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I am frequently getting texts about using 100% of my data plan and are being charged $10 for another GB. I have turned off background data sending from apps and I rarely save anything or watch videos yet these charges are being sent many times a month.
The charges are adding up and my poor mother has to pay it and when she attempts to get it fixed she is given excuses or lead in circles meanwhile at&t gains from this problem getting getting any where from $20-$50 dollars extra each month!


I pay about 135 or more a month for one phone line, since I am a college student with no laptop I use my iphone for everything. I called maybe only twice to complain about the huge amount I am paying every month in return for horrible Internet services. There were many other times where I would have called but just didnt have the time to explain to another representative the same story since I knew they would just tell me the same spiel about turning my phone on and off to connect with towers. I am fed up with how much I am paying every single month for one line especially when I turn my phone off to turn it on again, and it still doesn't work. I want to end my contract. This is ridiculous. It's so slow. Videos don't even load half of the time. The last three months it has gotten worse. If I am paying top dollar for Internet then it should be excellent. Not below average. I don't want to be offer any incentives to stay with att. I want to break my contract with no charge. Sometimes the GPS would take me to the wrong places. Siri is slow and inaccurate. Please answer back soon so we could end this matter. I won't go to any press or write any blogs about this bad experience. I just want to stop this contract because it doesn't make sense. I feel taken advantage of every month when I see my bill. I don't mind saving money ever month from work to pay for this bill if I had excellent services. Since I don't get what I was promise. I think it is fair for me to ask for an early termination.


I talked to a lady 3 days ago now and she said with all the problems that we are having with our phones and one being stolen that we could upgrade and add a line for .99 total $1.06 each. She offered us the Apple I Phone 4 and or the Exhilarete for that price. Also said that we can grandfather in our plan since you dont have that anymore Now I call and they say nope. Cant do. What is the deal with this company? I need 5 phones, 4 already on the plan and add another. Why can we not get help from anyone anymore? Please respond for we really need phones that dont hangup on us at anytime of day or night. That dont shut off and on when they want. We have been good customers and pay our bill. We dont have the money to buy full price and when they tell us .99 cents and add a line for .99 cents with no problem whats the problem? Help us out here please.


Our Uverse works during the day but about 6 pm each day a red light
Comes on and we cannot log on. The troubleshooting help on the
Internet does not help with this problem and if you call ATT you are
Told there is a 30 minute wait. What a way to run a business..


To Whom it may concern, I have been an AT&T Customer for nearly 30 years. A while back I received an email from AT&T suggesting I upgrade and extend my contract for two years as I normally have done for years...I did extensive research for two months to find a phone I would like and that would perform similarly to the Palm Pre Plus that I have been using for sometime. This phone has been a perfect device for my business and personal affairs. I finally decided on the Samsung Captivate Glide and ordered through 'MY ATT' online.

I signed up and did all the necessary agreement and service contract with specific plans, etc. Once my phone arrived in mail I began to follow instructions to transfer contacts and activate new phone until I realized that there was no instruction to transfer contacts other than 'one at a time' ( I had hundreds). At this point I called AT&T tech support and got an operator that seemed as though he was reading the same thing I had on my screen and I waited for him some twenty minutes to figure out what I figured out in five minutes myself. He advised me to go into the closest AT&T store location and that they would have to do this there.

This is where my big problems began. Once at this store I was greeted by the store manager and she motioned to an employee 'Jarel' (sp?) and said 'contact transfer' or something like that. For the next two hours I was in this store as and a guy named 'Garrett' (who chimed in to contribute his own particular style of discouragement) attempted to simply transfer my telephone contacts from my old device onto my new device. She was using a converter machine with different cables and then she would walk away and let Jarel work on it for a while...nobody really handling this with a solution but rather giving me various explanations or excuses as I heard them.

I could not and still cannot see why this would be such a mystery for a company that is marketing these phones, selling these phones, creating comparative views online and service, data and text plans...every imaginable phone combination (including mine!)of instructions to transfer contacts, etc. I would imagine that there would be some IT protocol for this type of situation as Palm Pre Plus is not exactly that antiquated of a phone.

I realized it was time for me to upgrade (even though this Palm is a fantastic device and works very efficiently doing things that some smart phones still do not do) and of course that is why I did! Stuck here in this Pasadena/ Colorado Blvd AT&T store I realized and knew ultimately that someone, somewhere would be able to handle this but that I was in the wrong place and/or at the wrong time. Eventually I was convinced by everyone that it was my fault for having such an unusual phone and that they had never experienced such a situation?!?

I know from reading that there are many thousands of customers with AT&T that use the Palm Pre and have or will need to have their contacts transferred at some point if they wish to upgrade...spend money on new phone and extend contract for two years like I did... once again. So, why did they give me this totally callous, irresponsible treatment and turning the whole situation around as if I was asking for too much and treating me as some sort of difficult customer? I really was not sure. It was a bit baffling to me. Normally when this type dynamic happens it is when someone is trying to take advantage and redirect away from a particular honest responsibility. I fell for it I guess ... after all they said... they tried for all that time and made a suggestions that I owed them the consideration for this. OK fair enough.

I was convinced ultimately this Saturday evening by Jarel that I would be able to take my old phone home and connect it to my desktop and sync all my telephone numbers. He said that night my sim card was empty and that my contacts were on my phone. I thought that was strange. She seemed exquisite at making herself scarce at opportune moments. I shook hands with Jarel, thanked him and left the store and headed home to set out on the task of transferring all my this point was beginning to worry me. I had many years of accumulated telephone numbers of all my customers, family members, employees, friends, local vendors and business that I use daily.

Once home I discovered that all of my telephone numbers were gone. It wasn't long before I realized that the numbers must have been on the SIM card. The contacts that everyone at the store kept pointing out and had me go home with were only the synced contacts from my desktop already on my phone, most of which were only email adddresses. All my phone numbers had been erased. If they were aware of this then that would explain the strange behavior. If they were unaware then perhaps there would be a way to recover them. I was very concerned.

I could not imagine that they would not know they had erased my SIM card. It was too late, the store was closed when I called. I returned today (Sunday February 19, 2012). Having decided I was going to give everyone the benefit of the doubt I went in with an open mind and was only concerned with finding out if there was some way to recover these numbers as the alternative will be a long process of recovering them...and some I may not be able to get at all. In my reality I have to work come monday morning and this is going to create havoc. Having my own business is not having the dubious luxury of excuses, muddled smokescreens and discouragement while collecting a paycheck.

Almost as soon as I approached and her body language and manner in which she reacted was very telling that I was not going to get any help with this problem (as a reminder; a problem which occurred as a direct result of paying for goods and services, agreeing to a contract and following direction by AT&T personell to then thouroughly being abandoned in the lurch once things went awry) I still gave her the benefit of the doubt. I asked her if she could please relate to what I was experiencing and that it was my understanding that this whole transaction was marketed to me as a seamless transaction and now I am left hanging and having to deal with a mangaer taking this 'personal' as if it was about her.

I was appalled how much personal attention she seemed to be demanding and how unproffessional and irrespponsible this whole ordeal was. How did I get stuck in this situation? I got no resolve. Spent nearly an hour at the store arguing and of course Mr. Garrett was again pitching in his two cents only insofar as to offer more discouragement (help get me out of there) but no responsible 'take care of business' person could I find.

Except for the security guard, he seemed level headed and a straight shooter. really wished I could have done my business with him. I did notice that 'Jarel' was there in the store and the minute I walked in he disappeared in the back and when I asked for him said he was gone for the day. Another weird thing.

I left with the problem. I was hoping to find some efficient technical person that could perhaps convey what exactly had happened, maybe move forward with this whole thing in a responsible, productive way but instead I felt like I was dealing with a group of teenagers unable to confront problems and solve them without being sneaky and dishonest. All in all, as a paying loyal customer I was hoping to leave feeling a little better and confident about something through all this. Instead, I was distraught and angry.

I will proceed to see if I can hire a private technical person to look into this and If all else fails (and hopefully not) I will do the more inconvenient thing and return my phone, ask AT&T to cancel my contract on account of this breach and remain month to month as I was and keep my options open. Maybe this is a sign for a turning point for me to consider another carrier after all these years? I don't know. All the folks at this store seemed as if they would be perfectly ok with that. Probably nobody would care. I must get back to my life and my work now, this is a costly and time consuming issue!


My dad, my sister and myself decided to get my mom an iPad for Christmas. But first I called AT&T to make sure mom would be able to get service where she was. The lady I talked to was very nice telling me there was no problem in doing this, that was November 19,2012. She did tell me that in order to not be charged until when we needed it to call closer to Christmas. We called on December 19,2012 and talked to a Natalie who said there were no ports available in that area but she would put in a request for one.

She said to call back that Saturday. I did and was on the phone for 4 hours getting the run around everywhere. No one knew anything but were too busy to help and wanting to send me to someone else to bother. Even places like wireless service. Why send me to wireless phone service for DSL? Also, sent me to tech support with a person who I couldn't even understand but wanted me to tell him the # on the iPad! Why?

All I needed was to know when they would have Internet service for my mom in her area! Plus, and this is kinda funny, a lady asked me, while I was waiting for them to check on moms DSL, if I wanted mom to have her bills sent to her compute r so she could look up her information!! Can you believe that? I said NO, as I am trying to get her Internet service with you!! She said, oh, that's right...where does AT&T get these people??

I finally get off after feeling like I could scream! I go online to check at my house for mom and notice that they have her in the system for her phone # as trying to get Internet service. I call back after Christmas December 28,2012 and after talking to another lady that doesn't /can't help me she tells a man in the area /room with her who my sister, mom, dad and myself have the feeling doesn't want to talk to us.

He comes on all sighing and frustrated and tells me the best thing to do is go online at my house and sign her up with her address. So I go home and try to find it but only see where mom is in system and a date of January3,2013 as date for Internet to be processed. I call back that day and am on phone for almost 3 hours with same bunch of crap as before...switching me everywhere but where I need to go.

Plus, after demanding someone higher up I get a supervisor who is so rude that after asking what he can do for me puts me on hold while I explain. then after I finish I say hello! 3 times before he comes back on, I heard a click, and says while I was talking he was pulling some information. How rude! Then he says that if I can hold on a few more minutes he will try something...then it rings me over to tech support where I was at the beginning of the morning. This man says sorry but after all this there isn't anything you can do...

I can say this though, if I ever find a company that is even half as big as AT&T I WILL be seeing about going with them. My sister has already changed everything including their business because of all the trouble they had with AT&T and my husband thinks we need to too...if AT &T doesn't get their act together they won't be the largest anything!! people can only take so much before they look elsewhere...this has been an eye opener for me...

I've spent countless hours on the phone with nothing to show for it except my blood pressure spiking. My mom has an iPad that she can only play games on and my dad, sister And myself are out of $500, a gift mom has been waiting for that she can't use until someone in her area dies! I asked ATT about another port but sister and her husband are looking into something, maybe they will have better luck with another company!!


First, a little background. I initially signed up for U-verse in July 2009, when it was first offered at my apartment complex. I love technology and I am the one people usually turn to for tech advice. I have recommended AT&T U-verse without reservation to anyone who asks my advice. I tell them that if U-verse is available in their area, it's the best TV/internet service available so it is a no-brainer as to who they should use as their service provider. Several of my recommendations have resulted in U-verse gaining more customers. I'm not telling you this because I expect something in return.

I have never even taken advantage of the referral bonus because I don't want people to think that is the reason I am recommending U-verse. I really appreciate a company that values their customers and does everything in their power to ensure that they offer the best products and services to consumers.

I tell you all of this to now give you a recap of the most recent interaction I had with U-verse support. I have had problems with service in the past, but have always had them resolved by AT&T's courteous and responsive customer service team. I had an issue when transferring service when I moved to a different apartment in the same apartment complex. This issue was handled promptly and with minimum service disruption. I have been completely satisfied with AT&T U-verse until now. Following is a timeline recap of the steps I took to have my service restored.

10/11/2011 - 6:00 A.M.
Woke up to find that my RG was unresponsive and could not get a signal. TV and internet services were completely down.

10/11/2011 - 6:30 P.M. - Time of call: 55 minutes
When I got home from work, my service was still down. I called U-verse support and the tech walked me through the troubleshooting steps. She eventually suggested replacing my RG with a new RG, which would arrive Thursday, 10/13/2011. I'm not an expert on AT&T's system, but I had doubts that the RG was the problem. I asked her to send out a tech to troubleshoot the problem, but she said that there would be a $149 charge to dispatch a tech without first trying to replace the RG. I conceded and asked her to ship me a new RG.

10/13/2011 - 8:00 P.M. - Time of call: 1 hour 25 minutes
I received the new RG and followed the steps to get it running as soon as I got home from work. The new RG was producing the same symptoms as the previous RG, confirming my suspicions that the RG was not the problem. I called U-verse support and the tech walked me through the same troubleshooting steps as the previous tech. She concluded that the RG was the problem and offered to ship out a replacement. I told her that the RG I was currently using was a replacement that I had just received today and told her my suspicions of it being a deeper problem, due to the new RG producing the same results as the previous RG.

