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In our newly purchased house, we decided to replace the laminate countertop with Silestone countertop. We selected a design and Home Depot sent the contractor to take measurements in about 15 days. We placed the order on July 27, 2012 and paid in full around $6,200. After about a month of order placement, We received a call from the installer that they want to come for the installation on a week day no later than 3 PM. I told them that on week days no one is at home before 6 PM and requested if they can come after 6 PM on a week day or at any time of their choice on a weekend. They told me that this is not possible. Therefore, I had to take day off from my work to get the countertop installed.

They came to install the countetop and found that they had made mistake in measurements of the two pieces for the sink and breakfast nook. After about a couple of weeks a person came to take the measurements for the those two pieces. After another couple of weeks later I received a call from them that the new pieces of the countertop are ready to be installed and someone should be available at home on a week day before 3 PM. Again I requested them if that can be done after 6 PM or on a weekend. The answer was the same "No". I had to take time off from work again.

Finally they came to install the two new pieces at the time of their choice. This time the new pieces were of correct dimensions but they looked different in color (shade) from the rest of the pieces. Also the breakfast nook piece was not installed horizontal. It was leaning by 1/2" from outer side. When pointed this to the installers they said it is because of problem with the brackets and nothing wrong with the coutertop. The old Laminate coutertop was perfectly horizontal with the old brackets though. When informed the salesperson at Home Depot about these issues, he assured me that they will compensate me and fix the problems. Then started a period of inspections of countertop. The Assistant Branch Manager came to see the countertop herself. She noticed the difference of color between the new and old pieces but she wasn't sure whether this was due to different lighting in different sections. We provided them the picture of the old and new pieces which were clearly showing difference.

After about 5 months, today, Dec 01, 2012, I was informed by the manager that there is nothing Home Depot can do and I have to accept and live with it. So here I am after spending close to $7,000, taking two day off from work and living about 5 months with broken kitchen walls (they broke the dry walls while removing the tiles from back splash). I am wondering do I have any recourse? In this case they (Home Depot) are the party and the judge too. Is any body at the top in Home Depot who cares for customer satisfaction? I have had absolutely no complaints against Home Depot before this transaction and for any renovation project, my first stop has always been Home Depot. However, after going through all this, I feel like I have been ripped off and I will think 100 times before turning towards Home Depot.


I had Bailey's Co coming to install a dishwasher and was told between 3 and 7. Called @ 6:00 and said it would be an hour, called back again @8:00 and said they had 1 more drop off and would be there. I told them I have two small kids that I need to get to bed and this was too late anyway. I told thr driver to put us first on the list for the next morning and to call me back for the confirmation, by 10:00 no call by Bailey's. I called them and explained the situiation to the manager (Sam) and said I wanted the dishwasher installed that day and he said he could not do that and it would be another week. He did not offer an apology or even act like he cared, he was too busy too deal with customer service complaints. Home Depot these are the people that are repesenting you company, you might want to look into this. If this what I can expect in the future Lowes can have my business.


I purchased a Maytag front load washing machine Oct 2010. I also purchased Maytag dryer. The dryer had to be repaired soon after purchase. The washer had to be repaired within 2-3 months after purchase. I paid about 700.00 for washer. The first repair was done by A& E Service. They were horrible. They came in to diagnose it and ordered the parts. They said the parts were being delivered via UPS on a certain date. Took the day out of work no delivery. called them they said the parts were on backorder. How do you come up with a delivery date if the parts are not in stock?? The parts totaled 693.00. This went on for 5 weeks and the customer service was horrible. Finally the parts arrive. It was fixed on April 12,2011. That was covered under manufacturer warranty. So 700.00 worth of parts, my cost of 30.00 week to Laundromat for 5 weeks, plus the original price of the machine. Now the second repair was done Jan 15, 2013 $350.00 for parts. New England appliance was great to work with. I took out extended 2 year warranty. Just placed another call for yet another repair the machine is not pumping water out instead it's draining on my cellar floor. I also purchased Maytag OTR microwave with glider tray on March 12, 2011. On March 11, 2013 it has also failed and is currently not working. I'm starting to believe Home Depot bought Maytag appliances at a good deal before Whirlpool bought them out. These appliances are horrible. I'm so disappointed with the whole situation. I don't think I should have to keep renewing my warranty through Home Depot to cover these bogus appliances. I read many negative posts on complaint boards and didn't want to resort to that so I felt a direct e-mail would be better. I don't see me purchasing anything else from your store and if friends say they are looking for appliances I will just shake my head no.

Tina Palumbo


I placed an order for same day store pick up. When I arrived at the store, half the order was missing and there was no record in Home Depot's system that I ever ordered anything else. I cancelled the order completely. 13 days later, the ghost order showed up. I got an email letting me know it was ready for pick up. I called the store, cancelled it again...it had not been charged to my credit card at this point. The next day I got a call from the local Home Depot that my order was ready for pick up. I again cancelled the order(3rd time). The next day, my account was charged for the amount of the order. I now have encountered a $37 overdraft fee which Home Depot refuses to pay for.




4 weeks ago I ordered mini blinds and installation from the Harrison, Ohio store. They didn't give too much information about the process, they just said it would be about 2 weeks. Well the contractor Arts blinds took 2 weeks to come measure. then I had to go back to the store to get blins well the store was out so the store called me when they got the blinds back in. another week.

The store said they would call Arts blinds and let them know that I had the blinds. well when I called Arts blinds 2 days later no one from home depot called like they said they would. so I had Arts coming out today because they only come to Indiana once a week they say and I had my 18 year old son stay home from school. He was supposed to be there between 9 and 11 a.m. Brandon called and left a message saying to call the store Arts blins .

