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Good day.

I am currently having a debit order issue with Vodacom. Vodacom is suppose to be investigating the issue and up until now, I still haven't heard anything back from anyone, and it's 3 months later. My data was cut off and therefore no more debit orders were to go off until the investigation was completed.
None of these issues would have been caused if the debits were taken off from the correct account and not the one i had canceled.
I had notified Vodacom Customer Care, as well as the Accounts Department, far in advance before the debit order took place.

My new account details was given and confirmed by the accounts department and yet Vodacom continued to debit from the wrong account. I now have been charged with penalty fees including the amount of my contract per month since this issue started in September 2018. The debit order was suppose to go off from my new account in October.

Vodacom continued to debit from the old account for October and November and my new Account details was only confirmed last year December after I went to Vodacom Cavendish Square.

After I contacted Vodacom, went into the Vodacom shop and my new Account details was confirmed, Vodacom debited the full outstanding amount out off my account today on 03-12-2018.

Vodacom however gave me double the data, but unfortunately this isn't beneficial to me at all.

I have a strict and tight budget and due to Vodacom not doing their work properly, it has now interfered with other responsibilities I have as well as left me with a shortfall in my budget.

This can not continue!


I have a vodafone modem with which I use the above e-mail and since 18 November 2018 my password is rejected. A password that I've been using since 2009. I have contacted the customer service line numorous times to report the problem and requested the IT department to contact me, since they repetedly claim that the problem is solved, but neither that has happened nor is the problem resolved. My contact no. is 0827389900 ,and the modem with the faulty e-mail receiver is 0793049986


Good day to you

Every time I recharge when I check my balance again I find that money has been deducted without me making a call.

Please check and advise.

Thank you

Ebrahim Isaacs


I been trying to acquire and additional line (ported from MTN), for the last 3 weeks. My initial conversation was with Vodacom sales on 0821950, (consultants Name: Godfrey). I request the addittional line at a "Price Matched" cost of R999 as prviously oofered to me on my last upgrade. Godfrey blatantly refused stating they cannot put forward susch a request. Appproximately a week later I again called 0821950 to initiate the porting of the MTN Number and activation of a new contract line. I then spoke to Kagiso who agreed to request from Vodavom Commercial to activate the new line at R999 and stated it will take a day or 2. Days later Kagiso had not called back and I had left 5 messages with his colleagues requesting a call back. Eventually i managed to reach him 6 calls later and he stated that they "cannot make outgoing calls". This sounded ridiculous to me.
I insisted on speaking to his team leader Pililhe Dlamini whom since has always "been out to lunch" or "not available" to date.
Apparently a company called Bytes People Solutions is outsourced as Vodacom sales. This company displays a clear lack of integrity and expertise. Their approach to custumer service is appauling. I am a client of vodaom for the since 1997 and am utterly duisgusted with the disgraceful service I am subjected too. "Vodaconm Sales" on 0821950 may be the the introduction to Vodacom for new customers and this service centre is likely to create an immensely poor impression. It is extremely unlikely that I mam the fisrt customer that is made to endure this frustartion due to the incompetent and unethical manner of this service centre.
There also seems to be and issue with the porting of the number from MTN. After a conference call with Vodacom and MTN porting departments this morning its seems that Vodacom has not sent through a "message 8 and 9" that is hindering the porting process. A supervisor Natasha at Vodacom Porting vowed to get the issue resolved. Should I hold my breath??


The McDonald's outlet at the corner of Boundary rd. and Wellington street is getting sloppy . Ketchup dispensers empty latter in the day, filthy floors by mid afternoon, too many kids sitting around playing catch with the hamburger wrappers. I am not the only one that is complaining just the only one that took the time. Food is good thought.


Took a cellphone contract in July 2016 .I was told that contracts ends end of August 2018 and all necessary payments were made as I asked them NOT TO RENEW the contract .

Come September 30th I was asked for payment of R208 and i disputed this as my contract ended in August but they ended up saying it means I was given incorrect information by the Vodacom agent ,I then confirmed that once I make payment they won't contact me again and in fact they will send me a cancellation letter and they said yes.to this day, almost 3 months later am without a paid up letter whereas 5 days ago they said I will receive it within 24-48 hours.


I had applied for data contract a Month back.

I'm not receiving any update on contract status and every time i contact the vodacom store where i had submitted by application only response i get is WE ARE LOOKING AT IT AND ISSUE IS ESCALATED

No more feedback until i call them again.


The Vumatel rooter was installed during May 2018 we still awaiting for Vodacom to install the Vodacom Rooter. I phoned several times,sent emails, people promise to come back to me but they don't.The salesman Timothy Swartz is very unprofessional and unhelpful. I phoned him several times, spoke to him on 6/11 he promised to come back to me but he don't he


The manager at the vodacom store in mall of africa Sibelo not sure how to spell it is extremely rude. He has no customer etiquette at all. His attitude was terrible and he was intimidating. I was charged R100 too much and he didn’t even care to try and understand and listen to me. He was abnoxious and totally rude. I have been with vodacom for years and I actually feel like cancelling it paying what i still owe and noving to another provider because of this man.

Natalie de Sousa


MY HUSBAND JG DE BRUIN -DECEASED 20181021-5705115037086(ID)ACC- I0574569-01


No help from help desk
Bad attitude
Miss representations


I purchased a Vodacom Huawei P20 Lite on contract for the first time on the 17-11-2018 and my experience with them was a very poor one. I normally buy cash phones. I have an MTN network and i asked them to change my network from MTN back to voadacom and to keep my same number. They told me it would take up until 1 December for that process. i was reluctant but i agreed. I went into the Chatsworth Branch store and they told me it was sorted out. i told them nothing was done because i could not use my phone and it has not been used from the time i purchased it. there was no sim card given to me as well. the attendent put my phone on and gave it to me. they checked on the system and saw that it was not done yet it was approved the day it was purchased. i am so unhappy that I want to cancel my first time contract or else I will open a case. another option I am willing to take is that the phone be checked and replaced. it has not been used and it might give me a problem in the future which I am not going to be happy about. He also asked me to put a screen guard which i did but the phone is new. i want a new phone that can be used the same day as i have waited 16 days to use my phone which i could not.

Kindly advise the way forward.

