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I bought my samsung GT-i9003 on 03.03.2012 from doha- Qatar. I spend about USD.385 at that time to purchase it. since one months back the touch screen of the phone is not working properly. some times its totally not works and some times it is fully works. because of this issue i am not able to use it and have to go for a repair or a new phone, repair charge is said about usd 125 by a shop. please give me a feed back that what should i do. it is happening mosltly in cold days. thank you. mobile +94775149146


I notice when muting or silencing my galaxy note 2 phone I am not able to turn my media volume back on from mute I have to reset phone just to get media volume to work… is there a way to get media volume to work after silencing or muting with out having to restart phone every time?


Subject: Non redressel of complaint regarding led tv set

Dear sir,
In continution of my complaint no 8441943328 on 28.12.2012. I stated as under.
1. I purchased a led tv set on 28.01.2011 from hypercity alpha one mall amritsar.
2. serial no 19663ZNC101472F
3. The clarity of picture was not cleared so i complaint to their customer care center.
4. The engineer on visit told that your tv set is connected on cable network so you should install set up box the picture will be clear. I installed a set ul box but pic was not cleared again.
5. I again noted my complaint about this fault,the engineer came and advised to install dish cable network to get screen showing final result. I installed the dish cable network of airtel but the screen shows no result.
6. I again launched a complaint on 28.12.2012 while complaint no 8441943328,the engineer named harcharan singh camed on 29.12.2012 and told that ur tv set has no fault.u should installed hd dish network to get clear pic.otherwise the pic will show no good results.i was surprised to hear these words.
7. While purchasing the led i was not told to install the hd cable network, it is not the fault of customer as i am not getting satisfactory service you r requested to change my tv set or remove your r again requested to rectify the complaints otherwise i will be forced to take legal action..
Yours faithfully
Gurpreet singh
916,street no 4,guru nanak nagar,near p/o vijay nagar, batala road,amritsar,143001.


Hi Sir,

I registerd the compain in consumer court reff no#425220

I raised the compain last 3 month regarding my T.V model no#CS21C510ClNXXL. and compalain no is 844007810 so please check my history detail and mr. Rakesh jha sended service eng. mr Ajeet Rana told that prob. is magnetic field but again i force second Service eng. Proved that it was T.V issue not magnetic field and i cheked same place L.G tv but no issue . I received a latter from samsung and manager name is B.R. Rizvi .
I inform to you that your Service engg. Prove that T.V. issue so plz replace my t.v as soon possible bcz i recived your latter and mail for dealy i will take action as well as in new paper bcz one my youger brother in working in new paper.
I fasted of last 3 month for t.v related you can’t resoled my problem and say to mr. Rizvi you plz listen customer problem if you can’t do this so plz don’t say that samsung is Brand name.


Deepak Jaiswal
mob- 7838556556


I just bought a 60′ TV that came without the screws for the stand so I called up and had the screws resent. Two weeks later they finally come and only 4 screws were sent! I needed 8! Now i have to wait for them to send me 4 more. This is crazy! how dumb can these people be to not send the right amount of screws and why does it take 2 weeks!!!!! I may never buy another Samsung item again after this nonsense.


company is Netties Neat and Tidy not samsung it would not take this name on the site . They will not call my daughter back to schedule a appointment to use the groupon Coupon I purchase her for her Birthday for cleaning her house…Showed up one day with out any call ahead and they were heading to work and could not stay. Now they will not honor the 39.oo although when I called spoke to the owner he said he would honor it and reschedule and never called my daughter or myself after promising to do so immediately.

Please either have him reimburse me or honor the coupon as agreed . This place is not acting professionally. Coupon was purchased July 21 2012″ He also keeps saying he talk to my daughter but she said she never talk to him about a reschedule. He can t expect people to just stay home from work when they come on a wim.and no warrning.

Thank you..please respond to this e mail address….or phone 740 622 4243 Linda Fletcher lafletch1@ e mail address.


Samsung Complaint Department
Model Number: HT-TX72
S/N: 984M1UBP501768L

On 12/17/2012 my daughter was babysitting at our home. Her and the child where watching television has normal when one the speakers to the surround sound started sparking and caught fire. Thankfully she was smart enough to turn everything off and wait until I got home. When I got home I turned everything back on and the speaker started smoking and sparking again.
Now I will not claim to have recently purchased this surround sound system. It was years ago and I have never had a problem with it or Samsung until now. But after almost causing a fire in my home I do have to question Samsung products. I have owned or still own several cheaper no name electronics and never once had them act in this fashion. Thankfully I am not one of those individuals that leave their TV on when they are not home. Thankfully my daughter used common sense to turn everything off. There is no telling had these things not happened what I could have come home to.
At this point Im not sure what came be done. Can my speaker be replaced? Am I okay to use the others still?
Please someone contact me back
I have pictures if needed
Thank you,
Danya Downie


my tv is almost 4years old . ilive in palm springs for 4 months in the winter and 4months at my lake cottage plus one month at my time share.this would make my tv about one year tv has developed two linesacross the top and bottom of the screen.when i inquired about repair,i was told the cost would be as much as a new tv. i can hardley wait for your reply.


on dec 19thi purchased a new samsung galaxy s 2 at bien nhan department store in Nha Trang Viet Nam. i thought i was purchasing a new phone but after exploring some of the features, g mail and messenger i discovered that someone had already set up accounts under the name of further checking shows email dating back to sept.21. could you offer me any assistance as i feel i have been swindled. i would be more than willing to let a qualified samsung technican look at the phone. i currently reside in Hua Hin Thailand.


I have a Samsung 50 inch plasma TV,
I switched it on today and got a vertical black line left centre of screen I tried looking for help on the internet to see if it was a simple reset ?
but found this is a common problem.
the problem occurs on all screens i.e., video,DVD,pc,game etc.
I Have phoned the service centre they Quoted nearly £400 the warranty is out
Why should I have to pay such expense when clearly its a manufacturing
fault and no fault of my own please can you tell me that,
and maybe come to some sort of compromise, to restore my faith in
from a very upset customer
best regards
Dear Andi,

Thank you for contacting Samsung and I have pleasure in providing the following assistance.

