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The ad from Dex One that was placed had incorrect information about our company such as our phone number among numerous other problems. The graphics team was handed the ad to place in the yellow pages. There was virtually know way to make a mistake! Dex is only willing to honor a partial credit adjustment. It states on the back of their statement that if the phone number is incorrect in the ad they will honor a 100% adjustment. The customer service department is very unprofessional (rude). The graphics team has very little experience in creating ads. I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy!

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9 thoughts on “Dex One Yellow Pages

  • jack akin

    I am a biochemical engineer who spoke with an agent at Dex One earlier this year. I advertise via WebSite and government contracts, and have no need for any yellow page ads. Haven’t for years. happen to review my ,onthly payments being made and I see this bill. In speaking with their claims department, I received profuse apologies because there was “nothing he could do”, because he saw on my account “no record of my conversation with their agent”. So, I am stuck with their advertising until I formally write them a letter notifying them to stop advertising my companies in their books. This I will do immediately. The agent claimed that they have to put the burden on the advertiser or someone may be left out of the phone book who wanted to stay in but forgot to renew. fact is, these people upsell their advertising to everyone every year and they did to me this year, and I said NO. Watch out for these people! They seem to operate not on the highest level of integrity,

  • Jodi

    This is my story almost exactly! I will never do business with DEX ONE again and I want to warn the public to BEWARE of this company! They said unless I recorded the conversation myself or could prove my conversation with their sales person by email, etc. there was nothing they could do. They use the recordings that help build their case and discard the other voice recordings. They threaten to ruin your credit rating if you don’t pay them the full amount even it it was their employees mistake. They will not do anything to find a resolve. DEX ONE Senior Account managers do not return phone calls. They turn it over to collections. Debra and Donna in the collections department have been very helpful in trying to get me to a Senior Account Manager. If you are thinking about advertising with this company…RUN!

  • Taulbee McJunkin

    I had Dex One’s Andrew Katz call me up in May of 2011 telling me that he could get me this great combo print/web deal and my website would get all kinds of hits since they get millions of customers using their online directory every year. I told him that nobody in my target market uses paper phone books anymore, so really only wanted an online package. He said the combo was all he had. I GOT SUCKERED! These guys want over $1200 and I just wanted my website to get exposure. Come to find out from their customer service department, Andrew “sold” me their FREE website directory listing and I ended up “paying for” the print directory that goes into everyone recycle bin. I have called customer service over 10 times and I always get the same excuse, their is nothing we can do for you. Well, I guess I will be repeating that statement to their collections department, because I will not be sending them a dime!

  • Formeremployee

    Having worked for dex one my advice is to not do business with them. They will feed alot of promises that they cannot deliver on. Print is going the way of the dinosaur and they no longer do anything to promote the brand. A great company that has been driven into the ground by greed.

  • The Dancing Shoe

    Dex One will do nothing if you call and ask to cancel. How ironic this is a phone book company that abuses the phone for profit. This is a commission based product. Sales based around the one fact that they will turn you into collections and make you pay for somthing you did not authorize or approve. Very bad business model. This company should not be in business. You must write a letter to cancel your account. Welcome to big business in America abusing clients. These guys are bullies for profit?

  • Steven

    I was sleeping early one morning and awoken by a solicitor for Dex, even though I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST. The solicitor asked me if I wanted to list my name for FREE in a local Dex Directory. I agreed, reluctantly. I was told to verify the last 4 digits of my SS # for my FREE ad. I was shocked when a bill arrived. I was completely lied to and scammed. I am happy to go all the way to court over this, so I can hear the conversation that was taped by DEX (they say it was, and I am looking forward to hearing it), since I NEVER would have approved of paid advertising in:

    1- A phone book that no one ever uses (phone books are dead)
    2- I was listed in a CITY that not only do I not work in, but I do not even live in
    3- My personal cell phone number was used
    4- They listed me under camera repair. I do not repair anything. I own a video production company

    This matter has caused me so much grief that I would not consider paying DEX a penny and look forward to seeing them in court someday. They even offered me a chance to pay half to make it go away. What a scam. You should be ashamed of yourself to represent a company that deliberately deceives people. And I hope they wind up paying you more then the $200 they are trying to steal from me. I am also reporting this deception and sending letters to all the credit bureaus letting them see I am in dispute with DEX and refuse to be scammed by these dishonest, fraudulent charges. I did not sign any agreement with DEX and they are thieves. I also filed a complaint against Dex with the Better Business Bureau. They currently have 299 complaints. I made it an even 300. case # 11078761.

  • Scammed by DEX one

    Same thing happening to me. Told DEX I did not want to renew for the next yeat when called. They had their employee print my name on a so called “contract” not even a handwritten signature with my tax id number and say that is proof of an agreement to their terms. Repeatedly have called DEX and certified sent letters to them all saying I do not agreeto these terms and did not sign this contract. Filed complaint with BBB. Nothing happens. Now DEX is threatening to send the bill for a $1000 to collections. Is the FTC ever going to step in?

  • Ricky

    I have been with Dex for about a month now, and I’m already having problems, I haven’t paid my first bill yet , but im worried because the online report says I’ve received 5 calls so far…. I’ve only received ONE call and Havent made any money with these guys… Should I run now?

  • TheDexRanger

    Do you have any specific information regarding the dark side of Dex implantation and operation of their pay per performance advertising that coupled paper and internet advertising with guarantees by Dex as to ultimate performance? More specifically Dex had/has some programs wherein client signs up for combo print and internet with a call tracking number so performance can theoretically be objectively ascertained and if dex isn’t meeting quotas they “pump up” internet presence for the company/client to meet shortcomings of print. Theoretically. That is not what happens in practice. Do you know of that which I speak? Do you know of those who do and can you please put me in touch with them.. Their practices may rum afoul of state/federal racketeering laws. I may be able to assist in providing them the spanking they deserve.

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