Problems with DVD Rental from Redbox

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Of course when the climax of the movie arrives, the movie for 8 min now is playing as if I hit the “slow” button.. during this annoying time I’m writing this email, and considering Never renting from redbox again. This also happend with previous movies, The Tourist and The Switch.. none quite this bad though. This is not even watchable at this point.. wish I never how the movie ended!? Refund? Credit? Anything that can be done to make this right redbox? Enough with problems with DVD rentals from redbox locaitons.

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14 thoughts on “Problems with DVD Rental from Redbox

  • Eduardo Ayala

    Make a trip to return movies from a day before , just to find out the machine did not work. Yes, had rented 4 movies from redbox and then try to call them took me ten minutes for them to answer the call. Now because if that I had happen to travel an additional 20 miles for the next place available . Thinking my self do I really need to go thur all if these
    Of courses not

  • christel Joseph

    Yes im very upset! Someone throught it would be nice to rip off your resident evil 6 game for Xbox 360 . I rented resident evil 6 at albertsons in Caldwell Idaho and when the disk came out it was a blank cd that someone scratched the bar code off and put it on this blank cd. I tried putting it back in the red box but it wouldn’t take the damb thing back I want my money back!

  • heather

    Im in baltimore, md . I rented paranorman for my kids. But this is beyond messed up first its like a bad cable connection in the beginning had to skip it. Its like the picture gets blotchy with images of the movie all over the screen. But than it got worse halfway through the movie the sound got screwed like it was a badly dubbed.chinese movie. Im seroiusly done with redbox

  • George Atkins

    I returned it to the kios that I rented only to be denied a return due to the machine being full and now you have billed me again that’s sorry

  • George Atkins

    You have caused me to lose ALL trust in your company. YOUR COMPANY IS JUST ANOTHER RIP OFF

  • George Atkins

    Jared 36842234 did all that he could to help me with your policy of theft from people like me that return on time only to be told SORRY our machine is full and guess what we are going to bill you again. This happens time and time and time again. YOU ARE A BAD COMPANY WITH THEFT POLICIES ON YOUR SIDE. Shame on you

  • George Atkins

    I only hope that people can read what others have posted so that they are not abject to the theft that I have been.

  • Fireball

    DVD from REDBOX would not play. Even the previews were very hard to get to play then the DVD went into MENU mode only not to show the menu or play button. That’s as far as I got, the movie would not play.

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