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Alaska Airlines is the 7th largest airlines in the United States and is publicly traded on the NYSE:ALK. In 2014 there were reported 880 flights daily to 104 destinations. There are over 11,000 employees and revenue passenger miles (RPM) in 2014 were reported as 29.9 billion (AAG).

If you have a problem with your Alaska Airlines flight, call 1-800-252-7522. A very helpful auto assistant ASK JENN is found at top right of home page and throughout their site. If you would like to send a postal correspondence to the CEO, Bradley D. Tilden, address your letter with Alaska Airlines, P.O. Box 68900, Seattle, Washington 98168. The corporate phone number is 206-433-3200.

Founded in 1932 by Mac McGee the airline began as a hopper between Anchorage and Bristol Bay. The merger in 1934 with Star Air Service made it the largest airline in Alaska. Operation Magic Carpet in 1949 successfully airlifted thousands of Yemmite Jews to their homeland without a single casualty. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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On a simple flight to Vegas 1688, the pilot continued to lie about a luggage fastener issue and resulting paperwork delay. Clearly it is a labor issue. Pissing me off further is how after an hour, 20minutes with no end in water, or steward service of any sort.

As a traveler every other week, Alaska will miss my revenue stream and patronage.


Your employees would not let my deaf and blind mother get to her flight because they said she was late. Her flight was at 2:40 it took the supervisor no less than 2 minutes to stop her personal conversation, she was about 3 feet away from me and looked at me when I asked for a "supervisor" to finally address our existence. Terrible customer service, she should first and foremost loose her current job position.
I could have pushed my mom in a wheelchair myself and made her flight. This is all completely shocking and I have never been so mad, and frustrated. The list of new out of pocket expenses is long, and i wont bore you at this time. But I need to know what will be done.

Cofo Code # LWQXBC flight # 301 Dorothy Santini 10-5-2019


I went to see visit my uncle Wed Sep 25th LAX- EWR flight # 546.
Right after I entered the plane a detected a funny smell. After everyone entered the
plane we were told we had to evacuate the plane since they found a leak.
About 20 minutes later we were told everything checked and we had to get back in the plane.
The smell continue and it was very cold. They knew about being cold because they said they
were going to adjust the temperature unfortunate I had to check in my luggage because the plane
was full so I was very cold and the smell continue giving me a very bad headache.
I fly Alaska all the time and it is my favorite airline since I go often to New Jersey but, this time
not only I had to endure the cold and smell but I also was a bit scared since I felt in 20 minutes
they could not fix the leak and that is why I got such bad headache.
I feel I should be refund the money I paid for my plane ticket.
Thank you.


I booked through justair 2 tickets 10/7 thru 10/9 to las vegas for jeff bakeman birthday trip howver he asked if I could camcel since his ptsd issie has come back he is now afraid to fly he was I n 82nd airborne and is eeing a psyvh thr va I believe since th trip is so far out it wount be a problem to be booked by someone else I would expext a cancelltion fee can you do anything? marta keely confirm cqxppx 360 348 0036 0277324731943 and 1944 Alaska air lins flights


Arrived at SFO after checking in on-line for my June 3 flight 1202. Kiosk printed boarding passes for me and my wife, but would not print our luggage tags. Threatened to make us late for our flight, causing considerable frustration. A technician working on a nearby kiosk informed me that this problem occasionally occurs. She stated that the problem occurs when baggage has been paid for ( "checked in") on line. She was kind enough to get me to an agent who had the necessary computer access to print them. Hurrah, but no hurrah for your kiosk software.


Today I booked a flight with American - partner airlines - for 9/22. Conf. # MVAGPO using 60,000 miles for first class. On your website it showed mixed booking with first leg as coach and second leg first class. I subsequently talked to American because my husband requires an accessible seat. American was very helpful and released two seats (that were not previously shown on your website) that would work for him. They told me that if I could provide proof that I had used first class miles that they would further release either business or first class seats for us but it would require Alaska rebooking our reservation and changing the cabin from coach to first class. They also suggested I speak to an Alaska customer center supervisor who would understand the request but, instead I called the regular number and talked to the rep. She argued with me that Alaska could not accommodate the request as instructed by American. She also disagreed with me that the seats that American reserved from us were on the website when I made the reservation but I KNOW that American released those seats when I was talking to them and would have also put us in first class if Alaska would change the cabin booking as I mentioned above. I know what American asked me to do although your rep argued with me about their instructions. She told me she had 7 years experience and she checked with someone else who had 24 years experience and both said they had no idea what I was asking. Nothing was accomplished with my call other than making me frustrated. I will call American back and try to get help from them. Their customer service was stellar. Not true of Alaska. I am not happy using 60,000 miles for a 35,000 mile ticket! Strangely I had a similar experience 18 months ago with Alaska and a partner airline.


Hi, I had a bad experience with my last flight. To start, the flight was delayed over an hour until takeoff. This was extremely hard as I was a traveling with my wife and young children that need to be constantly entertained. I understand that at times delays can be beyond your control, however we arrived in lax very late due to tardy departure and while trying to carry my two children out close to midnight, our stroller was brought out from beneath the plane all wet. This turned a hard flight into a really bad ordeal. I have had mostly good experiences with Alaska in the past and would like to continue patronizing the airline. I would however, appreciate compensation for the trouble of this flight.
mileage plan # 262052221


Hi, I had a bad experience with my last flight. To start, the flight was delayed over an hour until takeoff. This was extremely hard as I was a traveling with my wife and young children that need to be constantly entertained. I understand that at times delays can be beyond your control, however we arrived in lax very late due to tardy departure and while trying to carry my two children out close to midnight, our stroller was brought out from beneath the plane all wet. This turned a hard flight into a really bad ordeal. I have had mostly good experiences with Alaska in the past and would like to continue patronizing the airline. I would however, appreciate compensation for the trouble of this flight.
mileage plan # 262052221


Dear Representative,
A group of passengers returning from Puerto Vallarta (PVR) on March 15, 2019 to Redmond (RDM) arrived at 7:30 pm, flight 295 Portland to clear customs and continue on to RDM. Clearing customs was slow and then we had to deliver our baggage for shipment to RDM which caused further delay. We then had to clear TSA where there was only one person and then we had to dash to make the connecting flight. The plane was still at the gate but closed for additional boarding, which required our taking a later flight to RDM, which was time consuming and costly as we had to take a cab home, rather than transport by a family member at the earlier arrival time.
We have been at PDX at other times when Horizon Air delayed taking off to accommodate other passengers’ late connections to RDM, which was admirable. Horizon’s policy should be consistent.
Very Truly yours,
Paul Levinson


My wife and I on 7th February 2019 were both flying First Class from Los Angles to Liberia Costa Rica on AS 284. We were seated in row 2 and my wife had the aisle seat.
All was going very well until the hostess spilt red wine, food and cutlery over my wife and obviously staining her tailor made skirt (see Image below). Obviously the hostess was embarrassed and stated we will compensate you for the inconvience. She took my wife's boarding pass with the appropriate details.

