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I ha e one of your junk 4 door french refrigerators bought it like 2 years ago as of now I have had 4 complete Ice makers installed I'm to the point of and will contact my lawyer this is not right the way you people do to us consumers I even bought and extended warranty with it through Best buy's and y'all just want to charge me to come out rest assured I am seeking leagle counseling for this. You can email me at the email address I left if you even care but you will answer for this!


I’ve purchased Samsung refrigerator,washer ,driers,microwave and TVs always good experience today I was scheduling appointment I ask the lady to please wait so I can get serial number she kept saying just call back and I said no please my daughter is getting it she just hung up please help not fair I also loved all your products but now I feel being pushed away with my problem just trying to make appointment 9512690126 Nancy Reyes 23574 lake valley dr Moreno Valley ca 92557 or 909 9272495 thank you


I bought a brand new Samsung Top Loader Washing Machine with my Lowes Credit Card from Lowes on 8/17/2014. It was recalled in 2016, so in November 2016, we had a technician come out and "fix" the issue with the recall, put new stickers on the cycle, etc. The washer started leaking at the beginning of June 2019 and then stopped working. It has been making a very loud noise for months when spinning and it moves really bad during the spin cycle but its level on the ground. The issue was EXACTLY the same as what the recall was for in 2016. Samsung Customer Service told me because the washer was a RECALL, I would actually get a FULL Refund. I just had to take pictures of the washer, cut the cord of the washer, peal the sticker off of the back that shows the serial & model #'s and hold it in my HAND and send a picture of that. I had to SHOW PROOF of the TRANSACTION AT LOWES - which I did. I signed the Samsung Refund Terms and Conditions. I did EVERYTHING they told me to. After a week of this, they are now they're telling me that we no longer qualify for the refund AT ALL because SAMSUNG paid someone a $200 reimbursement (at the time of the recall) in March 2017 using my Serial & Model #. EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD ALREADY BEEN OUT TO MY HOUSE A FEW MONTHS PRIOR TO WORK ON MINE. The individual did not have to prove that he owned the washer - like I have had to do and they have explained that to me multiple times. It's their error and they will not manually override their system and send my a refund check. I CLEARLY am the ONLY owner that has had this model. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG PRODUCT. THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE!


I had two appointments with your prefered appliance repair in the Salisbury Md area, both times they never showed. when I called they are telling me that i was never scheduled but i have a email confirming the appointment. WHY. You all had no problem taking my money for the warranty, but I haven't been taken care of....




MY complaint is not about a part but about onr of your distributers,J an J international inc. It is a terrible company and should not be representing you. I ordered a part for my refridgerator and they sent me a part that was to go to someone in ga, and i live in ohio.I got that resolved and they sent me out the right part or so i thought .When it arrived it wasnt the right part and they refused to take it back .They said that water filters were not returnablealthough they did not tell me this when i ordered it or i would not have ordered it.Thank you


Samsung customer service is a joke all you get is bullcrap lies....I have been waiting for 4 months for them to repair or replace or finally refund my money. Their local repair companies are a joke. I have over 60 thousand dollars worth of their appliances tvs and telephones and they treat me like a I am a lowlife piece of crap....NEVER NEVER NEVER will I buy Samsung anything.


Samsung refrigerator model no.RT28K308359 was purchased from Sargam Electronics on 14/08/2016. My complaint is that it is less than 03 years and the refrigerator is having technical problems, like no cooling , gas leakage. etc. IT is therefore, requested that as this model is not functional and having technical problems, the refrigerator must be replaced immediately.


Dear sir or Madam,

We purchase a Washer and Dryer from the company in 2015. We have had more problems with this product. The dry was not drying properly, Now our dryer has completely stop working. We have had a recall on both the washer and dryer. I feel when you pay $1200 for a product you want it to work properly. Due to this washer and dryer not working right. We are going back to the Landry Matt again. It is providing inconvenience to us. We are driving several miles to the Laundry Mat. My husband and I are very angry and we want a new washer and dry. My name is Linda G. Williams and my husband name is Phillip Williams. We hope to hear from you soon,

Linda G. Williams


We purchased new Samsung appliances 4 years ago. We have problems with microwave, dishwasher,washer, and refrigerator. These are poor quality appliances. I can't believe we had to replace the dishwasher and washer within 4 years. The refrigerator will not cool down. what a piece of trash.




Water at the bottom of the refirigator


bought I new fridge in November of maker quit working within a month. They sent a part to local repair guy how then installed and it didn't fix the problem. I have called Samsung service no less than 15 times spending at least 8-10 hours on the phone with different people. Got approved for a replacement fridge which then they could never find a suitable replacement so then got approved for a refund and sent documents to follow to receive my refund. Getting this done was 7-9 month process. The refund documents required me cutting the power cord to fridge and removing all serial numbers providing pictures of all this...which I did along with signing a disclosure statement. this process took another 4-5 months. Did it all jumped through ever hoop and now I have a huge flipping paper weight and no money. NEVER never never buy any appliance from Samsung they are junk and customer service is horrible...3300 dollar lesson for me..lets start a class action suit there is literally thousands of us


Good Afternoon,

I am filing a complaint regarding our Fridge we purchased in 2012. This model # is RF266AEPN
SERAIL #JJ074GBBB01045A. We had had nothing but problems with this fridge from water leaking, to a loud noise, light s burning out, the door not working correctly. When you spend $2000.00 on a fridge I would expect it to last. We have a large family and these purchases are a large expense to a family with 4kids. I am very disappointed in this product. and would not recommend it to anyone. I work in the insurance field and talked to our subrogation area and was advised this should not be happening, sounds like a faulty product. I am requesting for a supervisor to call me, I would like a refund on this fridge and the one I have fixed. Please call me at 920-471-3534 or I will need to file a commissioner complaint.

Please call me to discuss and resolve this matter. You are a well know company and would hope you would take care of your customers

Thank You

Shore Turner


I bought Samsung washer Dec 2. Never worked correctly. In February it would not start. Technician said it needs a new motor. He also said machine will keep breaking down; this model is junk he said. I called Samsung several times. I was told machine has to be fixed until it is unfixable. I said I don't want it fixed. Give me my money back or replace machine. They did not satisfy my demand. A technician came March 6 to replace motor. But the machine still did not start. Technician said the electronic panel has to be replaced. I called Samsung and told them I don't want the machine. Nothing they can do, I was told. Samsung made $15.1 billion in profits in one quarter last year and won't take back one washing machine. I have not done laundry at home in two months. IU want my money back or a better Samsung machine. Of course I would rather get my money back and buy a different brand. This machine is junk and the company will not satisfy its customer.
Desired Outcome/Settlement


I bought a Samsung convection microwave in 2013. It started giving an e32 just after 2 years. I repaired it with the genuine samsung part de9600837a and it worked but nearly every year I got the e32 error and had to replace the part. The part needs replaced again but samsung in their wisdom discontinue making the parts after 5 years. This is not the only instance of this problem with this model CP1395EST. Others have experienced the same. So its a manufacturing fault.
Samsung are not interested in my problem..