Thank you

kind regards

Lee-anne Pillay


i was due for an upgrade in October i was called by the agent and told i will be getting 2 new devices x2 P9 LITE.I went to the store and only was given 2 sim cards which i paid R105 each for. i then went back to the store in Phoenix Plaza only to find out that the agent saying that i already received the phones. In March i got a call from Raaf & Associates telling me that i need to pay for these phones that i don't have.
can you please get someone to call me ASAP so i can clarify what transpired.


Account Number: 107110945

I made an eft payment of R1586,57 on the 26/10/2018. Unfortunately it went in to wrong Vodacom Account from Standard Bank online banking.
I have emailed Ashwin Abrahams, the superviser at the Vodacom Account Department, who assured me that he had sent it the Finance Department for allocation.

The allocation of my payment has still not been processed and I am receiving smses on all 3 cell phones regarding non-payment and warnings of suspension of services.

How do I go about having this problem resolved?

This is urgent

Garth Benton

Contact: 071 6030 417


My name: is Ms Bronwen Bownes, Cellphone No. 0825692402, I'm very angry. My Mother cancelled my old cellphone contract, without, my approval. I'm, now, on a new Pay-As-You-Go, with 5 Megs Wi-Fi Contract, fixed for 2 years. I want to know how my old contract, was canceled without any proper authorisation, from me! I cannot afford to finance this new contract.

My Mother has told Vodacom that she cannot afford to finance, my cellphone, anymore. That's lies. She just took out a brand new cellphone contract, on a Samsung Galaxy 5J Pro, with R169, per month airtime.

I just wanted to set the record straight.



WI Fi at my house just dint work .My 10G contract works four hours a day if you are lucky,my wife use a 2G contract on her Tablet and that is even worse.I want this 10G contract cancelled because it is of no use to me.It is not a problem with my equipment as one of my neighbors had the same problem and changed to Telkom and now has no problems.Optic fibre cables have just been installed in our complex,but with my Wi Fi working like it does I will never recommend Vodacom in this complex even if it is "Optic Fibre"
My phone 0796445009 Would like the 10G contract cancelled please as we cant use it.


useless after 3 months a contract has still not been cancelled despite committing to do so


This a story about 2 young people, let's just say the sweet and the sour. They both work at the Vodacom Shop, Lakeside Mall, Benoni. I went into the store to enquire about a new battery for my cell phone. Jonathan very abruptly informed me they will have to book in my, leave it there for a couple of days till a technician can see which battery it takes. I said to him this will be impossible as I use my phone all the time for business. He lifted his shoulders and said 'well sorry, that's how it works'. Luckily a little lady by the name of Alicia approached me from a side desk and said 'sir, let me see of I can help'. She opened my phone, removed the battery, checked with her manager and informed me they had a battery in stock. She changed the battery and put it on quick charge for me and 10 minutes later we were out of there. Great service thank you Alicia. As for Jonathan...Jonny my boy, take a tip from the lady.

PS I've been a Vodacom customer for > 20 years and staff like Alicia reminds me why I stay one!

Your sincerely,
Albert Wessels
082 898 0693


I have upgraded one of my accounts at the Vodacom Shop at Vodaworld on 8 October 2018 and it should have come with a PS4 and top dog voucher, I did not recieve the top dog voucher nor the PS4. The constultant said that the PS4 is out of stock and I need to call to find out when they have as she has no indication of when it will arrive. Vodaworld's number does not work due to construction and I drove there to enquire a week later. I was given the consultant's personal contact number and I called a week later only to be told they don't know yet. After visiting another Vodacom shop and they indicated that they have stock available. I complained on Facebook on 28 October 2018 and the social media team contacted me on Sunday saying that someone would call me, nobody called. When I followed up they said I should be patient and wait for a call. After no call was received I called the consultant on her cellphone on 2 November. She indicated that the manager is trying to source a PS4 from the warehouse and she would come back to me. She did not come back to me so I called again twice on 7 November 2018 and she did not answer my calls but sms'd back saying she would call me back. I decided to visit the branch to speak to a manager and no manager was there to attend to my query. The service desk lady spoke to the warehouse manager (Louis) and she said he would call me back with feedback later that day. He did not call and Caroline (Consultant) still did not call back. The contact number for Caroline is 0829978719.

Resolution Sought:
I would like my PS4 and Top dog voucher today as I am already paying for it. I cannot contact anyone else at the Vodacom shop as the number does not work and when I go there I am told there is no Manager available. Please see attached screenshots of communication with the social media team.


Dear sir/madam

I am desperately hoping you will be able to assist me.

I joined Beefcor in March 2018 as General Manager. I have been a loyal Vodacom customer for approx 15 years in a private capacity. As part of my Beefcor package, my number was to be swapped to the Beefcor business account (reverse migration). Beefcor has approx 35 Vodacom numbers on it's business account.

In March 2018 I visited Vodacom at Brits Mall to inquire about this 'reverse migration' and was given some papers to complete.
I waited for around 4 weeks, then went back to check on progress. There was no record of the documents I had submitted. In other words the process had not even started.
In the meantime my private contract expired, where I was advised not to re-new due to the imminent reverse migration.
I was asked to re-submit all the papers (including letters from the board of directors) in April 2018. I was told it could take up to 2 months for the reverse migration to happen. I did this the same day.
I followed up in June 2018. I was told that there was progress but not yet complete
I followed up in July 2018. I was told that nobody knew why nothing had happened. Service support was then requested from Brits store for me. They called me a day later and told me I must resolve at the store, they couldn't help - the store told me they can't help.
I have been trying to follow up periodically since. I spoke to the manager at Brits Mall Vodacom store, and explained to her that I was trying to run a R2b a year business with now a pay as you go type arrangement on my cell number. She was basically uninterested and told me there was nothing she could do about it. The fact that Beefcor has so many numbers on its business account was unimportant to her. I was very shocked by this very poor customer related attitude.
I asked a lady at Brits Vodacom store for the contact number for a regional manager where I could escalate this issue with. She could not give me his number, but put my name and number in a store diary for him to call me the next day when he was due to visit the Brits store. He never called me.
To date I have visited the Brits Vodacom store 9 times trying to get this issue resolved. I work in Pretoria, so this is taking a lot of my time.
Brits no longer return my calls for assistance, I have had no feedback for months.

I feel this to be totally unacceptable. It has been over 10 months now and I am no longer further forward. No one is taking my issue and helping to get it resolved. I am currently paying over the odds amounts for calls and data, whilst running a large business that supports over 30 Vodacom business numbers. It is ever increasingly becoming more and more frustrating to be ignored with no signs of any customer service on this matter.

