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Why do you not send out bills for monthly storage? I just happened to think that I should have gotten a bill for the next month of storage so I logged in and sure enough it is due in 2 days. I check accounts and see receipts/bills for past deliveries and pick ups but no new bill for the next month!?! How can that be? So I call, and the girl says the bill doesn’t generate until the day it is due! What?!?!?? Seems like poor business practice not to send a bill or email reminding someone to pay.


I called and spoke with John on July 10th, I ordered a 12 foot POD to be delivered on July 11th between 1-4 pm.
I gave a card for $180 to be used at first, it didn’t work, I told him to only use card #5245
For $411.33. I called my bank the next morning and found out $411.33 was taken out three times. They gave me 404-575-1836 and to fax over the amount $411.33 only. I called and spoke with Valentine which was VERY RUDE, wouldn’t let me speak with a supervisor, put me on hold for more than 15-minutes. I kept trying to give him the fax number. He gave me #1743743. I called back July 12th gave info for supervisor to call me back. No call, I called spoke with Michelle said she was a supervisor, and she hung up on me, I called back and was closed for the day/weekend.
I went to Regions Bank today July 15th, 2019 and they took $180 out of that acct also. I need a REFUND for that also, very RUDE people. Thank you in advance
Brenda Owens


I called pods because we were selling our present house in Woodinville, Wa. 98077. I ordered one pod with a second one in reserve. Read and signed the contract. I told the representative that we were moving and at the present we did not have another, so we would keep the pods on our property until we found a house or we would store them if needed.That was fine. the first pod was delivered on 4/28/2019. we then needed the second pod and everyone was very nice about changing the date. Pod #1 needed to be moved about 100 feet to another location on our property so we paid $86.87, and Pod #2 was delivered on 5/3/2019 and moved the 100 ft. on 5/6/2019 and paid $86.87.To this point all is well. total cost is $1321.18

We did find our new home so there was no need to store the pods, thought just had to call and have them delivered so we could unpack them at our leisure, since we would have already paid another months rent. THAT'S not what happened. Guess how surprised I was when i called and was told they (the Everett, Wa. franchise) did not deliver to that zip code 98014 in the summer because they were to busy.(don't believe me go back and listen to the tape of the conversation.) Where we are moving to is 15 miles from our present house. Our new house is on all state highways and is 2 blocks off the highway and it is on a regular paved road. THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!!

I was told i didn't give the zip code the pods were to moved to when i ordered them and they could have told me then they would not deliver them to that address. How do you do that when you haven't found a house to move to yet. One supervisor said i could have called and told them all the zip codes we were looking for a house and they could have told us then( so they would choose where we live just to have our pods delivered)

I read the contract with Pods 3 times before signing it. Not a single item in that 10 page contract says any thing about some zip codes not deliverable, I was told by one supervisor that delivery of any type is not addressed in that lengthy contract. There are no zip codes on the web sites that they do not deliver to so i guess it is up to them at any point in time what to answer and what is no or yes to a specific zip code.YOU are at their mercry and it is changeable.

What to do now that we must be out of our home by a certain date for the new owners????? Incur a big expense for a moving company (if i can find one at this late date) to unpack our pods, put our belongs in a truck, move to our new home and unpack them there. this will probably take more than one day to do plus we cannot unpack them at our leisure. This is a great expense for a retired 75 and 79 year old. and of course we will have already paid the rental fee for the 3-4 weeks that they are empty. They will be returned 3 weeks early and according to the contract we cannot get our fee prorated. the Everett franchise can then rent them out again and get paid twice for those three weeks. I would think the clean up time for a pod couldn't be more that a day!!, if that is their excuse.

So after spending probably $1786.42, plus what the movers need to charge and then the fee Pods charged to pick them up we are extremely dissatisfied to say the least. WHAT A RIP OFF!!!!!!! If possible i would give minus 5 stars to any and every review!!!


I filled out an online quote form, presumably from Pods Toronto location. Got an email to call with a quote #. Called. Initially got a fax signal. Called another #. When I finally got through, I was told it was a US #. Got shuffled around from agent to agent, even though I told them I was calling from Canada and don't have US phone coverage and I've been charged for so-called toll-free #s before. The final agent, a woman I don't know or remember the name of, wanted all this information, even though I gave her the quote # PODS had given me in the email they sent. To make matters worse, she was not pleasant. I was so frustrated I hung the phone up on her. Enough to give me a horrendous opinion of PODS.

What is the point of emailing the quote # to me if not to provide the agent with information that I've already filled out? All I wanted was additional information to the information I'd already given online. Now if I'm charged for this long distant phone call, shuffling about from agent to agent and being put on hold for a total of almost 10 minutes, I'll have to phone my server and beg them to take the charges off my phone, or I'll have to damn well pay for a call during BUSINESS HOURS, PLUS during which time I GOT NO INFORMATION.

If I was able to give Pods ZERO stars, I would have done so.