Well when I did no answer I left a message. No response so I call on my 10 minute break and the lady said he couln't find a place to enter the house that wasn't muddy. If he would have pulled in the drive about 10 feet there was a sidewalk and grass and another door . Well the lady said he can't come for another week and I think he should've come back today or at least this week.

So I'm having someone else install my blinds and I just want you to know what kind of people are representing your name..By the way when I called the store al I got was thats your right no apology for the worst experience I have ever had with any store. Believe me when I get my money back I will never go there again even if I have to drive further.


I buy and spend money quite often and have never had a problem but after a recent home tree job I bought
A copule chains for my saw witch is a larger size and I expressed my concerns but was still told I could bring it back
I did this twice until I bought an entire new bar hoping it would work. But none of it does. I also have been
Told I am blocked out of the system for 90 days. I have laytex driveway sealer that I bought more than I needed and
By the time 90 days comes around there is a good chance it is bad.... This is going to make it so I can not send any of my men to homedeot I am not happy with this policy and have never had this problem before. The amout of this complaint is around $200.
But with the driveway sealer it will be more like $2000. I want to be contacted ASAP. Also use the system lowes has with the phone number system


August 2012 we decided to call Home Depot for window replacement. We had the district manager come by our house to set this all up. He promised us that they would be in on labor day and no later. The date that we had them complete this project was the week before Christmas 2012. There was alot of problems with scheduling and the contractors they would hire always seemed to quit when our job needed done. They ended up putting the windows in October and they measured 4 of the windows incorrectly. We also made two appointments for them to install. The first time they were to come they no showed us on a Sunday and then they lied and said we made the mistake. The other times my husband took off of work and he was no showed. The next time which was in December when I took off my job and they never showed and I had to call them. I called the district manager and he wanted to make another appointment. I asked him where they were and he had no idea what was going on. The district manager was covering for them the whole time and he lied every chance he got so he could look good. I was also promised compensation for the days that we took off of work for the no shows. They lied again to my face. The day that they no showed in December my windows were still in Baltimore and no one had them on a truck here in Hagerstown to come at 11:00 a.m They caused us alot of stress around the holidays to top it off. My house was a mess for four months and no one cared about it at all. I payed good hard earned money to have this done right. I could have went to your competitors and got it done in a day. What is up with that? Yet I chose Home Depot because I had other work done before and it was professionally done and in a timely manner. Yours standards has went down hill and I will never have work done again by your establishment. I am still waiting for that call since December 2012 on my price cut. I guess you need four months for that too.
Let me know what you decide.


Good day,

I am contacting you in hopes of resolving an issue which came about by trusting the advice of one of your associates to provide the right product for the right job.

My wife, myself and a friend of ours were to install clay tile on a pitched roof of our garage. My wife and I went to the local Home Depot in Signal Hill, CA. at Spring Street and Atlantic. We were directed to the area of the store which has roofing supplies. We spoke to an associate in that area and asked if he could reccommend what underlayment type paper to use to install clay tile on a pitched roof. He said that he didn't have knowledge of that, but that he could get the indivdual that is knowledgable in roofing. Just as we finished this conversation, the individual that he was going to contact showed up. We relayed our inquiry to him regarding the proper underlayment to use for installing clay tile on a pitched roof. He walked over to section of rolled paper and informed us that this is what we needed to purchase for the job. He then asked how many square feet of roof, and based on our answer told us that we needed two rolls. We purchased the 2 rolls of GAF TRIPLY #75 BASE SHEET that he suggested. Our friend installed the clay tile roof after laying down the TRIPLY. All appeared to be well.

At this same home, we had a contractor doing some more extensive work at our home. While he was on the jobsite he noted some rot on roof plywood planking over the porch. We had him include that in his bid. He removed the clay tile and the damaged plywood planking. He replaced the plywood planking. We informed him that we had leftover under layment from installing the garage roof. We brought it to him and he took one look at it and said, this is not the right paper to install for this type of roof. He told us that the TRIPLY #75 BASE SHEET is only used for hot mopped flat roofs, and not to be used under clay tile roofs. My wife immediately went over to the Home Depot to speak to the supervisor on duty. Her name is Letty. My wife explained our dilema. Letty went to her computer, went on the web and pulled out the information sheet TRIPLY Design and Application Instructions. She read through the information and informed my wife that this product can very well be used for application of clay tile on a pitched roof. My wife brought the information home and I reviewed it when I returned from work. After reviewing the information sheet for this product it clearly states that it is not for pitched roof application. It is a product used for a flat roof much like my contractor indicated.

The following day my wife went back to Home Depot. Letty was not on duty. She spoke to another supervisor that was on duty, his name is Alex. My wife again explained our situation, adding the newly acquirred information I had read from the information sheet for this product. At that moment the associate that had suggested the TRIPLY arrived at the customer service desk. He immediately spoke up. His memory was clear about our visit and about the job we told him we were going to perform, but he said he did not remember giving us any paper. My wife asked him; you remember our visit, our questions to you about the product to use for this type of roof but you don't remember providing us the paper? Other customers who were standing at the desk and Alex looked at him in disbelief. My wife then asked Alex if someone from Home Depot could come out and evaluate the cost of a corrective repair. He said Home Depot would noy do that. He said all that he could authorize is to return the money for the TRIPLY paper which was purchased. My wife was very dissatisfied with his offer and asked for the corporate contact number. He told her it was on the receipt.

My wife contacted Cindy at 1 800 654-0688 ext.76526. She was given a case number of 51625944. She said she would investigate. The same day Letty, the first supervisor my wife confronted about our situation, called my wife and offered $200 plus the cost of the material we bought for the inconveinence. My wife informed her that the lowest bid we had to replace the paper on the roof was $1,650. My wife asked her to send someone out from Home Depot to replace the paper for that cost. Letty said that would be impossible. My wife then called Cindy at corporate customer service to update her on the conversation she had with Letty. A few days later we received a letter of intent to provide us with a gift card of $250 to compensate us for our troubles. I have attached the letter with this email.

