Ellen Degeneres Dropped by JCPenney

Ellen Degeneres Dropped by JCPenney 20.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

My complaint is not against J C Penny but against the backlash of the Million Women who are trying to strong arm you into dropping Ellen Degeneres as your spoke person. Please keep her as the spokesperson and do not allow the women who are bias and ignorant push you to fire her. Cover Girl has kept her and it has not hurt their profits. I am a married woman of 38 years with 3 sons and four grandsons. What sets me apart from the women who are complaining about your move to fire Ellen is the fact that even though I live in the south “bible belt” and attend church I have a college education and know that everyone’s sexual preference is between them and God.

It is not up to any of these women to tell anyone who they have to love or how they have to love that is between God and the person. These women are told how to think and what to say by the men in their lives. I have been shopping at JCPenny all my live and have fond memories with my mother shopping there. I will continue to shop there. I will gladly hold my head up and say It doesn’t matter what your sexual preference is and I am happy to be apart of the JC Penny shopping community. I have to fight ignorance every day with my job with TN government and keep my mouth shut at church when they begin spouting off bias opinions of race, ethnic and sexuality (remember I am in the south).

If you read the Bible you will also find out that Paul hated women but lets keep shoving Christian bias down people’s throats. As a Christian the Bible tells you to love everyone not just the ones that you agree with. The Bible says gossip is worse than homosexuality and gluttony. These woman have broken one of the laws by complaining and gossiping about another person. That is what I take from reading the Bible. Again please stick with your guns and keep Ellen on. I will always be a JCPenny customer. Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Ellen Degeneres Dropped by JCPenney

  • Nicole jones

    U r joking fire Ellen no way, if we r going to do that let’s get rid of Elton John, Molly melldrum we have so many stars that r gay but do they get taken of the air no they don’t this is wrong….. Leave Ellen alone she keeps her life too herself but she does not hide the fact she is gay & I have more respect for that fact than anything else….WE LOVE ELLEN!!!!

  • Alejandro

    Love this! And especially how that last line talltoy snuck up on me Glad you made it out to the Shop In, I desperately wanted to go but we were out of town and there’s no JC Penney anywhere near me, would have needed to make a separate road trip I made a purchase online as a show of solidarity. Congrats on Caroline’s milestone, and glad her attitude is so good (mine wasn’t nearly that healthy, used to take mine off and stuff them in my desk as soon as I got to school )

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