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I lost my job, and really was desperate to make money to support my family. Once again it looks like I have been had. It sounded simple enough, open up your own online store, and make money selling adult toys. I figured what did I have to lose! Well I guess a few hundred bucks. After investing hundreds of dollars trying to sell adult toys online for, I have had enough. I found hundreds of complaints online from people just like me who got taken by this scam.

People had invested thousands of dollars and never received a dime for sales. Many had contacted the authorities in that state but there was nothing they could do. I closed my “your adult store” account asap. The reason I couldn’t pull up anything on them the first time was because the name that showed up on my phone was adultstore but their name is We all have that six sense that tells us when something isn’t right, we must listen to it, because if it sounds to good to be true you better believe it is.

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  • the silent 1

    nothing but sex oriented jokes here,wow!i too have visited a “ site and was thinking of buying in.iam now very glad ive checked for does seem like a no brainer because sex sells but when the average person tries to grab a piece of that cash pie,no cash results but yet these big guys are making billions a year, how do they do it?

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