Please can someone assist with this urgently.


I have been with vodacom through autopage for approximately 15years. I haven’t had a problem until my account was moved over to vodacom last year October. Since then I have been billed incorrectly and had to open a fraud dispute. I have had no contract since April and been on pay as you go since then and no caller id. Since then my bill accumulated to over R8000.00 on pay as you go and my contract has ended. Nobody can help me over the phone. There has been no communication from vodacom whatsoever and yet my bill keeps increasing. I feel vodacom does not have the capacity to solve simple problems. I also feel that their only interest is to make money and have no regard for their clients. I have called on numerous occasions without receiving much of an answer. I’m even starting to think they don’t have a fraud dispute department, (which you cannot contact directly) only by unanswered emails. I have since got another service provider who is capable of resolving issues. I’m tired of dealing with vodacom. To throw away a long term paying client so easily makes me wonder.

Kind regards


I took out a new contract on 20/10/2018 wich is a laptop Lenovo . When trying to switch it on did not go in keeps on telling me there is a problem. Took it back to the Vodacom shop at mall@reds Centurion. Now they telling me I must phone Lenovo to fix the problem,now Lenovo tells me I must go back to the shop where I bought it they need to exchange it, now they say they can't do it its not there problem, I refuse to pay anything on that contract for something that is not working, how can you sell a faulty product and rob the client, My id 6909260252081 my number is 0724206527. This is not the first time I had a problem with Vodacom. I need to no what is going to be done about it.


Good day
I took out a contract with vodacom in 2015 it was for my son as a gift for his bday..was a 24 months contract ( 2 years )
We had a problem from the start ( the contract i signed a Game was for the amount of R 199.00 per month..

we ? the mater but was never assisted by Vodacom..
When the time came near.. We went to Vodacom in Middleburg we asked them to put the cancelation tru by that time we were already very tired and dissapointed in the service and wanted to be over with Vodacom...
After the Contract due date was over Vodacom deducted again we reversed the debit cause we signed a 24months contract and reminded them of Cancelation..

After debit reverse we Phone them again for a second Cancelation..after so many months we are starting to get attorney letters that say we owe Vodacom alot of money..
The Attorney called once and did not even give me time to answer is qeustions so i dropped the phone in his hear...
Now he is just sending mails for payments...
I asked in a very polite email that he must sent me the reason why we are handed over...still awaits email that state reason...

My husband was only contacted 1 time by Vodacom that was the time they said he was behind ( the time when he reverse the debit) ...was the day when he told the lady that contract was cancelled and as she can see it is only a 24 month contract and nobody was permitted to extend the contract...


I have two contracts which both was due for upgrade since August 2018. I decided to do an upgrade on the one contract only which I took out for my son,so I enquired at Vodacom the BRIDGE GREENACRES,PE BRANCH for the cellphone my Son wanted and when they had in stock I asked the saleslady to proceed with the upgrade onb the number 0714014993.I was told that I owe no balance on that contract so to my understanding it was that for the next mnth all I will be paying is for the new cell ,but to my dismay I saw my statement at the end of last month and I was charged for both .In other words I was firstly given the upgrade on the wrong contract and now I'm having to pay for the cell contract which is no longer active or I use ie the 0714014993 number.i went back to the store and was told I could just get a simswop done and all the Data will be given to me on that sim..What the saleslady failed to realize is the inconvenien it caused me now because I nolonger am able to use the 071 number since it expires end of November and its meaning my son need to change all his cv"s which ive put out with his 071 number .so I'm paying for two contracts now until the end November because of negligence of the salesrep..I'm very annoyed since ive lodged a complaint two weeks ago and not one person followed up on this till date. Somuch so for customer service . I will not ever have any dealings with Vodacom because of this pathetic service .


Call center agent gave misleading information whilst trying to sell me an upgrade. When I told him I could not afford any additional costs he rudely put the phone down on me. Pissed off!


Cell no 0721476209. I handed a written complaint in at Liberty Mall Pietermaritzburg,2-3 weeks ago, regarding reception in the area over the last few months ,I have had no feedback what so ever . Would somebody please advice me what to do, as this is very frustrating when one can not contact or be contacted . PLEASE regard this as URGENT
Regards Bruno Eggers


I called in on 05/09/2018 at about 18:50 to query on my account what my balance is, the lady I spoke to took me through my account and how I have been making payments and what was owing. In the end she confirmed the amount I need to pay is R160, on 06/09 I went to my nearest voda shop to make the payment and there I was given a different amount of R419.20, I asked that we make another enquiry as that is not the amount I was given . When i called the accounts I spoke to a lady by the name of Smangele who was very rude and being impatient with me, I then hung up and called again to speak to a team leader, a guy by the name of Phumulani assisted me.
Who also gave me a different amount to be paid, as customer I feel it is not my fault that one consultant confirmed an incorrect amount as when I asked about the sms I received she advised I should ignore that their billing system has an error and is confirming incorrect amounts, the amount that I need to pay is the one she confirmed. TCF in this regard needs to be followed,
I am still awaiting feedback from the TM regarding the complaint I put in for Smangele and also the conclusion on my account? the cell phone nr in question is 071 632 0725.

Can I get feedback on this urgently please, I may be contacted on the number above.



Good day to all. Hope all are well .the reason for this e-mail is the pathetic service from the retention department and customer care department. I contacted the retention department in regards to cancelling my Vodacom contract which I have had from 2011 . I have paid a substantial amount of money for this contract and decide to go to a new service provider due to it being cheaper .on the 31st of August 2018 I phoned 082 135 had was directed to the retention department. I was consulted by lunhgie who asked why I wanted to cancel my contract. I told him I was paying too much and it was cheaper with a new service provider . He then told me that he wanted evaluate my contract and get me a better deal . I also told him i was looking at a laptop . He told me he would contact me on the 1st September 2018 and that he was finishing at 2 . I told him I would be available after 8 . There was no contact from him or Vodacom at all. I phoned customer care to speak to manager . I was told to speak to a team leader. I was put on hold for 10 minutes. I phoned back a I was given the run around .the consultants were rude and it was noisy and I could hear anything . I phoned back for the 3rd time . I explained to the consultant my delima, I was placed on hold and and Lebo the new consultant from retention department was updated about my issue. When i was put through to Lebo I was told to hold again due to her manager being busy. I am so tired of being put on hold , rude consultants , consultants not getting back , poor customer service. I work in a service department for VW and trust me my customers are important to me . I always get back to them and make sure that all there needs and requests have been met . Please let me know why I should stay with Vodacom . From 2011 till now as a customer I have never complained and just paid. The 1st time I consult Vodacom and this is the service . Disappointed customer Vinnolan Moodley .