A replace fridge was delivered 2/9/2019. Refrigerator was installed when we noticed dents in the door. Contacted customer service samward day and several day and three other days. Customer service stated that nothing would be done because i should have refused delivery. Dents were unnoticed until I walked from another angle/different room. A tech should be dispatched to replace this door.


FROM: Susan Waitt
CELL NO.: 646-295-8682
PROVIDER: Boost Mobile
TODAY'S DATE: Feb. 27, 2019

> Samsung E&R Ticket No.:
> Samsung tech support rep Shalisse:
left her notes under general ticket no. (for general info dated Feb. 26, 2019):

Recent Summary:
Upon receiving a supposedly repaired device from Samsung (on Monday, Feb. 25, 2019), following a quoted $593 repair of the exchanged device, still even THIS device replacement did NOT function properly. I was horrified. I spent most of yesterday afternoon on the phone (multiple phone calls) with Samsung in an effort to get to the bottom of the issues.

The device which was repaired and then returned, would NOT charge properly, sometimes not at all, and it still overheated severely when charging or used for long periods of time. The camera would shut down with a message saying that the phone was too hot. Yesterday (2/26/2019), I learned from Shalisse that my replacement phone sent from IS ACTUALLY a Sprint designated phone. My provider is Boost, NOT Sprint. I provided that provider information each time that I placed a call with Samsung about the ongoing problems with the S7. Yesterday, I had placed 2 calls yesterday to Samsung before my call with Shalisse.

The first Samsung tech rep told me
(1) that my submitted phone was a “Sprint” phone and that is why Samsung provided me with a Sprint replacement phone.
(2) he also instructed me to set up the replacement phone using my “Boost Mobile” sim card. He said he would call me in 30 minutes. He never did call back. However, I did attempt to set up the replacement phone with my Boost sim card, but the phone continued to prompt me to contact Sprint to activate.

I called Samsung Tech Support again and spoke with Grace who determined to contact E&R to resolve my concerns “immediately”. I was on hold for 1 hour 30 minutes and then the call was dropped.

So I called again yesterday and Shalisse answered the line @ Samsung tech support for my third call. She proactively and aggressively made every effort to be helpful to address my ongoing concerns & frustrations. After hearing my ongoing & unending frustrations, it was her intention to connect me with her supervisor, Ken. However, after over an hour waiting, the line was dropped and I never went into Ken’s voicemail.

On EACH call to Samsung, I continued explaining that if Samsung could not figure this out and make it right, my intention was to STOP using Samsung products and go back to using Apple products. I don’t need the excessive & unresolved drama of being without my phone and needing to always have on hand a back-up device for when the S-7 is shipped back to Samsung for additional service. Most of my family & friends use Apple cell devices and NONE have had issues like I have experienced with my Samsung device since November 2018.

Before THIS YEAR of cell phone drama, my goal was to switch to T-Mobile and purchase the Galaxy Note 10 when it is released for sale. Until that time, I intended that I would continue to use my Boost phone with Boost Mobile. However, if Samsung cannot make this right, Samsung will have lost THIS customer. My phones did overheat to dramatic levels, not being warm, but being SO hot that I could not touch the phone to my face or hold it in my hand without a case.

Diabetic, Dexcom G6 app
Please note that the Bluetooth app I use on my S7 to follow my blood sugars as a Type 1 diabetic is not functioning on my J3. It is very hazardous for me to NOT have immediate access to that information on my cell phone. Having an intact cell phone has become a critical necessity at this time.

Also, please note that I have posted You Tube videos:
(two videos) basically updating the status of my unresolved Samsung non-working devices (S7) .
To date, there have been 12K views.

BOOST MOBILE ORDER CONFIRMATION (which is sent via email) is attached as requested by Shaleese of Samsung Tech Support:
On Nov. 29, 2017, I’d purchased two Samsung devices from Boost Mobile. Attached is a copy of the Order Confirmation for Boost Mobile for
(1) Boost Samsung Galaxy S-7 device (device referenced in Samsung ticket)
(2) Boost Samsung J3 Emerge

On April 28. 2018, I’d purchased a different
(3) Boost Samsung J3 Emerge

The Galaxy S7 (pre-owned) devices NEVER worked properly at any time.

Boost Mobile has a relationship with Brightstar Device Protection which is an insurance company set up for Boost Mobile to process replacements for pre-owned devices which are received by Boost Mobile customers not functioning properly. The devices return/exchange process is a never ending “Merry Go Round” of back & forth until the customer gives up. I gave up in August. I have approximately over 100 emails starting in Dec. 2017 going through July 31, 2018 which address labels being provided for sending the last device in order to return the device in hand and receive a replacement device. This process NEVER reaches an end and for 7 months (Dec. 26, 2017 through July 31, 2018), it was a revolving door of the never-ending process of returning a device and receiving a replacement.

I finally determined to contact Samsung directly given the S7 device was overheating extremely. Mind you, it was not warm, it was simply too hot to hold in your hand without a case or against the face. I have struggled with getting the phone to charge at all, having to shut everything of in order to keep the phone between 10 and 3 percent charge. I have taken same device and plugged it in in separate AC locations with separate chargers & cables between my home & office locations but was STILL unable to charge it.

Dates of emails with Brightstar Device Protection (qty of more than 100) The first & last emails are attached and all are available to forward if Samsung desires. Also, the Samsung repair statements are also attached:

2017: December 26
2018: July 31
" June 7, 11
" April 4, 5
" March 9
" February 2, 23
" January 2, 12, 15, 17, 19, 22, 26

Before purchasing the S7, I checked with both Boost Mobile sales & tech support to ensure that the pre-owned device was “refurbished”. At the time, by both departments, confirmed that the devices were indeed refurbished which makes it an affordable device as needed in the time.

Both Boost & Brightstar are “shady” at best in their business practices. They have unlocked a designated “Sprint” device and sold it as a Boost Mobile device and I have suffered endlessly with no one either able or willing to get to the bottom of it. THIS IS AN ILLEGAL BUSINESS PRACTICE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Boost Mobile & Brightstar (and now Samsung) simply blow me off and refuse to bring reasonable resolution to the matter. If my above-referenced videos have 12K views, I can always add another video clarifying my recent Samsung experience. No one has been able to make sense of this until Shaleese did so and explained accordingly on yesterday.

In summary, if Samsung wishes to keep my patronage and not lose my business to Apple, as I’ve mentioned prior, I am intending to switch to T-Mobile. In order to bring this unending frustration to resolution, I am willing to accept a T-Mobile device S-7 or better in order to bring this to an end. Otherwise, I will pursue action to resolve this in a reasonable manner to end the frustration. I stand horrified that Samsung has kept my concerns NOT reasonably resolved and acknowledged. If they are not able to get to the bottom of this, Samsung is not sufficiently skilled to hold my business. This has been way too much effort for the customer in my experience. I do not wish to continue being abused.