It is now April and we have not heard a word from Alaskan Airlines.


Ken Jewsbury


My husband, Wesley Brown, and I were on the 9 am flight (Alaska 1638) from Portland, OR to Las Vegas on Friday, March 22, 2019. My husband is on dialysis and has to transport his dialysis machine which is life sustaining equipment. The dialysis machine travels in a hard case with form fitting foam cushioning inside the case. It fits the machine perfectly. When it came out on the carousel with the luggage it was flipped upside down. The machine along with the case weighs slightly under 100 pounds. This made it difficult to flip it back right side up while it was moving on the carousel. The outside of the case also looked beaten up. It looked worse than when we checked it in. When we got to our location we started to set the dialysis machine up. We unlocked the case and attempted to remove the top from the bottom of the case. It should have come off easily. However, it seemed like it was stuck on something. When we finally got the top off, we noticed that parts of the foam casing had broken off onto the machine. When we flipped the top of the case over to inspect, we observed that it was put on incorrectly after being inspected by TSA. Part of the foam cushion was slightly detached from the inside of the case. The shape of the foam cushion was deformed. The reason I mention the top being put on incorrectly is because with the rough handling of the case, the dialysis machine could have been damaged. Also, this compromises the safety of our dialysis machine on our return trip to Portland, OR on Thursday, March 28. We would appreciate a response to this complaint.


My husband, Wesley Brown, and I were on the 9 am flight (Alaska 1638) from Portland, OR to Las Vegas on Friday, March 22, 2019. My husband is on dialysis and has to transport his dialysis machine which is life sustaining equipment. The dialysis machine travels in a hard case with form fitting foam cushioning inside the case. It fits the machine perfectly. When it came out on the carousel with the luggage it was flipped upside down. The machine along with the case weighs slightly under 100 pounds. This made it difficult to flip it back right side up while it was moving on the carousel. The outside of the case also looked beaten up. It looked worse than when we checked it in. When we got to our location we started to set the dialysis machine up. We unlocked the case and attempted to remove the top from the bottom of the case. It should have come off easily. However, it seemed like it was stuck on something. When we finally got the top off, we noticed that parts of the foam casing had broken off onto the machine. When we flipped the top of the case over to inspect, we observed that it was put on incorrectly after being inspected by TSA. Part of the foam cushion was slightly detached from the inside of the case. The shape of the foam cushion was deformed. The reason I mention the top being put on incorrectly is because with the rough handling of the case, the dialysis machine could have been damaged. Also, this compromises the safety of our dialysis machine on our return trip to Portland, OR on Thursday, March 28. We would appreciate a response to this complaint.


I recently went round trip from Boise to Reno. At the time of my ticket I also purchased a ticket do fly today to Medford to help with ,my sister. I was very disappointed when my opthamologist said I couldn't go anywhere. It all started wmy eye hurting and there was a severe headache with shooting pains. It appears I have a disease called SCLERITIS. This is an auto immune disease that will cause blindness. It had to be treated urgently to prevent this problem. I only asked to have those funds the moved to my wallet. I was told it would cost $125.00 to move the $98 over. You would think there would be an exclusion of some kind. Please see what you can do for me. I know $98 doesn't seems like much to you, However, having an income of only $1.200 per month, I can't afford losing a penny. Thank You for your consideration.


Lucille Henderson


I had the wiorst experience on my flight back from Alaska .1. When you sell a flight they need to take into consideration that a big fat person does not fit in a regular paying seat . I was so uncomfortable and this person was in part of my seat was very unfair to me constantly touching and up against me that I had a horrible experience that could of been avoided... then I had to vomit and couldn’t cuz we were in Landing mode so had to hold till I got off the plane and had a terrible accident!! I understand there’s big people but you spill into my seat and space that’s a problem you airlines need to address!!!!


My complaint is with the luggage department. I returned home to Alaska from Phoenix Arizona (photo of boarding pass)on March 11, 2019. I am an experienced traveler and know to properly wrap items in luggage. This trip, I brought several items home that I knew would need extra care in packaging. One such item was a 7 ounce can of dry custard mix (attached photo). It was triple wrapped in plastic to insure that even if there was damage, it would not cause a mess in my luggage. When I picked up the luggage at baggage pickup, there was no indication of any damage. There was no rips, tears or punctures to the exterior of the luggage. I always check this before leaving the carousel area.
When I arrived home and opened this piece of luggage, it was an extreme mess. Not only was this container of custard mix not wrapped in anything, it had been placed between clothing and not with the other items I had packaged it with. I am totally stumped as to how this container not only was unwrapped and misplaced (I'm sure it was someone opening the bag to check items), but how it could possibly get powder in a CLOSED zipped shoe bag (attached photo) to the extent that it did, The powder was throughout the entire bag and ruined several things.
No liquid items were damaged. There were no dents in anything else. I have brought this particular item in luggage before (the movable cover under the lid has never expanded to cause damage or leakage).


I checked in at Los Angeles Int'l Airport for my flight from LA to Seattle on flight 497x. I was issued a bording ticket at gate 63. When I reached my gate I showed the Alaska airlines boarding pass to ensure I was at the correct gate. The attendant at gate 63 gave me a look as if I was stupid by commenting "okay, good for you sir" without looking at my pass to make sure it was accurate. One hour later I was nervous and proceeded to yet again another one of your all star employees if I was at the correct gate? I received another very snooty response when she said "sir, what does you ticket say?" I responded gate 63. She said"well then sir you just need to wait here then" as if to suggest my stupidity. After 25 minutes of waiting I then heard the Alaska announcement that there was a final boarding call for Seattle at gate 67. Which was about fairly long walk. I decided to just see if perhaps that might be the correct gate knowing that since the flight was leaving in 15 minutes I would likely not have time to make it back to gate 63. I told the chance and sure enough my actual gate was indeed gate 67. I was relieved to have found the gate and was the last person on the plane. When I explained what had just occurred to the boarding person I was told that "gates change all of the time." Then my carry on had to then be checked in as there was no room on the overhead because I was so late. This is horrible service and if this is an example of the people you hire to represent your airlines I will never fly Alaska ever again. No need to respond because I couldn't care less what your excuse is not how sorry you are.
Neil Kantor


Attempted to obtain a boarding pass 35 minutes before flight departure time. Was informed that since my boarding pass was not issued 40 minutes before flight time my boarding pass was denied. I prepaid a conference with $500 that I had been waiting a year to attend in the location I wanted (Las Vegas). The ticket agent called the gate but they also said a boarding pass could not be issued. I believe Alaska Airlines either overbooked or sold my seat to a stand by traveler. The first and only concern Alaska Airlines was explaining that my fees were non refundable. I did however receive several snarky "I am sorry" from their customer service department. Total loss for missing their deadline by five minutes in a stormy day when weather services were warning of flight delays, $800. If Alaska Airlines is so desperate to get double fees for one seat I am extremely uncomfortable to wonder what practices they might resort to minimize their maintenance costs. No wonder flyers are pulling their hair out trying to find an airline that does not treat them like farm animals.