I asked for a tech to be dispatched and she told me that there would be a $149 charge to dispatch a tech. I asked to speak to her supervisor. The supervisor agreed with me that there was a deeper issue and believed the RG to be functioning properly. She tried to transfer me to Tier 2 Support, but there was a problem reaching them. She then said that she was going to go ahead and have a tech dispatched to troubleshoot the problem. She scheduled a tech to come out on Friday, 10/14/2011, between 4:00 P.M. and 9:00 P.M.

10/14/2011 - 3:18 P.M. - Time of call: 4 minutes / 3 minutes
The service tech called me and told me that he was in route to my apartment and that he should arrive in 5-10 minutes. I told him that I was still at work and would leave immediately to meet him at my apartment. He said that he would go ahead and check the outside lines. My commute is usually around 30 minutes, but got stuck in traffic on the way home. The tech called again at 4:15 to let me know that he had checked the outside lines, and that he believed my inside lines were ok due to the fact that he could "see" my RG from outside the apartment. I told him that I would be home in 10 minutes and he said that he could not wait on me. He also stated that he was not qualified to troubleshoot the outside lines and that he would put in a call for an "outside line" technician to come out and check the outside lines.

10/15/2011 - 10:15 A.M. - Time of call: 36 minutes
I have yet to receive a call from AT&T, nor have I noticed an AT&T technician on site servicing anything. I called U-verse support again only to find out that the only thing that the technician had reported was that I was not available to let him in the apartment to check the lines. There was no record of the tech requesting another tech to check the outside lines. The customer supprot tech offered to set up another appointment for Sunday from 4:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. I told her that I had dinner plans during that time and that I would not be home. I asked her if a tech was available to come out today and she said that there were no open appointments.

On a side note, I had planned to have several of my family and friends over to my apartment to watch football, which I had to cancel due to not having TV service. I told her that I wished to cancel my service and she immediately transferred me to someone else. I told the second representative the whole story and told him that it looked like my only option was to cancel service. I told him that I still love U-verse and hated to cancel my service, but that this series of events was unacceptable. He agreed with me and told me that he would help me cancel my service, or that if I was willing to try, he would get this issue resolved.

He placed me on hold for about 5 minutes and then the phone started ringing. Someone from Tier 2 support answered and was unaware of my current situation. She said that my call must have been dropped and transferred to her somehow. I gave her a rundown of how I reached her and she offered to help. She told me that there was an opening for today from 12:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. and that she was not sure why the previous tech stated that all of the appointments for today were taken. She scheduled a tech to come troubleshoot the issue.

10/15/2011 - 3:45 P.M.
The service tech arrived and I told him the story of what was happening. He checked the line that plugs into the RG and could not get a signal. He checked the line in the wall where it enters the apartment and could not find a signal there either. He put in a ticket to have a tech come check the outside lines. He told me that the tech would call me and give me an update on what he finds and let me know when to expect my service to be restored.

10/15/2011 - 10:30 P.M.
I contact U-verse support to check on the status of my service outage. The representative advised me that the tech was currently working on the problem and that someone from AT&T would contact me once the issue has been resolved. He told me that service could be restored tonight, or if not tonight, first thing in the morning.

10/16/2011 - 9:45 A.M.
A tech showed up and said that he had checked the outside lines and that everything appeared to be working properly. He asked to come in to check the other lines. He checked the same lines that the tech checked the previous day and determined that the problem was either the wall jack or the cord running from the jack to the RG. He replaced the jack and ran a regular phone line to the RG. The RG finally connected and service was restored.

I have several issues with the way this process was handled. My main problem with this encounter was the lack of urgency on solving this issue. U-verse at one time had excellent customer service. What happened? I will be moving soon and I had planned to have U-verse as my TV and internet provider in my new home, but I am hesitant based on how this situation was handled.

The purpose of this letter is to inform AT&T management of my encounter, and hopefully have the current way AT&T handles customer service and technical support analyzed to make it better.

I schedule new service with att internet for a friday at 1.30 pm. After traveling 66 miles to my vacation home to meet the installer, no one showed up. Called att at 4.30 pm and they said I already had internet. I aske how is that poosible? They said that I dont have be there. Ok, but the agent tranferred me and the second agent said tha I do not qulify in my area for dsl? Ok, she tranferred me again and the third agent said I need uverse? Transferd again to a manager and he said it would cost me approx 200.00 for a new account. Today is monday and I dont know if I have a order in place or internet or if all these people from att have any clue or care.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Since October of 2012 when I added internet to my land line service they never can get my bill right. I called on 3-11-13 to try to get something straighten out went thought three people and then on the fourth person never was connected. Spent over an hour and never got any where. I want to know why every month I get charged a different amount? Example: Bill for home phone & internet 12-13 65.41. 1-13. 71.24. 2-13. 63.64 3-13. 67.41 . I was told it was going to be under 60.00 per month.

Also I had problems with my internet not working right in December. Three times a tech came out did some repairs outside and checked it out before they left. I had bad internet connection for 5 weeks . I finally figured out they had one of my connection plugged in the wrong port.

You can see for yourself how many times I have called in. It would of been more but I'm getting tired of not getting anywhere with your employees. I am not a happy customer.

Martha Rodriguez


I ask for internet service in December 2012, i change my mind and cancelled it on december 23 2012.They told me that everything was taken care of. Received a bill, and nothing was taken care of. i also recieved a box in the mail. I call and again they were taken care of it ,they also said they were going to send me a sticker to send the box back. Nothing 5 times I have call you people to get this cleared nothing. Received another Bill for 23.79. I spoke to and her name is liz and she said she was going to call me back. Nothing Nothing and Nothing. and still i get charge. Iam so fed up with the customer service on this company. I want something phone number is 561 283 7284


I am working on a letter to AT&T explaining why my rejected fraud claim is in fact completely legitamate! Having repeatedly been given the run around with NO opportunity to talk directly with someone on the fraud unit I request the contact email for someone in charge ON THE FRAUD UNIT! Being placed on hold for 3 mins by an AT&T international care agent with incomplete details and only part of the story who spoke to the fraud dept on my behalf who then quickly rendered a decision against my claim is unacceptable!


Late last fall the grassy area at our curb was dug up and seeded to repair a phone problem our neighbor had directly across the street from us. My grassy area damaged is approx. 5 foot x 40 foot which is now full of rocks, mud and no grass. The reason my side of the street was dug up is because the main cables are on my side of the street. The neighbor who required the phone work is: Steve Ninast, 1239 Woodridge Trails Dr. Fenton, Mo. 63026. Their phone number is: 636-349-7608.
My name is Rich Lanigan, 1238 Woodridge Trails Dr. Fenton, Mo. 63026. My phone number is 636-343-8980.
I would like to have my lawn repaired.

Thank you.


I called AT&T to transfer my home service and a credit check was ran with out my knowledge or permission. I do not appreciate the fact that I was not informed of the credit check. Plus the fact, that it is ILLEGAL to perform a credit check without the knowledge of the consumer.


On Tuesday Dec. 3rd I called a reported my phone out, I still have a land line. The service department guy I spoke to said it would be 6-7 days to get it repaired. I asked why and he said they were behind on repairs. I said this would not work as our small business also opperates off our residential line. He did not care. I left it at that, on Friday, Dec. 6th, I called again and a very nice woman assissted me, and said they could fix it by Saturday the 8th ..a little better. Well I have waited all day and no show yet and not a single way to find out if anyone is actually going to show. My family, tenants and customers have had no way to contact us for 5 days this is so unacceptable. I have been a customer a long time and am greatly disappointed. Maybe they need to hire more workers and stop paying the CEO' much money. We live where cell phones do not work, if there is an emergency....well let's hope not.


On the 29th Dec 2012, I had sent a request to IMEI unlock a iPhone 3GS. I had received a request number 1464442, it states that if any other quires are required that I would receive an email.

I have received nothing as of yet, and it has been more than 5 to 7 working days. I got the phone in Santa Domingo in Jan or Feb 2010, and I stay in South Africa, I don't have the slip from the shop that I had got the phone.

Can you please advice on the way forward, so that I can unlock the iPhone, I had got around it before by jailbreaking it but now it has been updated to 6.0.1 and the jailbreak does not work to unlock the phone.


I have been with AT&T ConnectTech for 12 years and I have finally had enough! They provide me with home phone and DSL service. Last week I lost internet service so I called and was put in touch with ConnectTech. After going through some of the basic modem related issues I was told I would have to purchase a plan to get the technical help to diagnose and correct my problem. I spend 2 full hours with 4 techs over the course of 2 days.

I was told I had a virus (turned out I didn't). I was told that my network driver was missing (turned out it wasn't). And finally I was told to remove everything from my computer and reprogram it (I am glad I did not follow that advice!). The ConnectTech techs were too concerned about getting me off the line as quick as they could. Well I stumbled upon the solution to my problem myself. My DSL service had to be reinstalled.

It was a simple fix that I did myself. I called ConnectTech and told them that their lack of service wasted my time and I am not paying to continue this service. I was told that I would have to pay an early termination fee of $150!!! I called back and spoke with a Billing Supervisor and he told me he would not waive the early termination fee because the techs spend 2 hours of time with me.

I told him ConnectTech provided me with 2 hours of wrong information and missed the simple fix! I received ZERO satisfaction!


I have a complaint. Yesterday, 11-03-11, I called with questions about getting DSL Basic Service (U-Verse for my area) and I got a Customer Service Rep who sounded inept and I no confidence in a single word she was saying. I told her this and she offered to transfer me to a manager. Her manager, Trevon from Los Angeles, was understanding and informative. Understanding of my frustrations, he offered me a rebate of $100 for the modem and a waiver of $36 for the activation fee, I accepted it. Unfortunately the call was dropped by my AT&T iPhone before he could complete the order so I had to call back.

I went throughout the automated system and got Doug, who said he was able to see that the manager, Trevon, was entering my order in and that he would transfer me over to him. What he actually did was put me back into the automated system (COMPLAINT #1)… I went through the prompts and got to Dion from Fresno, no employee number, and he said he was able to see the order Trevon was putting in but could not honor the rebate and wavier. He told me he emailed Trevon and was waiting for a reply. He took my contact number and said he would call me as soon as he heard from Trevon.

Concurrently he was taking my complaint on Doug and that his manager might be calling me back for more information… no call (COMPLAINT #2). I call back and the center was closed. I call back today, 11-04-11, and get CSR Andrew, and he couldn't help me because I'm a U-Verse customer. He tells me he'll connect me to a U-Verse agent and that he would warm transfer me… that wasn't done (COMPLAINT #3)… he drops me into the automated system.

Brenden, from U-Verse is trying to help me and he sees an outstanding balance of $1,775.23… my balance according to is $342.18. He can't move forward and he says he'll put me on hold and he'll speak to the credit department to see if those charges of $1,775.23 were fraudulent… he doesn't put me on hold he cold transfers me to the National Credit Verification Dept (COMPLAIN #4). Kathy Daniels from National Credit Verification is unable to help me because their systems are down and I should call back after 20 minutes.

No one there seems to know what good customer service is about. Either that or they don't know how to put people on hold. I need retribution! An email back to me letting me know you got this and that those I have listed were reprimanded would be nice. Since starting this, I called 858.522.8918 for more service and they couldn't help until the "unpaid balance" was corrected. The National Credit Verification Dept's systems are still down so Cheryl, said she'll call me back Monday… we'll see what happens.


I have had my account with ATT for over 6 years, and I have had some trouble with my bill getting large, from returned checks. So I have some fault here as well. But I get very frustrated and unhappy when a payment arrangement is set up with AT&T and then not honored. On Nov 10, I spoke with Prina Cruz, badge number PB179M, she was very helpful and made some credits and payment arrangements on this account. We cancelled a payment that was due on the 14 for 749. And then made an arrangement of 394 on the 24, 394 on dec 8, and then the balance dec 16. That was set up and in place and I called again on the 19 to confirm this information. So on the 24 I made a payment of 394.

But after making the payment te computer said my account is still past due and subject to interruption. So I made another payment, I made the payment but new it was not going to go through. I wanted to at least make sure I followed my arrangements. Which I did with my first payment. So that week one payment went through and 2 were returned. But I made the first payment and it wen through. On dec 1, my service was interrupted. That's when all the problems really started. At that point they said they were not honoring the old arrangement and further I made new arrangements that I would have never done. After going back and forth several times with different managers. The rep I spoke to said they would accept half of the past due. Manager only said full balance.

So I accepted to do half. Confirmed with rep when 2nd payment would be due on dec 17. She then asked if she could take her break and call me back. So 10 min went by, called me I could not make the payment with a credit card. I asked to put in the system so I could make a payment later. I went into a att store after work, and made the payment in cash of 350. Called AT&T and waited 28 min for a rep, and then was hung up on. A rep at the store helped me and called in, he further said that management did not approve the deal, and the whole balance was due. So my true complaint was that payment arrangements with AT&T are not being honored by AT&T I will be forwarding a letter to the attorney general as well, as all this was happening to a survivor of Super storm sandy. I was out of work for 3 weeks and displaced for 2 weeks.