I am sorry to hear your TV has developed a vertical black line on-screen, and I can understand the frustration this must be causing you.

Since your TV is out of warranty and is not a model known to be affected by any manufacturing defects, we will be unable to authorise any free of charge inspections or repairs at this time.

If you would like to have the TV inspected / repaired, please contact your nearest service centre (details below).

ApplianceCare Exeter
The Repair Centre, 4 Grace Road (South), Exeter, Devon, EX28QE
Phone number: 0871 200 6625

the answer i got was unsatisfactory having to have someone collect my TV for a price and then look at it for a price then have it fixed for a price totaling more than a price for a new one, you only have to look on line for common problems with Samsung early models (using cheap parts) I am so upset with this I am no longer going to purchase Samsung ever again Samsung a so called major company, who i thought would have great customer care but who only care about taking customers money, I as an individual work very hard for my wages
and thought i was careful in choosing to spend (invest) that little extra to get the name and better product OBVIOUSLY I WAS WRONG


Dear sir,
First of all I want to send u my congratulation for your kind brand in Egyptian market and all the varieties and merchandising mix u do. Iam really happy all my life to deal with your lovely brand specially in mobiles and T.V., need to tell you also that all the environment around me (family and friends)has many uses with your varieties you demand. But for sorry we can’t find anything completed, I think you have a big problem with the human factor in your company in customer service who deals with clients, because I will tell you my bad experience with them, lately I have a big problem with your maintenance agent in mesaddak street in Dokki , they are really irresponsible, and I can also say they are impolite and don’t know how to talk to client. because I have mobile still in the guarantee period and I had a problem with it so I gave it to them to fix and they do and put new software so it works for one day and stopped again and when I went back to the branch they took it and call me after 2 days and asked me to come , after that they told me that there is a liquid inside it long time ago and it needs maintenance with around 98%of his price so no need to do it, I tried hardly to tell them that it not happened and if it is true you should discover this since the first time , they badly said we will not do anything and you can go wherever you want to the or any place else. I couldn’t believe what I hear , is this the image of the big company all over the world and in Egypt. So I decided to send this letter just caring for the big name you’ve been built in many years and to give some attention to this factor which can destroy the company success. and also I know that you will take a quick action not just for me but to save your name from scratch in the market.
– attached you will have a copy of my mobile guarantee data.

Thanks a lot , hope to hear from you soon.

Ehab EL touni
Mobile : 01001411004
E mail :


I bought SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 from mobility (S.T.C) in September 2012, i worked fine for one week after that it started getting stuck all the time and it switches off automatic. I taught its OK not a big problem but after two three weeks it stopped catching signals from the servers , so i went to the same place where i got that phone and complained about it. The mobility people at Scarborough town center location were bad , didn’t help me with it and no proper customer service over there. So I went to a different location so they sent the phone to factory, they took one full month and the phone came back finally. But the bad news is that after one day the phone had same problem again. Not catching signals and actually the factory people didn’t fix regarding getting stuck. Totally i wasted $680 on the phone , $60 for changing the simcard three times and $10 for renting a phone. SO I wasted about $750 on a Samsung product which didn’t even last a month. So everyone when buying samsung products be careful.


Purchased a Samsun dishwasher from Futuer Shop in |Apr 2012. It stpopped working in October 2012.
It appeared the pump went as water was getting into the dishwasher but not going to the sprayer.
Called Samsung and reported the problem. We were told they would have a local repair person come out to have a look at it first.
The local repair company was having probelms getting paid from the middle man so they refused to come out.
After we reported that to Samsung they decided to give us a refund instead. They refused to do a store credit or replace the unit.
We were given a customer care person to deal with and that was when things got even worse. They did not arrange for someone to come and get
the dishwasher until after numerous phone calls. |They would not release the refund until they picked up the dishwasher. The company finally came and
got the dishwasher after numerous phone calls. One week later the refund had not been sent. They were not truthful about anything.
The customer service was a joke and they did not work with Future Shop at all on resolving the issue. Samsung is not a reliable company and the customer service is horrible.


I brought the mobile last month.
While hearing songs if i use my internet means i cant hear it continiously there is some distrubances.
Mostly it shows no tower symbol in my mobile only.
And it shows a message ” RESTART YOUR MOBILE AND USE THE SIM ” even the sim is already inserted.
If i put my mobile in GSM/WCDMA means it take more time to change the 2G to 3G or 3g to 2G.
I am not installed more applications but my the mobile speed is not good. Even it take more time to type a message.


My name is kaushik das , phone no 9835445609 , i bought a 22 inch led pc monitor on 9.01.12 from lalani computer Kolkata, serial no is ztz2hmbba01363. But last three months it’s giving me problem there is a huge patch on the left side of the screen and it does not stay on for more than 5 mins.


Dear Sir, I have purchased samsung mobile- model No.GT-S5302 at Sri Vani Mobiles & Electronics at Eluru West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, India on30-09-2012. Today, I have lost my phone while travelling in bus. I requesting you to stop all services of my mobile.

Details :-*IMEI-352989/05/1071218/7
*Battery No.-LCIC80105/4-B


Dear Samsung, I have you camera sl600 love it used it in my business. The the charging cord went bad. I called and with in 2 weeks they had sent me a replacement. I used it once and the next time I went to use it a yellow light was flashing and I once again contacted your company. via online chat.letting them know what the problem was after about 45 minutes that person agreed to start the process and I would get my part in 5 to 14 day. Now today for the 3 time I am being told that the ticket has been reopened and the part will be shipped I am really disappointed with the process for my replacement part.

As much as I love the camera I do not think I will purchase any more samsung products. I have been with out my camer for a month now and have missed a lot of wonderful pictures. Like I said before I use it in my business. I have copied the emails from Samsung for your reference.