-- Susan Waitt


LCD refrigerator--4 home visits to get the LCD screen working. Tech and on line tech support appear to have a very limited knowledge of how to set up or repair the product.

Tech/on line tech support unable to delete an old refrigerator from my profile and did not appear to care that they could not do so

Have 4 other Samsung products--none of which will connect to SMART THINGS and tech line unable to help.

Extremely disappointing--either the product or the support is below par.


I had a Samsung microwave for 9 years which stopped working, after I had it unplugged for 1 month when I was out of town. I called service, they. wanted to know the model nr. (SMH8165W) They send out a technician. He pushed the buttons, looked at his computer and told me there are no parts for the model anymore. Charge appr $80 and with in 5 min he was gone. They should never have send a technician if there are no parts available. They asked for the model nr on the phone. What kind of service is this? I would like you to mail me back the charges. Very unhappy about this service
35 Dorcot ave, Scarborough, On, M1P 3K3.


We purchased a Samsung suite of kitchen appliances from Home Depot. The Dishwasher model DW80K5050US is less than a year old and it won’t turn on now. I noticed there are numerous complaints of the same problem for over a year. I called Samsung to resolve the issue and was advised they don’t have any service centers in my areas that I would need to wait up two days for someone to call me back.

I shared we had a problem with Samsung Microwave five months prior, a repair ticket was issued and we received our 48 hour call back advising us we could send the Microwave to back to Samsung for repair because they’re is not a local service center in the area. Since it was recently purchased we uninstalled the microwave and returned at the store.

We care for special needs children & need to have someone repair our dishwasher ASAP.

I advised the representative this was unacceptable resolution that I wanted to call an authorized Samsung appliance repair person now to get it scheduled. She said I would need to wait for a call back. I advised that I found four authorized Samsung appliance repair providers in our area. She apologized for the inconvenience and said we would need to wait.

Lastly, I agreed to take the survey at the end of the 10 minute call. Due to the representative not hanging up on her end the survey would not be prompted.


when you want to make a repair it would be easier if they made the refrigerator that can be taken apart, the flex door does not come apart, unless you rip the white plastic right out, I needed to replace the wiring harness inside the door along with the control temperature brd, it would always stay on wine/42 degrees, the control brd is easy to replace but the wiring harness a joke. I decided to cut the ends off the harness and solder the new end back on. Now it works great. Why do you sell the harness when it takes a smart technician to install, or not sell it without an explanation on how to install. New door $283.00---------harness $29.00


I purchased a Samsung dishwasher from Lowe's in Kingsport TN Store #2773 on December 26, 2018. The dishwasher was in stock and the receipt
showed it could be picked up on December 29, 2018. I paid to have it installed and the store said the installer would give me a call to set up a date
for the installation. The installer called and set up a date of January 9, 2019 (two weeks after I purchased the appliance which was in stock.) The
dishwasher was defective and would not pump the water out. The installer immediately called Lowe's and they told him they had three in stock and
would hold one for him. He explained Lowe's policy kept him from removing the defective product. He said the store had a lot of paperwork to be
done before he could bring back a new one. He called and set a date of January 17 to install the new one (one week later). The store called on
January 17 to say the installer came to pick up the new appliance and there was none in stock. I went to the store and talked to a salesperson who
informed me they would have to order one from Winston-Salem, NC and it would be 3 to 5 days before they could have one. After encouraging him
to check a closer store, he said there was one at the Johnson City TN store and he called them to bring one down. This was on Thursday and today is Monday and I have not heard a word. I can't believe Samsung would let a defective product out of the factory without checking it first.
The Lowe's store apparently does not care I've been washing dishes by hand for two weeks. We have a lot of Samsung products and they
are excellent. I thought you might want to know how Lowe's treats your paying customers.


I purchased a package including a cooktop range with the option of choosing between a cast iron griddle and a aluminum. We chose the cast iron griddle but they sent us the aluminum, we called and told them it was the wrong one and they re sent us another griddle but it was the same not the cast iron. We called back on 12-11 and they apologized and gave us the ticket number 4149021458 and stated that this was the correct cast iron griddle and that it would take 5 to 10 business days. When time passed and we did not receive it we made another phone call and was told that they had to special order it since it was not in stock? Ok so we were told another story and then on Jan 2 made a call to see if it was in and then was told that they did not make the cast iron griddle for the cookrange top we ordered. I found this lack of communication and speaking to several different folks at Samsung about the same issue but not ever until now that all our effort and calls were a waste of our time. I also found that they mislead us to believe we were getting this griddle all along and now they say the do not have it. My husband had the product number for the griddle NA36N7755T and then we were told to call JJ products and the charge for the griddle is $186.00. I spke with Monette today about this and to see if Samsung would order it and send it to us since we were promised the cast iron grill, she checked her resources and said that Global Parts products did not have it and they could not order it from JJ products. I am requesting Samsung to purchase it and send it to us for all the inconvenience we went through over the last two months along with not one but four different representatives telling us as well as giving us a ticket number for the product. We would not be requesting this if the information was provided when we purchased the product or if it was not in the manual that comes with the cooktop. I find this as false advertisement as well as poor representation from the folks in the customer service department. On top of all this I was put through the executive office for complaints and while talking to the fellow all of a sudden was disconnected? No phone call back. I am waiting to hear your response and how you can resolve this and feel that you should go forward and send us the cast iron griddle that we were promised. You record the phone calls so you can listen to the conversation on 12-11-18 to confirm what I am saying. Thank you


Went to Lowes on July 19, 2018 to buy a refrigerator. Saw that the Samsung was one of the best to buy so we purchased it with an extended warranty. We had read the reviews about this frig and saw that the ice maker was faulty but being stupid we purchased anyway. Now here it is 5 months later we are in the same circumstances as were on the reviews. Called Lowes and they send me an e-mail (twice) that Samsung would schedule an appointment to repair the ice maker. NO CALLS OR NO SHOW. Calls to Lowes or Samsung give no results so anyone reading this don't buy any Samsung product since they don't offer service. As we all know that service is just important as the product purchased. I know that I will never buy any Samsung product for this reason. In fact over Christmas I bought 2 new TV's and neither were Samsung. All I can say to everyone out there if you need any appliance DON'T BUY SAMSUNG.


am a disabled veteran and purchased a home with a Samsung refrigerator in it. I called to find out information as well as obtain a manual. According to the model number this was not a cheap refrigerator. I experienced the rudest customer service agent that I have ever had the miss fortune of dealing with.
I was not given a choice in this refrigerator because if I had, I would not be purchasing a Samsung appliances just based on the customer service or lack there of that I received when I called.
Funny thing is, I called GE on the two appliancess that I have and they were helpful and courteous. Which is something your representative was lacking in abundance! To date, I still do not have any assistance with my appliance and I see online that you are not top of your game in customer service and I can tell why. As a veteran, I am disgusted by what I experienced. Unfortunately the website does not allow me to give you a negative ( - ) rating. Is there anyone at that company that actually cares?


