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I’m sitting here hoping that the Syracuse Villanova game does not go into overtime. If it does it will be the third time I have not been able to watch the start for games played by Kansas University on ESPN. I know the East provides a larger market but can’t you at least give us a glimpse of the start or a split screen so we can follow the game we tuned in to see? Saturday we were 12 minutes into the first quarter before we got anything but a strip giving the score. Give us a break ESPN. Rock Chalk. Chuck.


I have stayed up all night to watch and enjoy the greatest show on earth only to find that when the game gets down to its most exciting and crucial quarter ESPN England just shuts down!! At 4 o’clock on the dot with 8.52 left in the game with the east beginning a run to try and close the gap the channel just went blank!! This is a huge oversight on the part of whoever arranges the schedules !! (we) haven’t stayed up ALL NIGHT to miss the final minutes of one of the most enjoyable games in the NBA calender!!!! I understand that there may be schedule implications (cost implications) however as this is marketed as the NBA all star game and not “the first 3 quarters and then to be cut off at the important part” I feel very aggrieved at the way this has happened with ESPN.


I am trying to watch the UK v. MSU basketball game on ESPN and the overhead camera is taking away any enjoyment I may receive. The players look like ants and you cannot observe anything around the basket, such as rebounding or guarding an opponent. I would prefer discontinuing the overhead camera!


Let me just preface this by saying that I freakin’ love ESPN, and can’t get enough of their sports coverage. That being said HOLY CRAP their site is incredibly annoying to visit and I think ESPN needs to hear this and take notice! I know you are trying to make money on advertisments and all that stuff but damn when I load your site I feel like my PC just got hacked. Banner ads flying in errwhere and popups like SPAM crazy cheap sites. You know what I normally do when I visit a site gone ad crazy? I BOUNCE!

I can’t believe a company as big as ESPN is that desperate for $$$ that they gotta throw annoying ads up all over there site. Really guys, if you need the money, just ask!

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