Macy’s East Scam Charges and Credit Card Fraud

Macy’s East Scam Charges and Credit Card Fraud 100.00% satisfaction rating from 5 complaints

Well well I have found Alot of complaints on the ole iNET about folks having unauthorized charges on their credit cards in the past few years by Macy’s East. Now I have found that Macy’s east is a nation wide division of Macy’s (I believe it’s a furniture store??). Anywho, the other night my husband was checking all of our CCs because he had just paid them off & was making sure I didn’t spend any “unauthorized” amounts!! Hah! Well all of a sudden he’s calling/yelling at me,” WHAT THE HELL DID YOU SPEND $300 ON AT MACY’S?” I was a bit confused because I haven’t stepped into a Macy’s in over a year! So I looke at the charge, it was $277. And some odd cents.

I told him that it was not I & also added that i haven’t been to NY & he should know that. I then thought well maybe it’s an online charge? But it looked as though this was an actuall store charge. How can someone use a card at a store without the card to swipe? I have the card. My husban has a card. There are no other cards & we haven’t used that card for any online purchases other than, The Disney Movie Club & Ranger Joes. Hum? The charge was from a MACY*S EAST #0079. In the past the store number has been different so I am guessing this is the new 2012 scam number. BE AWARE FOLKS & watch ur card numbers/accounts!!!!

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