I have written so many times to samsung now I feel the only way samsung will respond will be if i leagelly file a complaint against you . I had bought a galaxy R phone on the 4 of january from delhi ater one day the screen of my phone dissapeared on going to a sumsung service station I was assured it was a software problem and if I left the phone at the service center he would rectify the problem. Sure enough after two hour my phone started woring but only for a day .. now i haved mailed you at samsung support , called customer care a thousand times no one seems to care to solve my problem .

You dont want to respond be my guest now the first thing monday morning i will go to a lawyer and find out what can be done .you at samsung seem toooooooooooooooooo busy to tell me what can be done. A Multinational company like can deffintely fight a case .

I bought the samsung galaxy ace last august and when trying to end a call the phone didnot light up or respond to anything so within my 30 days took it back to car phone warehouse. Was given a new phone and its been nothing but problems it switches off which is not good to use as a alarm, and won’t respond till the battery is removed. It sometimes don’t let you end a call. Been back to car phone warehouse (just after my 30 day ended) and they done system update but phone is faulty and don’t know where to go from here. My friends said I should of got a iphone. Please Help.


Hi, I was purchased Samsung Mobile 3213 from Mobile Sales Center B-12 Kailash Tower ,sanjay Place Agra on 11-08-2011 bill # 7647 .After use of only 1 Week, the mobile automatically switch off after receiving call. Hence i submitted the mobile at its authorized service center “Samsung Service Centre, Spider Solutions G-13 Raman Tower Sanjay Place Agra ” on 16-11-2011 work order No.6943. The service center’s agent told me that the problem of software then after centers agents resolve the software problem but same problem as it is now till date in my mobile it is actually some other problem in my mobile so plz resolve my problem as soon as possible .

I want to make a complaint against the both on l ii) Spider Solution Service is very poor. I purchased a Samsung GT S5360 phone 3 weeks ago and the phone get disconnected during calls. Some times the other person cannot hear me but I can hear him. When I contacted the Samsung customer service center in Colombo ,Sri Lanka I was told that it is a software problem and they want a payment to correct it as I have not bought the phone from them. However when I showed the waranty I received they admitted that it is an International waranty but they wont correct it without a payment.

How can this happen with a new phone which is not even one month old. This is the first time I bought a Samsung phone. If I have to pay and update software every month what is the use of this phone? Are Samsung phones so inferior in quality? What do I do with this phone?


I had purchased a Samsung Television Set and for that matter, I have a lot of other Samsung products including TV’s, A/C’s and other Samsung products – several of them at my residence as well as at my Chamber. However, it pains me to write this letter insofar as one of the TV’s at my residence is concerned. It also pains me because of the manner and method in which a Company of your stature indulges in deficient services and has a very casual approach towards its customers. This attitude gives the impression that once an item is sold by you, your responsibility is completely discharged.

You will appreciate that the TV has been purchased by me for a valuable consideration and it would be expected that the same would work properly. However, a system problem started developing wherein the TV would revert back to the source without displaying any picture in the midst of a problem.

I accordingly complained to the Dealer from whom I had purchased the said TV and also to your Service Centre in Goa. There was no response at all to my complaint. I therefore followed up the same with a complaint on 11th November 2011 and the same was registered as Complaint No. 8436413091.

One Ms Preeti Gumbar from your Customer Support Team promptly replied to my complaint assuring me of a quick and most suitable resolution of the problem; however, despite her mail dated 12th November, no one attended to the TV so I sent another reminder in this regard. In my reminder of 12th November I also mentioned the fact that as there was no TV in the family room at my residence and in order to watch TV, I had no option but to purchase another TV as I had patiently waited for the Samsung TV to be repaired and there was no help forthcoming for the same even after having waited for several days. Please refer to my earlier mail dated 12th November 2011.

Thereafter, a gentleman by name Shailesh called at my residence, attended to the TV Set and claimed that the same had been repaired by replacing some part and an amount of Rs.3,100/- was paid to him for which a bill has been issued. However, despite this, on the very next day the said problem recurred which fact I promptly brought to your notice vide my email addressed to inviting the attention of Ms. Preeti Gambar. The said mail was responded to by Mr. Prashant Kumar.

By my mail dated 16th November addressed to Mr. Prashant Kumar, I brought to his notice the fact that the problem had recurred despite the same person Mr. Shailesh having come over and repaired the TV the second time. In around 36 hours time the problem resurfaced and this time my mail was replied to by Mr. Abhinav Pandey who assured me the best of services. The words used by Mr. Abhinav Pandey were “without any prejudice”.

I appreciate that Samsung India and its staff would like to legally protect itself; but at the same time they should realise that there is a contract for the item supplied including an implicit contract for services and prompt repair of the TV Set. When the problem recurred again, I informed Mr. Abhinav Pandey on 18th November that the problem had recurred and that no one had as yet come to attend to the TV Set despite a lapse of two days.

Today at around 3.30 p.m. the same person Mr. Shailesh walked in again and after having examined the TV Set, said that this TV needs to be sent to the Service Office at Mala, Panaji, as it could not be repaired at my residence i.e. at site. What was rather disturbing is the fact the he volunteered to refund the amount of Rs.3,100/- which was charged towards the repairs and at home, he wanted the members of my family to accept the said amount which of course they refused stating that the amount had been paid towards a repair claimed to have been carried out.

I can understand that an item sold may face some mechanical problem(s) or some logistic difficulties; but going by the kind of problem and from what appears from the report of your Service Staff, it certainly is a manufacturing defect coupled with deficiency in service at your end.

I am sending my TV Set to your Mala Office at the address given to me by the said person Mr. Shailesh. However, I expect the same to be promptly repaired if this is possible, without any further delay whatsoever and sent back today itself. If this course seems to be impossible then the only course open to Samsung India Limited considering all these deficiencies and defects in the TV Set, is to replace the TV Set with a new one at the earliest.