My AT&T troubles started from the time we got on the telephone. I have never remembered my 4 digit pin but always give a password reminder & the same answer. For some reason this time it didnt work and the rep told me I had to go into a store with my picture ID. I've recently been in a car wreck and have a neck & back brace, but I guess that doesnt matter when it comes to federal regulations. I had to ask to speak to a manager and suggest to them that they call me on my phone number on my profile. It would've been helpful if he told me that they could do that and to answer the other line when they call. Instead he came back to the phone saying we called you twice and you didn't answer, at which point I asked was that him calling from the 803 number. I answered the line and we finally got down to business, but not before the rep Tiffany, came back on the line with her "how can I help you ma'am" that was dripping with sarcasm. Any who I disconnected my services Oct 22 and received a bill for roughly $150 for internet & U300. I have returned all equipment and was told that my 6 month promo expired in July, although I signed up with AT&T the end of March. I asked the rep, Tiffany, to send me copies of my bills so that I could try to make sense of this, since my OLB was disabled when I closed my account. She gleefully told me that she would have to charge me for it because they already sent me one courtesy bill. I was already upset with the whole security issue, but then to be told I cant look at the bills unless I find them. Well, my OLB is disabled and I signed up for paperless billing so help me understand this concept please.


I have an I-Phone that I am having trouble with the battery holding a charge. When I went to the local store and ask if they would help me with this problem they told me that my phone had just just went off of warenty and there was not much they could do for me. I was give a phone # to call and see if there coprate office would be able to help me. The person I talked to gave me 2 ways to slove the problem the frist was to send the phone to them and they would check the phone and make the decision if there was a problem if they found a problem they would fix the problem but this would take several weeks to complete so I would be with out a phone during that time so why have a phone that I cant use but yet pay the monthly bill on. The second way was they would send me a phone during the time they were looking at my phone for a cost of 180$ and the cost of the new battery that would cost me 80$. I would not get the 180$ back so with the 180$ and the cost of a new battery at 80$ I would pay more that the phone is worth. No matter what I do it is going to cost me a lot of money to fix a battery 180$ and the cost of the battery or the loss of my phone for several weeks. They are not giving a fair deal here so why not pay out my contract and change carriers and get a new phone at the cost of 200$ and the second phone free. What would you do here get screwed or change. Hope you can help in this matter and not give me the same bull----. Can you afford to lose a costomer over a batterry and all of the bad press you are going to get. I hope you are going to treat you costomers better than that but at this point in time I don't think you will. If I am ever ask about who I would recomend for a carrier it sure will not be you if you can't fix a battery problem with out costing a ton of money you don't need my help in getting more costomers to screw over.


After 4 years of terrible service...I finally had it. Call after call I was put off. Doubly frustrated due to the fact that I had to drive nearly two miles to get good enough reception just so that my call with their service would not be dropped. Yet time after time I was told that I had at least 2-3 bars of reception. They talked me into getting a mini cell booster. Told me to try it (at a cost of $199) and if I was not happy with it ...return it. Well I found out from my neighbor with the same problem that the mini cell does not help. So I called and went in to the store to return THE NEW UNOPENED package...only to be told that it needed to be returned within 14 days! No where on the shipping info/receipt did it state that...nor did the AT&T customer service person on the phone state such. So now I have a mini cell booster of no use. It is one thing after another with this company. The people on the other end are all friendly and polite...but...totally useless. It is an obvious game of burn the customer out so they will just suck it up and move on. It is experiences like these that cause people to "go postal"! I understand that things happen...but really....time and time and time can't be just me. HELP!


I called to findout about expire date of my contract and I was transfer to retention dept. and talk to one lady her name was Bowman Tywana and I ask her if you have any promotion so I can stay with you. My price was $ 174 per month and reqest her for bettr deal but she told me no promotion is going on right now so I said ok and hung up phone. Now I started with different company with half price in same deal. I called for cancel my service after expire my contract, now they are saying I have renewed contract with them and which never give them permission for that and never talk about any renew contract. Why do I have to pay $150 for early cancelation which I never ask for renew my contract. Please work out with me otherwise I have to go talk with better bureo. I will appriciate if you do something abut this and Terminate that lady from job who cheated me. Thanks again.


I bought an iphone From an AT&T dealer in Chandler ok a year ago in June. The power button needed work so it was taken to an apple store in OKC. The person at the apple store opened the phone and said the "home button isn't theirs so it can't be touched" I called AT&T and was told this was not their problem. The store I purchased this phone from does not sell referb phones so it had to have come from apple this way . Was told this was not AT&T 's problem. I was fraudulently sold a new phone and no one wants to fix the problem or take ownership of this dishonesty


We have been with AT&T and the company they previously bought out for 8-10 years. Our business is in a poor and rural community and we rely on contracts with the US Federal Probation Department and other contracts to survive in this area. 90% of our patients are Native American from the surrounding reservations. Our business gets paid once per month, and as per contract they have any day up to the last day of the month (unless there is a department issue) to mail our checks. They do not have a direct deposit.

Our business is in Rapid City, SD, and our checks are mailed from Sioux Falls, SD, after approval from Pierre, SD. Our business survives from check to check because of the low-income area we service and the business does not have State or Federal monetary support and does not have a savings account. The reason I'm explaining this is because I have had checks returned because the checks did not come in as expected or a payment arrangement could not be kept because the check did not come in on time. As our payment history with AT&T shows even with our difficulties we have always paid the bill.

This month, December 2012, our check was delayed because of the 3 year contract updates with the US Federal Probation Department. I had received an email from AT&T showing our cell phones would be shut off if not paid by the 20th of December. Instead of just waiting for the 20th I called and made a payment arrangement for the 10th with the Debit Card, knowing our check is mailed from Sioux Falls on Thursdays and received in Rapid City on Saturday afternoon mail and the payment would be put on the debit card.

Unfortunately, on Monday, 12-11-2012, the administrator in charge of issuing the checks sent an email stating the officers had not turned in the updated contract client travel forms so our check were not approved last week but would be issued this Thursday, 12-13-2012. I called AT&T immediately to let them know of my problem and was eventually put through to a manager who basically told me there was absolutely nothing they could do because I had already made a payment arrangement and broke it.

I explained that this has happened to us in our history with AT&T on several occasions and because we have always make our payments ($300.00 to $400.00 a month) AT&T had always supported us by not shutting off the service but would charge us a disconnect fee that we were glad to pay for the support. The manager could care less and did not care to discuss the issue with me any further. So, in desperation I called on Tuesday, 12-11-2012, and explained my situation once again.

After the man (I believe his name was Nicolas) gave me the same explanation I asked him if he could put me through the save department (which I had been put through once before in my history and they had helped keep service alive). He asked me if I was going to discontinue service with AT&T and I told him that if after as many years and as much money I had with AT&T and they could not wait 5 more days for a cash payment for the late payment and also the new payment then, of course, why would I want to stay with this company. He asked me to wait while he put me on hold to discuss the issue. He returned and told me that he could not set up a new payment arrangement but would put a note that the service would not be shut off until Saturday, 12-15-2012, if that payment was not made.

I stated what he told me back to him to ensure that what he said was correct, thanked him and felt relieved. Today, 12-13-2012, our phones were shut off! I called and was put through to a manager who stated that because the phones were shut off today even the "save" department could not help, and the rep that I had spoken with did not have the authority to tell me that our phones would not be shut off until 12-15-2012. I asked the manager if it was AT&T policey for reps to blatantly lie to their customers? Also, because of the lie and then having the phones shut off that now the "save" department could not intervene, "Was that my fault?"

So, in summary, I was given a payment arrangement for 12-11-2012 that I could not make but was given 24 hours to get the money on the debit card and still be charged the disconnect fee. The next day I was told that because of my situation that a payment arrangement could not be made but they would put a note on file not to shut off phone until Saturday with promise to make both payments. On 12-13-2012, two days later the phones were shut off and the manager stated he was sorry I was "lied" to but there was nothing he could do. So, as of 10:00 am this morning we have 3 patients that cannot contact us if they needed transportation to our office and have not shown up for their therapy sessions. I understand that AT&T needs to be paid for allowing us to have service with them.

That is a given! But the unprofessional and non-customer service related way the "managers" have handled this situation is unforgiveable! If anyone one of the 3 patients are in distress and can not reach us at this time - it is unforgiveable! If the rep had not "lied" to me I would have had time to contact all patients for this weeks therapy and warn them that our phone service would not be available until Saturday and other arrangements would have been made!

I am absolutely astounded how AT&T management after all of these years and all of the thousands of dollars are business has spent with AT&T decided to punish us. This is another example of how our country has lost empathy for the "little people" and "poor people" who are paying their taxes and working to help underprivelaged citizens.

Although we are late at times we pay the extra fees for the honor of your phone service and ALWAYS make our payments and fees. Our business is very sorry that we have caused your multi-million dollar business difficulty. And, I would like anyone who gives a damn (I'm positive this will not be read or it will be read and thrown in the shredder) to know that as a small, disadvantaged, minority business that is just making it day to day never turns away a patient who cannot pay today, but can pay in the near future. Our patients are not just a number, they are human beings and we have empathy. Sorry for taking up your time with our trivial issue with your company! Sincerely, Gina Fiferman.


I am really screwed. I admit it was my fault but I sent my credit card payment to my closed AT&T account. It was a huge amount of money and I thought it would bounce back. WRONG. It was placed in some black hole account in the middle of nowhere where I have to dig and stratch to even get them to acknowledge they have my money. I have talked to 15 different people at AT&T and not one of them cares or if they pretend to care, they won't do anything about it.

I have had three people promise to call me back and not one person did. I can eventually get through to accounts receivable but they cannot connect to what ever black hole AT&T customer service department has my money. The best I have heard is hold my breath and wait for a check in three weeks. I cannot believe that this is the way a company would treat someone. IT IS MY MONEY and they have it by accident. I have friends who have done the same thing without all the hassel.

When I said it was AT&T I had each person say "you are screwed". Yes I tried to reverse it through my bank when it happened. Yes I called AT&T immediately (within 30 minutes) of them getting my money. That was over a week ago and it took this long just to locate it. In the meantime I have beeen insulted, disregarded, bounced around and forced to jump through hoops to get my almost $3000 back.

I am a single mom that works for a non-profit. This was to pay off my daughters tuition and they can't cut me a break and give me an acutal person to talk to that might help me out or care about the fact that I am paniced that I will never see my money again. The next step is an attorney.



I was interested in having the U-verse with AT and T . They had schedule a technician to arrive . They did not . I tried to check my status on line and it was not available . On the day they did not show up , I called at and t . After passing me around several departments , they told me that for some reason , my account was cancelled .They had schedule me for another date one month later . This time they showed up however , they said they could not install the services for a box of some sort is missing .

Attempt #3 came when a rep was going around out building saying that they had install the box needed due to the demand of people . For this attempt , i took a day off. Guess what the technician did not show up again ! and when i got a hold of someone they told me that they could not install u-verse for there was a part missing ! AND check this out , before i could get a hold of someone , i check my status online and it states that my installation date was scheduled for dec. 31 , 2036 !

I ordered Uverse TV back in October. They have been out to install a total of 6 times. Each time it is the same story, the other department did not do what was needed. This company is totally disjointed and has absolutely no regard for their customers. There sales and product offerings are a scam. I would recommend that no one do business with AT&T as they can not be trusted and are totally out of control. If I had the opportunity I would divest all service with AT&T. This is what happens when a company approaches a monopoly in a particular area. Sound familiar?

I had saved all my documents to prove such even happened.


I submitted an issue on Saturday which finally after 7 months a ticket was created. I was told someone will follow up today (wed). I called the tech support department to find out, and the person who answered the call stated she has no information. i asked her to contact the department that is working on this ticket and she said she has no way of contacting them. Understand, i've been going through the same issue for 7 months and changed out the phone 3 times and got 2 new sim cards. It was obvious she was reading her dialog book, so i asked to speak to her manager. Her manager would not come to the phone and delivered the same message this woman just gave me which was they have no way of contacting this 2nd tier department. I asked for this manager's name and id number and the woman said it was against policy to give out such information. How is anyone going to submit a complaint or a compliment if basic information cannot be handed out? The only information I was given was this manager's name (who refused to get on the phone) is Christina.

I ask you this: How does such a large company not be accessible to different departments? Why is it that the wireless customer service department have the worst employees who does not or cannot assist? Why is it that the wireless customer service department have under trained and rude employees?

Don't tell me that the day isn't over. There is 2 hours left in business hours. Again, 7 months of the same issue and it's taking AT&T this long to TRY and assist me?


