$25.00 Redbox Charge for not Returning Movie

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I rented a movie from Redbox about a month ago, I returned it the next day before 9:00pm. I was checking by bank statment and I notice a $25.00 dollar charge from Redbox. So i called Redbox and asked why they charge my card, they said that I never return a movie the a rent amonth ago so, I told the guy that the movie was returned hi said no that the movie never was reuturned that I was the last person tha rented it. there is many complaints about this redbox company charging people’s credit card be careful. DON’T RENT MOVIES FROM THE REDBOX.

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One thought on “$25.00 Redbox Charge for not Returning Movie

  • julie dillon

    I was looking over my bank statement and noticed redbox charged me $34. My bank account is only.used for child support so only certain amount of money is in it each month so because of there charge my account was overdrawn. It is now $79 overdrawn. Now i haven’t rented from redbox in months. Ive always returned my movies i don’t see why im being charged. They are a nothing but a scam!!!!!

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