Walmart Family T-Mobile Cell Phone Plan

Walmart Family T-Mobile Cell Phone Plan 100.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

Bought a single Walmart Family Mobile phone plan…..BIG MISTAKE!!! This is backed by T-Mobile and the sales reps stated it was a pay-as-you go plan, which in layman’s terms is a pre-pay, right??? WRONG!!! T-Mobile customer rep rudely advises it’s a POST-PAY plan. They keep charging you even if you don’t “re=up” as the norm for pre-pay….now they say we owe $104.00 for time we did not even use the phone for 2 months!!! AND, they will NOT cancel the account unless it’s paid in full, therefore MORE charges will ensue!~!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLAN, It’s a T-MOBILE RIP-OFF!!!!

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6 thoughts on “Walmart Family T-Mobile Cell Phone Plan

  • lisa t

    Bought a family mobile activation card my blackberry I had did not work hardly with term no web no emailaccess..had my nurse go pay my bill they sold her s 40.00 web pak when o attempted to paymy bill it was then I found this web pak was not used for billing.and salary refused a refund …I then have about 60 for web…I locked up sim card on the 2nd July. Finally get e finally to purchase new phone and g et help on the 5th July. O go and buy new phone and when I get home discover the phone in box not right it OS a Motorola cliq with sliding board I charged it and the screen was dark grey. Didn’t work took back Walmart refuses to trade .treat me like I theif I call f m. And am told to go back and complain to h.r….I am beyojavwhond fed up with Walmart I spent a lot of money there .and they acted as if I am so wrong I have receipt. Phone was in box actually looked like better phone..but would not cureq

  • lisa t

    SO done with Walmart you took from me over and over well I kept track of every cent you refused to exchange or anything about this phone I got that phone just over a month who you stole 40.00 already selling my nurse a webpage when she tried to pay my bill I now have 6o.00 web time I will never use …then today this pne…well Walmart add this up 35.00 activation ..40.00 web.pack 125.00 phone Bs …about 70.0o in gas before I get done tonight ….I will know I will get mywill w money back and this is in no way a threat.. is a fact …I never stole from you but now I will get that store credit here I come baby …too .collect

  • Jeff

    Walmart Family Mobile is actually a great deal – don’t hateon Walmart if you haven’t done your own research or read the fine print. Walmart doesn’t hire experts – they can’t afford to. Shop at Walmart for the prices, not for the expertise. Plus, saying it is a T-Mobile rip-off just goes to show your ignorance of the product. It is a Walmart product and a Walmart plan – Walmart just pays T-Mobile a certain amount of money in order for it’s customers to have full access to T-Mobile’s network. You pay your bill to Walmart (not T-Mobile) – You dial 611 and it takes you to Walmart customer care (not T-Mobile). Know your facts and quit being lazy / expecting everyone to give you every answer you need up front, especially in a retail environment that fosters a greater importance on merchandising and product availability rather than expert product knowledge.

  • Barry stebbing

    Family t mobile is a ripoff ,won’t let you cancel, keeps charging,if there is anyone out their ,that’s fed up with their stealing our money ,let’s all get together, and form a union and bring them to court and make them pay back with interest ,I think this company needs to be put out of business for their dishonest practices ,please contac me at

  • Barry stebbing

    You must be an employee ,you certainly don’t know what you are talking about,Tmobile family,is very deceptive in their practices

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