Zero. In November I bought a new french door samsung refrigerator from Lowes in Daphne, Alabama. It leaked on the floor so we scheduled a repair service thru samsung, Ticket 4149087314. It is at a vacation condo. The tech from Cone Appliance Repair said the leak was from a frosting condenser coil, most likely from too much freon. He declined to fix it as he said samsung had to do it. Odd to me since his shirt and jacket both had the samsung logo. We called Lowes who kicked us over to samsung for a samsung tech. I called and we re scheduled. When I recieved the ticket samsung had again scheduled thru Cone. I called samsung again to let them know. After the mea culpa, samsung said they would schedule thru DISH. I came home to await their call to schedule service. They did call and advised that they, DISH, wouldn't do the work, but that only samsung could. They advised that they would call samsung to let samsung reschedule with the correct tech. Apparently samsung did this, as I got another email with the new tech's name: Cone Appliance Repair. There is a major disconnect here. I have canceled with Cone, as I do not want to travel out of town again for a service call that can not be completed.

Please advise me when I may expect samsung to call me about rescheduling with a qualified tech for a frosting condenser coil drip so that I can avoid another worthless trip for the service.

Coleman Meador, Ticket 4149087314


Coleman F. Meador, Esq.
1116 Palmetto Street
Mobile, Alabama 36604
Telephone: 251-725-3313
Facsimile: N/A


Have NOT received my promotional gift card that I was supposed to receive in August. Trying to get help for 4 months. Nobody seems to care or want to help. 4 months I have been told to be patient. I am considering filing a police report or looking for legal help if someone does not do something. At my wits end with Samsung. Ted Clifton 303-921-9680


I purchased a Samsung washer and dryer from Sears. My washer is barely 2 years old and was sold with defects. Samsung recall these units back but I wasn't at home to follow through with warranties and recalls due to working out of state most of the time. The washer Model # WA50K8600AV/A2; Serial # 0DZ25DDH700576Z. This machine continues to malfunction. It get stuck on rise cycle and will not go to spin cycle. I have had a $165.00 water bill because of this washer. 4 repair people have tried repeatedly to fix this machine and it still gets stuck on rise. I am requesting a refund of $800.00 or a new machine. I will also be filing with the Texas Attorney General due to Samsung and Sears knowingly sold this defective products to me.


Lousy service.


Please review the interaction through phone number 317-846- 6239. I also emailed the survey I was asked to fill out. Today, November 28, I was called by someone from Samsung. The time was 12:14. I was not home to receive the call. There was no message left. I have tried to return the call, but no one can trace the origin of the call. Supposedly all calls are monitored. I am very unhappy.


Hi we just had our Samsung refrigerator freezer repaired and replaced the part with same issue as everyone else is complaining about. The problem is the part is backordered because so many people are having the same issue also the replacement part is as faulty as the one in the refrigerator and will not last. One more note do not buy an LG these are both manufactured in the same Korea factory using the same faulty parts. We purchased a sears home service plan it cost us a lot of money a month (Lowes referred them to us when we first started to have these issues) cracking plastic inside fan ice maker freezer and refrigerators now sears is going out of business, no more selling appliances to purchase from them. Samsung needs to be held accountable and fix this once and for all this is the second replacement part for the same issue is a years time.


My less than 2 years old Samsung fridge stopped working and Sansung sertifaed repear service I pick up from Samsing website diagnosed my fridge as unrepearable. Samsung didn't care and said the we are out of waranty.


Purchased a Samsung french door refrigerator ($2,300) in late 2016. From the beginning the ice maker would become encased in ice and stop working. Had to chip away at the ice for it to start working again. This process was necessary every 6-8 weeks. Apparently this is a very common problem with this model. Contacted Samsung and was told service would cost me as it was out of warranty. Now the ice maker and stopped working altogether. Very poorly engineered for a very expensive product to have customer service denied.




Your customer service individual i spoke with this morning is terrible. First of. I"m in the United States. I expect when I call to speak with someone that speaks fluent English. When I would ask a question he would always reply with: Im so glad you answered that question. I couldn't understand half of what he was saying. All he could do over and over again was try to put the blame on me or my wife by suggesting we didn't know how to use or it was installed wrong. I had already explained to him that it was installed by professionals, the hoses were hooked up correctly and we were using the correct detergent. He kept going over and over that. Not once did he ever entertain the possibility that something was wrong with the machine.
It was always my fault. basically he was saying your a dumbass and don't know how to read your manual or use your machine correctly.

The last thing he said was your out of warranty and wanted to sell me an extended warranty. I told hime previously that it has been this way since we got it. He was absolutely no help at all. I believe the problem is the design with no agitator. It will not get clothes clean at all and has caused us to have to buy new clothes repeatedly because it wont clean them.


I purchased a microwave on May 23, 2018. Since the installation on May 31st 2018, we have had several occasions where it has kicked out with sparks while not even being in use. This is a dangerous fire hazard in our home. We've had two appointments scheduled for repair. Both have been cancelled last minute with no reason given, with one contractor having been paid but no service delivered.
In two separate attempts, at J.C. Penney, with a very efficient, knowledgeable customer service representative (each lasting at least 90 minutes to two hours); we spoke to Samsung, two separate repair contractors & the manager of the store.
We still returned to a fire hazard in our home. At this point, I don't want it repaired. I want a refund. Samsung does not stand behind their products & are not concerned about repairing it for up to two weeks time, simply advising us to unplug it. We use a microwave daily so we will have to plug it back in.

I am very unhappy with Samsung & their customer service & am requesting an expedient refund.

Rosalie Miller


Bought my Samsung clothes dryer and laye 2015 only used it two years now had a repair man out three times to fix it already. Never had this problem with any of my other dryers I've owned will not recommend this product to anybody good thing I took out a home warranty on it already spent too much money getting it fixed it's a shame.



I have purchased Samsung Fridge Model SRL455DLS Bottom mount fridge in Jan 2018.
I have facing problem with the temperature since the purchase. Initially I tried to change temperature at various levels, going to minimum, however, my food was sill getting spoiled.
I was / am still unable to keep things in fridge for more than couple of days.The milk and yoghurt goes bad very quickly.
I lodged a complaint with Samsung Australia in the following order :
28/04/18 called Samsung – Booked technician.
01/05/18 – Technician visits and replaces a unit in the back of the fridge (it’s a NEW Fridge by the way)
The food still goes bad and no improvement in the performance.
15/05/18 - Called Samsung again and got another booking..
Technician came and checked – no difference.

14/06/2018 Called again !!! Technician arrived with a meter reading – Left device in the fridge for couple of days of Temperature monitoring.
I requested a replacement since this unit is not performing as it should.
Samsung Australia has come back again with the Repair Option !!!!. I don’t understand, when they
Have changed a panel or something once, they found a problem is there, why can’t they get this unit out of here ??
I am so annoyed that I can not use the fridge for my normal routine – can not store food and now again Samsung coming forward with another technician…
It’s plain ridiculous .. to say the least.