I've been handed over to Burnard, Raaff & Associates on a unpaid account that has expired.. All my Vodacom accounts worked on debit orders. What's strange to me is my Red account (which was expired for almost a year and in use) was debited monthly without issues, but the additional contracts I needed to pay these expired accounts direct to Vodacom. Why did Vodacom not contact me to inquire why the accounts was not paid instead I was handed over to attorneys. The ref DBN000151430. Please supply me feedback how there are inconsistencies in the billing methods.
I'm paying the outstanding balance; but I'm seriously considering to change network due to this...


I started complaining about my phone which did not work and the amount charged was not according to the discussion with consultant. I have phoned almost daily (proof of calls on my phone) and STILL 2 MONTHS LATER AM STILL SITTING WITH A PHONE WHICH I DON'T WANT AND HAVE HAD THE MOST PATHETIC SERVICE EVER FROM VODACOM. I insist on a internal investigation and full report.


Vodacom / Very very bad service

1 Lephalale, South Africa

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I have been a Vodacom customer for over 8 years, me and my husband. Never have I claimed screen insurance, but about a year ago my husbands CAT phone screen chattered and his CAT speaker were not working so they send us a new phone. Now my CAT S30 that I have now for over a year screen has chattered and I have send it in for repair on the 26/06/2018, the Saturday 30/06/2018 they phoned me and said that my excess payable will be R150.00, I said that it will be fine, it would take 2 weeks for my phone to be repaired (at Polokwane). I phoned Vodacom Lephalale on the 12/07/2018 to hear if my phone is back from repairs they said no my phone was send back unfixed because I have not paid the excess, the 17/07/2018 I went and paid the excess of R150.00 at FNB LEPHALALE MALL BRANCH, VODACOM SHOP LEPHALALE MALL, send the proof of my payment to Polokwane repairs so that my phone could be fixed!!! Today 01/08/2018 I went to the Vodacom Shop Lephalale Mall to hear what is going on, my phone is still not fixed because now there is a problem with the IMEI number!! Best of all they could track my phone with the job no that they gave me I am so upset what am I to do. The service is pathetic!!! The day I took in my phone I begged them that is very important that they fix my phone as soon as possible, because my father have passed away and I needed my phone with thing that had to be organized, now I have to sit with the loss of my Dad and very bad and disappointing service by Vodacom they just keep on giving me the run around.

Kind regards
Hope that U can help me with my situation


I have been trying to change a cell contract from one company to another.All details and paperwork were given to Vodacom outlet in windermere centre morningside Durban tel 031-3127083.It has been a month and nothing has been done and I can not get any answers from them as they say Vodacom is responsible for the change over,when I contact Vodacom they tell me to contact the store???
I can not get any joy from any one at all and they are representing Vodacom so that is what I look at,the cell number in question is 082 4556 356 and we have been with Vodacom for a long time and our new company wishes to upgrade all there phones and contracts to Vodacom.
I don't se this happening with this type of service.

hope someone out there can help


I have had no service the whole day. Tried to phone and got through to telkom instead. Waited on line for half an hour. Feel very frustrated and will make enquiries about an alternative provider tomorrow.



My sell number 0828088857. ID 5409185045083

This is the 4th time that I arranged for my account to be fixed

You wrongly did nor deduct last month’s premie

The lady at the call centre confirmed it and said it will be rectified

Yesterday my service was suspended ;so and I phoned again.

Again she apologised and confirmed my service is connected

Up to now nothing, phone and sim are still blocked

What a poor service delivery and taking into account that is Vodacom’s fault

I will forward this complaint to social media

Kind regards


i bought a vodacom sim card last week and i have been getting calls from a man Sipho saying that i'm using his nummber . When i called the customer care line i was tlold that this number was recycled but the previous owner of this number said he never stopped using his number .
This is an inconvinience for both me and the previous onwner as i have given this number to potential bussiness partners. What do you suggest i do (082 365 4668) Ayabonga Gogo


I bought a phone for my Wife(SAMSUNG S9+)This was on the 23rd of May 2018. I also bought the LED Cover/pouch and a screen protector. I received a voucher as part of the package and was told that I could exchange the value of this voucher when buying any original Samsung Product. I went to buy a Car charger for the phone and was told that it not allowed, I may only use it on the purchase of a cover/ pouch. I already have one and if I was informed correctly on the day of the purchase, I would have used it. it is now worth nothing to me. I feel I was misled.


I lodged a e mail query 0n the 09/07/2018 regarding one of my Vodacom accounts
received feedback the same day that it will be sent to the contracts department and they will give me feedback.
have heard nothing since send a query about it on 16/07/2018 still nothing.
the sad news is this is the second query about the same problem the previous month I had lengthy discussions on the phone regarding the same problem query number is:EC-1KJ9-19VWGG Vodacom account.
This is poor service actually totally bad from a company like vodacom


I have been dealing with Deon Du Plessis at your Clearwater offices regarding my cell phones which \i needed sorted out and also payments made by me over a number of months for a cell phone which should have been cancelled so as to enable me to switch to pre paid \i also inquired as to refunds
I have followed up on numerous E mails and have had no response to date and nor has my account been debited this month as to the monthly billing.
I am now sick and tired of the service received from Vodacom and I need this matter to now be resolved failing which I will be left with no other alternative then to take this complaint to higher authority and also mention my frustrations on Hello Peter.
Please respond URGENTLY

T R Alcock Cell phones in question are as follows 0722228292,0799873756 and 0723687205-Cell phones registered in the name of T R Alcock ID 5304185052082.