What I am asking for, is more reasonable compensation for the troubles your associate has caused us. If he hadn't been presented to us by the first associate we spoke to as being the technical person to speak to regarding roofing material; I wouldn't have put as much faith as I did in his decision to provide us that paper. Please review the trouble your employee has caused us, and provide a equitable compensation.

Thank you for your time in reviewing this matter







On 11/21/12 I purchased a refrigerator from the Home Depot store in Fishkill, NY. We were told that we could have it delivered by the 26th and that the item was in stock. We opted to have it delivered on December 10th. A few days later I contacted customer service for delivery and asked if it was possible to switch the delivery date to 12/1/12 and was advised yes. They changed the date. We did receive a confirmation phone call the day before and advised they would be at our home between 2-6 on that date. We sold our old refrigerator and had them remove it on the day the new one was to arrive which was 12/1/12. It was getting late so I called delivery and was assured they would be there but probably running late. They never showed. I called again but they were closed. I then called the Home Depot where I purchased the refrigerator. After two days of calls back and forth I found that there was a mix up with the customer service in delivery. I am livid. I had to throw out food as we did not have a refrigerator then had to buy a dorm size refrigerator from Lowes for the rest of my food. Our refrigerator will not be delivered until 12/10/12. I feel we should be not only compensated for my loss of food but also for the inconvenience of having to buy a dorm size refrigerator of which I will have no use for once the new one is delivered. I was going to purchased all my appliances at Home Depot since I just moved into my new home, but because of this I had second thoughts.


i purchased a toro recycler lawnmower in oct.2012- i bought it early so that it would be available when i needed to use it.it started when i assembled it according to instructions. the next time i tried to start it was without success. i returned it to the home deport where it was purchased at 6708 e. mckellips rd in mesa,az. they basically told me tough luck, the store manager did not try to communicate with me,even though i waited for over an hour,and not only that they also would not direct me to a place that covers toro warranties. the mower has a three year warranty but i can't ship it back to iowa,in my opinion home depot should exchange it. but i guess they were right- tough luck- i'll remember this and alert any and all who may ask about the practices of home depot.


On September 2nd I ordered a LG Washing Machine on the condition that it would deliver on September 7. The order was taken by the web and the delivery confirmed on September 6 in the afternoon – as scheduled. Approximately 7:00 PM on September 7, I was notified from the LG Home Depot Support desk that the order would not be delivered as scheduled – no reason was given. I called the LG support desk at 8:10 PM and learned that it was closed for the day.

I then contacted the HOME DEPOT support team. That was a colossal waste of time. During this call, I was told that an appointment was made for September 14. At no time was I contacted about that delivery date – frankly it is unacceptable. The customer service representative and her supervisor were unable to insure the order would deliver as scheduled and the best they could do would be to an email because LG was closed for the day.

I then cancelled the order after telling them in no uncertain terms I would no longer do business with HOME DEPOT. I want to make sure that you all fully understand the ramifications of this in action.

1 – The order was canceled. I will go to LOWES and order a similar device for about the same price. LOWES will deliver next day. So, instead of a making good on your promise to deliver, you have lost sale.

2 – I will not shop at HOME DEPOT again. The last major purchase will be paid off by the end of the month and totaled about $2K. The previous year I re-did my kitchen using the Depot program. That cost approached $20K. Since 1996 (my retirement from the army), I have been a loyal customer – generally spending a conservative average of $2.5K a year on everything from wood to plants. You have lost these sales.

3 – I am a logistics professional. I fully understand inventory, manufacturing and shipping – that is my life. To suggest that the delivery is manager by LG is purely a resource driven decision. I may be made by efficiencies, but there are hundreds of work arounds. None of which were explored ore even offered. Why pick up the phone if you can’t fix something.

4 – I will tell all of my friends and family of this transgression and urge them to not shop at HOME DEPOT

In sum, the inability to even offer any alternative options or delivery for this device and failure to understand the consequences of this failure speaks volumes for HOME DEPTOT’S inefficiency and management style. It is not my concern – nor should it be – that this decision was made by LG – they are your vendor and should not be managing you.

I you would like to chat or if you have a resolution, but given the inept customer service and inefficiencies I’ve experienced in this debacle, my guess is DEPOT will not attempt to salvage my relationship.


I've call the home depot on 12 Coliseum Dr. Nashua, NH twice now at different occasions. The first time I waited 20 minutes and gave up. I again called back hoping to speak with a person in the a specific department and waited another 25 minutes. Is there only ONE incoming line? Very disappointed.


The Home Depot lessons or teaching sessions that they have make doing it yourself possible.  I have recently purchased a home and my wife and I found it easy to make the home improvements necessary when owning a new home.  We rebuilt the fence, hung shutters and blinds, repainted the rooms, and change all the light fixtures all under the tutelage of the Home Depot lessons.  It truly is a store where you can save more and do more.


Simply put Home Depot does not stand behind the contractors poor quality work. You are on your own when it comes to finding and hiring a contractor that you can trust. They don't even think they need to reply to the BBB. Just a friendly warning from someone who has learned the hard way about Home Depot.


