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I have had a mortgage with Bank of America (13 years now)and recently had to get a loan modification to make our payments more affordable. I have not worked in 2 years and my daughter is supporting our home on a housekeepers salary. I sent them pay stubs for months and they took the largest $$$ ones from way back in June, July and August (which is a hospitality housekeepers high season) instead of the most recent ones from August 15th to current which are considerably lower. They also included an outrageous amount of food stamps as monthly income.

I called them at least once a week when the process started back in July 2011 and faxed them every 2 weeks with pay stubs (that were getting smaller and smaller) and documentation to prove we were not getting $447 of food stamps every month. I also asked several times if food stamps would be counted as income, if so we would drop them. I can go to a food bank to get food, but can’t go anywhere and get a roof over our heads. They never answered the question even though I asked repeatedly.

So instead of lowering the payment to “Make Homes Affordable” as they say in writing that they will do, they raised the payment and I was told to take it or leave it.They only lowered my interest rate by 1.25%, from 7.75% to 6.50%. Then they told me there was NO ONE in the entire company between my account manager and the underwriters that could answer any of my questions or help me. They called me continuously until I finally signed the papers, I didn’t have a choice. After I signed them, the BAC (Bank of America and Country Wide merged) “HOPE” department called me and said I should have been offered a negotiator, but now it was too late.

Just received a notice for a class action suit against Bank of America on my property. They would not let me make payments at a branch, over the phone, by internet – nothing. Every time I called all I got was voice mail – branch said they could not accept a “land payment” at a branch, if I mailed a check it was returned. They said they needed verified funds – but it was from BOA account. Got a certified check from BOA and mailed it back – returned saying not “verified” funds. Their own certified check. Anyway – land went to foreclosure – they never sent me final notice – nothing – county is still charging me taxes $5900 a year, but BOA won’t respond to even the county to verify it is in foreclosure.

Don’t pay any payments in ADVANCE – that sends you to automatic foreclosure if you pay even a week early. There has got to be something we can do. And guess who underwrote the loans! FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC!!!!!

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