In need I can furnish all my correspondence with Deon should this be required


Good morning Vodacom Team,

Where I’m sitting here I’m so so frustrated, about 4 weeks ago my daughter phones me and asks me "Mom what is this welcoming ring tone you have on your phone"
I say what welcoming tune, and she says when she phones it says say Press * to copy this tune" blah blah blah at R 3 a day.
I said but I don’t know how this got there as I do and I never do subscribe to these things, ever, never
I have been at Vodacom Carnival now how many times, they phoned call centre, they pin in some numbers and they said it would be gone within 24 hours, it is still on every time.
I have phoned Vodacom call centre, and they have told me contact a number sorry cannot remember it’s *117 something and then to cancel the subscription, but when you do that it says “you are not subscribed to any subscriptions”????
I went again to Vodacom call centre Saturday and they phoned call centre an said they must put in *117*987# it will take 24 hours and will be gone, and Wallla, it is still on???????
I went to East Rand Mall Vodacom yesterday and the technician did something and said he deactivated it, probably 24 hours I must check in the morning, and Walllllla it is still on.
I am frustrated, as it has been eating my little air time I have, and then if I don't have air time left it bills our account.
My husband just upgraded/downgraded my phone and his phone, please can someone have this sorted out, I cannot understand that Vodacom cannot, and I need to be refunded my air time and the payments which have been billed to our account.

I just spoke to Vodacom call centre now they logged a service request, Ref no they sent to my husbands phone as he is the account holder, 072 630 9063
If you can please get back to me urgently

Have a nice day

063 777 1127
Brian Ilsley – 072 6309063


Good evening,

I hope this e-mail finds you well.

For the past twenty odd years I have been nothing but a loyal Vodacom promoter and client. I have four contracts with Vodacom and the only thing standing between me cancelling all four, and never uttering a single good word about the company and it's service to anyone, is your response to my question, how many times must one spell an address?

As mentioned above I have four contracts and recently decided to upgrade two of the four. I moved house and specifically informed Vodacom of my new address before upgrading. It has been over two weeks and yet the staff at Vodacom, after multiple calls, explanations, the spelling of my address backwards and forwards, still don't have a clue as to where I live, and quite obviously don't have a cooking clue about South African geography either.. (after contacting RAM for the third time I was informed that the official address on my packages says "Plot 164, Coldstream, Humansdorp, Easter Cape, Hartbeespoort," to whom Siri apparently asked if they 'were drunk' when typing in that ridiculous address. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but that address does not exist in South Africa!?) My packages have been sent cross country, most likely damaged, and I have been sat at home wasting time, and losing money, for two weeks waiting to receive these packages.

My question is what is Vodacom going to do to compensate me for my time wasted sitting at home waiting on a delivery? Because I now have to potentially wait ANOTHER WEEK after contacting yet another one of your staff members today. And honestly, how many times must I spell my address? Because I would have thought seven times to be ENOUGH.

Please refer to your voice recordings for any further information regarding the unprofessionalism of your staff in the matter. (Also please excuse my language in the last call, because I had to reorder everything.)


Marianne Sauer


My phone nor my wifes phone can dail 0800 no I have reported this 3 times and at voda shop even take out sim in other phone still not working even bought air time not working and after hours all emergancy no is 0800 like car track or road side assistance so I will hold Vodacom responsible if something hapens and I cant phone in a stolen car or brakedown stranded along the road.(the answer is always support tech wil phone you nothing so far or it takes 14 days now 6 weeks stil nothing .


I found out from my bank that Vodacom had registered me with ITC as having an account and not paying it. I have never had an account with Vodacom.
I have raised it with Vodacom accounts department four times - been into a Vodacom Store and written to a lady called Corne who apparently deals with Fraud Cases. No one comes back to me - I sit with the problem. I have a Vodacom PAYG phone only


On 18 May, I signed a contract for the Vodacom Smart N8 Smartphone which came with a free Swiss Mobile Gear Dash Cam from the Vodacom datastore in Baywest Mall, Port Elizabeth

The dash cam was not available but I was not told this when I signed the contract. The Agent (Arleze) just said she forgot to order it and it will come in the middle of next week. I had heard nothing by the following Friday (25May 2018), so I phoned. She was a bit abrupt with me and said she had ordered it and will let me know when it arrives. By the following Friday (01June2018), I had heard nothing so I phoned again early morning. She was not available and had not returned my call by late afternoon so I called again. She was very rude and told me that she will continue to order it every Monday until it comes.

I then phoned the vodacom client number to complain about her and was transferred to a very helpful gentleman. I can't recall his name but his email address is 0783503156@vodamail.co.za

He conference called the shop and Arleze was not available so he asked for the manager who came on line about 15-20 minutes later. Her name was Wendy Dedanker who then apologised and assured me that she will keep me up to date and was asked to provide feedback by the following Wednesday (6June). So I waited another two weeks. By Friday 15 June, I had not hear anything and I emailed the gentleman from vodacom again. He never came back to me but the store then phoned and said it was still on back order.

This is shocking as six weeks after purchase, the freebie is still not available. Surely there were contingency plans in place so that this kind of thing does not happen? Keep clients happy and all. The freebie was one of the reasons why I went to Vodacom instead of MTN.

I wanted to order the tracker watches for my two children but I will definitely not do that as I am already very unhappy with this service.
I doubt I will renew any contract with Vodacom or recommend to my friends and family.

Hopefully Vodacom will try and source this outstanding item.
Melanie Smit


Hi. I am so frustrated with Vodacom as I upgraded my phone on the 14 May but only received the handset on the 8 June just to find out that it is the wrong handset. I have been phoning ever since for someone to collect the phone. Each time I phone they say that they will log it on the system when I call again to follow up the consultants keeps say that they will log a request.

I was than referred to Nicole at Rewards Contracts 086236666 by Vodacom on the 25 June and she said that it will take 7 to 10 working days.
Later that day I spoke to Oamodetswe at upgrades 0821959 and she put me thru to after sales and after sales than told me to go to upgrades.
Oamodetswe than said she will send someone to collect the phone and at the same time Vodacom phoned me to upgrade the very same no that I am struggling with.

On the 26 June Sinqobile Phoned to offer me an upgrade one of the other contracts which I cancelled a week or two before the call. She than confirmed that the cancellation was never done. I asked to speak to her manager (Ero) and than she said that he will phone me back in 5 minutes which he did not do up till today.

On the 27 June 9:41 I received a call from Bridgette (0873104380) who said that they will collect the phone 28 June. Needless to say they never came to collect the phone.

On the 29 June I than phoned the delivery company and spoke to Levian Harris who is the senior manager and she said that they will collect the phone within the next 3 hours.