We purchased a Samsung Washer in 8/16. Soon after it had a recall which we had fixed. We continued to have problems going off balance and finally stopped spinning in 6/18. I called Samsung and was told I could get a refund. No other information about keeping the machine was given to me. If I provided my receipt, they would refund that amount. We called Lowes credit card and they sent the receipt in about 2 weeks, which we faxed to Samsung. In the meantime, we went to Lowes and bought a new washer. After many calls we were told that they need the old machine to give us a refund. Finally, they said in an email that we asked for a store replacement. The problem is that Lowes would not be embursed for the machine because they didn't have the old one. The other thing is that we never requested a store replacement. The refund is just under $450.00.

All I want is my REFUND. This process isn't giving me a favorable feeling about Samsung Customer Service.


Samsung refrigerator Model RF28HDEDTSR/AA APR 2014


I never had any problems with Samsung product until now. I have the phone, the security locks for my house and the tablet. I brought Samsung flex washer and drier March 19, 2018. Home Depot finally delivered it on March 29, 2018. I was so happy to try my new washer and drier. I started to wash the clothes and ILC code light on the machine during the spin cycle. The tech came out to service my wash machine and he told me please don't use a lot of laundry soap. So I followed his instruction and the code pop up again. Now I'm upset because now I can't wash my clothes after spending over $1,000 for this machine that is not working. I have Samsung customer service telling me, they will not refund my money because they want to take it apart and try to fix it. Home Depot telling me they not going to refund my money because Samsung have condemn the machine unrepairable. I just want my money back so I can get a wash machine that works. A new wash machine have to be repair less than two weeks of purchase is not a good machine especially for the amount of money that was spend. Sorry but this crazy, I'm not satisfied with this product and I want my money back. I feel like Samsung is forcing me to use their product even though I'm not happy with it.


In June of 2016 I purchased a microwave convection oven, It had problems from the very beginning. I called several times and followed all instructions. In Aug 2017 it stopped working altogether. Finally in OCT 2017 I was given an accommodation and the oven spent THREE MONTHS in the shop. It came back to me after the shop told samsung it was unfixable, twice. They claimed it was now fixed. It is not. IT IS NOT WORKING. After many weeks on the phone and no promised call-backs, yet another accommodation provided I get the thing to the shop. I am 69, cannot carry it out the door and find a car to put it in. This oven is a lemon, you need to replace it. And no buyback, don't bother. I never received the check for the buyback of my bluray and I have been waiting since August 2017. My next step will be the BBB and 12 on your side. I am old, tired and poor. You have treated me very badly and neither the "We stand behind our product" and #dowhatyoucant are true.


We bought, stove, micro, dishwasher and fridge approx 4 yrs ago from Home Depot, Lexington, KY.
my complaint is minor. May I suggest that when you apply your name to an appliance (like my stove) that you use a better adhesive or another way. While cleaning the top portion and stainless steel, letters came off. It looks like it's much older than it is now! I can not replace letters, some are bent.

Charlene DeRossett


Nightmare customer Service. Absolutely horrible people. Both fridge and microwave had problems within 2 months of purchase. They put us through loops then.....They had us cut the electric cord to get the refund then stopped communication with no refund after we cut it. Sick people.


We purchased and remodeled our 5th home in Florida. First time using Samsung and purchased front loading washer and steam dryer, slide in range and convection oven, top of the line dishwasher, counter top microwave, and Showcase french door refrigerator.

Less than 3 years and all are garbage.

The dishwasher leaked the first time it was turned on. The seal was bad and after insisting they replaced the dishwasher.
The dryer sounds like it is going to explode when using the refresh- de-wrinkle cycles
The washer now will not unlock when the wash cycle is finished unless we turn it off and back on
The microwave started smoking and quit working just this morning
Now- holding our breath to see when the fridge quits



I paid $600 plus dollars for a HD 4k TV. The picture dark and and not HD
I spent more than 40 min. on the phone with a tech. and got nowhere. I need a tech to come to my house.


Bought a Samsung microwave (model ME18H704SFS/AA) 11/1/15. In Summer of 2016 the unit failed twice... totally shut down, but came back by itself after about an hour. The third time this happened I contacted Customer Support. It took numerous calls before C. S. agreed to have a technician look at the m/c. It took 2 weeks to get him here, evaluate the problem, order the parts and then make a major repair. Several days later the m/c died a fourth time. After four failures and one repair, we asked that Samsung honor their warranty, and replace the microwave.

They have sent several e-mails expressing sympathy for my plight, but no offers of correcting the problem other than another repair. We relied on the Samsung reputation for a serviceable microwave, but all we have since last October is a $406 paperweight. Also, the Customer Support team simply has ignored my subsequent e-mails. Evidently they must have figured that if they ignored me long enough, I would eventually go away.


Our microwave oven, FQ215G001, a very expensive product, created a flame from one of the ceramic tray guides when I turned it on on Monday, 21st August. I contacted Support by Raj in the Philippines, and reported it, and he promised I would be called back within the hour with what they intended to do, and I then Jay in Customer relations said that he would get the problem investigated. Several calls later I spoke to Clarissa, and she sent an email to the support people.

As a result the engineer came on 25th August, and agreed that there is a problem and that the repair needed some parts and informed yourselves, and advised us not to use it. We supplied proof of purchase to you. An appointment was made for the parts to be fitted on 17th September, but I later heard that one of the parts was out of stock, and you cancelled the appointment. On our initial call we were given reference number 21194008801 but we were later told it was 2118750211. Even when we quote this number, in every follow up call.

We have had to make has gone through a ridiculous charade of asking us our full names, full address, post code, telephone number and email address before the issue could be discussed, even when you are calling a number which we gave you! Do you think a burglar is answering our phone? At no point have we been given any instructive information, and our £600+ microwave oven has been useless for two months now as Samsung also refuse to talk to me because your first call was from my wife! A major company like yours should not tolerate this poor service to your customers, and I hope that this email will jerk someone into action. I have supplied a further copy of the proof of purchase since in emails you don’t seem to have the information originally supplied.


I started contacting Samsung a year ago. I finally got a call back about 6 months ago, then from that point on I got the runaround. No answers no help' I purchased a Samsung Washer from Lowes in Tampa Fla. It started rusting about a year ago. The complete top of washer rusted, the body is rusted. I am speaking of the actual white body! When I finally did get a response after numerous calls and emails, and was promised they would take care of me. I sent photos of all the rust on 3 or four different occasions. I spoke with a woman by the name of Omega J. She assured me after she had looked at the photos that Samsung would either give me a new washer or a refund.

She sent an Electronic Company Specialist Inc out to look at unit. When he removed the top of washer he saw that the unit was rusted inside and beginning to rust down the body. He said it could not be fixed. I contacted Omega J back on three occasions, talked to at least 6 or 7 different reps. from Samsung on different times and never got any satisfaction. Then this past week on Oct. the 12th. They sent the same guy back out to replace the top and just cover the rust underneath.

