Rust and Auto Repair Problems with VW Golf

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My car is getting rusted less than 3 years old.June 2011 my car wasn’t starting after heavey rains,had my car towed to Weiss VW in Durban,they said that someone had put water in my fuel tank or the garage that I fill up at had a mixture of water and fuel and thats what went into my car and flooded everything. I had to pay R5700.00 for it was not warranty related, I paid and I wanted feedback from my dealership and to date they have not given that to me.

They said that a sample of fuel from my ‘contaminated tank’ was sent to a lab for testing and I am still waiting so that I can go to my attorneys and they can recover what monies were lost.Last night I tried starting my car after the heavy rains again and it was not starting,I called VW roadside assistance and they had a mechanic on the line who I spoke to and he said that I am one of three people with a golf 1 calling with the same problem,he said there is a moisture build up and thats why the car won’t start,if this is so why did I have to pay money for something that was warranty related.

I request that vw do a thorough investigation into this matter because I am on the verge of going to my attorneys and the newspapers.My car regisration a blue golf tenaciti 2009 model.

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