Arrived at airport for a 815 flight on 2025 and it is delayed until 6 pm. This ensures I wil be missing my daughters school play and my visitation with her. Unbelievable. I did not get a heads up from Alaska nothing


On Jan. 22 2019 Flt 108 from Anc-Sea there was a man that was at least 400lbs that I was sitting next to. He took up half of my seat that I paid for. He was so large that he couldn't lower the arm rest. Please refund half of my ticket price. The worst flight of my life.


I recently had to fly to and from California for a family emergency. I purchased my ticket from an American Airlines site online because I could get the best price. The flight from Seattle was on Alaskaskywest to San Jose California on November 13, 2018. I was scheduled to return Dec. 1 but had to cancel my flight because my sister required surgery. The airline customer service told me that when I was ready to rebook, to call and let them know what hospital my sister's name and what hospital she was in and although I had not bought insurance, I might get help with my return fare. When my sister was recovered enough for me to leave, I called Alaskan customer service to get a flight back to Seattle from Fresno Ca. directly. The agent I spoke to was kind but could not find my previous flight information even though I gave him the Alaskan confirmation code. He told me he would research it and call me back in 15 minutes. I did not hear from him for more than an hour and tried to book my flight on line. I wanted to leave Fresno Jan 9 on the 12:55 flight. I found a fair for just over $100.00 He called as I was attempting to book the flight and told me he could get me a flight for 89. on the same flight. I of course was pleased, gave him my sisters credit card information and he said he would call back in a hour. I waited all day with no call. I then called back and was told by another agent that he was still working on my confirmation. The next morning, I called back and was told he would call in 30 minutes. I called again in an hour. I didn't want to try and book myself because he had my sisters credit card information. He finally called me and said he couldn't find my original confirmation even though I had given him the number. He said the best he could do was a flight on Jan 10th for $111.00 I told him to book it. when I got the e-mail with the flight confirmation, an hour later, It was for the 6:00 am flight out of Fresno on the 10th. All of this caused stress for myself and for my sister as well as for family who had to arrange to pick me up in the NW. I live in Port Townsend and have to take the light rail, a ferry and be picked up on Bainbridge Island for the drive back home, about an hour and a half. Thursday is not an easy day for my NW family to coordinate a pick up. I have always been happy flying Alaskan, the people at the airport and on the planes are always kind and helpful. My situation is a bit unusual I know but if I had been told by customer service that he could not be helped with my unique problem, I would have simply booked the cheapest and soonest flight home that I could. Please assist your customer service phone reps with managing situations like mine in a more timely fashion. I know I am not the only customer who has a cancelation that was unexpected and my retired budget does not allow me to buy more expensive tickets. Thank You


Last three flights I have experienced delays. On one of the flights no information to update as to what was happening and the reason for the delays. On the flight with a layover, again, delayed plus our gate kept getting changed during the delay. On my last flight home my luggage was missing for four days it got sent to Mexico. On our next flight in May the flight time has already changed which in turn is affecting our plans. We really like Alaskan as it offers flights that fit our needs. Now I am starting to question if it is worth. Even have the Alaskan credit card so I can earn miles. Just not sure what I should do when I go to book again with so many issues on three straight flights. Not a good percentage. If I was a baseball player I would have struck out.
Do have any suggestions to make me feel better?
Thank you
Pat Mancuso customer#18230483

Bob Mancuso 182305012
Hope to see you in May

Would like some kind of response I have responeded once with no response from you guys.


I am very disappointed with the way Alaska Airlines handled my reservation. My flight date was arbitrarily changed from January 6 to January 7th 2019 By Alaska Air with out my consent or even letting me know. Imagine my surprise when I kept receiving flight updates that only showed my original flight date and time (Record locator number MEJBFQ) and was unable to check in on line. I reached out to Orbitz your business partner on this ticket and spent over an hour and a half on the phone trying to resolve this mess while in transit to the airport. The stress that we were put under, As well as our inability to meet our time commitment for additional ground service... in both Los Angeles as well as Chicago this is ridicules. My colleagues from Northwestern University which I was to meet were also inconvenienced since I would not be there at the time and date which we had planned on. This will not sit well with our alumni and professional peers. If it wasn't for Orbitz I would have had to foot the bill for their overnight lodging as well as mine and their ground transportation. I am beyond aggravated I would appreciate a full accounting of why and how this happened.

Alexander Manrique


To Whom this may concern : December 21 /2017 leaving Sacramento to Seattle to Vancouver. Need to use cx insurance. Contacted Alaska . I was requesting in writing a letter confirming dates of trip and confirmation that I cancelled my trip and then re-booked . I called 8 times ( starting in March 2018 ) , I was always told that the letter has been written and mailed to my home. I called and called . No letter came . Between the hassle with the insurance company and Alaska Air it took till August to receive my money . After I received my check 3 letters appear all on the same day to my home. I was relentless in trying to get the money back since the money actually belonged to my Mom .They are the letters I had been requesting all along , but each time I called I was assured that the letter had been mailed . I am a good customer and our family only uses Alaska . The reason I am writing this letter is because I called the complaint department , gave a brief run down of why I was calling. I requested to speak with someone the representative took my name and number . I believed I called 2 months ago . The message is probably in the mail room . L Whitt


I was booked on fight #2311 on Fri the 7th, it took me a little longer to get threw sercurity, the flight was leaving at 6:35am i got to the gate i would say around 610am i saw a lot of people sitting there NOT knowing that the flight had boarded because it was so many people standing there, so i just stood there waiting to board, i saw a older lady agent look like she was having problems with the Screens that tell you its boarding she walked over to the other agent and said something then the flight #2311 poped up on her sreen now both screen had the same infro then she walked back to hers,so around 6:30 i walked up to her and ask her if there was a delay for boarding she said Oh that flight has boarded she pointed at the plane with the engines on already doors closed, Yes i stood there for about 20min, i found out her name is LENA another agent told me i worked for McDonalds for 52yrs i fly a lot, LENA did not announce last call for boarding Flight#2311, the other agent i talked to gave me her name with NO Hesitation, I had the agents name that help me but i lost it ,she very Quickly Apologize and put me on the next flight to Boise flight#2502, (Lena made NO ANNOUNCEMENT about FLIGHT #2311) i wish i could give you the Agent that help me, She was Very Helpful and Very Apologetic so i would have to give her a 5 STAR, Thank You so very much for listening Leo Griggs