Over and above the above mentioned I also tried to complain at Vodacom`s customer service and they told me that they cant do anything that I should go to upgrades. I than send an email to (customercare@vodacom.co.za) and also mentioned to them that I still get calls to upgrade the contract that I already cancelled and they say they cant do anything as I need to go to cancellations. So I am having problems with Upgrades and cancellations and I needed to complain but the complains channels keep sending me back to the departments that I want to complain about.

I cant believe it is taking 2 months to get a hand set and in the meantime I am losing 2 months of airtime and data and I have been paying for this.
I will be cancelling all 5 my contracts with Vodacom as I am totally disgusted and frustrated with the service I have received from Vodacom.
I cant believe it takes two months just to get a handset upgraded.


Good day
Please direct my mail to somebody that can help me regarding my matter.

I am receiving enormous cell phone bills for the last few months......that I CANNOT afford. Life became very expensive in this country and unfortunately I cannot afford a R2500 private cell phone account.
According to my account it is data usage that is sky high.......which is VERY strange as I am at wi-fi during the day at work and night at wi-fi at my house???? (and I constantly close all my apps!!!)
I went to the closest Vodacom shop in Tygervalley for help.
Received NO help at all........I asked the assistent f there was an app that can help me manage the data usage......NO!
And they cannot see where my data goes to, they can only see what I must pay......?? While I know for a fact that friend of mine have got a app that help them.........
I even explained to them that I close all my apps constantly and I am at wi-fi the WHOLE time......she just pulled up her shoulders and kept quiet. BAD BAD unfriendly service!

In the mean time I received numerous messages that I can upgrade my phone......excited(because my old phone give me lots trouble) I went again to this shop....NO you cannot upgrade. I asked if there was any way that they can help me to upgrade......NO! Unfriendly and not even short and sweet.....just short (and rude!) I even asked if I can pay for an upgrade as the frustration with this broken phone is endless! NO! They are NOT helpful at all and Vodacom's Customer Care is up to nothing according to me.

I have been with Vodacom for almost 20 years!!!! But after this nonsense I am NOT keen to continue doing business with you......your data and deals are anyway not as good as your competition. Your data is very expensive!
I am due for an upgrade in July......and I am considering some other competition provider.
I am not sure if I will EVER get a reply on this mail....anyway I tried. Next step.....Hello Peter!

Sanet Slabbert


Vodacom Account S6354488-1
I.P. Lombard.
To understand my problem, I am giving a quick rundown of the situation as it happened;
All was done at the Grove Mall Vodacom Shop.

Query 1.
Cell no: +27 (82) 453 6972
March 2018.
10 -03-2018 Cancelled my contract on 0824536972 – Paid in full R1670.25

April 2018.
I was invoiced again for R1514.09

When I look at your statements, I see a lot of C/Notes but no mention of referring to which account/number.
When I do my calculations, which is very easy, because the previous month gets paid in full the following month, I still have an amount outstanding. How difficult could it be?
Queries that was logged on this;
a) 1-34157402796138 – March 2018
b) 1-34165693491111 – April 2018
c) I did raise a query in May, but lost the note.
Could you please do me a full reconciliation on the number 0824536972 as from 10 March 2018.

Query 2.
Cell no: 082 407 2382
We did an upgrade during December 2017. The contract that was signed, was for an amount of R604.61. This was correctly charged up to April 2018.
Then in May 2018, the amount shot up to R651.61. The only reason we could think of, was the 1% VAT increase, but it could not be the total amount.
Please let me know the outcome from your side.

Zas Lombard
+27 (79) 3362490.


Good day. I'm Zenobia Appa 7801140170089, i have 2 contracts with vodacom. On the 25/05/2018 had a problem with my bank account and my debit order's did not go through WHICH was suppose to go through on the 26/05/2018.Today 30/05/2018 my problem with the bank was sorted out. I called the relevent people to deduct my debit order's which was done. Today 31/05/2018 i called vodacom to ask them to assist me with the deduction of my debit order i was told i need to call back in next week for them to do a debit order alternatively i can go to a vodacom shop to pay it. I went to vodacom in the Randburg Square when i get there they told me i need to go to the bank either STB or FNB to do the deposit, i said fine to my surprise i was told i need to pay the R450 which is my payment every month PLUS a R100 extra for the debit that did not go through. PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW DID THE FEE OF A R100 WAS CALCULATED ????? FOR WHAT IS THAT R100 from the 26/05/2018 to the 31/05/2018 U CHARGE ME R100 ??????????? PLEASE EXPLAIN VERY VERY URGENTLY


Useless; incompetent; inefficient and RUDE consultants when calling 082 1952.
Cnythia Dlamini is the RUDEST of all and Oscar is incompetent but also inefficient.

My contract which I've been paying R1115 a month for comes to an end this month ( May ), I'll be porting my number to a new service provider.


I went to Vodacom Valley View Noordheuwel to get my son a Sony Xperia L1 for his birthday (which was Saturday 14 April) . I filled the forms on 04/04/2018 and received a sms stating my vetting has been approved the same day. It is now 17/04/2018 my sons birthday party is finished and still no phone. I phone them daily and ask if there is stock yet. Every day I have to hear "definitely tomorrow mam "no need to take another option. Today when I phoned again I said I want to complain to someone that can assist me TODAY. They gave me a bogus number to phone 072 520 86 89. I am irritated to the point where Hello Peter is my next step. I have been waiting for the phone for 13 days now. Really people 13 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How do you explain to a 12 year old your phone (birthday gift)_ is late due to extremely poor service.
073285 1565


I currently have 4 lines with vodacom, 3 off my lines was due for upgrades and so I did the upgrades. Since I have upgraded the lines my 3 top up lines are being soft lock everyday due to all of the sudden (I have reach my credit bar limit) that I did not even know existed. I have been phoning everyday for the last 2 months to have my lines open up. I have complained about the issue more than 60 times to vodacom consultants, and all they say is that they have lodged a service request on more than one occasion. The consultants told me that the service request that they have put on the system are not being attended to, and that they have brought it up numerous times to vodacom management to resolve the issue as it apparently is a flaw in the vodacom system. I even went to a vodacom shop to see if they will be able to assist, but to no avail. The shop only scanned my payslips and ID copy onto the system in the hopes that it might speed up the process. This is totally unacceptable, It is simply impossible for this not to be sorted out. Please assist in this matter, as I am even unable to call the customer service due to reaching my call limit to the center.


