CVS Pharmacy Sucks Big Time

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Oh how we miss the days of Long’s Drugs ! At first when CVS came into the picture we had great feeling this would be a good company and that they would take care of their employees ! WRONG over the last 18 months they have done everything and nothing to make CVS a nice place top shop ! The stores are dirty, the employees are required to vaccumm, mop the floors, take out the trash and clean the restrooms and toilets, all because CVS will NOT pay for professional janitors, except for the Beauty 350 locations that cost 1 million $$$$$$ oer store.

We are paid crap wages and hours are cut to the bare bone to ensure the management get’s their numbers right and who cares of we can’t pay our rent or bills. Forget the poor customers who can’t find the items that are looking for because there are not enough staff to stock the shelves abd do check out the shelving and how dirty they are behind the products.

The poor communicatiion between management and the DM’s just goes to show you that they don’t give a rat’s a$$ about our concerns or issues that make us unhappy employees. I gave up shopping at CVS, even with my employee discount as I find the prices and selections at Target Stores much better. Besides why get called up to the office to be reamed over something you did not do by a manager who has no idea who or what you are to CVS as a person.

CVS is suposed to stand for Consumer Value Shopping, what a joke, it’s more like crap virus shit with regards to the stock and CVS’s plan to copy each and every brand name product as their own which fails to live up to the standards that the major brands do.

Enough said, check it out for yourself and ask your favorite cashier, if you can find them what’s up? 10-4 over and out CVS Sucks. Me Twinkle Toes

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3 thoughts on “CVS Pharmacy Sucks Big Time

  • Anonymous

    I work for cvs almost 3 years as a pharmacy technician and yes this is the worst job I’ve ever had. The lead tech at my store is a cock sucking jerk, he seriously think he’s the boss of the company bossing everyone around especially me cause I don’t talk much and yelling at me and making mean insults to me infront of my co workers and customers, I must say for 11 dollars an hour this job is not worth the pain and drama, I’m getting out of here as soon as I find another job ,any job.

  • Fedup

    I’ve had one too many bad experiences at CVS – never going there again. I’ll give Wallgreens my business from now on.

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