This was my first experience flying with Alaska Airlines. I flew first class to Seattle, Washington on December 8th and returned December 15th. When I got on the flights I was only given water, not asked if I wanted anything else to drink. I have flown first class with American, and have been given anything I wanted upon entering the plane. I found out later that this is normal for your airline. What is the point of paying for first class if you aren't treated any differently than if you were in the back of the plane. I was very disappointed in your airline and will travel with American and be treated better than I was on your airline. The stewardesses were very nice and I know it is not their fault, it is how you run your airline.


Susan Ann Lewis


Was not let on flight tho was there 1 hr before take off ..after driving 2 hrs to get to Wenatchee wa airpor!!. Plane was there , 2 custumers were there, but no one at desk to help. Had pre paid ticket online but was not allowed on flight because I not there at 3am for 5:45 flight! if no one was there at 4:45 would they have been there at 3am? it is a very small airport . I had a dad in e.r. not expected to live, had to take all Christmas money to get there., but was not let on..why.? I was 1 hr late ,but a whole hr early..and plane didn't even leave for another 45 min while I was there trying to get help.. Had to take taxi from airport, then find a shuttle, spend 4.5 hours in cold shuttle to get to seattle, then had to wait another 3.5 hrs to get on plane to san diego. I know this may seem small to those of you in charge..but manning your desk would only seem right..yet I paid dearly for no help, no flight, and left stranded. They just closed down and left me there! with my pre paid ticket [with no refunds] .Does that seem right to you?. I have been Alaska customer for a long time. This was uncalled for and very unprofessional on the airlines part. It cost me big in time and money. I was flying Alaska the whole way.


On 12/4/2018 @ San Diego airport (SAN), at approx. 9:15am, I went to check in at the outside AK AIR check in counter, & encountered a very snippy, sarcastic, belittling, Unhelpful agent there named Victoria. She insisted I pay $50 for my 2 check in bags since my electronic ticket did not show that I was a CLUB 49 member & collect it back in Anchorage when I got home. My mileage plan was on my ticket & should have shown this apparently, but it did not; she wanted me to produce a CLUB 49 card...which I have never even heard of before; She should not be the face of your airlines at check in...& lacks good customer skills ! Didn't offer to have the person with the cart take my 2 heavy duffles into the main counter either... I said "thanks for the great customer service" I headed inside having wasted my time outside...and she yelled back at me with a derogatory comment heard by all in the area. I chose to let it roll off my back & keep on walking. VERY DISATISFIED with one Veronica who needs something (a written reprimand) in her file ! My flight out of there was 1816 I think at 11:15 am to Seattle , then on to Anchorage on #93 I believe.


Alaska used to follow through on everything, the best customer service ever and why I use for my primary flight carrier.

I used MY miles for our family trip to Kauai 11.22 San Diego to Lihue then Lihue to San Diego 11.28.2018.

Initial leg of the trip my son, Elijah, was asked to move seats to accommodate a family, and he did.

Elijah Erickson DOB 7.26.1999
Alaska Mileage # 166917461
Confirm # PMTYZO
San Diego to Lihue 11.22.2018

I was supposed to have recvd an email with- in two days for “Miles” to I guess help to reimburse using my miles for this inconvenience, and still have not heard anything.

Jonah F. Erickson DOB 03.29.1995
Alaska Mileage # 194797945
Confirm# LRPEOG
Lihue to San Diego - 11.28.2018

My son Jonah Erickson
On our departure from Lihue, my son, Jonah, was asked to change seats to accommodate a family, mother and child.

This child proceeded to kick the back of the seat my son had move to nearly the entire flight. My son stated that the attendant knew what was going on but did nothing to intervene. I was not sitting in their area, but my adult children are keenly aware NOT to create disturbances on a plane or any commotion since this can escalate the most benign situation. However, a little help from the employees would be nice.

I was supposed to have recvd an email with- in two days for “Miles” to I guess help to reimburse using my miles for this inconvenience, and still have not heard anything.

Leilah Raine Erickson DOB 05.03.1998
Alaska Mileage # 166917424
Confirm # NTXKJG
Lihue to San Diego 11.28.2018

My daughter on the flight to Lihue from San Diego was surrounded by crying screaming children, the entire flight.

However, it is the flight home from Lihue that is unacceptable. My daughter and her boyfriend were seated next to a large man with a child in his lap who cried and fought with the dad to get free nearly the entire time. Trying desperately to get to the lap of my daughter. This reached a point to where it was very uncomfortable for her and resulted in a long flight. Last time I believe she was seated next to a parrot or a cockatoo.

This is frustrating on many levels. I am considerate and understanding of children, I am a parent and had little ones, but this was nuts.

Alaska Airlines not sending emails to for these inconveniences is frustrating to now have to take the time out and contact you regarding this issue.

On 11.18.2018
Jonah Erickson
Confirm# VNELNO
American Airline San Diego to Boston

I flew my son to Boston for his best friends father’s funeral, and why I paid for first class. This is a very close friend who lost his father at the age of 56 ears old. I wanted Jonah to have a drink, be as comfortable as possible with some mental privacy.

Well, the bathroom was OUT of Order in 1st class and they did not have drinks available to the First Class passengers until much later.

Jonah was told again that he would receive miles for this inconvenience. Jonah provided my for miles that were to be sent via email. This has never happened. Top it off with his flight to Boston did not list his Alaska Mile Number for earning of any miles for him.

I have nothing more to say except to request this be remedied immediately, please.

Jennifer M. Baker-Erickson
Alaska Airline Mileage # 260061863


I left my cell phone (I-phone 6s, black without case) on the counter at the gate for Alaska flight #2267 on Thursday 11-29-18 at 7am. This flight was delayed so we took another flight but I left my phone at this gate. When I boarded my new flight I realized I left my phone so my buddy called my phone, the Alaska airlines attendant for flight #2267 answered my phone, she was at the gate for flight# 2267, she said she would put my name on the phone and leave it at lost and found so I could pick it up on Saturday 12-1-18 when I returned. I've called Port of Seattle lost and found, Alaska Airlines and Horizon Airlines's lost and found's, my cell phone was never brought to a lost and found. My work ph# 360-377-8887, I'm very frustrated this has become such a big issue when it seemed so simple to fix. My fault for leaving the phone but it would have been nice if the attendant followed through as promised.


