costs. This is not an isolated problem with these sets, this is my basis of frustration towards Panasonic. I will not buy a Panasonic again. It will be Sony, Samsung, or LG moving forward.


In September of 2014 I sent my Panasonic DVD Recorder to The Repair Center in McAllen TX. All with their procedures. It is now almost 6 months later and they still say they cannot find the parts to repair the unit. I check with them about once a week. At first they sent it back saying they could not find anything wrong with the unit. It still would not turn on. So I paid them the required charges. When contacted they said to send it back again. Stating there would be no charge as they certified there was nothing wrong , so it was now under warranty. For a long period they said the parts provider was moving to TX so I waited through that period. Next they say they had the wrong part and needed to find the right one. I find it hard to believe that a large firm like Panasonic can not find a part to fix my unit. Most of my calls to 956 683 2930 are answered by Roger. Model #DMRES30VS. Serial # LP5CB009211. I have many other Panasonic products and am well pleased with them. Why can't they fix my DVD Recorder?


Purchased a 42" PANASONIC PLASMA TV from Sears on Nov. 28, 2010. On Aug 25, 2011 TV won't power on. After being given the runaround from 4 different phone #'s I finally spoke with a rep from Sears who advised me that the TV is under warranty, but because it is less than 46" I would have to take it to the Sears repair center. They in turn would shuttle it from Belleville, Illinois to Kansas City where it would be repaired. This was on Monday and the shuttle picks up for repair on Tuesday and Thursday only.

I left the TV and was told it would be returned to the store no later than Sept. 13, 2011. I was out of town at the time, but did pick the TV up on Sept. 23, 2011 when I returned. I asked Tracy, who was the associate on duty if there was somewhere I could plug the TV in to make sure it worked; and was advised that there was not. The TV was boxed up and when I got home and unpacked it, the cord to my TV was not in the box.

I called back to the store and was advised by Tracy that there store in Kansas City was closed and she would check with them 1st thing Saturday morning and get back with me. I did not hear from Tracy the 10:30am and called back to the store. I was then told that a cord would be mailed to me from Kansas City. This TV is not a year old and I am totally disappointed in it and the service that I received.

I feel that the TV should have been replaced and not repaired.


I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with Panasonic Electronics. On 3/27/13 I received the DMP-BDT330 dvd player and would not turn on and the product was obviously defective as the front of the unit was bulged open where the top and bottom come together. After calling customer service or rather customer dis-service I reached a technical representative that, after explaining the situation and issue with the player, had the nerve to instruct me where to mail it to be fixed. This was a brand new unit sent by Panasonic that was defective, why would I send it to be fixed? I had to demand that it be returned and replaced with a new unit. At that point I was transferred to a unit supervisor to authorize a return. From this point on it has been a nightmare to get any status from anyone. There is poor communication, tracking and just plain bad service from every angle on this process.

I finally received a return authorization and return label and sent the unit back to Panasonic to the Texas warehouse. The unit was promptly returned and I tracked it via the return tracking label I used. However I still had to call Panasonic to get an update to determine if the unit was received. Finally I received a call from the Texas warehouse that it was received. The representative left a message on 4/8/13 that it was received and new unit will be sent from the CA warehouse.

No further information was available but that the warehouse would send an email with tracking information. I called today, 4/18/13 and still cannot determine the return unit has even been processed out of California. All the Sales rep could tell me was that her “superiors” stated that since I called on 4/10/13 that is must have been sent and expect it in a week or two. A week or two? This just goes on and on. I have been calling Panasonic off and on for two weeks now.

My only regret was that I should have just returned the unit and asked for a refund. I am still waiting for a dvd player that you took from me back on 3/21/13 and have nothing to show for it but again, bad service, horrible communications and just poor business practices from Panasonic.

You cannot in any way tell me that in this day and age of computers/electronic communication that your Sales Reps cannot confirm between the shipping warehouses, needed statuses to your customers. Computers track this stuff every day for hundreds and thousands of businesses worldwide. Amazon, one of the best businesses around have this capability and has not even been in business as long as Panasonic.

Needless to say I will never buy another product from Panasonic online or from any other merchant. You can bet I will send this email to any place on the internet that will post it and to the better business bureau. I will be updating reviews as well at other merchants like Amazon, BestBuy , etc. If I do not have satisfaction and status of when the new dvd player will be sent, by 4/15/13, I will be contacting my bank below and I will have the $212.99 charge reversed from my account. I also send this to a local law firm for review.


I believe you must be acquainted with the functioning of your customer care department . Certainly, your asymptotic thoughts would make you realize that the customer care department of your company is actually a customer torture department. This department has left no stone unearthed to suppress my voice for justice. A simple request for servicing of a product manufactured by panasonic has costed me whatever respect I enjoy in society, and this arduous task has been accomplished by your customer care head and the customer care manager quite easily and comfortably without any grounds.

Asking for the correction of faults in a product under warrantee has labeled me the one who has some hidden motive, makes unjust demands, tells a lie, has ill intentions to upgrade existing product with a new one. Also he arm twists Panasonic to fulfill unjust demands and hidden goal, makes false propaganda, deliberately postpones the visits on engineers and many more such allegations. Not only this, I was threatened to be calm and advised to have a better sense otherwise the customer care head would initiate unpleasant steps to make me calm. 

Sir, I am in a shocked state of mind and earnestly request you to investigate so that I could regain my peace of mind. May I mention here that the product performance of Panasonic I own, is an issue of secondary importance now.


About Christmas time last year I purchased a Panasonic camcorder. At first I was delighted with the camcorder but less than a week later it developed serious faults which I pointed out to Mark in emails. He suggested ways to rectify the faults. I carried out his instructions but the camcorder would not work and eventually it refused to do anything – I cannot even open the cassette holder. I made inquiries from the only two firms in Belfast (my home city) capable of dealing with the problem.

Their quotes ranged from £65 to £90 for simply “looking at” the Panasonic camcorder – the final cost would depend on the work involved. Both were uneconomical as I paid Mark £60 for the camcorder. I also considered buying a service manual with a view to fixing the fault but no Panasonic manual was available anywhere. All this I pointed out to Mark by email and suggested that we ought to consider some financial arrangement.

I suggested that he donate £35 towards the cost of repair but he refused saying that the Panasonic camcorder had served him for over 10 years and that I must have ‘interfered’ with it, thus causing the problem. But it seems to me that the camcorder must have caused him many problems otherwise he would not have known have been able to make his suggestions about dealing with the problem. In fact, he did admit this.

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