Hi, I hope I have enough space, because this is a long story. I ordered on line ( dec28,2014) a stove #Model JB250DFWW, for a rental I have, the renters glass top stove had a crack on it, they delivered the 31 of December, Xmas eve, they took the old one, and installed the new one, and after tryng it, there was electrical problem, so they called the Office and told the delivering men to take the new one back to the store and re-install the old one. We had a big argument with the customer support team, so we cancel that stove. got our money back as soon as they could send it, after we complained and complained. Now we went directly to the store #4614 the 4th January to order one in person, (mean while we had to deduct the rent to our renters because we thought it was a danger to cook in the broken glass top stove, so they had to order food ) okay we liked a stove and the sellesman told us that the one next to the one we were looking at , was less expensif and right for a rental, we agreed with him, the stove looked real nice, the add on top of the stove said it was $ 349 , so we deceided to get it, he went and did all the paper work , we paid for it , and told the renter they were going to deliver it the 1/7/15, she was happy. They delivered the stove on that day and installed it. the renter did not know what kind of stove we bought. so after they left, my renter had an emergency call and had to leave for new York, she came back on the 1/16/15 and gave me a call, asking if I knew the stove had only one big burner and 3 small one. I did not think it was right, so I went back to the store next day, and asked a sellperson in that dept. about the order, I showed her the one I ordered and after she checked on the computer, she says, they delivered the wrong one. What happen is that they had the wrong add on top of the stove and the number was wrong, the number was for another one (the one they delivered) we had to call one the manager and he did took care of every thing, so now I have to wait to see if they will deliver the right one model # RB526DHWW- store SO SKU # 1000050834, meanwhile I had to pay for this one, and wont get my money back for the other one till they take it back to the store. This is a real mess and somebody is not doing their job. Since Xmas I am having night mares about stoves... The last person who really knew what was going on , was very smart and knew the problem right away, she printed all the paper work so my rental can see wich stove we bought, her name is Ms. Martha Lambert, she needed the help of her supervisor Mr. Raffael Santana and he was a super first class supervisor he did everything he could to make things right for me. They have to be aknowledge for thei work to help and please a customer. So now I am going to have more night mares till the new stove get delivered the 1/22/15. and then wait till I get my money back. So now Is my question ? why I had to go through all this hard time just to buy a stove from Home Depot.??? Do I have to write to B.B.C. to complain ? are you going to get in touch with me to discuss all this mess ? what is going to happen ? do I have to write to Mr. Craig Menear to let him know whats going on with his Home Depot ? Please let me know...


I purchased a heating and air condition central unit from home depot on 08-15-14. It was installed by delta mechanical o8-19-14. I9 had a problem with the duck work that comes from the heating unit. I called and nobody came out.i went to my local home depot store and talked to the manager. He was very nice and had one of the employes to call delta. Three daylater nobody had come. I called my local home depopt again. They were very nice. They called delta mechanical a gain and i called delta again and talked to a woman. She apoligiced numerus times and i told her idid not want an apoligy . I wanted service. They came out the next day in the afternoon and repaired it in 15 minutes after i waited 9 days . I complained to a woman at delta and she said she would pass my complaint along, no reply. I think n9 day is not aressnable response time. A disfied costmer


A new dryer was purchased for my rental property from Morgan Hill CA, Home Depot. The Dryer kept blowing a fuse in the unit, making it not operable. I paid an Electrician $125 to check my electrical. He assured me that there was no problems with my electrical wiring in the house, I called GE Service Department to have the fuse replaced. There were no fuses in stock throughout the whole state of California. I had to pay $88 to have two new fuses rushed in as replacements. Another fuse blew, as soon as the dryer was turned on. At this point I was so mad and discussed,! This dryer was under a warranty, but no one could fix the problem, or willing to replace it. I contacted Home Depot and demanded a different brand of Dryer. A Maytag was delivered to replace the GE. The Maytag Home Depot refused to pick up the GE dryer from my house. It has now been a month since the Maytag was delivered, of course this dryer is working fantastic! No, problem with it at all! Another month has passed and Home Depot is refusing to come and collect the GE Dryer, and they have informed me they will not give me a refund until the GE dryer is returned. What kind of a company is this anyway! Charge me for two dryers, making me pay for additional costs to trouble shoot the problem, purchase fuses, and not make things right! A company of this size should have there act together! I will never buy another appliance from Home Depot again!!! I recommend everyone to shop somewhere else!!!


I traveled approx 35 rt miles to pick up a replacement unit coming from Nogales Az Home depot via a manager from that store, dropped off at the Irvington store in Tucson, Az. The box was open, so I asked them to check the heater top. It was used and they said just take it home and see if it worked. They refused to return my money so I could get a heater. I am diabetic and spent the night in the cold due to your employees non caring attitude. I am finding this is a big issue with home depot. I have been on hold with the dyna glo company to see if they will do what you refused to do. My next step is to go to ripoffreport.com and file and the social sites. I am disabled and this is just wrong. I am giving you a chance to make it right.
My phone number is 520-551-3282.


Your computer system that talks to your card holders tells the customer one thing and when I called the service dept and talked to a service rep I was told something different and he also give me the impression that he didn;t really care if I shop at Home Depot or not. .As of right now I believe that I will pay off my balance of $130.25 and then make my purchases elsewhere.
Don Wickerham


On Wednesday 3-19-14 we sat down with one of the kitchen specialist to design our kitchen we added installation and counter tops. The total at the time for both with installation and taxes came to 17893 dollars. At that time the sales rep said they would decline such a large purchase and a check would be better. I went back on Friday with a check for the purchase amount he gave us and we all agreed upon. When I sat down with him to pay the bill, he told me it was $19464.00.

When asked why so much he said the underwriter added two pieces of molding. The molding only came to $500. I asked him to go over it again with his underwriter and he told us we are wrong. He said we heard the total wrong and we have to pay this amount. I am very dissatisfied as a customer. I will be reporting home depot to the BBB and will never shop there again! I would please appreciate either and email or phone call back. This purchase was at the Copiague Home depot in New York.