As already pointed out to you, I am using several Samsung products which have not developed any problem so far except for this particular TV Set which seems to be ridden with a particular problem which is a manufacturing defect. I do trust and hope that the top management of Samsung India Limited will now attend to my complaints promptly and without any delay whatsoever.

Yours truly,



I purchased Samsung Chat 335 mobile from Sion on 10th April 2011. The set was working fine when one day (2 weeks back) the battery was heated abnormally and then it was fully discharged and the phone did not turn on after that. I visited the Sion service center on Monday 17th Oct and discussed the problem. Although I was telling the problem about abnormal heating of the battery, the person at the service center told me that the battery was fully drained and he has charged it now and I had to keep it on charging for 3 hrs and then it would be fine. I did as per his instructions but nothing happened and I had to visit the service center again.

Second time it was told that my data card has some virus problem and again was told to charge it for three hours. But unfortunately this time too nothing happened when I kept it on charging. So I had no other options but to visit the service center third time! And again same discussion and I was told that they have charged the battery again and it will start again after 3 hrs of charging. This time I had my charger with me and I connected it in the service center to make sure if it actually charges. But as was expected the battery was not getting charged and finally I was told that I need to replace the battery and since it is 1 week more than my warranty I need to buy a new battery.

This experience was really very frustrating as to get this answer I had to go to the service center for three times, long wait for my turn and then finally nothing worked!! I had to take 2 half day leaves for the same as the service center starts after 10:30 and then again waiting for my turn took 2 half working days of mine. If the real problem was conveyed at the first time, this could have been avoided. But the person at your service center did not understand that. I request, Samsung should take care of such incidences as customer has his own work and wasting so much valuable time/energy/money on such a small issue is really intolerable.

Also even after using the phone properly, if the battery was of such a bad quality that it stopped only in 6 months is really surprising. Not expected at least in case of a brand name like Samsung!!


In December 2010 I received a loan to start a business. I purchased a 50” Samsung Plasma TV, 2 Blu ray players, Home Theater (surround sound), a four hundred dollar “Craft” smart phone. It has not even been a year since I purchased any of these products!!!! 1.The TV speakers sucked from the moment I turned it on. 2.The Blu ray player quit working after about 5 months, then bought a new one and it just broke a week ago. 3.The surround sound only works when it wants to. And won’t play movies, usb, cd’s, mp3s. 4. The rip off four hundred dollar phone won’t do anything!!

I chose Samsung because it is supposed to be a well trusted, reputable name. I disagree!!!!! I have spent thousands on these products and I am extremely displeased!!!! I will never purchase any product from Samsung again. I will be taking my business to Sony and telling everyone I know how rude and unhelpful the customer service people are. I have thousands of wealthy friends and they will be informed about the scam Samsung is running, selling junk for hard earned money.


I purchased a SAMSUNG REFRIGERATOR RT32BDPR from VIJAY SALES DATED 14-8-2010. There is ice formation in the lower compartments and the vegetables get spoilt due to frost injury. I complained the same to Vijay Sales on 17-10-2011. The service technician Mr. Ilihas mob no contacted me on 20-10-2011 in the morning and informed me that I would have to pay service charge of Rs. 275 rupees and the amount of the parts. I asked him about the warranty with a brief discussion and told I would talk to my grandfather who is a freeze technician (ex defence)and get back to him.

I called the customer care no and spoke to Mr. Jitendra who gave me Mr. Ilihas mobile no so I could directly contact him. At the above nos I was informed that my complaint was still registered. When I spoke to Mr. Ilihas I was told that he had cancelled the complain. I reminded him of my conversation and he agreed to come and check the freeze the next day i.e.21-10-2011 at 5 pm. However he didn’t turn up and I called him the next day. Again he promised to come on 22-10-2011 at 5 pm but failed. On 24-10-2011 he even refused to pick my call.

My brother in law then called him and spoke to him after which he picked my call saying he was riding. He came at 5 pm on 24-10-2011. After sweeing the freeze he said that the sensor had failed and had to be replaced. He told me to open the doors of the freeze and switch off the current as the ice had to be melted before replacing the sensor. He promised to come on 25-10-2011 and do the needful. However when I contacted him he told me that the sensor is not available. We had a short argument as he had failed his promise and was trying to bluff me as I had asked him whether the repair would be possible the next day or not as my food would get thawed and his reply was in affirmative.

Then I was further informed by him that I was not the only person to get the samsung company services and my call had been cancelled and I could call the customer care again and register the complain again. With all the above mentioned methods used by the technical advisors I wonder whether spare parts like the sensor was really out of stock in a semi metro city like Pune?

Secondly without my approval how can my call be cancelled? First of all I would like to inform that we have many Samsung appliances and we believe in the brand name but after such services I feel betrayed. Kindly look into the matter and change the attitude of your service staff as such rudeness and cheating doesn’t suit an International Company with a brand name. Please don’t let me regret my decision of buying a Samsung product and change my mind in buying other brands.


For almost 3 – 4 weeks now I don’t have any signal at all and when I do have a few bars then the internet won’t connect at all… Now it says 1 of 2 things: unexpected failure or no network.. have tried calling customer care the call just ends as soon as they say welcome. tried mailing but with no effect. gosh am so fustrated! Okay so downloaded settings again, the list says that no settings are available for my phone, it can’t be because I have a samsung star. Can’t get any work done from my phone, these problems aren’t airtime consuming but it is extremely inconvinient. Vodacom won’t come back to me on this matter since I’ve called from a friends phone to report the problem… please help?


hello i’m krincy purchased a samsung B3313 corby mate 357492032823658 mobile on 31-dec-2010 in bigc now i got power supply porblem and i repaired on 27-09-2011 on big c very next day i got strip problem i went to big c and explained about my problem till now around a week my problem not yet solved and they gave me appointment after 1 week ,even i have warantty they want to pay 1200 for strip repair then i went to samsung service center because i got solved my power supply problem in bigc samsung service center suggested me to repair my mobile were i buy’d it. really worst service of samsung asshole mobiles of samsung


The Samsung Impression mobile phone is a Piece of S***… It constantly freezes allowing no reception or sending of text messages or calls. The only way to fix it is to shut it off and turn it back on which, completely, takes about two minutes. I know it doesn’t sound too bad, but once you have to do it about 2-3 times a day it becomes a little monotonous. Every other person I know who has owned or known someone who has owned this same phone experiences the same problem… And that’s not the only delinquent… Even after calibrating the touch screen, I still have to continually tap the same spot on the screen in order for it to register. Sometimes after exiting and reentering the menu several times.