Flight was cancelled due to weather leaving Seattle to Las Vegas on 11/20. You rebooked me on a flight that required me to fly to San Francisco and connect to a flight that would land in Vegas 11 hours after my original flight was supposed to land. I was worried that I would miss my connecting flight to Vegas (which it turns out I would have because the SF flight was so delayed) so I got online and rebooked myself on a direct Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle. Why didn't Alaska Airlines book me on the direct flight when there were so many seats still available? I was able to get online four hours after my plane was cancelled so I know that there was plenty availability.

The Customer Service Rep that I just talked to on the phone said that was too bad and I should read the contract. There was nothing he could do. Really? If I hadn't rebooked myself I would have been stuck in San Francisco overnight and no way to get to Las Vegas to be with my family that you had rebooked on a different flight through Portland and didn't get in until midnight.

I don't know why I am surprised since your gate agent Gigi, on flight 1422 on 11/20 that finally got me to LV (several hours late also) was rude, aggressive and hostile.

You should be ashamed of the way you treat your customers.


I was on a flight from Seattle (Alaska airlines#1780 to Los Angles non stop on 11/19/2018. When I arrived my baggage wasn't there. I went to report it around 10 am and they ask if it a had stopover and I told them it was a nonstop flight. They stated my luggage was in San Jose and they would has back to me to me by putting it on American airlines before the end of the day and call them by 3p.m. I called by 3p.m.and they said it would be there in by 1am. that morning. I stayed up and my luggage didn't arrive. I called Alaska and it finally arrive on the next morning at about noon. I feel I should have added credit than the 25 dollars when your luggage doesn't arrive on time I was very convenient without PJs, toothpaste and or clothes or clean underwear. .


My husband, Steve Pitzer, and I just returned from a trip to Alaska today, Sept. 8, and had a bad experience with Alaska Airlines. We were supposed to have returned last night. Here are our flight details on the return flight:

Flight # 100 from Anchorage to Seattle departing at 3pm from Anchorage on Friday, Sept. 7
Flight # 328 from Seattle to San Jose departing 8:15 from Seattle on Friday, Sept. 7

The flight from Anchorage was delayed about 20 minutes because they were waiting for another delayed plane carrying passengers which were to board on our flight. Our pilot announced this and asked for our patience, then told us that those of us catching connecting flights from Seattle would not have a problem. So we didn’t worry. They didn’t let us off the plane first, before other passengers, (I believe there were others also going to San Jose) so again, we thought we’d have time, and that they’d hold the plane! (After all, they’d just held our plane!)

When we deplaned in Seattle, we immediate asked the desk person about the flight to San Jose, She said, “You have 9 minutes.” So we rushed (and ran part of the way) but we had to wait for the train, and we had to cover quite a distance. She said nothing about them holding the plane for us. We just thought that since they held our plane for other passengers, they’d do the same for us to get home! Wrong!!!!

When we got to the gate for the San Jose flight, just a couple of minutes late, they said the flight was closed. No way we could get on. They sent us over to customer service for rebooking and the dark-haired woman there (did not get her name) was rather rude, not sympathetic at all, and told us we were booked on a 5:30 am flight. No!, we said. We are not getting up at 3am. So she changed us to an 11:30am flight to San Jose and gave us a couple of food vouchers and a hotel voucher for the Marriott. She also told us that our bags would be on the carousel, which they were not.

Because of all this, we missed seeing old friends who were in town. Very disappointing, and we are very disappointed that our flight was not held for a few minutes. We’d like to know why it was handled this way.

A disgruntled customer, Linda Maxwell


I fly Alaska Airlines almost every month going from Palm Spings to Portland for over 12 years . I have to say I am generally happy with the service but my flight on August 1st left me a little miffed.
I cannot count the times my flights have been delayed in San Francisco airport which is usually a lay over times up to 4 hours and I have received no compensation. On August 1st my flight from Palm Springs arrived in SF on time and a flight to Portland was leaving from the gate next to where I arrived ...I got on the earlier flight instead of waiting for 2 hours for the booked flight because of the track record of your airlines flying out late....... The part that I really resented is that you made me pay a $50 dollar fee to get on it !!
I also fly thru Seattle also and have never had to pay a fee if a earlier flight has space open and I have no luggage to get on it.
I find the $50 dollar fee a slap in the face of flyers who frequent your airlines.
Flight 383 SFO to PDX passenger Dane Nelson


July 26, 2018

Alaska Airlines

P.O. Box 68900
Seattle, WA 98168
Attn.: Customer Relations

Date of Flight: July 23, 2018

Number of flight: 809

Ticket numbers: Mine = 0272163135701 and Husband = 0272163135702
Originating city: Portland, OR
Destination city: Kahului, HI
Names: Kathleen and Kirk Hamilton
Address: 2849 Iolani Street, Makawao, HI 96768
Level Status: Premier Class

Dear Customer Service,

My husband and I recently had a flight from Portland, Oregon to Kahului, Hawaii on July 23. It was the most uncomfortable flight we've had. We had purchased Premier Class seats 6E and 6F. For 5 hours and 50 minutes, plus adding on an extra departure delay of 20 minutes due to the caterer being late, we felt like we were pinned in. I later found out that the armrests on row 6 did not go up, and the others did! There was no need to book an extra seat for comfort from past experiences flying Premier Class. We had planned on just riding comfortably, as we did the last time we had flown Alaska, but because our hard and bulky armrest did not go up, I had to take 2 pain pills during the flight to get through this long and uncomfortable experience caused by the materials used for the armrests.
From my research after returning home from this flight, I found additional complaints/reviews:

Reviews for Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800:

Submitted by Cheron V on 2018/06/24 for Seat 6F - (Note: My seat)
"Additional leg room is nice. Seats are horribly uncomfortable due to hard-sided armrests."

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/04/01
"The Premium seats are the biggest waste of money. They are some of the most uncomfortable seats I have ever sat in. They do have a little bit more legroom compared to the main cabin regular seats. The seats are too narrow, I'm fairly skinny (5'10" 165 lbs.) and I felt cramped in the seats."

We have been loyal customers of Alaska Airlines since 2013, choosing and paying extra for Premier seats, but we feel that we paid for and experienced extra discomfort. The additional cost for choosing Premier seats for us was $198, and feel a refund is in order.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Kathleen and Kirk Hamilton


Subject: Bad flight experience

Date of flight: 7/18/18
Departure airport: SNA (Orange county John Wayne)
Destination: PDX (Portland Oregon)

Flight no. 585
original departure time: 6:59 p.m.
Original arrival time: 9:13 p.m.

