Speeddate.com a Complete Scam Website

Speeddate.com a Complete Scam Website 100.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

They tell you its .50 to try there service and when I tried to cancel after 6 hours they charged my account $191.40 for the year. They now say it is a 12 month contract and non refundable. I had to cancel my credit card and reverse charges. Speeddate.com is not a credible company, it is a scam.

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20 thoughts on “Speeddate.com a Complete Scam Website

  • Almost fell for it

    I almost fell for it and submitted my credit card info to them. That was until I noticed something didn’t look right between their billing process and the price. I’m so glad I didn’t click submit and decided to search to see if there was any complaints. It looked to me like they tried to trick me with a higher price using auto billing meaning I paid more for picking only a month or so and they’d keep on auto billing me at that higher price. So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna buy a prepaid credit card with that one month set amount on it they stated and sit back and laugh come the next month when they try billing it again. We’ll see who tricks who LOL!!!

  • everett campbell

    after paying the $18.95 for 1 month, they want to charge another $19.95 to veiw who searched for me ?? i thought the first payment was what this was all about ? what kind of site is this ? and are they connected with “speedate.com who did the some thing after paying first months payment. why isnt someone assighned to look into these ” scams “

  • John Landry

    I fell into it trying to get out of the inset page, but I thought the charges would have been small. I didn’t know they would end up taking out $161.00 for an upgrade of 6 months. If I knew any better about this scams, I would not have given away my debit card account. When I called them by phone, there is no way of talking to a representative. The call only takes to a menu like the one online. Now, I’m worried that they’d pull more out of my bank account after the six months are up.

  • Lynn

    I had a different experience. 3 different times I signed on and had never pd. a dime, nor would I have, if asked…which they did not! I had “free reign” on the site…spoke for hrs for free, but…this first guy kept focusing on a career and making soooo much money, but would never give direct info. about the “job”, his name was “Dave”. Then, he would talk about how he was interested in a “serious relationship”, but always went back to the job subject. Then, after asking a few times what info. he could e-mail me, he said I could meet with his partner and himself…uh, NOT! I only really spoke to 2 different ones, and for a long time, and the other one seemed normal…no hint at all of trying to get me to join a money making thing, or signing up…he did try to find out where I really lived and my “real” personal stuff…(I lied about everything on my profile, and when he got more curious, I fudged alot of the “closer to truth” stuff) ..then got worried they were just trying to keep online to , Hack in?! idk…bazzare! Now, I can’t get in at all…banned?! I started looking, and ended up here.

  • joe mama

    I tried them as well. My card was declined .. I was told that they didn’t take debit cards . Well they did. and also they don’t let you talk to someone unless you are a member. event the women don’t so you are caught between a rock and a hard place. this sight is a joke if you want a date find one yourself .

  • peter chrisp

    A few days ago, while i was playing a computer game the above site came up all of a sudden, well i guess being single had to give it a go, from my perspective as it’s only been a week or so, i have had many many replies which does really surprise me!! At one stage i was actually talking to 4 ladies at once!! As i yet haven’t joined depends on what time of day you are on the site, the evening is the best part, i actually phoned 1 the next day!! It does sound a bit too surreal, they usually give you around 4 minutes ‘free” time then that is it, and have to subscribe to get more personal, the only problem i guess i don’t like the idea of paying $191 a year, and if you want to, i believe cancel a subscription you have very little chance of a refund. Is it wort it?



  • carol fontenette

    feel that the small print of automatic renewal is wrong and should be discontinued immediately. When I signed and gave my card number to them they had several packages to choose from and if I wanted to pay for their services for more than on month, I would have chosen one of the other packages. Automatic renewal amounts to credit card theft because I do not feel that they were authorized to take any monies more than my original authorization.

  • jim lenley

    i never had any dealing with these clowns,but zoosk.com stay away from those scammers they got me put the word out thanks……jim

  • Anthony

    they got me for 167.00. and i tried like hell to dispute it but like a dumb ass i used a prepaid card. fuck you speeddate you bunch of bloodsuckers

  • dwain

    I checked out this site and looked at the subscribe prices. there was already credit card info there so i exited out next thing i know i get an email saying I was charged for a year subcription. It wasnt my credit card info so im a little scared I might get in trouble for something I didnt do. I think someone else got charged in my name.

  • dan

    i cancelled after 2 months,expected some kind of refund for days not used , boy was i wrong, all i got was a message saying RESUPCRIBE. I DIDNT now i got another charge on my account that i didnt want…oh yes,,it drained my bank acoount, and gave me all kinds of bank fee,s and no money to pay billsSPEEDDATE IS THE BIGGEST CON JOB I EVER FELL INTO. now it wont let me delete my prfile info….i am pissed

  • angela

    i made a payment with my credit card to speeddate of 29.95 can i cancel that payment please

  • Sammie Lee Hill

    My Bank of America contacted me today and had indicated that your company removed at total amount of $155.40 dollars from my account. Please rectify this matter and restore my funds $155.40 back into my account.

  • Robert S

    Don’t count on it. Many scam sites and some non-scam sites have clauses about charges racking up if your card is declined. Best to cancel so you don’t risk being held liable for those extra charges. A good site won’t do this, but many do.

  • paulawhite

    But what I am comfused about is that I didn’t know what speeddate was, it just pop up on my mobile phone and all of a surden I want to know what it was all about. Before I knew it, I filled forms and my personal details and email was supplied to them. I started having a second thought, when they require me to speedverify. I laughed, said to myself look at this idiots. Me..pay such muney for an un official purpose using my credit card, except for people who are just hearing internet scam for the first time. My friends…AS FAR AS AM CONCERN, I CAN ONLY USE MY CREDIT CARD ONLINE WHEN I HAVE TO PAY FOR SOME KIND OF OFFICIAL OR LEGAL RECOGNISED FEE. LIKE SCHOOL TRANSCRIP, MY UTILITY BILLS ETC NOT SOCIAL NETWORK, OR WHAT YOU JUST GOT TO KNOW ON INTERNET. Some people live all there lives designing webs for scams, faking documents, and forging tricks while you go to work and wait your salary. Those guys has made millions…as you provide your account details they become incharge of your money.. Only the world bank can do something about them. The bank should introduce a verification code system before debiting your money.

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