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I would like to add my magic jack complaint to the already overwhelming list of consumer complaints listed on this site. I purchased a magic jack from radio shack in July, thinking it would do exactly what the company promised. In the end the magic jack radio shack $19.99 deal was too good to be true.

But like all things in life, we rarely get what we want! I had to wake up in the middle of the night last night to fix mine, it wasn’t working at all (seems to be a theme lately). Magic jack claims free local and long distance, but that’s assuming the damn thing works for you to make a local or long distance phone call…do your homework before buying a magic jack!

I thought my last phone service was expensive, in fact I was spending over 800 dollars a month on some phone bills, so I figured no more complaining from me, I will go with magic jack and see how that works out. My friend had purchased one for his business line and didn’t have much to say, I should have asked around first!

If I had only searched online I would have found out the wealth of complaints over this system. I think it’s a scam personally but who knows for sure. Magic Jack was supposed to take care of my phone bill for only $19.99, well in my opinion that 20 bucks buys you nothing but problems with this dumb thing.

Internet phone plans sound great, but do your homework first, honestly I would have been better off dropping my land line and just sticking with my cell phone!

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8 thoughts on “Review of Magic Jack Radio Shack $19.99

  • Rob

    what a bunch of cry babys…. No….it’s not peerfect. It is not the perfect replacement for a land line. But for $40 you can make all the calls you want anywhere in North America and not cost you a cent (sorry $20 a year)…The sound is great …far better then lots os of voip I’ve used. Do wwhat I do….use the Majic jack for outbound calls, anbd have everyone call you on your cell. Cost me $10 a month extra on my cell for unlimited calls. too easy.. OR….keep using Bell and paying them 800 or more a year

  • joel

    I bought the 5 year subscription for magic jack. After the first year my magic jack was cvut off and they stated I needed to renew my subscription. I have been on their chat site multiple times and get the run around each time. I have written proof form emails that I have paid fo the subscription for 5 years. Has anyone else experienced this with them?

  • Charli

    My only complaint about the magic jack is the amount of time it takes to load and that you can’t do anything else because the stupid logo is smack in the middle of the screen. the only other compliant is their customer service (foreign) and all they can do is apologize when you file a complaint. Other then a few glitches mine works great. They have a new one you don’t even have to plug into the computer.

  • Charli

    you just plug a regular phone into the magic jack device that plugs into your usb port on the computer. Easy as pie. We’ve had our phone for 2 years now.

  • Charli

    I also bought the 5 year plan. Have had no problems at all. But their customer service people are useless. You might call the Better Business Bureau for help.

  • Anonymous

    I believe it is a scam – I can’t call an utility company on it as I can’t get into their menuing system because the majic jack refuses to send the digits on to the menu. Any friends on VOIP lines i can’t call because they can’t hear me, I can hear them but they have to turn around and call me back so we can talk.

  • Gyno Pomerleau

    Here’s what happened to me on Dec 12th,2011. I tried buying a magicjack but every transaction it kept saying wrong info so stupid me I kept redoing it (few times). Next day I realized that transactions had been going through eventhough the billing process looked like it didn’t work. I spent most of the afternoon with live chat who says they can’t find transactions and who finally just hung up on me after not being able to resolve anything. So I called my bank to dispute the charges today. What a scam.

  • mike fender

    Mine works fine , I use it to call the USA for free and a small charge to call Bulgaria , I have no complaints at all

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