McDonald’s Always Getting My Order Wrong

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On numerous occasions I have stopped in to McDonalds in Big Stone Gap, Virginia – for some unforseen reason, they NEVER can get the “Iced Mocha” right. They try to give me iced coffee (numerous times) and this morning was certainly no exception. I stopped for my office and ordered the “iced mocha” with my gut telling me not to. Of course, I pulled to the window and the young lady was making it – i watched her put “iced coffee” from the container into my cup. When the opened the window, I asked her about the whipped cream – she was absolutely stunned and had no idea that they put that in there.

The “manager” brought it over to me and I asked her if that was iced coffee? She said, no maam it’s mocha. I asked her again and told her that usually they get it wrong, she then gives me a confused look and asks “are you talking about frozen” – duh!!! I told her no, that the young lady took the liquid out of the blue container marked “iced coffee” – she then turns around and asks the lady and the young lady says yes I took it from that. Then the manager informs her that she has to get it out of a different machine. Then here it comes – will you pull up and we will bring it out to you??

This is their way of getting the monkey off of their back and sweeping this mistake under the rug b/c no one is sitting in their drive through window making their window “time” extend. So, no one is the wiser. I asked the manager if it would be long b/c it would make me late for work. Oh no, we will bring it right out she says. Well, after sitting out there for a few more minutes, she brings it to me – thus making me late for work!!!! This is not the first time this has happened and as I said, I should have gone with my gut feeling and not order the iced mocha but you know if an item is on the menu, you would think each employee would know how to fix it!!!!

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