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I had the misfortune to be booked on AA flight AA 1932 from Miami to Montreal on Sunday, 19 June with ETD of 20.25. I should add that I had travelled to Miami on AA flight AA248 from Brasilia on the same day. I can say with all honesty that in over 40 years of flying in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, South America and Africa that I have never experienced such inexcusable treatment by any airline as was meted out by AA in Miami on the night of 19 June and early morning of 20 June. I shall never travel AA again and will warn friends, colleagues and anyone prepared to listen not to do so. I am preparing a newspaper article to be published here in Brasilia to the same effect.

The original gate for departure from Miami was given as D46. The ETD had been revised to 20.55 by the time I arrived at the gate around 20.00 due to an hour’s delay in the arrival of AA248 due to late departure from Brasilia and bad weather in Miami which had closed the airport for a short time. There was a flight to San Juan at gate D46 and all passengers had embarked on that flight by around 20.30. At around 21.00 AA staff at the gate announced that the San Juan aircraft had been embarked before arrival of all the crew who had still not arrived.

So, Montreal AA1932 passengers were informed, we would have to wait at D46 until the gate was freed or maybe there would be a gate change. At around 21.15 a gate change to D39 was announced. On arriving there we were told that the aircraft to Montreal was still not ready and there would be a further delay of 20 minutes. This turned out to be 30 minutes at least but around 22.00 embarcation commenced. By 22.30 embarcation had been completed and dinner orders for business class passengers taken by stewardess Eva Von Bromssen although by the time she got to me on the last row of business there was no longer any alternatives.

Shortly afterwards, business class passengers witnessed the male flight attendant on the flight shouting angrily at someone trying to embark along the lines of “get off”. A few minutes later the pilot emerged from the cockpit and reprimanded the flight attendant and I caught phrases such as “I should have been consulted”. The flight attendant attempted to respond but finally turned on his heels and marched into the coach sector. A few minutes later the pilot announced that a passenger had been removed from the aircraft and his checked luggage would have to be removed. This would cause a further delay while his luggage was located and there was a critical time issue in reaching Montreal before the airport curfew there.

A little before 23.00 the pilot informed the passengers that the flight could not make Montreal before the curfew and was therefore cancelled and that we should all disembark and rebook our flights. Being in business I was one of the first to leave the aircraft and upon reaching the rebooking area I was confronted with a long queue from another cancelled flight. I waited in line until after midnight. Fellow passengers in the line told me that a young man was ejected from the flight by the flight attendant because he was either drunk or drugged and was causing a disturbance. I was also told that the flight attendant involved had also left the flight, whether ordered to by the pilot or on his own volition.

On reaching the desk I was informed that I had been rebooked on flight AA 1984 at 08.25 the next morning on coach class and that I would have to wait until 20.25 if I insisted on a business class seat. I have been delayed by volcanic ash, strikes, bad weather etc and have always been accommodated at the airline’s expense but the AA supervisor at the desk was adamant that AA was not prepared to do this. She even tried to justify the cancelation of the flight as due to bad weather which was an outright lie as the problem was caused by the removal of a passenger who should never have been allowed to embark in the first instance.

I was given a discount voucher to the Nht Courtyard Marriot and told to make my way to the exit opposite gate D25. It was around 00.30 and the Skytrain airport was no longer operating so a steady stream of exhausted passengers had to make their way to gate D25 on foot. I waited until 01.30 for a shuttle which never came and I was subsequently informed by the driver of the shuttle to another Marriot that the shuttle to the Nth Courtyard Marriot did not run after midnight. All the hotels in the region were full as I was told by the drivers of the few shuttles remaining. The airport was closed so at nearly 02.00 I had to take a taxi to a very dilapidated motel called the Miami Springs Inn with dirty bed linen and a lock on the door which did not function. I could easily have been assalted or worse.

I have given this as a personal safety share example to employees of the company I represent with advise to avoid at all cost flying with American Airlines who simply abandoned passengers to their own devices at after midnight. The discount voucher to the hotel states that a courtesy AA has negotiated a special distressed rate with the hotel. I would comment that AA has no idea of the meaning of the word courtesy. The whole episode is now in the hands of the company I was representing who I am hoping will take a very strong stance on the issue.