I recieved a call from an AT&T business representative back in May. He was calling to see if I wanted to add AT&T Office Reach to one of our phone lines because of the person using it making so many 411 calls. He told me that if I added this service it would cost $5 a month as opposed to the $20 or more that was being charged in 411 calls. I told him I would have to ask my administrator and would get back in touch with him.
After I let him know he could add it, he said it would take 1 week for it to be fully functional. I said that was fine. Waited for the next bill to come, it hadn't been added. Giving him the benefit of the doubt ,I waited once more for the next bill, since I had spoken to him close to the end of the last billing cycle. Thinking that it would show up on this bill. It still had not been added after 2 months. So I sent him another email asking him why this service had not been added, and he said he would get it added for me. So I wait another 2 months, it still has not been added. I then send yet another email, telling him that this service needed to be added immediately and we were not paying the current bill until it was handled. He said he would get it added ASAP and would see about getting us a credit.
Next bill comes, Office Reach still has not been added and we only recieved a credit for 1 411 call ($1.99). I send him another email telling him how rediculous this was and asked how hard it could possibly be to get this added. By this time we should have been paying $5 a month for Office Reach and had already paid close to $100 in 411 calls. I told him that we didn't feel we should have to pay for these since it was a error on his end. He said he would try to get this service added and would see about getting us a credit, but it would take a week to get it done because he was on vacation. I sent another email to him last week to see where he was on getting this added, and got no response. I sent a final email to a sales rep. yesterday to see about getting this added and asked how to file a complaint. Got a response within a few hours that it was being added and would take 7-9 days for it to be fully provisioned, but no response on a complaints department. We'll se if this actually gets added. But it is rediculous that it took 7 months to get anywhere with this. I have kept a copy of all emails sent and recieved. There needs to be something done about this guy!


My complaint is with the ATT store where I purchased it. 1521 Olympic Blvd. in Walnut Creek, CA. I went in to purchase a new cell phone. They told me that if I went wireless with my HOME phone that it would be cheaper - 15.00 CHEAPER. Also told me that I would maintain all the phone services...caller id etc., the metro plan etc. All this was not true. There was no caller ID and the wireless was costing me 6.00 MORE per month. I immediatly went back to the store with the wireless router and told them they misled me and to put EVERYTHING (phone and internet) back to its original state. I was 10 days without phone service and had to use a hotspot for my internet connection which was very spotty. They assured me over and over all would be taken care of and would also take care of any extra charges - so far the extra charges are 145.00 but haven't received all the bills yet. So now I have two internet connections and being charged for both. I have emailed them repeatedly and left messages with the manager and the case worker assigned to my case. NO ONE has responded in over 1 week. I told them yesterday 12.15.12 they had 24 hours to get back to me before I file a complaint. They did not live up to what they said they would do and I am left hanging with the mess and the cost. I also asked them for compensation for this whole thing and received NOTHING. I need them to fix EVERYTHING and take care of EVERY BILL that I have incurred.


I handle all the cell phones for our company and called to place an order for a new phone on our account as I always do. The phone we wished to purchase was on back order however they checked and a store 30 minutes away had it in stock and they told me it would be best to go to the store to purchase it, that all I would need was my drivers license. I went into the AT&T store with our company bill and was told they could not talk to me because I was not listed as the administrator on the account. The assistant manager, Debbie was very short with me and did not want to listen to the fact that I was told to come there by the person I tried to order with over the phone. I then walked outside called the number on my bill and had myself placed as the administrator on the account to be able to purchase a new phone for a new employee. When I went back into the store she would not even look at me however the manger, Sean was very nice and very helpful. However, now a week later an employee that does not have his name listed anywhere on our billing and does not have access to our billing went into the same store and was given not only the total that we pay monthly but what we pay for on the business account. It looks to me like there are different policies for different people and that the policy should all be the same for everyone. I was already mad it took over an hour at the store because of their "policy" and now to find out the "policy" is not for everyone across the board is even more fustrating.


I want to complaint about stonetown store in San Francisco I went there today 11/01/2012 to activate my iphone 5 first when i got there the young lady by the door stop me to redgister may name for waiting list and she asked me where did i buy this phone look like interigating me so I told her nicely I got my phone by mail so I told her about her customer service she didn't like it so after a while when the tech person arrived he approched very rude like (wise guys) and he asked me why i didn't activate my phone on like which i didn't know and during to activating I nicely ask are you guys busy these days he repied very rude with customer like you we are very busy that was really rude this is in my mind all day I think thats why they are there for if they don't want to do any thing any body could work there and I think the tech and the lady on front were related to each other so this people need to talk if will let go they think they can do any thing and no one watching them.


My son's I-phone was stolen by one of his friends so I filed an insurance claim. Before the replacement I-phone arrived his orginal phone was returned. Therefore, I contacted AT&T and told them I no longer needed the replacement phone. They said no problem, open the package and place the return address on the box and mail back to the return address.
As I did not need the replacement phone I did not even open the package with the phone rather, I sent the entire package to the return address. Then a few weeks later I received a bill from AT&T Wireless for the deductible of $199.00 even though the replacement phone had been returned the same day it arrived.
I thought the matter was settled however AT&T continued to bill me for the insurance deductible even though the replacement phone had been returned. I called them several times and they said the never received the phone. Lately, the said the phone returned did not match the serial number of the phone sent.
Bottom line, they have my $199.00 and the replacement phone plus I was informed that they could not and would not send me a replacement phone nor would they credit me my $199.00 paid.
These guys are celluar predators. They even harrassed me several times and told me they would cut of my service and report me to a credit agency.
AT&T stinks!


I went ATT to ask about my bill, one of the sales consultants had bad manners and he looked impatient. I am very dissatisfied with his assist.

His name is: Derek , Job title: Sales consultant Date: 02/25/2013, about 6:15 P.M.

Store location: 5180 Stevens Creek Blvd #30, San Jose, CA


I was recently paying 24 dollars a month for unlimited internet when I received a charged for over usage. That's when I found out that a limited had been placed on Att internet usage so now I have to pay extra a month or limit myself and family to use the internet less. So I shoped around for better deals and got unlimited internet plus almost 4 times better speed with Time Warner Cable for 29.99 a month with no contract. So I called in today to cancel my sevices with Att and now I'm being told that I had agreed to a 12 month contract and have to pay a early termination fee when I wasn't made aware that I was in a contract.

I have been with them for 5 year now and was always month to month but now that I want to cancel they come up with this they have always changed up my pricing to end up paying more and I had always complaind and got it fixed and always spoke well of my service and how willing they were to help but now I don't think so highly of them. So be on the look out and don't get trapped like I did now they tell me that there is nothing they can do about it that the representative I had spoken to should have made me aware of a contract which he didn't and that since August the cap was put on internet usage which they also did not make me aware until I got this months bill.

So I am very dissapointed with Att and their costumer service representatives.


Called cuts.service to cancel service was transferred to a specialist which talked me into a plan that give me and my husband one and one simple phone which would be used for simply talk only. Was told to go to cos o or wallmart to get the second phone cheaper I agreed to a 66.00 plan monthly price for everything.

Went to store was told by a agent zach in store on 2nd st. Hickory that I was lied to my plan going to cost 85.00 per nth without the second phone told me to call cuts set to get fixed was assured that I could go back to orig plan if I wanted called cuts serv switched to spec.agent again and was told my plan was going to cost me 109.00 per mth to my shock I asked to cancel the acc. Was then told locked into 2nd acc.could not drop eventhough was told had 14 days to cancel from the delivery date of the phone.

I asked to speak to a manager was told no manager could help me had to go to this site and make a complaint.been with t-mobile for years even stayed eventhough no phone and up grade without changing plan I feel like I have been treated like an edit like I don't know what I was told and definitely not the case well educ and worked for AT&T. Cuts serv for years know exactly how thing work I was cheated and definitely lied to.i have always stood up for t-mobile look what I get for it.

I hope my faith will not be completely broken I hope this mistake can be fixed and faith restored.I tried to talk to Bridgette to rectify the problem did not get anything from her buti have to keep the contract even though was told have 14 days to change back. U probably get all time I have not lied please help, if I could afford would love to keep things as is just not an option layer off work cannot afford. I know you're company has not built on lies and deciet, Please help you"re loyal customer,cantwait to hear from you.


Our monthly service with AT&T is $9.57 which includes Unlimited NW Call Plus . We were told that with internet it would run us about $60.00. OK, no problem. We tried calling out but had to dial 1 first , so we called AT &T and wanted to know why we had to dial 1 first. They said we had to dial the 1 first but verified that we had unlimited calling. Opened the bill today and instead of $ 60.00, the bill was $ 170.72 . Got on the internet with AT &T Chat and spent 45 minutes just to be told in the end that I would have to call a number on the phone. Of course, it is night time and I have to call back tomorrow. I am upset that AT & T has misled us about their fees and what they included, that I spend 45 minutes of time to be told that I would have to call another number, and that they are over charging us for services we need. We did not ask for the Long distance service, why would we need it with Unlimited calling? The rep could not answer my questions. Lies, ALL LIES !


AT&T Disconnected phone service now on a montly basis, like clock work. AT&T disconnected my service on Dec. 15th, 2014, do to a 1 day late payment. Then again on Jan. 15th, Now AGAIN on Sat. Feb. 15th. This is a scam and they refuse to remove the additional $35.00 fee + taxes + sur charges. Payments have been made. Have they sunk so low to produce revenue that they disconnect service on a monthly basis. Additional late fees of $7.00. My service is only 28.00/mn but Now with the late chgs. and $35.00 fee + taxes it averages 75.00/mn. They refuse to clear up this matter and set the record straight. This is a SCAM!


My dsl internet service was disconnected without my consent for Uverse Internet plan. It was installed but my regular wired phone service and my old phone number were also disconnected without my consent for Uverse Voice. I want my my regular wired phone service back or I will have to change to other phone service company. AT&T lied to us and I feel like there is nothing I can do about it now. I have called customer service at length but no response and a very long hold time is all I got for my efforts!


So tired of AT&T high cost poor service. People should be allowed to choose the carrier of their choice instead having to be forced to accept what is in their area only or do without service. Thought they said that America is a free country, really, well you should be free to choose your own carrier not forced to choose the carrier they assigned to you leaving you no other choice to have to choose them or be without service, this should be very unconstitutional. I guess America is only a free country for the wealthy to ripoff the poor.


I recently got out of the Marine Corps and I'm now a full time student. I am unable to get internet in my home in order to do school work and pursue my education. I was told that there is a cap on how many people they can give internet where I live, but I talked to a friend that's an engineer for at&t and he told me to file a complaint in order to get this issue resolved. He said that at&t will increase the cap in order to give me internet in my home. I'm a veteran and a full time student, and I believe that they should be able to work with me. I've been a customer for about 3 years now and hope to have this issue resolved as soon as possible.


Yeah, I know Esurance, but does AT&T care about their customers. This morning I talked with 2 reps, neither of which listened to me. Neither repeated to me correctly what I stated to be my problem. So what's new!


There are no words. Att and U verse are so far deep into the dirt, they can never come back to the ethical company they were years ago. No point in listing all the calls. All the time wasted, all the lies, mystery charges that appear out of no where that no can explain, charges that appear that are wrong that take months to get right. The lies start at the store level and continue into the the service. In August of 2014 we came and gave you 5 lines. I have a contract with you for 12 more months. The minute it's done we will be done with you, and your horrible internet. I will go back to Verizon. I am disgusted. I have been pushed to the point of frustration over and over again. You believe in one n done philosophy. You may have got me for 1contract, but you won't get me again after this ever. Ever. I wish I had the time and energy to legally pursue going after you for all the dirty things you have done since day one. I'm an American customer, I will not discuss my private business with people outside my country who can't speak English. Companies like you have our private info the hands of deceitful lying representatives that sit in call centers in the phillapines, Mexico and India. Do you think those people would think twice about selling our info on the black market? Of course not. Not like you would care


I'm upset about AT&T and their lack of service and the lies from your representatives. We purchased 2 cellphones from AT&T on 1-23-15. Was told at that time that we would put uverse in the house with a sef install. Sometime between 1-23 and 1-28 the order was cancelled for the uverse self install and we were not notified. On 1-28 I called to see where the modem was at, because we had not received it.I was told that I could not do a self install.I went back to the store and talked to Dylan, about getting the uverse taken care of.We needed to get the uverse installed prior to changing the home number to the new cell phone. We needed a little bit of consideration because I'm going through chemo and needed an early time and not waiting all day.The first appt they arranged so I canceled it, and Dylan got an appt for the next day at 9 am. The techs go to work at 9 am, or so we were told.Later I foound out that's a lie, its 8 am.

The AT&T tech came on that day,at 9:20 he did a good job putting the uverse in other that some hoe our home was disconnected.At that time I ask him how I get the cell phone working. he said we had to go to the store.They said they needed the last 4 numbers of my wifes social and I did not have it with me. I came home, got on the phone and tried to get the porting procedure started. After 6 different people, the last person finally told me they could not do the porting because the home phone was shut off. They ask me why I had them shut the land line off, and I told them that I didn't.Went back to the store to try to get the land line turned on. I was told I would have to call AT&T to get that done. Finally got someone, that set up an appt for a tech to turn the land line back on.When that tech showed up, he didn't have the correct piece of equipment to get the land line working. So he called another tech to bring the piece he needed. This 2-5-15 .