On March 22, at 9:30 am I went to our local Home Depot at Cedartown GA. I was shopping for 15 bundles of roof shingles for my new garage that was being constructed. When I entered the building “Yavonne ” was the cashier. I told her that I would be needing some help loading the shingles. She told me she would get someone. After waiting several minutes and still no help I loaded the cart by myself. ( I am 68 years old). I went to the front checkout where “Yavonne” was still there.

She said she couldn’t find anyone, but she would find someone to help me load my truck. After waiting again for several minutes and still no help I started to load my truck with the shingles by myself. When I was almost done a girl came out and told me that she would help me. The shingles weighed more than she did.. During this whole process I did not see any associates at all. With service like this I think that it is time I start doing my shopping at Lowes. 


Ordered door November waited through the holidays and excuses that they had numerous issues with the shipping co that damaged my door. Reordered and waited until March to finally get a partially complete door. Wrong door locks made 5 trips to the store, made over 20 phones calls spoke to manager, promised to make good finally after finally got the door installed after two carpenter visits, Home Depot took the joy out of having this door installed 4 months later, they offered a can of paint labor to finish the trim as their compensation. Every time I look at the door reminds me of the hassle I went through what a horrible feeling to pass on to your customer Home Depot . Not even a letter of apology, not even a follow up by the manager shows how much you don’t care how you treat your customers or want them to come back.



On several occasions, in the last 6 months to a year, my sub-contractor and I have purchased smoke alarms which would not connect with each other. After having the wiring inspected by a licensed electrician, he said the smoke alarms are probably faulty. Needless to say after several trips back and forth to Home Depot, trying alarms, the problem was not resolved. My sub-contractor got smoke detectors from another company, and they work fine and are connecting.

The second problem I have had is we pickup an Elegonated toilet cover with a new toilet, sicks and faucets. Again, my subcontractor had to go back to Home Depot to pickup the right toilet seat, as they gave us a regular toilet cover instead of elegonated one. He just recently had to go back to Home Depot again because of a faulty value in the toilet cover. I just recently picked up a faucet (Delta) and found that the spray hose does not work correctly, and my contactor has to back to Home Depot. Needless to say, this is costly and time consuming for him, and inconvenience to me, as I have to keep taking time off from work for him to come back and forth and fix problems or replace defective items that we bought at Home Depot.

I am very disappointed, needless to say, with the products that I have bought at Home Depot, not to mention to inconvenience for my Sub-Contractor who has to go back and forth and change these products and has to spend more money to get a better product and is costing me more money in the long run.


Twice in the last eight months or so, a home depot customer has phyiscialy assuallted an assistant store manager at home depot, not once but twice. The first time it happened (with witnesses) the comment was made “If it happens again, we’ll talk with customer about it”. Well it happened again with the same customer and the same assistant store manager. I expect this to be retified within the next 24 hours or I will obtain legal consul . At no time will someone lay hands on a member of my household and be held accountable and if Home Depot does not step up to this, I will step up to Home Depot and the lack of concern it has for its employees and their safety. My telephone on this matter is 205-753-1695 and I will inform you of the store location


I would like to file a complaint about port huron home depot. I went to home depot and purchased a lg pantry cabinet on 4/21/ 2013. When we got home and opened the box. The doors were ripped off the cabinet. The whole cabinet had cracks on the side and gouges in it.I drove 130 miles round trip to buy this product. I had to make another 130 miles round trip to take it back and they did not have another one. I think i should be reimbursed for my gas mileage. I asked about it and was told they dont do that. Im one very unhappy customer. And i will tell people to stay away from home depot.


Last week, at the Fort Walton Beach, FL store there was great rep named Manela. She helped me order my products over the phone so I can get the military discount and shipped to my house for free. Today at the same store, there is a rep named Cecelia. She just sat in her chair looked it up on the internet and asked if that is it. I said yes. She said go on the internet at home and order it. She doesn’t call in orders. I said this is what the other lady did for me. She said she never did that for the past 4 years. If Home Depot is wondering why they lose money, this is why. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.


I bought a shed on 3/11/13 from Home Depot Columbia, S.C. Harbison store. I found out after they received complete payment by me and my USAA credit line account that they outsource to a HIp out of maine, and the installation company is almost 100 miles from me in Aiken, S.C. Home Depot was paid in full and said they were not responsible for the shed? What kind of crazy crap is that? On my statement with USAA Savings Bank credit line they were paid one thousand sixty eight dollars for the shed and it is not in my yard yet! Then I found out they changed the installation date from 4/8 to 4/15 today and they are still not here and I am going on a second payment on the shed that is not in my yard yet. The installer said they are almost 100 miles away in Aiken , S.C. They are supposed to come today but are still not here.
If they are not here by this afternoon I want all of my money back on my credit cards, and the 159.00 tie down fee on my USAA American Express card also, which have all been paid out to Home Depot Harbison, Columbia, S.C. and HIP installers. I would never recommend Home Depot to anyone as it has become a nightmare, see my facebook page also. Bettie Taylor