I am so very disappointed that they took the cheapest route to do anything for me, leaving me still with a washer that is rusted underneath the top. I f something is not done about this I am going to tell everyone and probably call my local news stations and tell them about this. It is just not right! I am just sick over the treatment I have gotten from Samsung.


Very dissatisfied with my Samsung clothing washing machine. I had flooding due to the washing machine a week ago. I called and after giving the Model and Serial number, I was told that it is an 'Affected Unit'. Since then, nobody called me with any feedback. Please let me know the procedures you have in place regarding this issue.


We bought a new Samsung side by side refrigerator/ freezer. I've maker in door. We have had problems from the beginning. After several calls telling me to do different thing to it that didn't help. The debt repair people and the finale put in a new part. It made ice but never enough to fill the container. At best 25 or so I've cubes.

We put up with it.then I finally called 08-01-2016 they again had me do different things to try and to call back if there was a problem. 08-11-2016 called again then same thing was said to me.

This time the man said it easy under warranty. The could send some one but I would have to pay for never worked right in the first place. We paid a lot of money(for us).we bought it in 08/2015. I am tired of paying a high price for something and it didn't work right. I have read reviews and it seems other people are having many problems with the fridge.


I bought one of your dishwashers to match the 4 door refrigerator I bought last year. What a mistake. When you open it it smells like a garbage pit. The bottom pull out basket hits the nozzle causing several dishes to break. It does not dry dishes and does not sanitize the dishes. It is the biggest piece of scrap that I have ever bought. I called the Samsung customer service number and they did nothing.


I was without a refrigerator for the month of July the process and customer service was terrible. At first Samsung tried to repair and it did not work. Their was never any urgency from Samsung to get the issue resolved. A month later they agree to provide a new refrigerator. During this process I have acquired 4 different ticket numbers which is basically useless because each time I follow up your company never seems to know what is going on. Every time I am told that I will be contacted with a resolution I am not. I have to be the one to follow up diligently in order to get your company to do what it is supposed to.

I have missed tome off work, loss money due to having to eat out , loss groceries due to the defective refrigerator sold to me and the inadequacy of your customer service department and your company. I spent over$1000 dollars for a refrigerator that quit working after 7 months. This occurred during summertime when school is out. I had to purchase food for my kids to eat daily. This is an expense I incurred due to the fact that your refrigerator did not work.

Your company has refused to reimburse me for eating expenses that would not have been incurred had your product been a working product. To add insult to injury you have agreed to reimburse me for my spoiled groceries which should have occurred within 4 to 5 business days and 10 days later this still has not been done. I am a single mother who does not and cannot afford to lose money behind a company who clearly does not care about the consumer. You pride yourselves in your name but your name has left a bitter taste in my mouth. You have the worst customer service in the world.

I will never buy another Samsung product and will make sure that everyone I encounter will be advised not to buy Samsung either. This experience has left me with nothing but ticket numbers 4136660015, 5114763624, 4137159210, and 5114763624. In a time where companies are very customer service focused your company has failed at the most simple principle which is to provide quality customer service. I can't wait until the last and final ticket of this ordeal is resolved so that I will never have to deal with your company again.


Paid $2K for a refrigerator; less than 6 months later it doesn't work. Impossible to get anyone on the line (where you have to call) to get the thing fixed. I waited 26 on hold at 800 Samsung to get an answer from someone. I waited over a week to get my refrigerator repaired (I am still waiting for them to show up before 4 pm). They told me they will not reimburse alcohol that was in the refrigerator. I asked why (I had a bottle of expensive wine) they said "we just don't. I was telling someone in my exercise class that I had to take a vacation day to wait for my new refrigerator to be fixed; they said -- Oh you must have purchased a Samsung! Nice reputation.


Andrew Lugo from NJ has failed to ensure that the refunds that were sent to me at an old and wrong address were re-issued in a timely manner. The refund checks were for a Samsung washer that we purchased from Conn's that exploded and damaged the dryer and the laundry room. It took over 1 year for Samsung to not only finally respond to our complaint, but then to come and pick up the damaged washer and dryer. And when they did pick it up the driver flooded our laundry room and hallway causing more damage.

Then Andrew informed me that the insurance would cover all the damage and the remaining amount of my claim, but when the insurance guy finally contacted me he told me they wouldn't cover everything else listed in my claim. About a month ago was the last time Andrew spoke to me and he assured me they were re-issuing the refund checks and he would FedEx them to me, but now he won't take my calls, return my calls or communicate with me in any way. I have met with an attorney today because I don't know what else to do and I have sent Andrew and the insurance guy one last email informing them that I will file a lawsuit on 7/11/16 if I do not receive the refund checks Samsung claims to have sent me back in April and I will file complaints with the BBB and the Attorney General's office, as well has multiple other consumer sites. Here is one email Andrew sent it:

I just wanted to update you on the status. Both refunds (washer and dryer) have been submitted – the transaction numbers for the washer refund is 4135011944 and the dryer is 4135014187. The refunds cover the following numbered items on the list you provided: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. It also includes reimbursement for items 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12. The remaining items have been reported to our insurance carrier and I have made note that there will be additional damages.

The total amount of the two refunds is $1,959.18. You will be receiving an email with directions in how you would like to receive the refund (direct deposit or check). When you can please fill out the attached form and send back to me (don’t worry about the sticker decal as we already picked up the units). If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me; our insurance carrier will be in touch with you within the next day. Thank you. Regards, Andrew Lugo, CSD - Risk Management, Samsung Electronics America. 105 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660.


I purchased a Samsung Range in November of 2015...It is a 5 burner range and when I reported a problem with the self-clean cycle, Samsung informed me that if nothing is wrong with it I would have to pay for the service call. I don't think that is fair to me to pay that. Well guess what, I will never ever buy a Samsung appliance again.


I purchased a Samsung refrigerator from the Best Buy store in Owings Mills Md. It was the floor model, so it did not have to come out of the warehouse. They said they deliver it on Monday (today) from 2-4, . This morning they called and said it wasn't at the warehouse which is a lie. My wife asked to speak to a manager who got on the phone and said they could not deliver it because they were painting the warehouse! Which is it the warehouse is being painted or the refrigerator is not at the warehouse?

Now their compensation for the "so called" inconvenience is a $100 gift certificate. I'd rather have the refrigerator today instead. My wife had taken the food out of the old refrigerator in preparation for the new one and now the food is going bad because Best Buy lied about when the refrigerator would be delivered. I have already paid 1/3 of the cost of the refrigerator and want it now, instead of on Thursday! The first person my wife talked to, who lied about the refrigerator not being there, was rude and uncaring about the predicament.

