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We are getting no resolution on a warranty issue in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. We had a blind break right before we moved out and it is under warranty. We are getting the run around from the Fort Wayne Budget Blind owner stating they are having a hard time getting their account set back up with the original manufacturer of the blind. We had two residences in our family use Budget Blinds and spent over $13,000 between the two and we can't get any satisfactory answer on replacement.


Went in for interview rode with the lead installer and worked a full day was told they are going separate ways from me after I told them I'm a recovering addict been clean 4years


My complaint is with the lack of service I received. I waited 8 week for my verticals that where never ordered


After taking $740 I called six times when They did not get my blinds delivered on date I never received a return call. I went to their office which they said they could not receive customers, I would not leave and finally spoke with the owner who is the one who came out and sold me the blinds. 00 I’m so sorry I’ve just been covered up I’ll have them to you in a day or two. Which ended up being another four weeks and when they were delivered today they were not even what I ordered. I have called the corporate office that sells the franchises and complained and said I wanted my money back I was going to their office with a local police officer still haven’t heard anything back


I placed an order for roller shades with Kevin Martin from Cerritos Budget Blinds on 02/25/2018 and still nothing, I try to contact him, left many messages on his voicemail , email him few times no answer, I am worry if he really placed the order or he pocket the cash I gave him, please could you contact the corporate office to take this matter.


No show on Valances ordered through Everett,Wa store 11/13/18, paid $2,000.00+ for them, keep on getting the run around, terrible company to work with, never use them again


Franchise owner Gilbert Stearns came to my home on 10/28/2018 and measured for cell shades. Was a. $2700.00 order $1300.00 deposit was given to him and check has been cashed. Today is 12/22/18 and I have not heard from him and he does not return my calls that I leave with answering service. He estimated it would take 3 weeks to get the shades.
Where/how do I go about getting my deposit refunded?


I ordered $2600 worth of roller shades in July of 2018. I was told that they would get the roller shades and be ready to install within 2 weeks. That did not happen and I had trouble scheduling a time for install because of their installation schedules. I ended up working out a time for the install and I took a vacation day. Unfortunately, the installers did not show up. I contacted the local office and was told that they were running behind. It would be a little later. Then, the installer messaged me and told me that they would have to reschedule. I told her that I wanted the install to happen that day because I could not take another day off from work. She said that they could not do that. She offered a Saturday install, but I couldn't do the Saturday install due to my schedule. I told her if she could not get an installer out that evening, I wanted to cancel my order. I feel like the company is not flexible with customer schedules and they overbook installations.


I bought blinds and paired for once piece they broke,it takes forever for her to get something and when they come they tare that up then it take forever now nobody’s will call me


I ordered shutters from Budget Blinds of Grassy Creek, NC paid my deposit. I have tried to reach by phone and email no one responds. Would like update on my shutters and wanted to give them my new phone number. If there is a problem I would like to know. If they don't want to install the shutters or are not going to then I want a full refund of my money. I paid a deposit of $2,475.00 on February 27, 2018 and it's now the end of June and NO shutters. I would like this matter taken care of please. Thank you Brenda Frick 828-384-3275 1014 Wright St. SW unit 2 Lenoir, NC 28645


Well my complaint is that I had vertical sliders installed in my home spent over $3000 on them get down to my home in Florida and the sliders stick out on my sliding glass doors like 12 to 13 inches was not aware or told that they would stick out that much I have sliders in my other home that slide to like 2 inches. These take up a quarter of my sliders instead of buckling up to about 2 inches I am not happy I have talk to the man that installed them he will do nothing about it because he says that he told us they were going to stick out 12 inches that is not true my husband and I were both there when this discussion went on I’ve spent lots of money to have these installed and now I am not I say I am not a happy camper and I will tell everybody about budget blinds not standing behind there product!!!!!
Will never never use budget blinds again !!!!


Ordered $5k worth of blinds, two different styles. The more expensive style is great, they work well and are holding up, the other style is crap. The mechanics of the blinds failed with only very light use.

My Budget Blinds rep is Robert Deics of Bismarck, ND. We reported the mechanical failure of the Blinds to him and at first he was receptive and replaced the blind within 90 days, not fast. They failed again, we asked about changing out the Blinds due to an obvious defect in the blind, he said we would have to pay full price to change the Blinds and claimed we may be opening the existing Blinds incorectly but added the problem could be related to the Lot of Blinds. He eventually replaced the Blinds within 120 days, very long delay and we know he had been in town a number of times before actual replacement and had the replacement Blinds but we were far from priority for him. They failed again, reported the failure to Mr. Deics, haven’t heard from him since, been about 5-6 months.

Extremely disappointed with this guy and the company he represents. Paid a fortune for these Blinds in our new house and have had nothing but problems. My next step is BBB.


November 21, 2017
ID 199283609 Order-- I have not received the blinds I paid for.David W. Keller of Mill Valley measured for blinds 8/15/17. I charged my Visa account on September 14 for $569.00 authorized code #07200A The blinds are Paid for on my Account. No one will let me know the status. Frequent calls and emails have had NO response.

I would very much appreciate you help. If we cannot proceed with the blinds Please credit ,my account. Thank you for you r efforts.

Patricia Semple 415 302 1993


Salesman at Budget measured blind incorrectly from the start! Blind comes in 2 weeks later and short on width. Salesman nonchalant attitude with no apology just says he'll order a new one. That was Aug 23rd and today is Sept 26th. Still, no blinds. I feel i've been very patient but my patience has worn out. He says it's out of his hands. If i don't have this blind installed my the end of week I'm done with my order. It's an outdoor blind costing me $450. The Ill-fitted blind was left up n not secured to the floor anchors so theres a constant clanging on the railing. Neighbors not happy and I'm not either.


Went into Budget Blinds stores to get the right fit blinds for my new home. I was given a lot of variety to choose from. From the color, to texture and design, they had it all. I got some good deals too from the. I choose the wood blinds for the living rooms and kitchen. They are of high quality, eco friendly and 100% north american hardwood. Every room was designed perfectly keeping in mind the color of the walls. They had fabulous stuff at their store and I am totally impressed.


How can I complain about Budget Blinds? I have tried to call their hotline and there is no 1-800 number listed on the website. All I want is a refund from the billing department for a set of front living room shades that were broken upon delivery. They are cheap bamboo, which is OK to me. Still, they need to be in normal working order.

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