I have recently purchased a house and planned on getting most of the remodeling done by Home Depot. The first thing started was a $4k purchase for carpet that went smoothly from the Everett, WA Home Depot. Then we found the Snohomish, WA Home Depit close to our house and were going to do the entire house in window blinds $2k worth… This has been the absolute sorriest experience I have ever had. Owen the sales person was great and informative. This past Wed. I received a voice message saying my blinds came in. At 4 pm I called back and spoke with a a person and they asked for my phone number and would call me back in a min… That phone call never came back. Thursday I tried calling back once again to be transferred to several different department before speaking with a lady that said the installers will contact me in 48 hrs. Friday at approx. 3pm would be 48 hrs… Still no phone call… Sat I decided to call back to the Home Depot only to be told that my blinds were still ready for pick up when they should be installed… This time I asked to speak to a manager that couldn’t tell me much except for that they would call the installers and see what they could do with a promise to call me back… This is from the Service Desk at Snohomish, WA Home Depot at 10:45 am… This way you can locate which manager it is bc I didn’t catch his name. This promise doesn’t mean too much bc I had already been promised a call back and never received it. Unless this goes any better next time ill drive further and work with Lowes. I feel like I’m dealing with a bunch of children at the Snohomish location. Customer Service must be on the low end of the priority list and i will be glad to share my experience with anyone looking to have work done if this doesn’t change. Please feel free to call me or have someone from the store call me and apologize to show that someone believes that an honest apology for poor customer service from the people responsible not a corporate place still exists. (850)699-3023


Just returned from the home depot neshaminy where I purchased (3) pressure treated boards. I’m a retired Marine and asked for the military discount. The checkout girl told me to go to self checkout and pay there then come back to the other end of the store where my items were. I get to self checkout and there is no one there to help me, after 5 minutes someone shoued up and pretty much made me feel as if I was annoying them. The only place you had a real person was the original checkout person who couldn”t help me. I have been a loyal customer at that location since the store opened and have spent at least 50 thousand dollars at the neshaminy store. Someone should look into how that store is being operated, I know they lost me as a customer.



In 2011 I bought a zero turn lawn mower as soon as I got it problems return to Home Depot they have to send it off. I was told factory problems when made said they repaired ,first time I used it same prom less return to Home Depot sent it off again said it still had original problems I had 22 hours on machine sent back for vibration choke stuck would not easily start belt would not stay on.

They said it was a factory issue by then I had to buy a new. Lawn mower ,finally I talk to bob in tool rental in turf land mall, Lexington,ky the repair company called me were going to bring it back with same problems.they are suppose to return to my home as was includied in my purchase they will not I returning to a different Home Depot 18 miles away said to take it or not.

i have no one to turn afteri paid over $5,000.00 for it.some one help me as good as a customer I have been.


On April 9, 2013, I visited the above mentioned Home Depot at 7:40 pm with the intention to purchase shrubs and mulch. I have a gift card with a balance of $120.00. As I approached the register in the outside Garden center, the tatttoed cashier violently flung the booth window open. She said, “We’re closing this register right now” (with a lot of attitude). Then she rolled her eyes and said, “I’ll ring you out”- again with attitude. I told her to forget about my purchase and that I wanted to speak to a manager. She then said,
“I didn’t do nothing wrong and I’m in charge out here”. She proceeded to page a manager. A young lady came and apologized for her behavior. Noone is going to want to make any purchases with such a rude cashier handling customers in the Garden center. If you were to view the security camera, you would be able to verify the unacceptable behavior of this rude employee. I was so disgusted that I no longer wish to shop at Home Depot. By the way, this incident occurred at 7:45 pm which was 15 minutes prior to your Garden Center closing.
If you want to improve your sales, you need to lose this horrible Garden Associate with the awful attitude towards customers.
If you’d like any further information, please call me at 440-884-1851.
Gary J. Brezina


I just wanted you to know why I am not shopping at Home Depot stores anymore. The reason is thus: The ‘beeping video monitors’. One day last week, I was in need of a copper fitting for a job. I needed to ‘think’ and find the correct part. Every time I moved, I heard this annoying and distracting beeping sound. Then I noticed that every 20 feet or so, there was a video monitor displaying ‘me’.

And when I moved, it beeped. Then I began to notice these devices were installed through out the store in places, no doubt, where shop lifting might be relatively easy. So, I brought this to the attention of a female employee who told me that the beeping was to alert the employees to my presence so they could assist me. Not only do you think we are all thieves, you think we are all stupid!

I am not a thief. Nor am I stupid. Now, when I visit Home Depot, I feel like the Corporation ‘thinks’ that I am a thief. Who ever is responsible for this idiotic installation of such devices should be given a pink slip. I spend alot of money at HD and Lowes. …and I don’t get the ‘evil eye’ when I go to Lowes…so…why would I subject myself to that level of ‘scrutiny’ at Home Depot? I will not!


I am astounded at the incompetence exhibited by two of your Home Depot employees at the Bonney lake, Washington store. They should be somewhat knowledgeable about the products they are selling/recommending…especially in the Home Depot paint dept. Last August, I asked your employee what I should use to paint my outside deck. What she recommended (and what I bought based on her recommendation) turned out to be some kind of porch paint, not to be used for uncovered surfaces.

It looked nice, but didn’t last more than a few months (about 90 days) and now it looks worse than when I started. So……not only am I out the $100 or so it cost me to do the job, I now have to invest more money and all of the labor to do the job right. I understand that people make mistakes, but if I did that in my business, I’d be out of business.

So today, I went back to the Home Depot store and mentioned the issue to the person who waited on me. She said ” Yeah, I know who told you that…..she’s been here for 7 years, you think she would learn…especially when she’s been told repeatedly”. Then today’s clerk recommended the Restore product which looks very good. Based on my square footage, she told me that I would need 6 to 7 5gallon pails to cover the deck.

At a cost of approx. $550 to $650 to do the job. After my first Home Depot experience, I decided to investigate myself….and after reading the back of the product, I found that I only need 3-1/2 5 gallon pails to do the job (which was then confirmed by your chief competitor. If I had listened to your so called expert, I would have invested approx. $350 more than I should have. When combined with the previously spent $100 plus all the wasted labor…..well you get the picture.

I have been a loyal Home Depot customer and have become increasingly disenchanted with the competency of your employees and also the quality of your products. I am sure that there are many others like me. Bottom line……your competitor is going to get the Restore sale and all the related sales that go with it.