This still isn’t even half the problems I’ve faced with this product, If you’re considering buying this phone… DON’T!


approx after 6 months from the purchased of the said LCD from former Samsung agent in Jordan , a small gray spot on the screen occurred . We did not pay attention to and thought that it is insignificant , however , the spot continued to get bigger and bigger and with time darker . today it is probable 10 Cm long by 2.5 cm wide. Called the agency in Amman- Jordan ( which I came to know that has been changed recently).

Over the phone call the support engineers tells me virtually( without doing any site or equipment check that the warrantee does not cover the Screen and that screen needs to be replaced at my own expense. Couple of days ago , I understood that a Korean technical team is having a one week free maintenance in Jordan . I called Samsung Jordan and booked for a slot . However , the support engineer called me today and tells me that there is no need for the team to check my equipment and that the only solution to my problem is that the screen has to be replaced at my expense at around 350 JOD.

To me , as of today , I have a serious problem with my 900 JOD worth LCD that has non-conformance problem that is increasing with time . I am a dissatisfied customer of Samsung who is reporting the following comments to the mother company –

1. Agent refused to entertain my request for the Free maintenance check by the expert team visiting Jordan 1st week of October 2011

2. Agent technical team Identified the problem and proposed solution VERTUALLY and believed this is enough.

3. Agent Did not cater for customer satisfaction and did not abide by the warrantee service policy that states that ” SAMSUNG’s obligations are limited to repair of the defect or replacement the defective part or at its discretion replacement of the product itself. ” and hence are breaching the Samsung Vision and Mission statement to ” Inspire the world , and create the Future” . Nothing inspiring nor future is promising with agent philosophy built on no solutions except you ” the Customer ” pay for our faults.

4. I don’t understand the criteria how agents are selected or replaced . To me the Samsung agency in Amman is not Customer Focuses by business focused ( i.e. not retain or generate more customers but generate more business).

5. I have deep concern about Samsung going back to the old era that Samsung management opted to move away from and provide distinguished , high quality product and services to its customers and position themselves as world class . To me , what I receive in Samsung – Jordan is not world class!

6. I am afraid that I might need to get my hammer and destroy the LCD I bought for 900 JOD due to the negative response and management of Samsung agent – Amman .


I had purchase samsung 32inch LCD TV(Sr No 12803PBS700386T,Model No LA32B550KIR) on 9th Jan 2011 from Famous Old TV Centre Thane.Right from first month i m continously facing problem with LCD Tv,its mode is automatically being change to PC mode and Volume is automatically changing also LED its blinking and Remote control is not being sense.TV goes in hang state not being detected by its buttons also.On calling Customer care muiltiple times service centre engg comes for visits and check it.Temporary problem gets clear for short time and repeats again.Its Back panel Mother board and Volume board is also being Change by Service centre Engg.still problem is not being Cleared.

Now I Required Replacement of TV not repair, because it is beyond Repair.It is manufacturing fault.


Purchased a 46 inch Samsung Lcd Tv 2 years ago from Sears, along with an extended warranty.3 weeks ago it would not turn on. had a sears repairman ck it out. He said he needed to order parts, and could install them next Tuesday, but if they came in sooner to call sears and see if they could install them sooner. The parts came in a couple days and we called sears and was told that they could install the parts in 2 weeks on Tuesday.Well Tuesday came and sears called and said they did not have a repairman in our area today, but could have a repairman here next Tuesday. Sounds like the runaround to me. Sears customer service is Very poor, or not at all. Samsung TV’s are not reliable. Buy something else from anyone but Sears.


I have had 3 Samsung Refrigerators. I had warranty on them and several times repaired. Each time I had to buy an new refrigerator at a higher price because the models were no longer in existence. I could not use the same warranty. I had to purchase a different one. My warranty for the third refrigerator is now expired and the refrigerator is doing the same thing not staying cold, coils freezing. This time the ice maker is not working. The repairs will be costly and the problems will continue. I talked to a Best Buy manager and he told me to call the geek squad for the repairs. He might be able to help a little with a new refrigerator but we would have to check on how much.

This is frusturating, costly, and time consuming. I never want to buy another Samsung again. They told me it was the best and they never had problems. I found this on the internet today. I hope it is not too late to join in a lawsuit. I just want a refrigerator that works. Thank you for your time.


I bought a Samsung fridge with freezer on bottom, Model# RB215LABP in 2009 from Lowe’s in Bakersfield, CA. The ice maker and the freezer has been a problem since the day they delivered the fridge to my home. I called three times before they would send a repair man in the first month of purchase. They kept trying to reset the icemaker over the phone with me. Vegetables in the crisper freezes, ice in botton of fridge under the crisper. Ice maker made ice one time since I purchased the refrigerator. Food in the freezer is half frozen and soggy. Ice is frozen on the inside back of freezer wall.

2/9/10 repair man repaired a defost problem with new parts…the refridge worked fine for about six months and the same problems begin to appear. On 11/2/10 I purchased a extended unlimited warranty from AMT Warranty Company, 2200 HWY 121 Bedford, TX. I have been trying all week to get them to send a repair man out to repair my refrigerator. Monday they said 48 hours, today is Thursday, I called them back they said next week before they could find a repair man in my area.