After they were here and the land line was working, I went back to the AT&T store and talked to a rep about getting the porting started. He talked to the porting dept. She put him on hold and during that time another rep called my house to see if this was a working number.They came back on the phone at the store, they said the porting process had started. We received a call from napara maddox 866-695-2360 ext 13742 .This was at 2:30 central time. She assured me the matter was being taken care of and in 24 hours we would have service and she would call me at that time. We did not receive a call, so I called that number, she was not there, said she was off this afternoon. The person I talked to said the porting had not even started. Would take untill Monday before it could be reported. I'm thoroughly upset. We go back to the store, Dylan is busy with another customer and the assistant manager came to talk to us.

I believe her last name was reed. She made a call to you, was told it had been ported and would be ready within a few minutes and we would be receiving a call. More lies, again and again. This was at 4:30 this afternoon Friday the 6th. And now it is 8:45 and guess what, no phone call. Imagine that. This is the poorest excuse for a company that I've dealt with. We told Ms Reed that if we didn't receive the call and a working number that we were told over and over, that we would bring the cell phones back to that store in the morning.


I was calling about my bill and was supposed to be transferred to billing when I got cut off. I called back and had to go thru the same routine and listen again to recordings. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the lady (Brenda) said they would call me in three to five minutes. It has now been 50 minutes and still no phone call. Why cant someone do what they say they will do? I have had problems since we switched our plans. Please contact me.


Signed up the for next program in the middle of the month with when updating my phone. I was offered the u-verse phone option at that time so I signed up for that too. I had a combined billing that was due at the end of the month. AT&T did the split around the 20th. I then received a bill from ATT cellular (same billing dates) and a separate bill to pay u-verse internet and phone which I did two weeks before they were due. The following month I get a collection letter from the combined services that state I did not pay my bill. After 2-1/2 hours and getting hung up on several times and calling back I found out they were closed. I called back the next day they told me a claim will be filed and someone would call me.

After two weeks no call, I called them said it was still in process and I would get a letter by the end of the month with the resolution. I never received a call or letter I just figured it was taken care of. Another month goes by and now I am getting calls from a third party collection agency on this bill. Called AT&T back and they cannot find any records of my combined account and have no idea who to send me to. After being transferred 10 times and 45 minutes later no resolution. I got hung up on again!!! Next step will be finding an attorney.


I was ready for an upgrade my daughter and I switched phones she gave me her Samsung Note 3 and she got my upgrade. She got the Samsung Mega cell phone that was on sale for $150.00. My daughter decided she did not like the Mega phone and went back to AT&T store to get another cell phone she was told she could trade the Mega for another cell phone. I notice on my cell bill that I am being charged for the cell phone she returned for $500.00 dollars. We were never told that she still had to pay for the Mega phone even if she traded it for another one. I feel that AT&T is misleading the customers, and are not upfront with the rules at the time of purchase. I have made several phone calls and I am told that I have no choice but to pay the mega phone even though it was turned in.


I called ATT today about an email I received (1/8/15) letting me know that I had been "undercharged" for the last few months. Due to discovery of this "error" I can expect my service to increase by $5. Now, this may not seem like much, but 1-they notified me after they had made the change (on 12/29/14), and 2-I was already paying the regular rate (as was verified when I called them 8/2014 after my new customer rate had ended). They are entitled to increase their rates, as I saw a notice on their website indicating higher 2015 rates. That said, my Dec/Jan bill specifically indicates that I ("You") made a plan change that instigated this increased rate. And, because they made the change mid-billing cycle, I got to pay almost $3 more in taxes. Thanks, ATT! <Not really.> Now, I'm at $8 more on my current bill, which I find ridiculous for the spotty internet service we get. Unfortunately, (if you can believe it) given our location in Fort Worth, TX, there is no other internet service provider for my geographical area. So, I guess I'll just pay my bill and suck it...for now. But, I wanted the world to know...ATT sucks!


ATT has outsourced the jobs to Asian countries where the tellers are incapable of helping customers since they do not know the US. The tellers just read the computer screen. Totally useless people. The American tellers just promise appointments yet nobody shows up. Nobody knows what they are doing. Completely irresponsible! Waiting for internet service for over 5 days.


I have a complaint about the local AT&T stores that I have been to for problems with my cell phones. The customer service is below all expectations. Whenever you walk in one of their stores they greet you very nicely but the seem not to be able to help you. Cracked screen? Go to website x. Bad battery? go to website Y. Camera does not work? Go to website W. So basically all the do is sell you service plans, once that is done you are on your own...


I have been a very good customer but continue to have issues with no resolution or a sense of urgency from AT&T. This organization does not have the capabilities of servicing a customer from a start point to a resolution with out going through therr ridiculous processes. I currently have an issue with a AT&T line and live box hanging in the middle of the alley due to the City of Dallas moving a power pole. Trying to explain to customer service was a nightmare as I was transferred to multiple divisions including billing. After being on the phone with these folks for two hours they finally were able to book a service tech. They arrived the next day and understood the importance that that the line hanging in the middle of the alley needed to be relocated so the customers hooked up to this live box would not lose services.

They did not have the capabilities to move the line and called in another department to do so. The next service tech showed up to explain that the active line hanging down from the powerline in the alley was acceptable and he was not going to move it to the new city power pole. He went on to send in a message that his job was complete and I received a text message indicating my services were resolved. Since I have had Uverse TV, Internet, Phone I have been with out services for 9 days this year because of incompetent service techs in the field. If you want a company that provides customer service and solutions to issues you will have with this provider , please do not pick up the phone and call AT&T Uverse.


At&t allows unsolicited calls to be repeatedly sent to my phone number. At&t knows of these calls and the numbers from where they are being placed. Our local authority (Sheriff Dept.), is aware of the harassing calls to many of the area phone numbers in this city as well as others counties around us. You cannot block the numbers since At&t allows their numbers (multiplies), to continue their service. I have cell phones also but not with At&t.... My consideration now is to totally disconnect from At&t my phone line which will include their U-verse internet service. I guess it is all about the money since the harassers have so many numbers they (At&t) profit a hundred times more than what I pay them...


On Jan 16, 2015 my 88 yo widowed aunt was billed for IDL Teleservices on her AT&T bill for a recurring $4.95/month plus fees. She has no computer and allows ALL incoming calls to go to voicemail because of scammers (ie she did not "sign up" for services). Thanks AT&T...just so you don't feel lonely at the top I did file a complaint with the FCC and Florida State Attorney General's office. Happy New Year.


In Ocala, Fl AT&T Call Center is employing a woman by the name of Yvonne McDonald-Garcia who has a serious substance & alcohol abuse problem. McDonald-Garcia abuses prescription drugs, cocaine, & alcohol at home & during her work shifts at AT&T. McDonald-Garcia has a number of illegal drug transactions taking place within her home regularly. McDonald-Garcia has also connected with other AT&T employees who is aiding her in hacking numerous internet accounts/profiles & cellphone accounts for individuals, a service I believe she is collecting financial revenue for providing.


My land line number is or was 1440 9516218 mike steele cell phone is 440 5374742. I used this land line for my heart monitor only which is as critical of a line as you can have. It was disconnected because i did not have the money. When i finally got it i paid it on 1-21-15 i paid the bill in total and called to have it connected again . In the period of 3 whole days i talked to at least 6 at&t agents from all of the country and world and was promised and guaranteed it would be on at any hours and never happened at all and there was not even any paperwork put in to have it done. I had a small dispute with the last agent and he told me it would be put back on on the 21st but as the day went on it never happened as usual. I called late in the day and got a hold of at&t and was told oh no its not going to be hooked back up till the 28th of January. Shocking i was penalized almost a week to get my HEART monitor put on because of the complaining of never getting the job done. Finally a woman supposedly helped me on Friday afternoon packaging all 3 of my services with a connection of my land line this Monday the 26th. I have been a faithful customer but this is the worse service in the history of services. My u verse account is 4405374742 which is my cell phone number and my new package is 4405255492 what a disgrace with the way this has been handled. My next stop is anyone that will listen to me i told everyone of them that this was for a heart monitor and got the same story from everyone, terrible.


My phone don't answer sometime it drop calls it don't pick up apps at&t app expire etc but i have to pay for service from july-oct without int they say that a part of the contract i will pass the work about these service i will never call for any service from ar7t again soon as my contract is up i rather use a government phone. I am so so so so so disappoint with at&t with all these bad bad bad service so good bye in november i wil be filing a complaint with bbs and whom ever will listen and do something about this rip off.


Att has been nothing but a severe let down and depressing choice of wireless carrier. Service sucks. Garbage. Utter crap. If you like customer service I would recommend you go anywhere else BUT Att.


You would think there would be a maintainable level of respect with this company but it does not exist. Clearly the mobile phone industry is way to big for its britches and AT&T lead the pack in bad behavior. The remedy is unclear but I'm starting by buying my own phone and having the ability to move on in 6 weeks. disgusting people....


AT&T has become such a big conglomerate that their employees and CEOs have lost sight of their Missions. I have been with AT&T for a very long time and with having AT&T products such as: 5 wireless numbers, Direct TV and I have just recently added U-verse (home phone and Internet) one would think that I would be considered a Loyal customer and treated as such! Not the case, I have to do 2 each combine billings on all of these AT&T services. I have these set up for an automatic banks withdrawal (ACH) and have done this for years never had a problem. So to my surprised, I received a letter in the mail from a Collection agency this week stating that I have been turned over to them to collect my debt (which was paid by the bank).

My nightmare begins, when I try to call and discuss this matter with any and all AT&T Representatives. I ended up talking to 10 different Representatives to include supervisors yesterday and got 10 different responses on what the problem was. Finally, on my 11th attempt, I finally got someone and told me immediately what had happen. It seems like when I switched from a DSL and Home wireless account to a UVERSE account that account was closed (no AT&T Representative told me this would happen when I ordered this).

The bank draft was posted to the closed account. The AT&T Representative She immediately reversed the bank draft from the closed account to the new account and all actions were cleared up immediately. I feel I should not have had to endure this kind of mental anguish to try and correct what is apparently several broken processes with the AT&T Corporation. I feel mentally beat up and when my contract expires, I will move on to a different provider. May I suggest A Lean Six Sigma Process for the whole Corporation. Just remember you're as strong as your weakest link.


I just want to say I have been a loyal customer since 1999 and I have always been satisfied with service and product until the last 3 yrs. I have 5 phones for my husband myself and 3 kids and I have had to replace 22 phones either threw warranty or just plain by new ones because none of then work after a couple wks. The product really disappoints me these days and it does not matter if I got a 40$ phone or a $600.00 phone they r all junk. Then u call customer service and those people treat u like crap then charge u to send a replacement then sometimes the new one comes and sometimes u have to call again and get charge more money to wait on another junk phone all the while the mins that I have paid for are not getting used but that's ok cuz u guys got paid for them even when I don't have a phone to use them on for wks. This is ridiculous! I pay for data because half the time the phones won't connect to WiFi. Sometimes u get ur phone calls sometimes u get ur text and sometimes ur boss wants to fire u because u never returned the phone call u never got and sometimes when ur kid is in the nurses office and needs to come home sick or with a broken arm just maybe u will get that phone call. Please stop making new phones and fix the ones u already have out so they actually work more then sometimes. I am a very very disappointed dissatisfied long time customer that is about to change all 5 of my phones to a new service provider if I don't get some acknowledgement on this problem u have been causing me.


This complaint starts from the day I ordered a new iphone 6 plus. My personal assistant, Patty called AT&T on October 14, 2014 and spoke with Frank Victor who placed the order for me. She explained to him that I was up for an upgrade so I wanted to do the two year plan. However, for some reason he placed me on the Next plan and was unable to change it at the time. He told me to call back in 24 hours to have it changed. My credit card was charged $57.00 for the order, which to date I have not gotten back! When Patty called back on October 15, 2014, she spoke with Jarmain and she said that it cannot be changed in the system that we have to wait for the phone to be activated and anytime within 15 days it can be changed...AFTER ACTIVATION
She did say that it shows I will get my phone in 28-35 days.

Continuously called all through November and December for when the delivery will be there and kept asking if there was any way for the reclassification to be done. No progress. On December 17, more than two months later, I finally received my phone. Patty calls to activate it on December 18. That was no problem, but when it came time for them to switch the classification, Patty was told it could not be done. She spoke with Cindy Wood who got with her supervisor Jason Pofhal and he explained that it was another department to make the changes since the order date was so long ago. I explained that I had spoken with several representatives and was told that the phone has to be activated. He said he will make notes and get someone to call me back. He assured me that I would have to only pay $499.00 which is the upgrade contract price and not the next price of $949.99.

couple days later, Jim called and told me to get in touch with the IT department. After several tried for that department, I was told that no such department exists and that I should get in touch with the Premiere Department. Spoke with Connie, he said he cannot help, but to try back. Finally got in touch with the premiere department and spoke with Carol, she said there was nothing that she could do and would check with a supervisor. I was on hold for more than an hour and spoke with Saundra who said she looked at all the notes and couldn't understand why this was not done in the beginning by the department that the supervisor Jason was in. All in all, I was on the phone for about three hours and she spoke with another supervisor in another department, Seeta who was absolutely no help and was not even nice to talk too.

