Can’t Contact AT&T Complaints Department

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Post the e-mail address of AT&T and other companies so we can contact them. When you and others spend months figuring out the phone number or the e-mail address that actually reaches a real person at their complaint department. POST IT.

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One thought on “Can’t Contact AT&T Complaints Department

  • Frank

    We have phone service with AT&T and internet and TV service with Comcast. We lost our Comcast signal and found out that while installing a U-Verse line for our neighbor the phone company cut our Comcast cable. We were out of service for 3 days before the problem was discovered. The guys installing the U-Verse cable obviously knew they had cut the Comcast cable, but they did not repair it or let anyone know what had happened. We had considered swithching to U-Verse, but no more.

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