Verizon Caught by FCC Overcharging Customers

Verizon Caught by FCC Overcharging Customers 60.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

After your initial attempt to sort your issue out with Verizon – SAVE YOUR BREATH! These people are not interested in working with their customers. You must file a complaint with the FCC – or 1-888-225-5322,  When I went to the FCC’s website who do you think is on their main page – Verizon. FCC just won multi-million dollar settlement from them for (among other things) overcharging customers! Don’t try to sort things out with this company or their customer service line. I was put on hold, ignored, and couldn’t understand what they were saying to me. You can Google the FCC Verizon settlement if you don’t believe me, they have been overcharging customers for a long time now.

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One thought on “Verizon Caught by FCC Overcharging Customers

  • lori engstrom

    I tried verizon 5 spot and didnt like it, I needed a new phone and figured I would go with the new thunderbolt which I was told was unlimited data usage for the life of the contract of 2 years and phone all in one package with the data plan and 900 minuets.I received a call 2 weeks into service stating that there will be a teethreing fee now as of june 15 which I was not told at time of agreement or purchase.Plus the verizon authorized agent store in stoughton wi was not able to transfer my contacts over from my phone to new one. I was not properly set up with the 5 friend and family contacts so I incured $60.00 worth of overages on my first statement plus text messages that I did not accept on the 5 spot that I canceled of $2.80. I believe that fraud was used to sell me the phone as the agent lied or left out much info to sell me the $300.00 thunderbolt. I have gone back to the store on 3-4 occassions to try to work this out along with contacting the corporate offices. I look forward to hearing some feed back as to should they be able to get away with their sale fraud.

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