My daughter booked in her phone for repairs at Cavendish branch, this wason the 01/02/2018, it was the Insurance claim and she has been following up with the branch and no feedback. On the 07/03/2018 she was told that the phone has been dispatched from the repair centre. Firday she followed up the phone was not at the branch. on Monday the 12/03/2018 I followed up with the branch, the phone still not there. i then phoned the repair centre, booom the phone is not even fix, no communication nothing, the wrong information that was given to my daughter that the phone has been send to the branch, my challenge is even now one month and 3 week the phone is still not fixed and no sense of urgency from the repair centre. When i ask is still waiting for the for the phone to be linked to what ever link because they dont have the model on their system and the quote from the insurace, i am really frustrated and angry because we taken for granted as customers.


hi I am very disappointed in Vodacom 4u mall off the south I went there on Wednesday to do a insurance, I arrived at the stores @ 17h30 and I asked then if it will be possible to do a insurance claim, they told me that its late already and the insurance is closed I must come tomorrow before 5 and they will be able to assist me, I than left the store just wen I was about to pay for my parking ticket the store manager ran after me and said they will try to call the insurance, so have decided to go back to the store and they called the insurance, they insurance they the a quote and the access about that I will be paying, but unfortunately they did not have the phone in store they than promised to order the phone and said it will be available on Friday they will give me a call I was than fine with it and waited till Friday, on Friday afternoon I than called them cause they never called me, they than said to me that the stock never arrived but it will be at the stores on Monday, this morning in than called to find out if the phone arrived they said they will inform to its to early, at about 15h30 I than decided to call them again cause no one called me I than spoke to customer consultant called Lebo, I than asked her is she sure that the phone is in store she than confirmed that it is available, I than decided to leave work and go pick up the phone, when I dot at the store a gentleman was standing at the door I than explained him what I need he than, I must wait, was standing there for like 10 minutes witch was okay a lady walked in the store she ashes if I have been help I than explain her that I am here to pick a insurance claim phone she than came said she will assist me, she than asked for my paper work witch I gave to her she than left her desk and went to the back office and was there for like 5 minutes she than come to me and said she is waiting for the paper work at the back, I than waited for like almost 20 minutes the manger off the stores come out and said to me the access on the phone will be R2900 I than asked him what is the value off the phone he than responded that it is 11500 I than asked him witch phone it is the than said a Sony ax I than told him that that's was not the phone I asked them to order for me, I than explain him that me and the customer consultant agreed that she will be ordering a Sony xa 1 ultra, then said he will call other stores and see witch one was has stock, I than waited for another 20 minutes, he than came back to speaking me as if I am his friend and in a very rude manner that they don't have the phone in stock but alberton city had it in stock I was very upset cause he wasted my time and said to him this is not acceptable stood up and walked away he than said something but I did not hear what he was saying I than walked out of the store all could hear is people laughing, this is really not acceptable infect the way the senior dealt with the people I don't think he deserves to be there cause he does not know what customer service is very poor services received and I am very upset


I wanted to shift my phone accounts from my wife to my account.I was rejected as not likwid enough to afford a second line.My bank statements show all payments your own statistics show no default over two and a half decades.You will definitely under stand my frustration with your company I have been in business since 1981. I have a turnover of 2 million a month no other company has ever rejected a credid application of mine so I can definetely not see vodacoms rational and antagonism toward me personally


I live in northern cape "de arr ,phillipstown" some of us are very happy for using VODACOM but the problem is our signal is very poor.
the other thing is that we still using the EDGE signal while other nearly towns are using 3G..
so im beging you as a company to try and look at it.


What is your complaint?
My name Handy i have problem with vodacom, on 31-01-18 i had problem with network.
I was suppose to receive few important call, but that didn't happen because of Vodacom.
From morning tell around 17:00.


my airtime has disappeared don't know why


Sales Department called to sell a router. Didn't explain that I would be billed 4 - 5 days later. I was told that I would be debited as per my current contract & that there are no changes with regards to billing date - my bill would be as of the next debit date scheduled. I was also told that there was no connection fees. However, I called the Service Department & was told that I am being charged for the router & connection fee. I am extremely angry about being misinformed because I now have an unpaid debit on my record. I no longer want any marketing or calls from Vodacom . The people that call to sell you stuff ramble on & don't explain important info. As the Customer , I am left to find out the hard way. you are more that welcome to listen to the recordings of that call.


Keep getting subscriptions from Vlive I didn't apply for like games, cooking lessons and lifestyle and fashion videos.Money is being deducted from my account but no content is delivered to my phone. I am trying since August 2017 to cancell Vlive from my phone but nine registered complaints to 082 111 and I am still battling with the same problem and if that isn't enough my data seems to disappear without me even using my phone.


I was recently phoned by Vodacom as my existing contract have come to a end they duly gave me a new up graded contract which I agreed to but did not tell me about the hidden costs all they mentioned was a gift that they would send me. my first invoice I get is sent to me on my phone and not my e-mail address this invoice has a once off charge of R131.58 upgrade admin fee which was also not explained to me.
I was billed the amount of R288.50 which was take.n off my debit order.
Last night at 19.32pm I now received a sms from Vodacom with a deduction of R421.57 no explanation no invoice just this deduction, what now is this deduction for! The fact that I am a pensioner and only get my pension on the 27th of the month this amount has now placed me in a financial crises is there no communication between the Company Vodacom and myself why this amount was deducted and what for.
Please note that I have been receiving invoices from Vodacom for the last 2 years with my old contract to my e-mail address and had no problems except that my first name is Brian and not D as stated on all my invoices.
I expect that you get back to me as soon as possible
regards Brian
Here are all my details
Brian Barnardo
Account No 13780976-8
cell; 0768166241
e-mail: brianbarnardo1@gmail.com


I can receive emails on my Samsung Note 3 but cannot send. Is their anybody capable at Vodacom to sort this because your 111 can't??!!


I have been a client for more than 10 years. My call limit was increased to R696 without my consent 2 months ago. I have logged a number of complaints to get feedback on this matter but with no success. I have been promised feedback within 48hrs and its now been 3 months.
This does not talk to TCF (treating customers fairly) and as a financial service provider this is clearly unacceptable. God only knows how Vodacom is still operating. After looking at some of your reviews its shocking.