The public needs to know about the terrible customer service at the Best Buy in Owings Mills. The salesman Howard in the appliance department did a great job, I have no issue with him


I have had a Samsung washing machine modelWA45H7000AW for just over one year. I am so dissatisfied with this washer. Although it is in the garage, it is so loud you can hear it in the house. It sounds like a wood chipper when it is spinning. No matter how I try, I cannot get the detergent drawer out. If I pretreat something with Spray & wash or like products, the item not only comes with the original spot but the sprayed area still quite evident.I am so frustrated that I am probably going to sell it for what I can get and buy another brand. I chose this washer because it was highly rated in Consumers Guide. Again, I am upset every I take something out and it is not clean. I will be reporting my problems to Consumers Guide.


Brought a brand new fridge, expecting it to last a few years but at 12 months it starts to trip our circuit breaker, Samsung repair man came a few weeks later replaced motor, never worked the same since, I called back and complained to Samsung customer service that nothing is cold and not freezing enough, said the would call back in 24hrs, a month later I left messages than out of the blue they called and said that my warranty just ran out. I bought Samsung brand because I thought it was the best, I want my fridge replaced, it took a long time for us to save for it.


I purchased a Samsung Fridge Freezer approx 7 years ago in 2012 it developed a fault, widely documented on the internet as being a known fault to which Samsung admitted on BBC Watchdog that it was not fit for purpose and potenially dangerous. Samsung sent an engineer in 2012 and they repaired it. However exactly the same issue has re-occured, I have contacted Samsung customer support an they do not want to know and suggested I pay an engineer to repair it.

I understand that the fridge/freezer is out of warranty and had the problem been anything other than the known fault I would have probably accepted this as unlucky. I have emailed the MD of Samsung UK and not had a reply. The customer service has been very poor.


We bought a Samsung stove two weeks ago and there is a three ring triple burner on top. There is a fast boil ring that is the inner most ring that is not working. Over one hour has been spent on the phone with customer service being sent from department to department with no one being able to take ownership of the problem and been put on hold and transferred numerous times.


I purchased a ceramic cook top stove with a convection oven from Lowes in 2012 . It is under warranty but i now have had to replace the convection fan every year. which makes three fans. Now it is out again and they replaced it in March of last year. It is Thanksgiving and no oven for they have to order the part. I am very unhappy with this product. Told it was top of the line. I will not purchase a stove from you again and I have posted this for everyone to see. My husband and I are in wheelchairs and this is a great hardship to us. This was bought at Lowe's in Glen Carbon , IL. I can't afford to keep replacing this when the warranty runs out. What am I to do?


I purchased an expensive Samsung refrigerator 3 years ago from Sears. Over the past few months I have had nothing but problems with this appliance. Sears has been out to my home on 4 different occasions. The first time they misdiagnosed the problem. The second time they told me that I had a part that had gone bad and needed to be replaced.The third time they cam back to replace the part. The forth time I called them back because the problem still existed. This time he says he has corrected the problem.

The problem I have that is most disturbing is that he says that my problem has been caused because I eat a lot of vegetables and this causes the refrigerator fan to freeze up and that the moisture from the vegetables have to go somewhere. That is disturbing because that is why you have the refrigerator to keep perishables in. I am very upset this time as I had just been to the grocery store and had a refrigerator full of food which I had to throw out. I took pictures of the food inside the refrigerator and the technician also saw it. My opinion of Samsung products has changed. While they may look good on the outside they do not live up to the service they are suppose to provide.


Had serviced the A/c sometime in June. However only after them leaving did we notice that the LED blue light was not working. Subsequently called up again and they came to check it out. However I refuse to pay the amount cause it was not our fault. In between the service people said they would get back to us. No response. Been 3 months. Today the service technician visited us again. I stand my ground and refuse to pay d sum of 450/-. You refuse to take responsibility. What do you suggest I do?


I tried to register my new Samsung Washer online for the warranty put could not because the first page of the information would not accept my cell phone number. This is the only phone I have. Please send me by email a registration form to print out, fill out and mail to Samsung.


Bought a dryer at Lowes last August - have not had it a year as you can see. The dryer quit working on 6/27 and we called the warranty company. They said they would send someone out on Monday. The company that came was A&E out of Harrisonburg, Virginia. The man that showed up went down and plugged it up and said it was running - all of 5 minutes, was made, left and never gave us a ticket. The dryer was still broke. Called back again complained about how this man treated my wife - she came home so I could go to work and took over waiting for these people.

A&E sent the same man with another tech to fix dryer. They ordered parts of $536.00 and labor of $138.00. Apparently they charge $138.00 each time they come. Another tech comes back the following week to install the parts. The dryer (after he left) was found not to be working. It only works on one cycle and that is it. We called back to the warranty company and they said they would have someone out on Friday of the next week to work on it. This company whoever it was did not show.

At this point we were told our dryer would be replaced and they would have answer from Samsung on Tuesday of the following regarding the replacement. We called yesterday and was told no the dryer would not be replaced as Samsung said it was fixable and another company would be coming to work on the dryer. At this point more money has been spent to fix the dryer than we paid for it. A new dryer is less than the repair bills so far. No one at the warranty company is helping, Lowes is going along with the warranty company and we are still without a working dryer.

This will be the 5th trip (5 including the one no one showed up) and has been 4 weeks. I want the dryer replaced. Samsung must be the most inferiorly run company. How stupid is it to spend more on the repairs than it costs to replace it. At this point I don't trust anything that is done to it. It is fairly new technology and probably have too many people trained to fix it.


I have a Samsung RSA1WTMH American style frostfree fridge freezer, earlier this week I went to the freezer only to find everything was thawed out. I therefore had to throw it all out, about £100 worth. We have insurance for the repair of the fridge freezer but this does not cover the value of food, so we called them and had a 3 day wait for them to be available, in which time the fridge also decided not to work so a further £30-£50 worth of food was disposed of. The engineer arrived and said that in his opinion it needed de-frosting, "but" I said "this is a frost free fridge freezer".

Yes he said but although no one will tell you this it does need to be have a de-frost, and he recommended annually, he added that there is no talk of this as those without repair insurance are likely to discard the machine and replace it "built in obsolescence" I have inspected the owners manual from cover to cover and nowhere does it say anything about de-frosting this machine. I would like to see Samsung reprint their manuals stating that their "frostfree" equipment does require a de-frost, this would help others avoid, what must be a regular, issue. I would also like some remuneration regarding my losses, and an apology for the distress and inconvenience this has caused my ill wife.


Bought a Samsung dishwasher, within a few months got a draining error it wouldn't work. Service call since under warranty, was not fixed. The dishwasher worked when it wanted to. Few months later same thing, replaced a sensor. Few months later another sensor replaced, plus the main board. Still not working, last one was another sensor replaced. Totaling more than $300 in repairs. The service man told me that these dishwashers had many complaints on them, wish I did more research on them I would not have bought! The dishwasher is only year in a half old! If I could give a 0 star I would.