Saundra decided that she would put a note on my account that I can try taking it to a store and if they would take it back I can repurchase another one. I did not want to do that since I already used my phone on a recent trip and did not want to lose the pictures, etc. on it. I am very disgusted with this service and all the back and forth. we were never told to cancel the order completely and start over...I think it's a ploy for people to pay double to own a phone. I am also filing a complaint with for this absolutely poor service to deal with a situation.


I am ready to call the Better Business Bureau or someone about all the annoying calls to my home about switching to U-verse. I have asked to be removed from their list but the calls just keep on coming. I am feed up with this annoyance. I have told the callers over and over again I am not interested in switching but it does no good.


To: President and CEO. Dear Mr. Stephenson, I have been a loyal customer to your cable, internet service for 3yrs now. I remember living in New Orleans when At@t came out with cable services, with the antenna ,before At@t left New Orleans. Now I live in Texas I had your services for 3 yrs. now and in those 3yrs. is have been nothing but problems. I would like you to look at my whole history to see all the problems I have since signing up with AT@T. I was been over charge after I was put in a promotion, I have automatic pay and because of the over charge I was been overdraft in my account, I'm disable and I live in a budget. I took 4 month of credits to my account and to get is straight. My wife and I would like to add extra channel to our services and for some reason they cannot do it because of some error that keep occurring into my account. so far it have been 2weeks since my request to add channels but they can figure out the problem. I have been in touch and put on wait in my cell phone up to 2 hours and the problem still exist. This is totally unprofessional and disgusting. customer service promised to call back and they don't. After various complaint a manager keeps calling me now to give me updates, but all I'm getting is (we still working on it). You guys are AT@T the (Nasa) of programing. Why can the fix this problem this is ridiculous and unacceptable. I have been very passion about this but not anymore. As today I'm looking to change your services to Time Wagner cable. I don't even want satellite because I find out AT@T own them. I might be only one subscriber , but is one less for you guys.


I used to have internet and telephone service with AT&T. Until about 7 months I had my telephone turned off because each month in would be a different price plus they was going up monthly. I left a balance with my telephone $68.00 I still have my internet I was paying $10.00 each month on telephone balance. Until they stop allow me to pay the $10.00 thru my online account next thing I knew they have put it collection. First it was Franklin Collection. I don't understand that I was paying them. My balance was 38.00. Now the have sent it to another collection agency. I just received my bill for my internet service and it has almost double. I look to see what they was charging me for. They stated in December I removed their service and in the same month add it back so they charge me for that. I never called them about anything in December. You can't call and talk to anyone anyway. What is going on with AT&T. I am going to contact Public Service Commission. And why do they goes up every month on telephone service?


I talked to a gentleman about getting only internet that was compatible with Netflix. He signed me up for a $34.95 promotion that was going on which included home phone. I told him that I only wanted internet and he told me that I did not need to use the house phone because it came with the internet and it was a bundle. I looked at my e-mail and it stated that I have my own house phone number and everything. I called back today (1/19/2015) and told the lady that all I wanted was internet compatible with Netflix and it was cheaper than what the gentleman said it was going to be. If I did not call back then I would have been paying for what I didn't want.


I moved to this area two years ago and I settled on one side of the Morse Reservoir and then moved to the next side, which is Noblesville. I had good service until some towers were upgraded and no one had dealt with the problem for over seven months. I have heard all the excuses. The fact is that if I want to use my cell or tablet (both ATT), I must drive from my residence out to route 32 to get reception. It affects my email, internet, and wireless phone service. I have encouraged everyone else who is experiencing this problem to file a complaint with the FCC. If my phone, internet service, and hot spot worked ok before why not now??? Someone had done something during the upgrade that has caused the tower not to see my wireless equipment (phone and tablet, both ATT). I am retired and single and I need a reliable service so I am shopping around so that the next job that I can replace this service after I take on work again.


I was going to wait until 1/24 to cancel AT&T home phone and internet since the home phone is paid through that time frame but I am going to call sooner, guess this weekend to cancel service . Not only has AT&T called every day for the past two weeks but now are calling two times every day, I have told them its not a got time to talk due to a death in the family and they always say NO PROBLEM , do not text and drive, So tonight after the 2nd call from the them today I told them the AT&T account holder died ( my mom three weeks ago) and I will be calling to cancel service and they say NO PROBLEM do not text while you drive I will never will have AT& T for any thing in my life No empathy and they could care less about my mom dying after 91 years of age and having having AT& T services her entire life NO AT&T for me , Its not American anymore , its a corporate money hog


I'm a customer with AT&T for 15 plus years. I called customer service on January 16 to talk about charges on my wireless bill. I was charged data for roaming in Aruba. I did not use my cell phone, could not connect, was still charged for it. I paid over $ 400.00. Next month i was charged for calls received but not answered by me, after my billing cycle. I have a family plan with 4 cell phones on for many years and we should not be charged for phone calls not received and billed after the billing cycle. We are not happy because we are being charged foe a service we did not use. I'm traveling to Germany often and i add text messages to my bill. Text messages received are not being charged but phone calls received but not answered being charged? If AT&T does not credit me the $ 167 i have choice to switch my cell phone carrier. Thank you for your time and i hope we can solve this issue to my satisfaction. Sincerely Bedia Sears


I bought a contract with AT&T. I have one phone and it isn't even a smartphone or iphone. I pay $47.00 a month. I went online to change my account information. Having done that I thought it was going to be automatically debited to the new account. I went to check the old debit account and found it was still being debited by AT&T. So thought I'd call them and they still had the old account listed on my profile, even though the new account was added. I got a letter from the old account saying it past due. That how I found out they didn't change the account information. I also do not like the service. I rarely get and make calls and when I do I most of them are dropped. I want out of my
contract and don't ever want another one.


In 1953 my wife and I became Ohio Bell customers. During 61+ years since then (until 12/26), we've had service from various Bell operating companies or ATT.

For 23 years in Austin TX we were SW Bell/ATT customers -- 2 land lines, TV, internet and 2 cell phones. Poor TV and internet quality compelled cancellation of those 2 services. But land line and cell service continued with ATT -- despite the annoyance of static on both land lines following virtually every heavy or even moderate rainfall.

Last month we moved to a new house, less than 10 minutes from the previous house and in the same zip code. Transfer of the same numbers to the new house was promised. More than 2 weeks after requesting transfer of the 2 lines, a service rep appeared on Christmas eve (only one day later than promised). He couldn't do the switch because the next door lawn (where some ATT equipment is located was locked and the owners were out of town.

So I scheduled phone service from Time Warner on 12/26. That very day ATT cancelled service to the old house, without notifying me.

Throughout this through-the-looking-glass- exercise in absurdity I made many calls to ATT, always with stupendous wait times. The record wait time, I'm ashamed to confess, went on for 1 hour, 36 minutes.

The final call (I deluded myself to believe it would be the last) was in early January. A live female ATT rep in Wichita assured me that all our remaining ATT accounts would be closed. After 61+ years. Time of that call to Wichita? A mere 46 minutes.

Yesterday an ATT booklet arrived by mail, welcoming us to the ATT family, and revealing that for a mere $96.51 a month we get 2 land lines in Austin; numbers 512-453-2799 and 512-453-5530. The same numbers cancelled by ATT less than a month ago.

None of this is or could be made up. It happened, exactly as described. Kafkaesque, you think?


I called AT&T because I had a problem with the cable box and the TV not connecting. When I called AT&T I got a representative, who told me what to do here at home. This lasted around 45 minutes, the problem still wasn't solve it got worse. The TV screen stays black nothing come on. I was getting upset so I told the rep. to send out a technician to come to the house, to replace the cable box with a new one. Why should I be doing this when I pay to have someone fix the problem. He said if AT&T send someone to the home, I might have to pay the around $99.00. I told him the problem was the cable box not the wiring. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he put on the phone a person name Joseph. I asked Joseph what was his full name he refused to tell me. He stated that supervisor were not suppose to give out their last name. I never heard of anything like this before. I would like for AT&T to send someone to my home and replace the cable box with a new one.


Not one representative a spoke with on yesterday, had no experience when I needed some billing information on a miscellaneous account(mailbox in the sky) I was on hold for an hour, I asked for names of supervisors, district managers, also operations managers. I was put on hold and my issue was never resolved. These employees need to be trained better to handle all calls. I retired form AT&T and there is no way I would ever suggest that any customer should call for assistance, because all they are going to get is a bunch of round arounds. Irate as HELL


It has been 4 weeks since AT&T dug up a portion of my front yard and left a big mess upon leaving and never have returned to clean up the mess…one of the workers said would return soon to finish the job of restoring my yard to prior condition…no one has has returned….who at ATT do I contact for resolution?


February 22, 2014 we went on a cruise, right before we left I contacted AT&T about going out of the country and our data usage we just purchased an iPad Air. The person I talked to changed our plan to save us some money and told us we would be put on international rate while we were out of the county. When we left port in Galveston TX and were out to sea we tried to use our phones and we had not service for calls, texting or the iPad. We put them away until we got back in port at Galveston TX on Sunday March 1st. The person I talked to told us our normal monthly bill from now on should be $171.80 until the iPad was paid off. Today I checked our statement on line and it shows we owe $288.65. I called support and asked why so high and was told we made some texts with video and were charged a roaming rate. I again told this person I was talking to our phones and the iPad did not work on the cruise and we put them away until we got back in port in Galveston TX to use. I asked how it could show we used them out of the country and he said that is what the system shows and that is what he has to go by.

We have been with AT&T for a long time, if this is the way you are going to treat us we will look at our options.


I have paid my monthly bill statement on the 19th of March by debit card via automated service. On the 25th of March my bank statement shows I was charged same amount via bank check. I was trying to get clarification and direction from a problem was redirected to a different none existing issue. I am frustrated and disappointed.


3 weeks ago I called and spoke with a customer service rep. that explain incorrectly how the international plan works. I explained in detail what services I was looking for and she assured me that ATT could provide that. Well that was incorrect. My son is in South Korea in the Army, we were with T-mobile which has an international plan with unlimited data and text and calling/ 10 cents a minute. The problem with them was we were getting a lot of drop calls so I called ATT to ask questions about international plans to call South Korea and for my son to call us from South Korea. The lady stated that the international plan was $5.00 per line to add and that each call made would be 8 to 10 cents per minute. So we continue to talk about data and unlimited text and talk.

So I went through with joining att based on the answers I was given to all my questions, so 2 phones and a sim card was sent out to me. The phones were for me and my mother and the sim card was for my son whose in South Korea with an ATT phone. So once he got the sim card which took about 14 days to get there he was unable to get the phone to work. So I continue to call all through out the days to try to get things right. As I called and spoke with different people was being informed different things. 1st the plan we had didn’t support calling to and from south korea, then we were told on yesterday the phone still isn’t able to work do to some technical difficulties for not being able to reach south korea network.

Then I was told that he would have to purchase a calling card. and the story goes on and on and on …lies…So today I was told after they added the international plan that the phone would work. the only happen was a billed that generated for over 900.00 in less than 6 hours and my son still is unable to call or text…so now I want to go back to T-Mobile where we atleast were able to communicate with unlimited data , text and calls. I was lied too in order to switch. Very disappointed when my son is serving his country and can’t communicate with his family just for a company to gain money for a service they couldn’t supply. I would like a phone call, and to terminate this 2 year contract for being told a straight out lie!


I have tried to explain twice that I am not able to connect to the network (my iPhone) on my computer/IPad/or Laptop. They are not listening to what is actually happening and keep going down the path that I can’t get to the internet on my IPhone. I’ve never had any problems before. I now realize how lucky I’ve been. Support tells me the problems I’m seeing then hang up. Very disappointing.


I just realize that ATT added a dollar to my equipment rental. What is the reason for that when the equipment is in my home and has been accounted for. When I called and ask for a good reason for this, I was able to talk to Daneil and unceremoneously disconnected. How rude. They know my number and can call back. I can not find an email or something to air my grievance.


I have a Samsung Galaxy Note which was an upgrade in September 2012. My phone would not charge. I tried multiple chargers and still would not charge. I ended up having to wrap the chord around the phone to put enough pressure on the insertion site for the phone to charge. The problem was the phone, not the charger. When I went to the AT&T store on Lankershim (in Los Angeles), I explained to the store clerk what was wrong with my phone. He laughed at me and proceeded to try multiple chargers in the store before telling me it was the phone. I informed him I had insurance on the phone and he told me he would not help me and i had to call AT&T myself, which I did in the store. While the gentleman on the phone was a little bit helpful, not by much, the store clerk stood in front of me rolling his eyes and laughing at me. The gentleman on the phone instructed me on how to resolve my problem in the store and he spoke to the clerk over the phone.

Once we concluded the phone call, I asked the clerk if we could fix the problem today. He stated he would not help me in the store and i had to call customer service and they could do fix my phone problem over the phone. Which was why i was on the phone to begin with. The guy on the phone told me the store would fix it and the store said no, they wouldn’t fix it. I asked for the manager. When he came over he stated no one in his store would help me with my phone issue. I told him i had been an AT&T customer for 19 years and had never been treated like this. I informed the manager and the clerk that i would be dropping them and they laughed while i was walking out the door.