Return Flight No. 336
Original departure time: 6:35 a.m.
Original arrival time: 9:04 a.m.

My fiance and I had gotten good referral info. about Alaska Airlines from our friends and loved ones. So we took there recommendation to experience a great flight with high expectations! however this was not the case. My fiance
Donna, and I where looking forward to a exciting trip to the northwest to visit her son and family in Camas Washington, But unfortunately that did not take place as planned. A late dinner arrival party was planned at Donna's sons house with many family members. Due to the delayed flight and later arrival, the party was cancelled, feelings of disappointment weighed heavily on all our minds. some food was wasted, but most importantly our connection to our loved ones impacted, as our arrival to the party was cancelled, due to the late arrival, and children could not stay up any longer.

We as parents salvaged all that we could during our stay, looking forward to a return trip next year.
as we arrived at the airport for our departure, we where shocked to find out our flight 336 had been cancelled! we thought, now what? not again!.....but yes, again! another set back. at this point we where thinking this must be a mistake, but after checking and was all too true! so after realization had set in, we where knocked off several flights I'm guessing do to others with the same circumstance, and relegated to a much later flight. The Alaska flight agent did her best to accommodate and make our flight change experience as painless as possible. She upgraded us to 1st class for our return trip, but then stated it would only be to nonstop flights available! Oh no! another set back! at this point we where frustrated with long line waiting experience due to the flight change, now we just want to get the hell out of here! (pardon my french) so she finally booked our flight to Seattle on flight no.3431 on first class and a hour plus layover upon arrival. Our new final return flight no. 810 row 32 seats D & E this is at the back of the aircraft, Oh, I can't begin to tell you of the frustration we where enduring. As we landed, we scampered quickly to our gates listed at C20 ...we waited about 15 minutes, before noticing our flight still wasn't coming up on the board, what going on now? so we checked with the flight counter and it had been changed to N10, so off we go again to N10, this gate change was not easy either as now we have to take a tram, as we exited the tram we went directly to N10, as we waited about 10 minutes, I decided to check to make sure this was the final gate it was not!.....ok you got to be kidding me!
at this point I am disgusted and tired, then directed to gate N1, why is this happening to us? as we sat down to catch our breath we remembered the flight agent gave us meal tickets, so we finally got something to eat before boarding our
flight home. as we finally boarded a packed flight home. we made our way back to the back of the plane. As we approached our seats I noticed they where next to 1 of 3 bathrooms. we took our seats, our seats where changed from our original requested window seats in order to get home sooner. So my isle seat and Donna's middle seats where the
closest to the the bathroom door. Ok this can't be good!.... as we took off and leveled, visitors to the bathroom began to escalate. The constant occurrence and odors emitting from the bathroom was disgusting. it became so bad that my fiance started to dry heave into a barf bag. One man in particular, which must of weighted close to 400 lbs visited the bathroom frequently, at least every 20 minutes or so, this man reeked to high heaven with a foul body odor, not to mention how he single handedly destroyed the bathroom with every visit. we had to immediately contact the stewardess and complain, as we both are getting more nauseous. Two flight attendants came quickly, and listened to our plight and acknowledged our situation with great sympathy and understanding. I and my fiance where very surprised! we thought they would give us excuses as to how its out of there control etc etc... but no, the one stewardess
to control immediately (her name was Jill) she went and got us both a orange blossom tea bag that we hung around our what a difference this made, and the other stewardess (her name was Laura) brought me a coffee bag she opened to help defuse the raunchy smell. the one stewardess (Jill) also included free drinks and any meal to us. this was a good gesture on part of these two Stewards, and they stayed vigil through the whole flight. at one point in time they actually
locked the bathroom door facing me. they only opened it one other time to accommodate passengers when the line was at about 5 people. we understood. the man that was about 400 lbs. visited the bathroom about 7 different times. even the women in front of me was complaining too! We know that no one can really do anything about people who don't practice cleanliness. These to Stewardess's helped us make it through a very tough situation. We extended our
thanks to them both. We hope you will send them an extended thank also. We landed at SNA at about 3;00 p.m.
approximately 6hrs late!!! I and my fiance hope that you will provide us with some kind of resolve we can be happy with
and consider Alaskan Airlines for future flights in the USA and around the world. it is with great hope we will hear your response soon.


As far as flying with your company I have no problem. But the last few times I have used your baggage check I have found many items stolen.
At first I thought I just missed placed them or they just fell out some where. It was one maybe two items so i didn't give it much thought. However I have come to realize that on the way back from vacation things really are stolen. Stolen by one or more of your employees.
This time on my way back I made a list and double checked to make sure everything was in place in the checked luggage. I took some of my nicer clothing because we were going to DC. and would be gone two weeks. We stayed with family while there. We arrived back home in Redmond, Or. around 10;30pm. The next morning I started unpacking and notice a book that my daughter had given me was missing first. So I finished unpacking the next day because we had some company show up.
At the end of unpacking and putting things away I noticed some missing clothes. I checked my list and bags to make sure they really were missing.
I tried to call several to report the missing items but I kept getting disconnected. After this long and maddening process I gave up and decided to calm down and find another way to file my missing items complaint. Here is my list of missing items that went missing in your baggage dept.. 1 book, three dress blouses, two shirts, a pair of dress shorts, two nice short skirts and one dress black sweater.
Here is my baggage claim check number PVNXZF9JUL18 DCA54CT950388.
I am a rewards customer not that it should make a difference. I hope you do something about my stolen items. I have given you all the information that you should need. I know there is no way that you can replace my things because no one knows what airport they went missing in.
I would like to continue using your airline, I hope that you take my stolen property serious. It might not sound like much to you but I will have a hard time replacing them.
I have said all I can and you probably stopped reading my complaint a while ago.
If you did read this, thanks.
One of your many customers,
Carol A. Folk