I remembered the local repair company who worked on the fridge last year called them to see if they did repair work for the Service Warranty Company AMT, Yes, they are a contract service company for AMT Service Warranty, I ask the local company how soon they could repair my refridge they said tomorrow Friday, between 1-5. I called the AMT Service Warranty Company back and told them that the local repair company could repair my refridge tomorrow between 1 and 5, the gal said I will have to fax them the work order.

We will see if they contact the local repair company. I will never purchase another Samsung appliance or service warranty from AMT Warranty Service Company.


My new Samsung refrigerator RS263TD has always leaked water that accumulates under the bottom drawer. I have had a repairman out 2 times and it has not been fixed. Now my ice maker has quit working and need a whole new one. I am very disappointed in this model and wish I had not bought it. It has been nothing but a headache since October when I purchased it.


Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit Complaint Filed Over Alleged Frozen Coil Defect, October 1, 2010. Samsung Refrigerator Owners File Class Action Lawsuit Complaint Against Samsung Over Alleged Defect That Causes Refrigerator Coils To Freeze Over. A class action lawsuit has been filed against Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Samsung” or “Defendants”) in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey (styled Jeff Weske, Jo Anna Frager and Darryl Myhre v. Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Civil Action Case No. 2:10-cv-04811-WJM -MF)

Alleging, among other things, that Samsung sold refrigerators containing a defect that causes the refrigerators’ coils to freeze over, resulting in the failure of the refrigerator to cool, which has caused consumers to suffer damages for lost groceries, spoilage and repairs, according to class action lawsuit news reports. The Samsung refrigerator class action lawsuit complaint reportedly alleges that certain Samsung French door, side-by-side and bottom freezer refrigerators (model numbers RF266AASH, RS263BBWP, RB1955SH, RS2533SW, RS267LASH, RS267TDRS, RS2630WW).

The refrigerators are designed and manufactured with heated coils that are intended to prevent excess frost from developing in the back of the machine, but instead of preventing frost, the coils allegedly allow frost and ice to build up in the refrigerators until the ice clogs and/or disables the machine’s fans, making it impossible for the fans to work to keep the machine cool.

The Samsung refrigerator coil class action lawsuit complaint is reportedly brought on behalf of the following putative class members, unless otherwise excluded:

All persons or entities residing in the United States who own, or have owned, Samsung refrigerator models RF266AASH, RS263BBWP, RB1955SH, RS2533SW, RS267LASH, RS267TDRS, RS2630WW and/or any other Samsung refrigerator model containing a defect that causes the refrigerator’s coils to ice over and the refrigerator to stop


Unfortunately I have bought Samsung Refregerator 430 ltrs from DK Electronics yusuf sarai (worst dealer of samsung and a cheat). Recieved the fridge in very bad state the freezer door was full of scratches , freezer door can not be closed, bottle trey is broken,cooling is not proper. While fixing the door handle the engineer of samsung further damaged the freezer door. There is no response from the company even after repeated complaints at the call centre. The engineer Mr.Vipin Mittal was asking for unofficial bribe to fix these genuine coplaints under warrant. This is the standard of SAMSUNG & Their Staff that by harassing the customers they want to earn extra money unofficially and unethically.


Upon connecting a refurbished Comcast box to my 2 year old Samsung TV the box and the TV both stopped working. Liberty Ins. (Comcast’s insurance agent) advised me to call Samsung to diagnose the problem. Well Javier showed up and advised me that it was just the bulb and $150.00 but I can purchase one cheaper on e-bay. Yes the bulb was cheaper $85.00. BUT it was not just the bulb – if the tech would have looked further he would have read the problem on the front screen. I called back and Javier was scheduled to return – the tech did not know where the third fan was and actually could not diagnose the problem (he left the back off the tv and screws everywhere).

I advised him that if it was going to be more than $500.00 and it was not caused by the cable box I would be better off buying a new TV. Javier copted an attitude and left very rudely wanting another $89.00 service call when he still has NOT diagnosed the problem. I called Samsung and low and behold – I talked to Mike Bavetz, Mgr. and he was very, very, very downright rude. Mike Bavetz (who was not here to diagnose problem and had not even talked to me before) stated that I told the tech to falsify documents.

The nerve of that man – if Comcast is not responsible and if it was going to cost me $500.00 – I will be better off buying a new tv. I can not believe the way he spoke to me and accused me of asking them to falsify documents. Watch Out Mike Bavetz – don’t let the door kick you in the ass!


Dear Sirs, I am writing to you from DMC Direct LTD, Estonia. In July 2010 we have bought 1408 Samsung printers model number ML 1660 from a supplier in Poland. Further we have sold all these printers to the our reseller. Unfortunately circa 25% of the first 100 printers our reseller sold to his end-users, where broken. Test print sheets had a black strips. In the interest of brand reputation we requested our reseller to stop selling . We have informed the Polish supplier regarding this problem and waited for his solution for this problem. We tried to contact to explain the problem essence to Mr. Zaremba (Samsung Poland) , informing him that it is necessary to exchange more than 350 broken start cartridges.

He promised us only 40 new cartridges as a total solution! First question was: how were we going to solve the problem of the 350 broken printers with only 40 replacement cartridges? (In fact we have received 30 cartridges). No answer. Second question was: who should test the rest of printers on the warehouse ( 1180 printers )? Answer was – it is not necessary to test the printers. Next question was; what should we do?  Answer was: all is already explained. After we had sent him the first part of the serial numbers of the broken cartridges he offered to test the printers. We have no obligations to do Samsung printers testing.

However, we did it, because much time has passed, and the problem needs to be solved. We have send him back 325 broken cartridges with test sheets plus 17 test sheets of the cartridges, we recognized as broken after double checking -totally 342 pcs. Problem was solved in very long tome (from October 2010 till March 2011). In March 2011 we have received new cartridges 328 pcs. we received totally : 30 + 328 = 358 pcs. We tried to contact to Mr. Zaremba, however he ignores us and all discussions from the beginning where done across the third person who worked in Poland supplier company.