Now, I must give a disclaimer up front that this story is rather involved and completely a “first world problem”, but it’s my problem so if you care to listen read on. My wife and I’s lease on our house we were renting was ending and sadly we had to move. I previously had service with Wow!, but they didn’t offer internet/cable at our new address so I was in search of a new company to go with. I spoke with many of my coworkers and they informed me that AT&T was the best company to go with.

A few days prior to moving, I went online and spoke with a representative and picked out an internet plan and they informed me that a tech would go by my house and they would send me the modem in the mail for me to set up. The day came where we started moving in and there was already something on the door indicating AT&T had been there and the modem had already arrived in the mail. I thought to myself, “Man, they are efficient”.

The day came (Tuesday) when our internet should be working so that evening I attempted to hook up my internet and low and behold nothing worked. I called their customer service number only to have the first person I talked to tell me he couldn’t find my account number or any record that I had service with them. Now, keep in mind, I had their modem, someone had been to my house and I had two papers with my name and a new account number with a phone number associated with my new AT&T internet. I was transferred to another guy who couldn’t find it and then conference called with a fourth person.

None of these people could find my account. I was then put on hold again for over 30 minutes where I gave up and simply hung up. The next day, after work, I was at home trying to get the internet to work again (which it didn’t) so I called again. The 5th person I spoke with told me he couldn’t find my account number, surprise surprise and he advised me to call the customer service number that I had called to reach him. So I hung up and called the 6th person who did offer me a slight glimmer of hope.

She had me try both phone jacks in my house and informed me she didn’t see any signal, but she could send someone out the next morning to fix the problem. I informed her that I wouldn’t be home, and neither would my wife do to our work schedules. She said that wouldn’t be a problem and that the technician could complete the service call without coming inside.

Well, she was wrong. My phone rang while at work on that Thursday with the technician informing me he was about 15 minutes from my house. I told him that was fine, but I wouldn’t be there because I was at work. He appeared flabbergasted and said, “Well you need to be there, I am going to have to put this appointment on hold until Saturday and I will come back by then”. I completed my work day and being that no one had done anything of value for me so far, I decided to call just to verify the appointment I supposedly had on Saturday. Well, wouldn’t you know it, no appointment existed. The customer service representative I spoke with, Caroline, (who may I remind you was the 8th person I had spoken with), was professional and seemed to have a good head on her shoulders.

She tried switching my appointment but informed me she was having trouble taking the hold off of it. She told me she would work on the matter and call me back. She did a few minutes later, but told me she was unable to do so and would call me back the next day. Long story short she was unable to move my appointment and I had someone else apparently make me an appointment on Saturday (which they didn’t) even though they gave me an appointment number to verify my imaginary appointment. I ended up mailing the modem back and canceling the internet service without every getting to see if it was any sort of a good product.

The main reason for this complaint is that AT&T stresses how much they care about their customers and in reality they do not. They simply tell you what you want to hear knowing you will probably never interact with that person again when they don’t do what they say. All I wanted was the internet. I wasn’t asking for anything out of the ordinary. AT&T’s company revolves around the transmission of information, whether it’s thru the internet, phone or television. But, everyone, other than Caroline, didn’t give me any worth while information. 80% of the people I spoke with couldn’t even find my account. And, even when having two people independently of one another, verify my Saturday appointment, in actuality I never even had one. So what’s the point of giving someone a reference number for their appointment if it doesn’t exist?!

Overall, this was the worst customer service I have experienced in my entire life in any sort of realm. Nothing positive was gained from it, only negative. I realize too that the sad thing is I don’t matter to AT&T at all. They are such a large company, someone will just fill my place.

Disclaimer: This complaint was submitted by Adam on 03/12/2014 at IP address using our AT&T complaint form. This opinions contained in this AT&T customer review titled, “Worst Customer Service Ever” do not reflect the opinions of this website.


My wife interacted with a person called Josh around about January 16, 2014; and she was not told that our phone service would have a limit of 200 minutes. Our bill this month included $86.00 worth of calls. We have always had unlimited minutes local and long distance. I spoke to Jamie at ATT who is supposed to set up our phone service the unlimited local and long distance service for $35.00 per month. However, there was no indication that ATT would lower our bill. This was a mistake made by their representative who did not inform us nor did he change our service to what we originally had which was $35.00 a month. This step was supposed to save us money instead our bill skyrocketed. As retirees we cannot afford these bills.


Every month my bill goes up. And I have had uverse service for 2 years and my bill has never been the amount I was told it would be. I love the service just want my bill to be correct. I am and have always been on a budget and told the agent that when I changed to uverse. Not happy with my billing.


We recently moved 15 miles away from our previous home. We had placed a work order for internet and landline in our new home to be installed the day we closed. That was on 30 Aug 2013. We have been delayed 5 times now with excuse after excuse. Today again we were supposed to finally have a technician to arrive between 2 and 4 p.m. Guess what another no show, and no phone call to explain why or when we would be rescheduled AGAIN. My husband is on the cell phone with someone in another country that just keeps reading a script and not helping. What in the world do you have to do to get service. My husband works from home a lot and needs access to the internet and a landline phone. This is causing a lot of problems and I just don’t get it. I wish we could use another service because we would have after the 2nd appointment was cancelled. But our little town only has AT&T. They have us by the u know what and nothing we can do. I hate this!!!!


Moved to mt. Nernon Ohio to help ailing parents. Upon arriving I find that I have no service from AT&T. After numerous cantacts with AT&T I still have no service and no recommendations. I even drove to AT&T stre an hour away to try to remedy the problem. Nothing happened and I continued getting bills. My contract was cancelled and I was still being billed plus other charges for service I never received. I have been with AT&T for 7 plus years. Never thought they would treat their customers this way . they are sending me to collections for problems they caused.


I am living in my rental while waiting on a home renovation. When my wife called ATT to return service to our renovated home she was not giving a timely frame for a tech to come to our renovated home (which is already set for ATT). Due to massive miscommunications problems between departments at ATT my wife called to confirm that both residences were receiving services until the move was complete and ATT confirmed it would not happen. She was on the phone for 3 hours verifying this because she was kept on hold or hung up on most of the afternoon.

The sales or customer service rep came back and said no services would be interrupted and a tech would be at our renovated home on the 2nd. On the 30th ATT (due to a note error on the part of the customer service rep) caused all service at our rental to be deactivated. My wife has spent the better part of two day and possibly up to 40 reps between tech support, sales and tier II agents trying to resolve the issue. Bottom line we lost our tech guy coming out today in order for her to restore service at the rental. My wife is a online student due to a disability getting her MSN in Nursing.

She failed two exams yesterday due to the interruption as well as a near fail on a huge final paper for graduation. Finally at 10:30 last night internet and phone were restored, however – the television will not come back on and we had to cancel our new service at our renovated house for restoration of service. I have U300 and now being told that we don’t? She has no television and is afraid to order new service due to the fact of disruptions of service. In two she spoke to clost to 50 reps between the different departments and no one can seem to fix anything or get it right.

She has been hung up on, treated rudely and this is all due to a customer service error. Now we have movers coming – no service at the other address. I’m very disheartened and frankly angry that my wife was treated this way by anyone. The ticket numbers and orders are confusing and the different departments have excessive miscommunication between them – as she was told 50 different stories before finally a man told her that her service had actually been disconnected at our rental and all he could do to restore anything was cancel the tech coming out to inspect the equipment and make sure the service was operating properly.

I hope in the future inter personal skills is a must for these positions, as you are one of the more expensive bundle carriers. You are about to lose me and everyone I’ve told about how great you were, and we are all going to go back to Buckeye Cable in Toledo, OH. I will laugh when ATT comes knocking on my door. As I was typing this – my wife was just disconnected again.


Shame on all the top leaders in AT&T company. One of the worst companies to handle your problem. They don’t understand their team is a reflection of them. I have 2 business lines and 3 personal lines. I have called for different reasons to speak to a supervisor and not even once the supervisor has been available. I called 11 days ago and left my information to an associat named Noriel ID#hd097q, he said a supervisor will call me and he is yet to call me back after 11 days. Then I called today and apoke to Craig Jones ID#cj405q
He told me someone will call me and hung up before giving me the supervisor’s name. I called back again today and spoke to Yolanda Gorde ID#YG463T. She was the most inconsiderate person that I have spoken to. She didn’t allow me to talk when I asked if there is any note from Craig about my call that was made earlier today, she responded no there was no notes. Then I asked how they are held accountable for making a note on my account. She said it doesn’t matter who cares why do you want to know about that. At this moment I was furious that not only she wasn’t apologizingm, she was telling me who cares about the customer I asked to speak to Bobby Jhonson the supervisoe, she refused to put me through. I told her that I wanted to disconnect my lines and she responded that she could do that in seconds and there is no need to involve a supervisor. She repeatedly told me there was no reason for me to talk to the supervisor despite my request and disconnected me. I will reach out on any social media to ensure everyone is aware of your service and why we can’t speak to a superviser after 12 days. Why are your supervisors so busy that they don’t care about an upset customer. I expect to hear from you ASAP and will reach out to channel 7 ( Help me howard ) to understand what your philosophy is. You can email me back and I will call you on a number that you provide me.. You should be ashamed of your mission and vision for your company. Without your customers you are nothing. One unsatisfied customer informs 10 other people. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Sam Moshkani


It is my purpose to alert you of my recent encounter w/ an AT&T retail store manager with the hope to have a better experience should the need arise for me to have to visit there ever again. On 5/3/13 I sought out a site to assist me w/ my newly purchased Gophone b/c the SIM card had locked up on me for attempting too many times to secure my phone w/ an incorrect PIN. I located the nearest store, 641 Indian Hill Blvd, Pomona, CA. Having aided me in changing my SIM card I further asked Miguel, store manager, to assist me in secring the phone, but he said he didn’t know how. I then asked him how come he didn’t know how; this was an AT&T store and I had an AT&T Phone? Obviously aggitated at my insistence for help, he then made some unsuccessful attempts before quitting and handing me off to an other sales person, Jessica, as if I was some nuisance child he couldn’t be bothered w/. Jessica, was great, she very patiently helped me seek out the answer to the question I was having difficulty solving by dialing customer service.


I paid my bill online the amount is says is due. Well then I get a letter saying I owe like three times that amount. When I paid it online it showed a zero balance but then they said they had it returned twice and I let them know that there was no way and that I paid my boyfriend ATT at his home and it was fine. I have always had enough to pay in this acct. Well I had taken my auto pay off when I closed my checking and they had used it anyway not only on the debit but also the checking routing way. Two ways they were not authorized to do. Now I have talked to them and am told I will have to pay this amount and that is that. Then about a week later I get a letter that says I had asked to take me off autopay and thought it was strange since it was about the same time as all this occurred. They just went and did there own thing and didn’t look to see I was using a different card to pay. It doesnt’ even show the card number I paid with. just my acct info from when I first started acct with them . I made a payment on the over 100 balance instead of the 34.95 that I was shown to have owed and have another payment due this month by the 7th on balance. Now today got a letter that is thanking me for signing up for auto pay. GEEZ could it get any more screwed up with this company. I let them know that I will be stopping service at both homes as soon as I get another service.


I had complained that my bill had gone from $77.06 to $83.28 then to $93.29 and finally to $97.11. The bill has a statement that I am saving $76.49. How is this possible when my bill had gone up $20? I have phone service and internet, how could that possibly be? $97.11 + $76.49 = $173.60. The agent on the phone said he could save me money if I bundled. I asked him if it involved a satellite dish, (I asked him several times) and he stated no. I then was convince that a bundle would save me money.

The next day a Direct TV truck pulled up. I had stated that the dish system does not work where we are. I had cancelled the service however I have been trying to get back to AT&T to cancel my order #183731524. I tried to call but the call was dropped and I was told to try again later. This is not acceptable. I a seriously looking into another service with another provider. After calling Vernon, Raul, Tracy & Josh, I finally had an associate by the name of Reno that has taken all of the information and has cancelled the Uverse order and straightened my bill out, I hope. Really need to clean up you web access.



This morning at 0900 approx, an ATT Tech driving ATT Tech Van # OW498 almost caused the destruction of the Exit Gate to our neighborhood. I got a call from one of our residents that he had witnessed this Tech drive into our neighborhood through the exit gate while it was closing. Apparently he thought his time was more valuable than his customer’s expense of putting up a security gate.

He managed to squeak in by the thinnest of margins to the point that he got out of his van to check the rear bumper to see if any damage had been caused. Subsequently, after taking the residents call, I went up to check the video of the incident and confirmed the resident’s account of the matter. I then went in search of the driver and found him at one of the main connection nodules here on the Island. When I asked him how he thought his management would view his driving behavior he got belligerent.

When I asked him his name he told me it was OW498……the number on his service van. It was only after I told him that we had just put that gate back into operation the day before after an extended period of being out of service due to a previous accident, that he then took a civil apologetic tone with me without apologizing for the near-miss.