I bought one split Air Conditioner model name AR18HC3USNBNNA on 10.04.2015. From the very beginning it did not work properly the way it should have. I complained to the service center for checking the machine. They came and reported gas leakage. Even after their repairing, it failed to cool the room. Again I complained on 24th June, 2015. Again Gas leakage problem is detected and now they want to take the machine with them, repair and again install. But, I want to replace the machine since a defective Air Conditioner has been given to me. But from Samsung Service Center they are unwilling to replace the machine and denying the fact that a defective machine has been supplied. I don't want to use this machine and want it to be replaced as early as possible. I bought this machine on the basis of Samsung's Goodwill. I request you to look into the matter and solve the above mentioned problem as early as possible. Quick response will be highly appreciated.


I am writing to tell you how disappointed I am in your product and most importantly, your customer service number. I purchased my Convection Range in Spring of 2012 after weeks of searching for the features and the looks that I thought would make my cooking and my kitchen shine. On Easter morning 2015 at around 7am while I had the oven set at 350 degrees and baking a pie, the oven suddenly exploded and flames erupted from the back of the control panel.

I immediately called 911 and had to evacuate my house while I waited on the fire department to come and check out the incident. Upon their inspection, nothing in my home wiring had been the cause and they determined that it was faulty wiring in the equipment. They said that the wiring harness was not properly insulated and over the couple of years that I had been using the range, it was melting the wiring and caused the explosion and resulting fire.
I was able to finish my cooking at a friends place and enjoyed our holiday with them since our home was filled with the awful smell of melting and burned wiring. When I was home later in the evening, I searched the internet to see if there had been other complaints/ a recall or anything else concerning my range.

What I found was shocking!! I stopped counting at around 30 other reviews on Amazon and other websites about the same problem and was amazed that most of the reviewers had stated that they contacted SAMSUNG customer service and got no satisfactory response. They were told that their appliance was out of warranty and that Samsung was not going to help them out. While I couldn't believe it, I contacted SAMSUNG CS on Monday, April 6 and reported what had happened and was given a reference number, an apology and told that someone from executive customer response would contact me by 7pm that evening to discuss and get a resolution to the problem.
At 6:58 pm I received a call,discussed the problem and was told that they were again sorry for the incident and was told that my product - but they were going to make a 1 time inclusion to get the problem assessed and make it right by repairing or replacing my range.

I was told that a contract service vendor would be calling me within 2 business days to schedule the appointment for service. I received the call from the vendor, Golden-In-Home Service, Inc. in Duluth, GA. When I was speaking to the representative and scheduling the appointment, I made sure to ask if Samsung was paying for the assessment and if they would determine if it was to be repaired or replaced and they confirmed that what I had asked was in fact correct. On Thursday, April 9, the service rep came to my home, opened the back of my range while telling me what the charges would be for the call and that the form stated that my equipment was out of warranty and that it was not going to be covered by Samsung. I asked him to wait while I called your CS department to get clarification and he refused to wait, closed up the back of my range and left.

When I called Customer Service at Samsung and gave them my reference number, the representative said that the special cs person and failed to put on the order that there was to be a 1 time inclusion for this incident and forwarded me to that Executive CS department. When I spoke with the ECS department, I was informed that they were not going to do anything about repairing or replacing my range, that they would just call and set another appointment for a service tech to come and evaluate the situation. UNACCEPTABLE! This range is only 3 years old and cost approx $1200 to purchase. The problem is obviously a defect in workmanship - (see my note above about the 30+ complaints) and your company is putting out a product that is hazardous and very dangerous.

I told the rep to forget about the "evaluation" appointment - I don't need someone to tell me that it is broken. I went and purchased another $1800 range this morning from Best Buy and purchased their 5 year extended warranty to avoid this problem in the future. I am extremely disappointed in your company and your product and will continue to express this to anyone and everyone that will listen to me when I tell them the story of my Easter morning 911 emergency.


Samsung - Non availability of Bottle Tray for Fridge model no. SR-52NXA & Serial no. 692341AT800334 E. Sir, I have been using your variety of products for last more than 15 years. Recently the Bottle Tray for above Refrigerator has broken by my servant. Now, I want to purchase a new one. I have enquired at your local service centre and also in the local market. But I am sorry to write that its not available any ware. I am in a fix now and worried that how my fridge will be serving my family. I request you to please provide me the bottle tray against payment. You may send it by courier also. The payment can be made through Internet Banking or you decide the way. Further, I would like to mention here the number engraved on the Tray. Please help me and arrange to supply the required item. Thanking you and with Regards.


We purchased a Samsung refrigerator from a Sears Outlet store in September of 2013. We were told by the Sears Outlet manager that everything they sold, including what we purchased, was covered by an original manufacturer warranty. So naturally when our fridge broke down in the first month we called Samsung and they arranged for service. The local service company came out and diagnosed a sealed system issue, but the technician that came to repair it afterwards disagreed and said there was something wrong with a fan. We took his word for it and the fridge seemed to work a little better, but not by much. Within a couple of months we were calling Samsung again to set up service. 4 service calls and 3 misdiagnoses later over the course of the next 8 months the sealed system was finally replaced and we were told nothing else could really be done. Fine. 4 months later there was no coolant in the fridge.

We called Samsung and they told us there was nothing they could do because the fridge was now out of warranty. We were still receiving offers by mail at the time to buy an extended warranty at an exorbitant expense. We contacted the service company and they offered to come out, but we would have to cover the diagnostic cost. We were desperate for help at this point so we paid for the diagnostic. They confirmed there was no coolant in the fridge and sent a picture to Samsung proving it. After about a week, we heard from the service company that we would be receiving an exchange unit. Great, we thought. Then I got an email from Samsung saying that instead we would be offered a buyback and that if our fridge was out of warranty, it would be prorated. Not so great, we thought. All they needed was a copy of our receipt.

A representative gave us her name, phone number, and an email address to reply to. We replied right away with the receipt but naturally they did not receive it. I tried the number the representative gave me a few times and waited about a week before giving up and calling Samsung's main line. That's when I found out that the receipt had not been received, they didn't know who I was talking about that sent us the original email, and I should have sent the receipt to a different email address. So I sent the receipt to a different address and waited a couple more days before calling again. When I called, I was given over to executive support and someone had to find the email I sent, pull the receipt, and attach it to our case while I was on the call. After waiting about twenty minutes I was told that Sears Outlet is not a certified dealer of Samsung products and that our buyback would not be honored. I was so angry I simply said "fine" and hung up.

We went to the Sears Outlet store in person to tell our story and after speaking with the manager we found out that the change to the warranty policy was only made in 2014; after we bought our fridge. I'm now waiting until Monday to call Samsung again to try and have our case reopened and reviewed. We have been using our mini fridge (thank goodness we have one) for over a month now. I have spared the small details because our story is so long, but let me tell you, throughout this whole process we have felt lied to, put off, and have overall had a terrible experience working with Samsung and their local service company. At this point, we will most likely never, ever buy a Samsung product again. Do yourself a favor and avoid them. If anyone from Samsung is reading this, cares to confirm what I've written here, and wants to have a go a trying to make me a happy customer my ticket number was/is 4129267283 and the model of our fridge is RS261MDWP. Good luck.

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