McDonalds Wrong Orders in Drive Thru

McDonalds Wrong Orders in Drive Thru 100.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

I know you might hear this a lot but i have had it. I needed to vent about the drive thru service in Rockford or Loves Park IL….every McDonalds you go to the service sucks…people make a joke that you have to do the job of the workers so you get your complete order. Today i ordered two happy meals in the McDonalds drive thru and they asked me if girl or boy toys i stated girl…well i got home WITHOUT checking my bags…thinking to myself omg i know better not to check and sure enough…NO FRIES…AND THE TOYS WERE BOY TOYS. Ok I can see messing up the toys but COME ON two easy meals and the same and NO FRIES. The last time i went to McDonalds they gave the car in front of me MY ORDER.

What do they hire for staff…And people REALLY NEED to take PRIDE IN THE WORK THEY DO…i dont care if you are washing toliets…TAKE SOME PRIDE…stop worring about boyfriends or if your hair is ok…SHOW some respect for your employment…. i am ticked off at McDonalds…

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