Main problem was that Mr. Zaremba did not believed us, that so big percentage of the printers are broken in the same time he did not do nothing to check this situation. In December 2010 he received all broken cartridges from us, and promised us to send us the new cartridges a.s.a.p. However we did not receive replacement cartridges until March 2011. During this delay the market value of these printers had reduced and my reseller had to sale the printers with the price what is 8,5 EUR lower than the price he had bought from us.

We have sent the complaint regarding compensation to Mr. Zaremba. No answer. The Person who contacted Mr. Zaremba explained to us that Mr Zaremba said that there are so many complaints and he did not see any problem with us and no problem with Samsung Head office- if we were to resend this complaint to you. Additionally he explained that he had given us 16 cartridges more than we asked for as compensation. But all 358 cartridges where used just for exchanging in broken printers. This is not a serious answer and it is very far from real compensation, we are complaining on behalf of both our reseller and ourselves.

Please look for 2 attachments,include the follow documents:

1. complaint, we have sent to Mr. Zaremba.

2. Accompanying document ,we have sent to Mr. Zaremba, together with the broken cartridges.

We kindly please you:

1. To understand with the specified facts .

2. To state an estimation to actions of Mr. Zaremba.

We kindly ask you to solve a problem with the compensation for us and for our reseller (who demands a compensation from us).

Best regards,

Yuri Urm

DMC Direct Ltd

Komeedi str. 5

10122 Tallinn


Phone +372 6485 404



I received an SMS today saying “HURRAY!!Your mobile number has won 200,000.00 pounds in the ongoing SAMSUNG UK PROMO, For claims CALL +447435649642 or EMAIL: Aside from sounding like a complete fraud, the bad grammar and punctuation rang warning bells for me immediately when I saw this sms! May God, will lead all these Nigerians to hell. However, he will let them tell their friends about it, perhaps then, this stupidity will finally stop! This ongoing Samsung UK promo is definitely a Nigerian fraud out to scam us using sms messages. Be warned!


Hi, This is Priya Prabhu, I had purchased samsung phone on 3/10/2010 from Ramdev Mobile(Dahisar East). Its Samsung GT-C3303 SSN C3303gsmh IMEI: 359800/03/314524/4. The very 3rd or 4th day i gave the phone for repairing as when i use to click any application it use to get RESART.I CANT EVEN DELETE MESSAGES AS THE PHONE GETS HANG. Borivali Samsung service center people just formated the phone and gave it to me. Within a month again the same problem so i gave it to the same service center they again just formated the phone and gave it to me.

But still the problem was not resolved so i showed it to Andheri Sumsung service center the person there told me that the mother board is defective need to change it. Recently on 2nd week of April 2011 i gave my phone for servicing in Borivali Service Center. I was informed that the mother board id been changed its not even a month and the problem is started again. So what does this means, that samsung parts which are been used while servicing are fake or not original or the parts which samsung is providing is defective.

Its not my 1st samsung phone but how much ever samsung phone i have used has some problem which u people have fail to resolve. The mother board which was been changed is off so low quality that it didnt even worked for even a month. What kind of quality product do u all use which doesnt even works for atleast 6mnths without any problem? Or was it a previous repaired motherboard which was been installed in my phone?


Samsung LCD tvs are garbage and they take a dump just after the warranty expires. Google samsung tv problems and read the TRUTH about these JUNK tvs. Buying samsung is like playing russian roulette that you won’t be screwed. Samsung screwed thousands of it’s customers, and it will do the same to you. They don’t build a quality product and most people know this to be true anymore. After reading many stories online I see that others not just me having similar problems. I am not alone with this and will not buy product of this poor quality again. I really enjoyed my LCD TV and thought the quality was decent. DON’T LET SHAMSUNG SHAM YOU! DON’T BE THE NEXT SHAMSUNG SUCKER!


We Bought a Samsung American style Fridge freezer in 2006, and have had an engineer come out to fix a fault on it on the 24th January 2011. This is the same fault as was featured on BBC Watchdog, and is covered under the extended warranty. We woke up this morning to find the fridge freezer now blows all of the electrics in the house, and cannot be used at all. It is a Sunday and I am unable to find a Samsung emergency telephone number open on a Sunday, which I find unacceptable. Due to this poor customer service from Samsung we are likely to lose all the food in the fridge.

We used to regard Samsung very highly, as most of our electrical products are made by you, including TV, blu-ray player, mobile phones, camera and camcorder, however regarding the problems we’ve had with the fridge freezer and customer support our confidence in Samsung has been diminished and are unlikely to buy further samsung products.


Dear sir, I had purchased notebook Samsung NP ND10, before a year I had problems. It was under warranty period so I went to grant road service center, express digital systems, on lamington road opp minerva cinema. My Samsung notebook had keypad noise problem so I gave there work order number is 9540,dtd 17/8/2010. Notebook was recd by nisha madam but since that date my problem has not been solved,I went to that service 20 times but no response. I went there and contacted Mahesh, but Mahesh is saying we are not responsible ask to Samsung.

They say that our work is to sell material not to entertain u people, why u purchased Samsung u should purchase sony,this is the response u sales person give of Samsung ,and even they r not ready to talk to us. So kindly look into the matter and solve this problem and notebook is also there at present in service center waiting for u response. Yours respectively, Dinesh parmar []


I would highly suggest you research Samsung TV’s before you go down that road. Samsung TV’s are one of their biggest complaints. I also bought a Samsung TV and will never buy a Samsung product again. As far as your situation, new TV’s typically come with a 1 year warranty. After that, you are responsible for any repair costs. I really don’t think you have much of a court case, but I’m no attorney. The TV is also a year old, so asking to refund the entire $2000 is a bit unreasonable. If your TV was still working, it would only be worth roughly $500.