Mr. Stephenson, as stated above, we had just put the gate back into service on Tuesday April 23rd after a $10,000 accident took the gate out of service for nearly 4 months. Understandably, I am very upset with your Tech’s attitude and driving behavior. We have numerous ways to contact residents here on the island. Your tech(s) typically, do not want to take the time to use the Neighborhood Directory keypad to call the residents they come out to service. I once was a customer of ATT.

But after a surly customer service incident last year, you lost a 30 years plus account. I will inform our HOA of the incident this morning. I will instruct them to ensure that they tell the Service Center that the Techs need to use the keypad directory to gain access. I have video of this incident. I expect that Mr. OW498 be disciplined for his irresponsible driving behavior. His loss of employment would certainly provide a lesson but I’m sure your union rules will not allow that.

I expect that he receive a refresher in Customer Relations when confronted with a justifiably angry customer AND that each and every ATT account on Eagle Bend Island receive an apology from ATT (preferably the driver) for the irresponsible behavior of this tech that almost cost them (the residents) another extended period of time without key HOA security infrastructure.


I went from another company to AT&T ..Direct T.V for tv service they did everything they said… Direct tv sent me to AT&T for internet and phone.. I was expecting a bill of about 40.00 when my bill came it was over $200.00. No i would not at this point recommend AT&T.. The money is what i am most upset with.They also drilled hoes and attached stuff to the out side of the house on my siding. I wish they had ask permission first.


I am completely unsatisfied with my services with AT&T. I have only had DSL and home phone for roughly less then 24 hours and i have had nothing but issues with AT&T since i have attempted to get service. When i first ordered my services there were so many things that I didnt know (hidden fees) that i almost cancelled right away. For instance, needing a new modem, install fees, i needed a new phone jack placed in the wall, these are all things i didnt know about. Then on the day my services were supposed to be installed (4-08-2013) the technician dispatched to my home was given my new AT&T home phone number (that has yet to be installed) as my contact number so when he showed up to my house he called it (obviously with no answer) and left because i didnt come to my door. They were supposed to come back that evening, no show, they were supposed to come out on 4-9-2013, no show, then they finally showed on 4-10-2013 and installed the line. The technician was very good. He came back out on 4-11-2013 and finished the job. So i started to set up my internet and then it wouldnt work with my router so i had to spend the next 5 hours calling AT&T to try and figure out why the DSL modem wouldnt connect. Finally after dealing with the setup i finally got my internet to connect and work. Later that night my download speeds dropped to 5kbps when i assured to have 6mbps download speed. Now on 4-12-2013 (within 18 hours of having service) my DSL and home phone do not work. My phones lines are static and my DSL resets every minute. So now i have no home phone, no internet, no on demand feature with direct tv and no home security system all due to AT&T’s wonderful services. When i call to get it fixed they dont want to send a technician out until 4-15-2013. So now all these services that I am paying for I cant use. I am absolutely disgusted with AT&T.


My internet and home phone services went out on Saturday. I called ATT numerous times on sunday. They were suppose to send a technician. I had to borrow other peoples cell phones to call and use their minutes up. Every time I called ATT I had to go thru the automated phone services. I had to repeat every thing over and over every time I called (this took time on other people’s cell phones). I was placed on hold numerous times. The technician called and stated he wouldn’t be there that day. He would come the following morning. Which now is Monday. He spoke to my mother not myself. FINALLY, after numerous more calls and be putting on hold over and over and using other people’s cell phone’s and repeating myself for the 5th time, they finally had a tech. person show up Monday evening. He had no success. He changed wires inside home first. He checked wiring outside home. He drove down road and concluded it was an exterior problem which he could not take care of. He submitted a ticket to someone else at ATT. The 2nd tech. person showed up late evening. He found the bad connection down Blair St. EXTERIOR problem. He thought he fixed it. We had internet service when he left but still no phone. I stated this to him. He stated sometimes it takes a while to work. The phone worked for about 45 minutes that evening. The next morning NO PHONE SERVICE AGAIN. I called ATT back again Tuesday. I was very frustrated. Due to the fact I have my elderly mother living with me which has been sick. My house is up for sale and I could not have any contact by phone with the realtor. This is very frustrating. I called ATT back again Tuesday from my work because we do not have phone service at home. They stated someone would be there between 12 and 4 p.m. …I waited until approximately 9 p.m. Gave up and went to bed. I called ATT back again from my work on WEDNESDAY. Still no service. I called them back again on Thursday from my work. I asked to speak to a manager. They stated I had to have a call back number for later in order to take care of my problem. Really? This is why I am calling you from somewhere else and paying a monthly bill to you!! Finally they stated a tech. person would be there between 12 and 4 p.m. today (Thursday). I got home from work they had already been there. The phone is now working almost a wk. later. However, because the problem was found inside I will have to pay the $99 fee. I did not touch the wires that hook into anything. The first tech. person is the only person who worked with the wires. My internet and phone worked fine for a year. Then first 2 technicians agreed it was an exterior line on Blair St. Only the last technician said it was an interior issue (which is a $99 charge).
I feel as though this is terrible service from ATT. I was always satisfied with them before, but this experience with them has been a nightmare. I have not received a bill from them yet. However, I should not be billed at all. I missed a full days work and was on the phone with them 3 evenings. Therefore, I do feel they somewhat owe me!!


Had to purchase a new phone.Went with the cheapy.You used to give this to me for free when I signed a new deal.When I got it home I could barely hear it more than a few feet away.(And no don’t dare ask me about the volume control)When I researched in the phone I discovered I only have a single ringtone! When I went to the app center I found I would have to pay 2.50 per month for a ringtone!
Let’s see now,you sold me a phone you knew was piss poor and that I would have to pay extra just to make it acceptable to me.
The reward here is for me to take my business elsewhere.The idea of rewarding someone who’s policies are an intentionally designed screwing is not acceptable to me.
So,screw you cocksuckers


When the Phillies or the Eagles have a home game I get little or no cell service when I am in my home. I live in South Philadelphia in the shadows of both sports arena’s. My daughter is a RN and she is on call on weekends and most of the time the Eagles or Phillies are playing when this happens she is unable to receive any call or send any out same with me I cannot use my cell phone I asked AT&T to let me out of my contract with no cost to me they will not do it , I pay close to $300.00 a month for service and I feel I am being cheated they are stealing from me each month. Last year I tried a device that AT&T sent me it did not work . This is not fair I pay my bill every month and I have been a AT&T customer for over 15 years. I haven spoken to several AT&T employes and nobody can help with this matter, The only thing for me to do is to move on to Verizion they are not having this problem. I gave AT&T 2 years to fix this problem and still nothing .


Hi we have been loyal AT&T customers for a few years now. All way fine until we moved we currently have no signal anywhere especially in our house we have to go outside to place phone calls. This is wry unpractical as I have two young daughters. In fact when I went into labour with my second I could not contact my husband cause guess what no signal either at my house or where my husband works. We have complained several times to at&t however switching towers and booster thing does not work. We asked to cancel lines and switch provider as feel it’s unfair to pay for service that we are not reciving and it’s dangerous for me not to be able to contact anyone whilst at home with two little ones. However AT&T will not let us with out a 140 doller fee despite the fact we only have a few months left.


Before AT&T downgraded our Internet, it was OK, not great Internet. Now they have downgraded our area and we pay $33 a month for horrible service. Not just horrible but below horrible. I do work from home and it is almost impossible to get anything done as fast as I was doing, and that wasn’t that fast. I cannot believe that you,AT&T have the gall to charge $33 for a junk Internet service. When I was getting OK service I was paying $39. $6 less is way too much to pay for what I am getting now. If I could get something else for less I would be gone. I have already changed my phones because you upped my phone $50 more. AT&T, you are a mess!


I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with AT&T’ billing/customer service. I signed up with your wireless service, I am customer for over 5 years and every month I have to spend 1-2 hours dealing with your customer service/ billing. You have fraudulently, charged me for a service/subscription that I never ordered or applied. I am not sure how many previous bills have I been charged. Your billing is so complicated that without an accountant, it will be very hard to understand all the charges and prorated amounts.

I can’t spend 1-2 hours every month to fix your billing system issues and track all the credits and changes month by month. I am still working with your customer service. They told me I will get credit next month. This month they told me next month. Plan Changes: Data Plan automatically changed. New data plan added and then different charges prorated amounts with many dates made it so confusing that I can’t understand it. Customer service told me they can’t do anything because those are legal but can explain it to me how 2 months data plan be charged in one. They told me this is how prorated works. Well, I don’t understand.

DataPro 3GB for iPhone on 4G LTE with VVM 29.00CR. This plan is $30.00 per month. You removed this plan on 02/26. You received a credit for the days you did not use this plan 02/26 – 03/24. DataPlus 300MB for iPhone on 4G LTE with VVM 19.33. This plan is $20.00 per month. You added this plan on 02/26. You are charged at the new plan rate from 02/26 – 03/24. DataPro 3GB for iPhone on 4G LTE with VVM 29.00. This plan is $30.00 per month. You added this plan on 02/26. You are charged at the new plan rate from 02/26 – 03/24.

The problem is I have NEVER-EVER gotten a bill for the correct amount, every billing cycle I have to call to get the bill corrected. It takes several calls for me to get at least closer to what it is that I am supposed to pay.

First issue with that is that I don’t have the time to be on the phone to get a bill adjusted (when is supposed to be correct from the beginning) . I work full time Mon-Friday regular business hours, I have to use my 60 minute-2 hours every time I have to call. It is exhausting and this situation is getting old.

I feel like a recording, every month is the same issue. I have to repeat everything over and over from names of previous customer service representatives- supervisors, pieces of conversations, prices, what was said, what was being done. I am extremely dissatisfied with my service; all I have asked for from day one is that I get what I was promised. I don’t want any account credits; I don’t want any unnecessary service.

My bottom line is that I don’t care who has to take care of my issues, but somebody has to do something; As a customer I have rights, I am entitled to get a service I was offered. If you as a company are not going to honor a product-service package you are advertising than you need to shut down your business.

It is not fair for people like me that struggle through life trying to make a decent living that companies are trying to get advantage of us stealing our money- making fake offers. I want you to do an audit of all my bills since I am customer and send me a confirmation about any/all fraudulent charges for subscriptions you added to my account without my permission. I am so frustrated that I told them to cancel all my phone lines and they did it in a heartbeat.

I want the service I was offered, a simple bill that I can understand, and/ or the opportunity to cancel my contract without any penalties or fees.


I ordered a smart phone through Frontier Communications. Have now spent over 17 hours trying to clear up the confusion over my billing. Yesterday I was on my land line for 2 hours and 40 minutes regarding this situation with both Frontier and AT&T. I was billed by both Frontier and AT&T for a 507 area code (Grand Rapids, MI), and for a Land Line. Neither of these are correct.

I live in Edmonds, WA. The billing began on Feb. 8, 2013, and I did not receive the cell phone until Fe. 14, 2013. I paid the original bill to your company, and have also received two refund checks. Bill paid-$102.73, refund checks-$42.60, and $23.62. The cell phone # that I was given on Feb. 14th is area code 425. I requested a Senior Plan, confusion here as well.

I have never had a land line with AT&T. To date, I have now paid only $4 less than the bill from Frontier. I presume the Late Fee was dismissed–how very thoughtful of your company! It is obvious that my time and trouble has never been a consideration, and I am quite sure that if any other questions arise regarding your billing, I will throw the phone in the trash, cancel my service with both Frontier and AT&T.

Your disregard for customer satisfaction is blatant, and I am most unhappy.


I am customer with ATT from the last 20 years,ever since i moved to my present home in 2009,i have very poor ,week wireless signals most of the time the calls are dropping and dont have a single signal bar,i called millions time ATT and have been admitting they are planing to fix or install new tower in my area,and have many other complains as well,but at the same time,on the upper lever they wont do any thing,instead ignored.

i called again on april 1st,2013 ,i was on phone 2 hrs,after all that time,the tech dept,Amy tech support,completely ignored and lied to me that there is no problem in my area and refuses to fix and was very rude…… ATT is completely out of control and sucking our hard money and not sincere with customer ,its shame for that big company to ignore and ripp off customer with poor service


On Weds March 20 my DSL was disconnected by AT&T- not by my request. It took one week, 7 hours on the phone and talking to 15 different people before they were able to reconnect my DSL. It was an extremely frustrating experience and I worry now about a future unauthorized disconnect. How was this able to occur and why was it so difficult to resolve.


ATT uverse is a rip off, I want to warn every last one of YOU not to sign up for their service. When I moved into my apartment several months ago I had no choice but to sign up for their bundled package including phone, internet, and a television services. I have to say that the first month was cheap as expected, then the horror started.

Each month my uverse bill went up, and each month ATT was harder and harder to call on the phone. I was tired of being put on hold, only to have to threaten to cancel just to get part of my money back.  It’s funny how the words “terminate” can make you money with their outsourced customer service reps. Just threaten to cancel and they give you all kinds of discounts.

Why don’t big companies like ATT care about the customer anymore!?

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