I went to Mattoon illinois Home Depot to purchase 1700 sq ft of hardwood flooring, I ask to speak with the manager on this purchase, the lady setting at the desk in the floor dept was busy eating but did advice me the manager was to busy doing paperwork to come and help me, I walk away and go to the contractor area , they call manager for me.

I speak with the manager I ask if they have any discounts on this purchase, like the credit card deals you sometimes run, he informed me there were none. Mind you I have check in hand and ready to buy ($6000.00 worth) I walked out the door with my check, I now get upon the computer and find that you will give a 10 percent discount for disable vets up to $500.00, also read that large purchases Home Depot would call home office for discount.

I called lumber liquidators they did work with me and that where I am going to purchase my flooring. Had the manager at home depot worked with me you would of had the sale. I like Home Depot and would hate to lose this store , losing sales like this isn’t good for business I would of like to of spent my money here in Mattoon instead of Champaign in the end I ended up with getting a 25 year warranty and saved myself $350.00 dollars and free delivery and this is after I figured sales tax, what a shame.

Barbara Beals


Lazy Employees!!! email i sent to homedepot complaint center: I was just at the home depot on 800 North Brookhurst Street in Anaheim, CA 92801. I never write to complain but my latest experience at this store was just ridiculous and I am compelled to say something about it, in hopes that it gets to the right people and something can be done so that it doesn’t happen to someone else.

I went to the store looking for a carpet rake that I saw on the HD website. I couldn’t find it in the broom and mop area so I asked an employee named James. He said he has never seen it in the store before. He called the carpet department for me and we walked over to the department. James and I were met with another employee…

I did not see his name, but he had tattoos (sleeves) to both arms. The employee told me they didn’t carry it in the store. He asked me if I was sure it wasn’t an “online only” item. I told him I was certain it was available in the store. He said he and another employee had both tried to look for it already with no luck. Both of them said no its not here. I think it is impossible to believe that 2 people walked around the entire carpet department to look for this item in the time it took for James and I to get there.

I don’t believe they even bothered to look… but reluctantly I went on my way a little upset because I felt like I had wasted my time driving here if the info on the website was incorrect. Before I left I went back to the mop and broom area just to make sure I hadn’t missed it when another employee named John approached me and asked if I needed help. I told him I was just looking for carpet rake but a couple employees already told me it is not available.

I kept walking pass him and didn’t really pay attention to him. I walked to the broom and mop aisle and again, no luck. I was about to walk out of the store when I see John walking up to me with a carpet rake!!! He had found the item I was looking for at the carpet department! The carpet rake that 2 other employees that actually worked in the “carpet department” just told me they didn’t have.

This guy John (I don’t know his last name but he is an older Caucasian male with grey hair and wears glasses)… needs to be commended because he went out of his way to find an item that I was already told wasn’t available. I didn’t even ask him to do it. On the other hand the 2 other employees need to be fired because they were just too lazy to help me actually look for an item. Either that or they just don’t know the inventory in the store they work at. Both offenses I feel warrant termination, but then again i’m not the boss.

All i can say is if it wasn’t for John, I would’ve walked out of that store and headed to Lowes to buy my product. And home depot would have lost my business. Granted it was only a $12 purchase I hope home depot still cares about its customers. And I hope to hear back from someone regarding this matter.


Be very careful in getting the details of what is included when you purchase doors at Home Depot. Nevermind that they screwed up the installation date and insisted I had scheduled the installation of my storm doors on my son’s birthday and then could not reschedule it for the date that it was actually set up for in the first place. The installation was supposed to include removal of the old doors however it would appear they use a different dictionary than the rest of us. When I talked to their contractor about his removing the doors to the dump he stated that was not included.

Rather than argue with him I called HOME DEPOT and told them what was going on and that removal was included. They backed the contractor and told me that removal only means removing the old doors from the frame and I would have to take care of the debris removal. The fact that in order to install the doors automatically necessitated that the old doors be taken out to make room for the the new ones apparently should have made it clear to me that that was the removal they meant when they sold me the doors. I was told I should have asked what removal meant which amazes me.

If they were replacing old doors and told me removal was included one would assume that means removal of the debris as they certainly could not have meant that unless removal was included the homeowner would have to remove the old doors before their contractor installed the new ones. BUYER BEWARE as the other contractor I talked with first had indicated that he was removing the doors during cleanup as part of the deal but Home Depot uses the word but gives it a completely different definition


I ordered 1,000 square feet of tile from the Home Depot in DICKSON CITY, PA. and received great assistance, at least I thought so at the time. The salesman told us he had all the tiles we needed for the job but failed to let us know it was made up from 3 different dye lots. I had a professional do the install and I wasn’t home when it was installed. To my surprise I found out the hard way that the tiles in the order was not the same. Not only was the color off, the tile s varied in size by 1/16 of an inch. That might not sound like much but in a large room it’s very noticable. When I called to complain the manager listened to me for 2 minutes before speaking with the installer.

No call backs and 8 hrs later I learned that they didn’t want to hear my complaint and blamed it on the installer. While I agree the installer is partially to blame, the so called PRO salesman that HD advertises never once mentioned dye lots or variations in color or size. HD managers spoke to the sales person and never listened to me. I should have known better when the salesman said to me “This is your lucky day. I may be a Fat, Dumb and Irish but we have all the tile for your job”. Before I received the delivery I thought about sending a letter to HD thanking them for the service. Now an old saying comes to mind, If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

I have spent over 50,000 bucks at HD over the years and they don’t even want to hear my complaint. Can you help in getting this complaint some attention. I have the boxes showing different dye lots. an experience like this is what drives people to Lowes. What ever happened to the old Loyal customer…


I would like to express in the strongest possible terms my disappointment and outrage at the low level of service I received at your Home Depot store in El Escorial shopping center in Carolina, Puerto Rico (Store no. 6402). The management of this store not only has chosen dismal-quality subcontractors to do vital service operations, but also has shown to me a shocking insensitivity to the needs of handicapped persons. On Friday, June 10th, I went to the above mentioned Home Depot store to buy a portable generator for my aged parents, who reside in the Island.