Hi ! I really had the most unpleasant and the most disrespectful experience today on flight 1935 from lax to sfo june 15 2018 . The guy named robert asked me to turn off the phone when i was talking to someone and i thought he was saying to put the belt on which i did . After few seconds he grabed my shoulder and screamed at me to get off from your phone right now ! The flight was delayed so i was talking about it on the phone and wishing eid which is our festival . I totally respect and follow the rules and the announcement came 5 mins after the incident to turn phones on airplane mode . When i ask him that why he is so rude and why he touched me the answer was because i have Already told you once . I totally reapect the instructions from crew mamber and should follow them but my concern is if they had to give the instruction second time due to any reason does it justify disrespecting or touching the customer ? I didnt wanted to create a scene so at the end when everyone was out i went to him asked his name and told him that i felt disrespected and embarrased in hope that he will apolozise . But , he did not rather he was gesturing aggreslively that why you didnt listen to me thr first time . At this time i did raise my voice and ask him that does it give you the liberty to touch and yell one someone ? On which he tried to threaten me sayingDo you want me to call the police and mangement ? I said yes please call them . A guy names christian came in and i told him the story that he use words like” please “ sir adjust your seat to a white guy and even black why didn't i got the same repect ? He said dont get started on that and lets go out and talk . After that he changed his tone al together and offer me $ 200 etc . Meantime the guy and other crew passed by laughing on me . I said i dont need anything except an apology from that person who really make me feel bad , and please call the police because he was saying i will include police or i am going to call the police on whic he said no we dont want to make it federal and i can make a complain and $ 200 etc . I really dont want any $ 200 or anything except that person actually apologizing for the disrespect and fun he made of me . I am sure he doed not represent the alaska airline values and no company ever tell employes to disrespect their customers . I hope that i will hear back soon . Bless you


Booking confirmation NMHEGQ Flight AS964 connecting AS734 Flight was March 16 Vancouver to Nashville with a connecting flight in Seattle
Myself and 3 collegues departed Vancouver on time and landed 10 minutes early in Seattle, however there was a plane in our gate, it took 30 minutes to taxi into our gate and 15 minutes before we could exit the plane from our seats at the back of the plane, by the time we caught the tram to our connecting plane the gate staff had given our seats away and closed the gate. There was a 30 minute line up for the Customer service desk, when we finally spoke to an agent the other airline going to Nashville had left. They offered the four of us in our party two seats with Delta but the agent took a personal call and one seat was sold allowing one of us to travel that evening at 5:00 pm, myself and my two collegues were put on United 260 departing 12:50 for Washington DC arriving 8:44 pm and departing DC on UA 5625 to nashville at 9:55 pm arriving 11:05pm
We were supposed to arrive in Nashville at 2:05 pm with Alaska. We had paid to attend a National Conference in Nashville at 5:00 pm, we missed the opening day when we arrived at 11:05 pm and spent 19 hours travelling, in addition I paid for two guests to enter the United Air lounge in Seattle at $80.00 each $$ Canadian, to acomodiate my collegues who was in the Seattle airport from 7:30 am till 5:00 pm till his Delta flight departed for nashville.. We received no food vouchers from the Alaska customer service desk, and the gate agents made no attempt to hold the plane for us nor did the first flight crew assist us in de-planeing first, there was no communication between the two Alaska flight. I have travelled with other airlines and they always make an effort to get passengers on connecting flights, your team did nothing.


I had a flight reservation for Anchorage to Kotzebue on Nov. 16, 2017. Prior to my day of flight, I received an email from Alaska Airlines advising that I had been upgraded to first class. I assume my being a gold member helped in securing that upgrade when a seat became available. On my day of travel, I tried to check in online, but could not and the message said to check in at the airport. When I did, I was advised that I was no longer had a seat in First Class and was put back in coach. I obviously was not happy about this and complained, but was not given an exact reason why this occurred and it has never happened before. I am filing this complaint in hopes that such an occurrence will not happen again in the future. For reference, I have attached the Alaska Airlines email I received on this matter.Thank you.

Gary Moore
cell 907-687-3145


I purchased my flight on line through Alaska Airlines for a roundtrip from Anchorage Ak to Traverse City MI. On my return flight I was charged $50.00 in luggage fees with Delta. I don't feel that I should have had to pay for that fee since I purchased my ticket with Alaska Air and am a 49 club member. My E-ticket 0272123893755.


This concerns Alaska Air flight 800 from Maui to Sacramento, ca. My husband and I always fly first class on your airline, and for the most part have enjoyed it. This last time coming home, they ran out of the chicken entree. We had no choice but to take the fish.. It was so bad I couldn't even finish it. The dessert wasn't that good either. When flying first class one should have a nice meal. The service was very nice, and the flight attendants too. I just felt the need to let the airline know. There should be enough choices to go around for each first class client, or have another option. Thank you for your time in reviewing this message.


Two issues on our flights on August 15:

(1) Used Alaska Airlines customer service kiosk to get boarding passes and check two bags. TV screen told me to wait for an agent to receive our bags. No agent at that counter. I went to one where there was an agent. Other people at the "no-agent counter" were being told the agent on the line where I was to wait a moment. She then helped them. I said loudly that that wasn't fair. No eye contact, no apology, just "I understand" and "the agent is just coming on board now."
(2) arrived in Seattle from Spokane at gate D1. Big board said our connecting flight would be at Gate C2. We walked the distance only to find out that the gate had been changed. Guess to where? C1. I asked for a wheelchair as walking long distances is difficult for me. Was told that it would take 15 minutes for wheelchair to arrive. We decided to walk it anyway.


We have just completed four flights on Alaska, 2 in economy and 2 in first class. Both economy flights had poor service and poor attitude from the hostesses, one hostess did nothing but slam into my husband every time she passed, no apologies. Our first first class flight was excellent with a superb flight attendant, the second first class flight was pathetic. There were two attends, (I assume one was training). These two spent the majority of the flight talking and texting, it did not bear any resemblance to first class service at all. These flights were my first experience with Alaska Airlines and I must say I am totally unimpressed.


Our grandson was going back to Seattle today as an unaccompanied minor. We arrived in plenty of time, and had him convinced he would be well taken care of. We turned him and his paper work over to a steward to take him on board and seat him in Seat 8A for his trip home to his mother, who would be waiting for him. Twenty minutes later, after most people were on board, My husband (his grandfather) called him on his cell phone to check on him. Asking him where his seat on the plane was, my grandson answered, he wasn't in a seat he was standing in the aisle, and had been for quite a while.

I became very angry, and approached the steward who had taken him on board, saying " go check on him". The steward came back and quite defensively said he was, by mistake, in 18A, then when that seat was needed, was left standing in the isle. Then he said they had now seated him in his seat in 8A. For starters, I don't know how someone could mistake 8A for 18A, and also they should know row 18 was too far back for him to be watched. (Where was our $50.00 charge to watch him spent?) He was traumatized by the experience, and we are VERY angry, and very unimpressed with Alaska Airlines and how our Grandson was NOT taken care of.

We sincerely hope this does not happen to any other children,and right now have a very negative opinion of Alaska Airlines.