A samsung model galaxy S I9000 was lost in transit on 6th feb 2011 in and around pune city at about 5.10 pm while traveling. the tracker was not activated but gps system was running. THe IMEI no is 351751048677218 which was bought on 14the Oct. 2010 at pune the cell was stored with imp date. pl help me out. thanx. card of idea no. I bought new samsung Galaxy R on 1st jan 2012  very next day cell phone was not geeting ON then i gone to that shop from were i bought. He removed my phone battry then my phone was switch ON. From last 15 days i am facing a problem my cell phone is getting switch off and switch ON every time i cant remove my  phone battry and put.

Then day before yesterday i gave my cell phone to the shopkeeper from were i bought my cell phone. I dont know what he did he said he will update and will give. Today atleast 4 time phone got switch off i have to remove my phone battry and put and make it ON it really pissing me off. I requst you to replace my phone. I dont want this cell. I dont have time to remove battry again & again.


We have now had to arrange for an engineer to come out to our Samsung fridge freezer again this being the third fridge/freezer we have had in the last three years this one lasted eighteen months. The company you use for repairs advised us that an engineer would phone us today before nine thirty and tell us when to expect him. This did not happen and by three o’clock we phoned the Samsung engineers department who told us he would not be coming as he had broken down this morning the fact that no one bothered to contact us and let us know was most annoying.

More annoying is the fact that Samsung seems unable to make a fridge/freezer that will last more than a few months. We have had to throw away a lot of frozen food as well as fresh over the last three years all due to the bad design of your product. We are again without use of a fridge/freezer and would like some form of compensation for all the inconvenience this has caused. If this product has to be replaced again I do feel that a reliable model should be offered and a loan of at least a fridge until such item can be delivered. I will never again be able to trust or recommend a Samsung item.


Sir, I am using most of the items of samsung only like TVs, washing Machines, Freezer (double door with ice dispenser,purchased recently with smart Oven and leds for my son also), DVD etc. I have purchased Samsung LCD LA40A610 on Sep, 2008, on 5/2/11 there was problem in picture quality. your representative has come today & inspect & informed that either display card/screen to be changed. for that @ rs. 5500 orrs. 40000 is the estimate. I am very much surprised to know this. Just on SAMSUNG name we purchased & even recommend ed to others. Recently my brother in law has also purchased Lcd at valsad, Gujarat. Even I have very old crown tv at native place & even today in working condition. Pl. Look in to the matter & help me. My complaint no. is 8422149323.


I purchased Samsung Galaxy Tab in the month of November 2010 for a whooping 37000/- after the dealer Mobile store Basaveshwarnagar, Bangalore promised me few gifts within a week like Leather case, Bluetooth headset, memory card with map my india application and a samsung bag. Later my problem started. Both dealers and Samsung people were so careless that they were avoiding my calls or were giving stupid reasons for the delay like the gifts are in transit blah blah blah…

One Mr.Ranjit from Samsung was so rude with me forgetting I am a customer. after ALL hue and cry with repeated calling for hours my gift reached me on 28th dec 2010 (there is no explanation for the delay from SAMSUNG).The gift included a leather case and a bluetooth headset. One more thing i need to highlight is that other customers who waited for so long got some more extra gifts like car charger etc. I dont know why I Didnt get. Samsumg should vow me a explanation. I am sure they dont care about this. At the same time I have not received the 2 gb memory card with map my india application till today.

Again the blame game is on between dealer (mobile store basaveshwarnagar, bangalore)and samsung. Folks you tell me what shoukld i do now. After waiting so long a prestigious sompany like samsung are behavibng like fraud cheating their customers in day light. Kindly some one help me to post this to samsung heads who cares for customers and take action against dealers like MObile stores who cheat customers in this fashion.


The controls for my P2570 monitor never functioned correctly but the picture was fine – for the first 6 months. Then the monitor would just go white. After taking it to an authorized repair shop both the technician and I have been frustrated in trying to get a repair part or even the status for one from Samsung. The Samsung ‘customer service’ line said the same thing: they could not provide a status or confirm that the needed part would be sent. After suggesting this was not an answer and requesting it be escalated to their supervisor I was advised – ‘No! You will just have to wait until the system delivers the part.’

I am extremely disappointed in Samsung – their monitor and perhaps more significantly their lack of customer service. For me the Samsung brand now means: do not buy!


My phone is a S8300, lovely phone except for one thing, it does not have software which works with windows 7. In fact no Samsung phone works with windows 7! I cannot use the phone as advertised ( ie that i will be able to download pictures, connect my laptop to the internet, upload data to my phone etc). It is now basically just a phone and not something valued at R 8000, I would have to downgrade my laptop to Windows XP or Vista to use the phone ( both licenses costing in the R 1000’s) or purchase a bluetooth dongle in order to use the phone properly. Neither of these things were specified and I feel Samsung is responsible for this!


I am beyond frustrated and disappointed with Samsung. What started as a carefully thought out and planned purchase has been a series of frustrating tech support phone calls and finger pointing between Samsung, Cox, Hulu, and Netflix, a consumer nightmare. Sadly now, all fingers now point directly to Samsung. If I could, I would return this TV but am now past the return date and at the mercy of factory authorized repair persons. I am not looking forward to having a two-month old television repaired just as a new car buyer would not want a transmission replaced. All faith and trust is now lost in this product and Samsung TV’s.


I purchased a Samsung mobile phone about a month ago from the store in the mall. It was really expensive, but I really wanted it. Last week the touch screen stopped working, and so I took it back and then sent it in. Samsung customer service told me yesterday that it requires a “special” part that isn’t even in stock right now. Now it is going to take 10 more business days just to wait for the part to get in? How can samsung sell a high end phone and not have parts on hand to fix it, if you don’t why are you selling the phone like that? Instead of replacing the phone for me, they keep delaying things and making me wait for more parts. All the while I sit here and suffer because I paid for a phone that I can’t use. I bought a samsung mobile phone, paid for the warranty, and have my receipt. After 3 weeks this needs to be made right!

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