Redbox $25.00 Charge for Movie not Returned

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I too rented a movie about 3 weeks ago. A charge for 25.68 for redbox was posted to my bank account. I called redbox and allison told me a movie had not been returned and that is what the charge was for. I told her it was returned and she told me to check around my house to see if I might still have it and if I didnt she would have a service tech come out and see if it was stuck in the box somewhere. Regardless I wouldnt receive a full refund even if the service tech did locate the movie. As a courtesy she would refund me $10.00. I advised her I would be filing a complaint with the Governors Office of Consumer Affairs. I also told her I would be contacting my bank for a full refund.

She told me to do whatever I needed to do and thank you for choosing Redbox. I told her I would not be using Redbox again!!! PLEASE DO NOT RENT FROM REDBOX!!! THEY DO NOT ALWAYS GIVE YOU RECEIPTS SHOWING YOU HAVE RETURNED YOUR MOVIES EITHER. IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU TOO…

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One thought on “Redbox $25.00 Charge for Movie not Returned

  • Courtney

    Never again. When this is all over I will be reimbursed one way or another. I rented 2 movies the other day and returned them 2 days late. Well they charged me 8.65 EACH…ON the day I rented them. Now what’s wrong with that picture? They are a BIG scam, don’t get lured in and end up like me. Sincerely, redbox victim

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