My daughter Lauren A. Wilcox arrived for her Alaska Airlines flight #2455, Dec 15 6:00 am 1 min late, so 39 minutes before boarding, did the online check-in and paid for two bags to be checked in, no one was at the check-in counter. When she was finally able to find an agent, that agent advised her that she missed her flight. She had connecting flights to her home here in Hawaii, that got messed up. She booked another flight to Denver which got closed down for $1000.00 and now will not be leaving that airport till tomorrow at 2 pm, weather permitting. Seems like an over booking and the opportunity to have someone else in her seat. It could have been remedied on the spot. 1 minute late. Now $1000.00 short and struggling to get by, but a so what and too bad attitude, sucks. We have used your airlines through her college years and beyond. I did have this in Missoula, cause of overbooked flight. I was on time but since I was down on the list for booking the flight that I got confirmation on, I had to scramble to get another flight. Not good!!! Help! Helpless Dad in Hawaii.


My flight from Boston to Portland, Oregon on August 13 was most uncomfortable. I had a first class seat by the window, and had to crawl over the person sitting next to me to get out to the isle. Felt like I was pinned, as the seats in front of me were reclined, and the new console between passengers was protruding out leaving approximately a 7 inch space left to climb out to isle. Seriously, I have second thoughts to book another first class and will consider coach on the isle. It should be a bit more comfortable. I am a 5 foot petite person.


Hello, On September 1st we booked a one way flight for my husband to fly from Fairbanks AK to Dayton Oh. He was deployed and received notice from his sergeant that they would allow him to take leave time to come home for the birth of our child. I came to our hometown in Ohio in case my husband would be absent during the birth to be around family to help me out. My husband notified his sergeant that he would have to travel to Ohio for the birth of our son. The sergeant agreed still for my husband to come to Ohio for the birth but that the army was unable to fly him from their deployment location to Ohio, he would have to be flown from the deployment location back to base in Alaska and then at our expense purchase a plane ticket from Fairbanks to Ohio. We decided it was worth every penny to get him home for the birth of our son and booked him a one way ticket home for December 14th costing $447. We would then have to turn around and purchase 3 one way flights for my husband, 4 year old son and myself (lap baby) to return to Alaska together.

We just spent $3,000 for those plane tickets through your airline a few weeks ago. Since the purchase of all these tickets I have battled pre term labor and now on strict bed rest until Dec 4th. They are not allowing me to go past that due date and our son will be welcomed into the world on Dec 4th. My husband reached out to his sergeant who again approved him to leave the deployment location 10 days earlier. I called today to reschedule his flight and try and get him here as early and fast on Dec 4th as we could, only to turn around and have to pay another $207 to change his ticket. I told the agent we were military, told her the situation and she said there was no way around the $207 fee. My complaint is that we are military family serving this country ad can not even catch a break on a simple flight change for a soldier to witness the birth of his child.

Overall we have paid for my son and I $700 on one way tickets to get from AK to OH prior to deployment, my husbands one way ticket for Dec 14th costing now $650, and three one way tickets from OH to AK costing $3,000 and we still had to pay a fee to switch. I would like some sort of explanation for this charge because the flights we have scheduled back to Alaska allow us to change or cancel the tickets with no penalty up to 48 hours before the flight. Why could that not of happened for this ticket? Thank you, Madison French


Our surfboards did not arrive when we landed in Loreto on October 18 2015, we did not have our boards for three days. Alaska Airlines gave us false pretests that are luggage was on the plane not telling us before we took off only finding out when we landed in Loreto. To put it nicely are trip was a complete disaster! When you go on a surf trip you want your own boards, my son was very excited about trip and your Alaska Airlines, after we talk to people from your company we will let you know what we want from a terrible vacation.


After going through security at PDX I was told I needed to check my bag. Once I got to my destination LAS , while unpacking I found that my bag had been gone through and my portable phone charger and back up battery pack was missing. I had just purchased that for my trip. My trip was for a trade show and I needed it to be able to keep my phone charged while there. I'm really disappointed that it was taken. I would like Alaska Airlines to replace it.


I travel on September 30, 2015 on the 6:05 pm flight from, Anchorage, Alaska to Fairbanks, Alaska when the ticket agent printed out my ticket I left to the boarding area realizing that I left my phone on the counter. There was only myself and the person that took me to the airport and the ticket agent. However once I realized that I left the phone on the counter I immediately went back to the counter missing my flight not only was my phone gone but the ticket agent was also gone. I had another ticket agent to call the phone right away it went to voicemail. I saddens me that she would put her job in jeopardy but Alaska airlines hired a thief. I am asking for an investigation on this matter. I would appreciate it.


My sister and I returned home yesterday from Reno Nevada. I went to the kiosk to print the boarding passes and a nice lady at the counter said I will help you. She printed our passes and said hey both of you have TSA. She said no shoes off and no liquids out of the bags and no going through the scan that you have to put your arms above your head. We said great. When we got to security Pre-TSA was closed, so we had to go through the general line. The guy that checked our ID told us to still not take off our shoes and not to take the liquids out.

We put our stuff on the scanning belt thing and tried to walk through, a lady yelled at us and said "NO" you need to go here and stand on the feet and put your arms up. I told her we were told we did not need to do that because we were pre-check. She yelled again and said no. My sister got scared and did not understand, she has dementia and started crying. The lady was not sympathetic and did not care. That was uncalled for.


I needed to use Alaska Airlines to get home on emergency because I had 24 hours to say goodbye to my dying father. I took the red eye. Due to the extreme amount of stress I was under I was feeling very nauseous as I got on the plane. Upon asking for a vomit bag in case I got too sick on the flight a stewardess came over, grabbed me by the arm, and tried to throw me off the plane as it was boarding. I had clearly explained that my stomach was upset because my dad was dying and I was having severe cramps--- thus I was very distressed and worried. not to mention I typically get nauseous during take off.

She then brought 2 airline officers who told me I was required to leave the plane. They forced me to explain in a very loud voice in front of all the passengers that I was on my period and my dad was dying--- the officers were male as was most of first class. She still refused to let me get on the plane even though I repeated I only had hours to say goodbye to him. After 15 minutes of crying, begging, and utter public humiliation, she let me back on the plane. I have never been so publicly humiliated. She then got in my face and threatened to stop the plane and turn it around if I was going to leave a negative complaint about her. Needless to say when I landed, her supervisor got a series of calls and she got temporarily suspended.


Alaska Airlines, one of the best airlines I have come across. They have given me one of the best deals for the holiday trip I have taken to Disneyland along with my kids and wife. They just loved the overall experience starting from flight journey to the destination. Seats were comfortable, crew were friendly, food and entertainment were taken care of. The plane was neat and clean and this is what one expects while travelling. I have opted for the Mileage plan that Alaska has to offer as I keep travelling and would definitely Alaska Airlines in future. I would rate Alaska a 5 star and recommend this to anyone who want good deals on travelling and would not compromise on quality.

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