Home Depot Email Letter to Corporate Complaint Department

Home Depot Email Letter to Corporate Complaint Department 100.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

Lazy Employees!!! email i sent to homedepot complaint center: I was just at the home depot on 800 North Brookhurst Street in Anaheim, CA 92801. I never write to complain but my latest experience at this store was just ridiculous and I am compelled to say something about it, in hopes that it gets to the right people and something can be done so that it doesn’t happen to someone else.

I went to the store looking for a carpet rake that I saw on the HD website. I couldn’t find it in the broom and mop area so I asked an employee named James. He said he has never seen it in the store before. He called the carpet department for me and we walked over to the department. James and I were met with another employee…

I did not see his name, but he had tattoos (sleeves) to both arms. The employee told me they didn’t carry it in the store. He asked me if I was sure it wasn’t an “online only” item. I told him I was certain it was available in the store. He said he and another employee had both tried to look for it already with no luck. Both of them said no its not here. I think it is impossible to believe that 2 people walked around the entire carpet department to look for this item in the time it took for James and I to get there.

I don’t believe they even bothered to look… but reluctantly I went on my way a little upset because I felt like I had wasted my time driving here if the info on the website was incorrect. Before I left I went back to the mop and broom area just to make sure I hadn’t missed it when another employee named John approached me and asked if I needed help. I told him I was just looking for carpet rake but a couple employees already told me it is not available.

I kept walking pass him and didn’t really pay attention to him. I walked to the broom and mop aisle and again, no luck. I was about to walk out of the store when I see John walking up to me with a carpet rake!!! He had found the item I was looking for at the carpet department! The carpet rake that 2 other employees that actually worked in the “carpet department” just told me they didn’t have.

This guy John (I don’t know his last name but he is an older Caucasian male with grey hair and wears glasses)… needs to be commended because he went out of his way to find an item that I was already told wasn’t available. I didn’t even ask him to do it. On the other hand the 2 other employees need to be fired because they were just too lazy to help me actually look for an item. Either that or they just don’t know the inventory in the store they work at. Both offenses I feel warrant termination, but then again i’m not the boss.

All i can say is if it wasn’t for John, I would’ve walked out of that store and headed to Lowes to buy my product. And home depot would have lost my business. Granted it was only a $12 purchase I hope home depot still cares about its customers. And I hope to hear back from someone regarding this matter.

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5 thoughts on “Home Depot Email Letter to Corporate Complaint Department

  • Connie Gill

    Just spent half of my Saturday morning in the return line at the Griffin GA Home Depot store. I actually felt sorry for the gal at the register – she couldn’t get anyone to help her do a simple exchange because the rug I bought had a hole in it. Obviously, this isn’t an issue for the management because I have complained on numerous occasions. Lowe’s is right across the street – but my 82 year old mom wanted to look at Home Depot and she likes this rug. I think she is cured. I stopped going there except for work – where I spend thousands of dollars each year – only because I have not yet talked finance into a Lowe’s account. I will just try harder.

  • Rosalind Gray

    I had to go to several stores to find a item I wanted SKU 968313. I was told that one store had two a couple, I went to that store , they couldnt find the item, we checked other stores in your system another store showed the had one,I went to that store, they couldnt find the item. My last call I asked yhem to go see the item, touch it , before I make this run to the store more than 50 miles from me, Ms. Lee at the Homedepot in Mo. 111 E. Linwood was very helpful store#3021. I made that call before heading there . Before that Mr. Johnathan at Store #2202 was so kind to offer find the item at another location for me but I had to wait a couple of days, I appreciated his help also. you have good customer relations employees, which made my shopping a plasure.

  • Everett Naylor

    I can not believe in how i was treated today at Home Depot . I went in to purchase soil,i notice they had several pallets out on display with signs with there prices for the products. I loaded 25 bags of this soil that was priced at 2.69 a bag ,I was looking for the best price for the money. So here i go to check out waited in line for about 10 mins and then taken care of. The check out was several hundred dollars. I made a remark how can that be ,told her the price of product and she told me no its over 9.00 dollars a bag. I explained to her the sign said 2.69 and she called the manager ,i waited at least 15mins before he showed up. He looked at me and said whats is your problem, i explained and he said i am sorry the sign is not correct and you have to pay the other price. I explained how this should of not happened as i have spent some time here already, for your mistake. The manager was not concern for me at all and made no attempts to please me or take responsibly to the mistake…..I am sorry i left the store very up set with Home Depot Manager here in Montville ct

  • lenvitullo

    I was at you store in greenacres valley stream New York to purchase several doors with my son. I was appaled by the way the store employes acted the doors were all mixed up and when we asked for assistance the staff just ignored us and walked away!! We then asked for the store manage and they walked away again.I is ver apparent the staff at that location don’t want to help customers. we the left and went to another homedepot location in Elmont New York wehe we were able to get the the doos we needed. The staff in the elmont store must be commended for the excellant way the acted the could do enough for us and even offered to load the doors into the car for us. Some investigation must be done with the GreenAcres Valley Stream store as to their work ethics

  • Mary

    I would like to say that I have worked for home depot for 8 1/2 years I put in for a transfer and was told I would get a certain position, made the transfer with my grandchildren to another state were I new no one and found out that the position was changed and that the schedule I thought I would still have I no longer had. I spoke with management and to my surprise they would not work with me until my husband retired in may. I have never in all the years working for home depot have ever been so disappointed in the management staff as I have with this new store, 0416 and it amazes me how management and HR can be so heartless towards associates. I also have a hard time believing that if customers come first how is it that training for associates always seems to be put first, what happened to aprons on the floor, what happen to home depots values not only for customers but associates.

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