After finding the right model (thanks to the help of a friendly and attentive employee), I made my way to the customer assistance counter where, again, I received friendly and competent service regarding the generator’s installation service. The problem started when I went to the contractor’s services counter, to arrange for the delivery of the item. First thing I noticed was that the lone (working) Home Depot employee behind the counter was a young woman on a wheelchair. I was shocked to see her having to prop herself up from her wheelchair in order to reach the register, the computer and the printer, since none of the stations there were adjusted to facilitate her use.

Despite her kind assistance, I could see that she was obviously greatly inconvenienced and pained by this situation. I thought it was ironic that a chain that boasts such a passion for remodeling cannot do the proper physical adjustments to accommodate their less body-able employees. I asked her if she was aware that by disregarding her needs, Home Depot was actually violating the disabled persons act and could be cited for being out of compliance. She nervously looked over her shoulder and did not answer, but her expression was all the information I needed.

I think that it is unacceptable that in this day and age someone has to fear losing her job for just demanding basic human needs already guaranteed by law. I would like to see that your chain corrects this situation with all due speed without it resulting on this young woman’s losing her job or suffering any retaliation by management.

My second shock came when I asked this Home Depot employee about the delivery itself. She explained to me that the store contracts these services through a private contractor, and that they do only deliver merchandise to the sidewalk. This is understandable for a pallet of cinder blocks, but not for a portable generator that could be easily carried on a dolly or a similar manual equipment. I explained that dragging a generator from the street would be not a possibility for a couple of disabled elders or their caretaker, as I do not reside in the Island, and all my able-bodied relatives work. She apologized but did not know what could be done.

I asked the young woman to call the company on my behalf and see what were the options, if any. It took a lot of back and forth over the phones and hour and a half before getting an answer from the company. They said that since they would have an additional person in the truck, it would cost me a double rate, or $158.00, to have it delivered to my parent’s doorstep, and into a storage room in the house. I asked to talk to her Home Depot manager and he vaguely repeated what the young woman had told me, and that nothing could be done. “They only use a mechanical finger when they deliver”, he offered as some sort of explanation, “so that’s why”.

I retorted how in the world could old, disabled people then receive delivered goods from his store. He simply shrugged his shoulders and offered no answer. I demanded to talk to the delivery company itself but I was told that they were an internal service and I could not do that. At this points I was upset, I asked the employee to keep my item in the store until I could find someone to pick it up and she was kind enough to accommodate me.

Let me be clear that I understand where this is coming from. I am Puerto Rican. I understand my culture. We have been a colony for all of our history. As such, people are usually not likely to complain or stir trouble. As a result, shoddy practices like the ones described above occur daily, even in open defiance of established law. I would like Home Depot to understand that I just invested almost $800 of my family’s hard-earned money in their company and yet not only received shoddy service which caused great inconvenience to me and my relatives, but I also had to witness an episode of unacceptable on the job discrimination. Plus, I was expected to spend an additional $158 for this!

I demand to receive from Home Depot the satisfaction and the assurance that the level of service and employee protections in that store will sharply increase as soon as possible, even if this implies changing subcontractors for others who meet acceptable standards of service. I have been a loyal customer of your chain both in the US and in the Island and I sure will take my business (and that of everyone I know) elsewhere should I not receive it nor hear from you.


We puchased a Maytag Dishwasher Serial 41962555N Model MD8H964AWB in July of 2008 from Home Depot. In Oct of 2009 the Control Panel shorted out and had to be replaced. Since we had purchased the extened warranty it was covered BUT we paid $129 labor. NOW in May 2011, the control panel is shot AGAIN! Now we have to replace this piece of crap vs paying extra dollars to repair. We purchased based on the Maytag name. I will NEVER purchase one of Home Depot’s products again and will tell everyone I know not to do so.


I just visited this home depot location at Cerritos California. They had some sliding closet doors on sale. The one that I wanted was just on top of the display unit, so I requested for help to bring it down. A guy sitting just 10 feet away was talking on the phone. After his phone call was terminated, I requested for assistance and he said he’ll go and get it. After about another 10 minutes wait with no help I walked around for someone else till I found help bringing the unit labeled J046. I took it to the cashier to pay for it but the cashier couldn’t get the price from the sticker.

Another wait for someone to provide a price check. After a while, the cashier said I couldn’t buy because it was probably a recall item. I said that recalled items are not placed on the shelf with discount price. I was thinking that someone else was going to buy it and they just were giving up excuses. Roxane the store manager was nowhere to be found.


The Home Depot uses unethical sales practices. Throughout the ‘black friday’ sales event, there were no appliance packages available. Nor on Monday. Tuesday, every item was available at the higher prices. I was a dedicated Home Depot shopper until now.


Home Depot at Home Services installed a roof on my house 6 years ago. I bought the top-of-the-line Timberline Ultra lifetime shingles. They made a mistake and installed a thinner lower quality shingle (the Timerline 30 year shingle). My insurance company recently caught the error after the roof was totaled in a hail storm. After a month of calling I have been unable to get Home Depot to come and look at the roof and the GAF (shingle manufacturer) inspector will not come look at it either. GAF issues the warranty for Timberline shingles installed by Home Depot, guaranteeing proper installation and protection against material defects, etc. So far, GAF has said that putting the wrong shingles on my house does not qualify as “misapplication”.

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