RE: Itinerary No. NKIJNG. I booked flights on American Airlines for myself and my three children, departing from LGA to MIA on 2/19/2011 and returning from MIA to BOS changing planes in LGA on 2/25/2011. I also had seats selected both ways. (Please see Itinerary attach). I checked into MIA airport for my return trip on 2/252011 around 12:30 p.m. and was told by the ticket agent that all flights to LGA was delayed, there was some kind of weather problem in that area. (I believe they said high winds). Because we checked in so early and they were having problems with all or most of the American Airlines flights going in that area they decided to put us on standby on an earlier flight direct to Boston.

I was also told by American Airlines if we did not get on the standby flight we will be able to take our regular schedule flight. We did not get on the standby flight, when we try to get on our regular schedule flight, we was told that that flight was booked up and we would have to go on standby on that flight. Our seats was given away. We waited and was then able to get on that flight as a “standby passenger” even though we already had selected our seats months ago. (Please see Itinerary), now my children and I had to sit apart. Then I was told that they cannot get us to BOS until Monday morning. In order for me to do this I would have to stay in LGA for 2 nights.

I was not offered a hotel or anything by American Airlines to help me with this situation. I was only told they are not responsible for the weather. The ticket agent did not seem to care about my situation. I was forced to take a taxi from LGA airport to the bus terminal. My children and I found our way, not knowing New York City, we actually got more help from the people on the street who we asked directions, and got a bus to Boston, we arrived in Boston at around 3:45 a.m. on Saturday morning. When I picked up my luggage at BOS Logan Airport, two of my suitcases were damaged. One the handle broke and on the other it was torn.

I am a frequent flyer of American Airlines and I am now considering no longer flying with American Airlines  in the future. The customer service, the attitude and not caring attitude of your employees is not acceptable.


Dear American Airlines: I recently flew from Toronto to Cancun on your airline. I had been impressed by your services on traveling down to Mexico and on Leaving Cancun to fly home I was extremely impressed with the staff at the check in counter their speed and efficiency was excellent . The gentleman there wished me a safe and enjoyable flight home and advised me that my luggage was booked all the way to Toronto. On the flight the attendants advised passengers that anyone connecting to another flight must first pick up their luggage and have it re-checked to continue their journey.I told the American Airlines flight attendant what the check in attendant had said about my luggage being booked all the way through to Toronto.

However I was told “NO” that’s incorrect I must claim and recheck it after going through customs. I waited at the carousel until all the luggage form American Airlines Flight 2212 had arrived and been claimed, but to my dismay mine was not there… no one I spoke with could help me, the check in lady for my connecting flight AA488 also advised me my luggage should have been there however there was nothing she could do, and hopefully it will get to Toronto when I arrive. So for two hours at Dallas airport and the three hours flying I was worried and concerned about my luggage, I had only taken my heart medication for one day and package the rest in my luggage, those five hours was worrisome and a real downer for me and my wife for what until that moment been a fantastic vacation. My luggage was at Toronto and was the first to be unloaded down the carousel to my great relieve.

My point is PLEASE PLEASE advise all American Airlines staff as to the luggage procedure for connecting flights to Canada and save other passengers the worry. Then instead of a negative ending experience we may all praise your airline for what was until the very end an excellent and enjoyable experience.v


I received two American Airlines Awards as a retirement gift last July. Knowing they expired in 12 months, I put together a vacation itinerary for my wife and me by mid-June; called Business ExtraAA to ticket the trip and I was pleased. Later I received an e-mail that the award had expired 7 days earlier and should call AA. I did -they said “Sorry”! I had been a Platinum Gold Elite customer for a number of years. (They used to have GOOD customer service- some years ago) – This inflexibility is a huge disappointment! I do not recommend American Airlines as a preferred airline –maybe last in line!


i made reservations on american airlines. when i received confirmation, i noticed that my wife’s name was wrong. i called american airlines and was told that i would have to pay $150 to change her name! it is more than a month until this flight. i think that it is unbelievable that you are charged to repair a mistake on a future ticket. i would think that it would be an advantage to the airline to have the correct information for their flight passengers, since national security is so tight. i would certainly consider it an advantage to know who was on one of my flights if i owned an airline. i consider this robbery and will find an alternate airline next time.


I had to change my itinerary on a return international ticket and was told I would receive the updated itinerary through email, which I didn’t get. I called back to American Airlines to ask for it to be sent again. The lady on the other end asked me to be absolutely sure because to have the itinerary resent American Airlines would charge me $5.00. When I expressed my displeasure she didn’t even bother trying to explain further, instead she transferred me to her supervisor (knowing very well I was calling long distance). I waited longer than 10 minutes, and hung up eventually. American Airlines, you should treat your customers with respect and dignity. It was a complete pain dealing with their customer service.

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