My delivery was scheduled for April 2, 2019. The location I had asked for it to be placed was a much easier and with more clearance than where it was brought to me to load. The road or the load had several power cables much lower than the one at delivery location. Load site was a dirt driveway and nothing about the load site was better than delivery site. The driver called on April 2nd. I had an appointment I couldn't miss so I wasn't there and had clarified that with dispatch when scheduling. There were a lot of problem from the point of placing my order until now and it keeps getting worse. Because of that I got to the point where PODS mistakes were costings me far too much, not to mention the cost of the unit to begin with. It averages out to about $300 a month. Mike, the manager at Charlotte and I do not see eye to eye and e pushed me to the point I just lost it and blew up on him. At that Time he told me he wasn't going to deliver it. Not because of any issues at the site but because I cussed him out and I won't say he didn't deserve it. Regardless. It was taken back to Charlotte . The drive said he couldn't get it under a power cable. Aside from any language in the agreement, I purchased a POD because I am disabled and I am moving with no assistance. The health problems this has caused is severe. The financial problems are sky rocketing. Because Mike refuses to delivery I have no choice but to purchase used appliances and clothes as well as furniture and tools etc. I checked the site on the 3rd of April and the neighbor said he had plenty of room to get the job done and I am well within the dimensions specified in the agreement. Mike stated yesterday to a telephone representative that he was not going to deliver because of the cable and it was too wet. The spot i requested the drop was on top of an elevation and it is paved. Everything Mike says is a lie and I will have him in court on a catch 22. He'll tell the truth, which I will prove with out a doubt and with ease, or he will be proven guilty of perjury. I have had to pay rent, High rent in Hickory, NC and I am now out of money to complete my relocation at PODS intentional indiscretion. I will be taking this to court. I will both criminal charges and a civil suit. I will be seeking full restitution to include all overages, expenses, replacement property as well as damages both financial and personal distress. If this keeps up I will prove a noticeable differences in my health which I can already do right now. I am requesting that no further charges be applied to my account. All expenses, after I prove what i am saying here is true will be recovered. I am going to ask my attorney to take it from here and seek everything he can get with every possible charge against Mike, and the company while I work on Public opinion. If I could have loaded and unloaded in Charlotte and then transport to Lenoir, I would have gotten a storage mini warehouse for 30 to $40 a month. I have 90 to 95% mobility among many other severe disabilities and I am a disabled veteran. I am terminally ill. I have to do things different and it's not easy especially being alone. I have already exceeded my life expectancy. This is not the way I want to spend my last days. PODS has made the last 6 months of my life exceedingly costly and miserable. At this point, what you have here are facts as to who, what, where and how PODS has made so many mistakes. I have exceeded all of the requirements of our agreement. Your company has failed miserably. It's not likely that when I am finished with public opinion prior to going to court, that you'll stand a chance. It probably will not be easy to even give those things away. Shareholders, I could go there first and force changes to take place. However, I have had plenty of time to think about this. I don't think they are even going to seek changes in an effort to show corrective action. I think... they will want to go in a different direction. I care not about a court case, but I do need full restitution with damages so I will file and file civil and criminal charges. I will enter court with solid, irrefutable evidence proving without a doubt my claims here and much more... Breach, Harassment, Malicious intent following neglect. You get the point or do you need more. I haven't even started yet. There is circumstantial evidence to win and here is why. You go in a court room with just a little circumstantial evidence and you stand less a 10% chance. But if you have a lot like I do and it all comes from different places and times but points in the exact same direction. Well, then you're almost guaranteed to win. Oh, don't forget that catch 22. This is your mediation, your arbitration. I am going to take the case with circumstantial evidence and then pile fact after fact up until the decision is made with any deliberation. I am a broadcaster and that equipment is not in your POD. It's right here in my trailer and I will be using it for public opinion. When you are finished reviewing what you have to work with, know this... there is one more thing and I won't stop with this. Regardless of the outcome, I am taking public opinion and I will file a class action.


We contracted with PODS on 7/25/18 and accepted delivery of 2 PODS on 10/8/18 to our address in Indiana. At the time we contracted with them, we told them we would want to store in San Antonio for several months and ultimately have the PODS delivered to our new address at zipcode 78026. Now as of 4/4/19 we are requesting the PODS be delivered and are now being told they can't be as PODS no longer services this zipcode. Are you people insane? How can you just decide to no longer service an area for delivery when you have a signed contract agreeing to provide service to that location? We have made 9 calls so far with no resolution on what happens next. To make this situation even crazier PODS does deliver to Pleasanton, TX which is ONLY 10 miles from where we live. I need answers and I need them now on what you are going to do to resolve this issue!


We chose PODs to store our belongings for a couple of years while we traveled and found a new home because they advertise nationwide delivery so we could settle anywhere. We built a house in Oysterville, WA not even thinking we needed to check to see if they would deliver because they said they can deliver anywhere in the nation. Now we are told they do not deliver to our area. We are retired and have no way to get our belongings without hiring an independent moving company, which will be a large added expense on top of the $450 per month we’ve paid for over two years ($10,000+). They should have not advertised nation wide delivery if they don’t deliver nation wide. I’m even within 2 hours of a PODs storage facility and they still won’t deliver. They should honor their advertising.


I had a delivery for a Pod to be sent to my house to move across country. on the th of April. I hired a crew to load it based on your time frame.They showed up on time and waited most of the day for the Pod. no one from Pods bothered to call about any delay. When I called "multiple times" I was told it was still on schedule for that day but guarantee as to the time. we waited, and waited, and waited until late afternoon. Only then did I find out your company had a screw up and no one was going to make it that day. They told me the driver had too many hours used, and didn't have enough hours left to make a run?? What a bunch of crap !!! I don't know what kind of BS that representative was trying to sell but- My god cant you come up with a better line of crap than that.?? In any I told them if they could get it there on saturday I could make it work by paying the crew extra. I begged them to accommodate us for the weekend. But by Monday morning not one rep had called back with any good news. The Pod came Monday and they put it in the wrong space claiming it would be easier to load. This resulted in problems with the new owner needing access to the driveway which was now blocked. I won't even go in to that headache. So shortly before all this I had as surgery to have a stet put in around my heart and was supposed to be on light duty at work. Thanks to the screw up on delivery of the Pods and paying a moving crew over $500 for nothing I had the privilege of moving all my crap into the pod! (It was now 45 ft further from my door than I requested) Despite me having to endure chest pains and a host of other problems caused by The screw up. I spent the whole week doing the job that should have been done in one day by my crew. this caused me to cancel meeting with several friends before moving away. i cannot get that back. thanks alot!
I had already explained all this to a "problem solving rep" months ago and she said that it would be looked at and a decision would be forthcoming. This info was apparently also a load of "oxen crap" as I have gotten no apology or any compensation for this ridiculous mess.
Additionally I paid for storage and was to receive part of that back. I was able to call for delivery of the pod early because we closed on a new house on the first of May and yet waited for weeks on our stuff. This has been the worst moving fiasco of my life. Your company is a comedy of errors with no kind of real help other than a "sorry about your luck attitude"! I would like a real representative to call me and tell me you are going to make it right. Perhaps this is a fairytale -but it is what you owe your very dissatisfied customer.

Ill be waiting for your call. Lou Trapp 360-674-9886. Afternoons, After 12:30 ohio time.

**(This needs attn. or legal action) I have waited considerably longer than I should have had to. Such poor customer service deserves prompt attention.

I waited for several months now since settling in to our new place despite aggravation from the pods


They do not communicate about your pod, money's etc. My pod got delivered and it rained and it filled with water. I moved after I got a new pod and now making payment for transport and they can't locate a 1900 dollar check it sent. I tracked it and post office said they received it, I'm yet to get get a call a e mail as my things are held hostage. The company is a nightmare don't use them be smart rent a u haul. Worst experience ever. And they want to charge me a rent fee I was never told about.


The invoicing is causing me to be frustrated with Pods customer support. I am being billed and doubled billed for invoiced in February when my account was paid in October to a 0.00 balance. I will see legal council if this is not resolved quickly. Never recommending this service to anyone again.


Billing problems with PODS. I am being billed over for payments made. Its happen before but its always something I have to pay to resolve and the customer service is so stressful they don't know whats going on with any other department. Would not recommend PODS to anyone else. I will try to resolve this again but no hope, will report back if I can get this fixed.


Moving is already a stressful time, but using PODS made it that much worse! 

I ordered two PODS to use for my cross country move. They were delivered on the correct day, the billing was already taken care of, and everything was moving swiftly and perfectly for my move. Until the day came for them to pick it up (Wed). They called saying that they would pick up the PODS the following day, a day late! I called immediately and we were able to work out a time for them to pick it up early moring the folliwng day (Thurs). Thursday came and went and no one picked up the PODS! By this time, I'm panicking. And when I tried to call customer service, no one answered! They finally came and picked the PODS up on Friday. 

I thought everything was fine and dandy, until I received a bill. For the two days of having the PODS when they didn't pick them up in time. I called, argued, and called some more about this issue, but they dont' seem to want to own up to their responsibility. The entire ordeal has been a nightmare and added more stress to my move, since I had to postpone due to the ineptitude of the PODS employees. Never using this company again and telling everyone about how lousy their service is. 


I am in the construction business and needed a storage place for my equipment. After contacting PODS, I now have a safe place for the things I use. They have different sizes to offer. They also have moving boxes which is very useful. I have recently moved and kept 3 PODS during this period. Everything went as planned. Customer service at PODS is very helpful and I would definelty choose PODS in any of my future endeavor. I highly recommend this company for anyone planning on moving long distance or needing a storage facility.

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