Hi. My wife upgraded her contract two weeks ago and still waiting for her new phone. According to the online upgrade site she was supposed to receive the phone the next day- this is a promise not kept! After two weeks and a few calls to the customer centre the waiting time is just getting worse. First she was told she will have the phone yesterday 21/11 - second promise not kept!! , she contacted them again today 22/11 and was told that it may take another 3 to 5 working days. I don't really care what the problem is but if a big company like Vodacom can't solve it before the end of this week, it will say a lot about them.
I want Vodacom to deliver the phone by the end of this week. Nobody in this world must wait more than 3 weeks to get what they paying for especially if you dealing with a big successful company.


On the 15th Nov 2017 I bought 250 MB Data but on the 20th November my balance was 0.00. I really don't understand how did I spent 250 MB data in just 5 days when I am only using whatsup and Vodacom consultants told me that it depends on how I use them. I cannot spend 250MB DATA IN 5 DAYS ITS IMPOSSIBLE.


On the 15th of NOV 2017 I bought 250 MB Data and on the 20th my balance was 0.00, I don't understand how can I finish 250 MB data in 5 days while I am only using whatsup and I did not even receive any notification telling me how many MB am I left with like I always do. It just went from 250 to 0.


Good day

I am highly disappointed with service I have received at the Vodacom shop at Southgate I took my phone there to claim on my insurance my phone was damaged and needed repairs however it took them months to get back to me took my cell phone in in June/July it’s been so long even forgot the months anyway a guy from the technical dept. called advised I need to put a claim through the phone is just lying there I mean I’m paying for a service and it’s not being delivered, none the less August I went to the same branch again to hear if there’s any feedback consultant advised I need to visit the branch on a week day to speak to the manager, I DO NOT HAVE TIME to get to a branch during the week I’m at work.my contract is ending and I still haven’t received my phone or any feedback from the store kindly advice asap pathetic service at Vodacom Southgate.

Kaylyn Da Silva.


I am living in the township in Bela-Bela, Limpopo. Since yesterday morning, 2017-11-10, our Vodacom signal is about zero. No problem with other Networks. We can not use WhatsApp or Facebook.




I have no network on my phone since Tuesday 31 Oct 2017. If I want to use my phone all I get is "your phone has been rerouted and your account suspended" I spent 4 hours at your branch in Noordstad Bloemfontein, 5 hours at Dr Cellular and 2 hours at your head office in Bloemfontein but to no avail. I have 5 different phones on my account and mine is the only one with a problem, so how can my account be suspended? My account is on average R5000-00 - R6000-00 a month and not in arrears. My account no: B0016405-8 and the phone with the problem no: 082 55 84 209. Please help as I am very disappointed with the service!!!!! No-one seems to know why or what the problem is - it is not the phone itself but the connection. How can one of the five have a problem??


My airtime is disappearing I'm on contract mobile number 0637210547


I have upgraded as from 1st July 2017 on 0825741186. I am still waiting to migrate. I did upgrade at Vodacom Ilanga mall Nelspruit. I have been complaining and they just tell me they have reported it. I chose M+ option but the minutes I receive is still the old contract minutes. Please I'm paying for something I don't have. I also have to do a second upgrade Jan 2018. But I feel like canceling my contract on that phone. Waiting for reply and help. Thak you Willie van Zyl


Good afternoon

Please note that i am not happy with the way my upgrade process was handled.

I went to Vodacom to get a new phone upgrade and and i was told to fill in a form to cancel an old cellphone insurance and add a new one i did that.

I also requested that the old device which was a Tablet to be used by my daugher to be insured i signed the 3rd form for that. All along i thought that this is added on my account as i receive a statement from vodacom every months.

I saw a debit order that i don't know with a funy description or a reference i reversed it thinking that it was a mistake.

Vodacom did tell me that i will still pay for the old device for 3 months. Today i got a chance to look at my statement as i am always a busy person.

I noticed that i have been paying for this old device for a long time, and they denyied and told me its an insurance of a tablet. That hurts me because i was charged for this tablet twice and when i came to claim for the damage of my tablet i was told that it is not insured.

Can somebody please assist me in this matter URGENTLY????



I called Vodacom new lines on 0821950,at 18h40 I spoke to the rudest agent named Thabiso,he has no customer service skills at all and refused to let me speak to his team leader,I am disgusted in the service I got if that what it can be called. I gave him my identity number,he asked for it a second time to confirm which clearly means he already had it if he wants to confirm,so I said it fast,his response was say it slowly so I replied saying but I did give I to you,he says ,"this is your I'd not mine so say it slowly" !
This individual does not belong in customer service .


Good day
I have received 150 min free from Vodacom via rewards program Play every day . As attached the sms said it 150 min to any network . Yesterday I tried calling to any network it's says insufficient funds. When I called Vodacom via 111 the consultant told me it's a network problem I should remove my sim switch the phone on and off which I did. Then I tried checking my balance as per the attached the free minutes it's now changed to Vodacom to Vodacom call. I called Vodacom again another consultant told me that they are receiving so many complaints regarding the same matter. I told him well I'm not happy and especially because its a rewards program Vodacom ceant mislead the customers.
I have asked to speak to a manager and was told there's no manager available but I need to call the Play everyday directly and it's not a free call. I called this morning 082 241 1082 spoke to Lindo explain my story he said he can't help me and the manager will only be available at 11. I asked him to let a manager contact me as I cannot keep calling back and hear the same story.
Please can you intervene for me as I'm so fed up with Vodacom. I've been a customer for so many years I spend so much on data and get this crap service in return ? I can change to any other network where it's cheaper . They can check my record and see how much I'm spending on data and airtime.
Vodacom really needs to up their game in a economy we're living today
079 954 3259


I have been trying to install Fibre and Internet at our Business for the past two months. Dealing with Vodacom is worse than trying to deal with the municipality or SARS. I have written about 26 mails over the course of 4 weeks. I have spent a total of 4 full days on the phone with different departments trying to follow up and each time I am put on hold and transferred to a different person or the call is dropped.

How are you the best???? There is no support, no one seems to know what they are doing.






I did a upgrade on 29 august 2017 on the 2 September I called to check on upgrade and was told that a vodacom staff member cancelled my upgrade. The person reinstated the upgrade on the wrong contracy on the 6 th September I called again to check what the problem was and was sent from.pillar to.post I instructed them to cancel which they didn't and the phone was delivered on the 7th September so much for next day delivery on the 8 th I tried to do a sim. Swop this did not happen. As there seem to be a.problem after 10.calls I was told that my account was at fraud department the reason being that a incompetent staff member entered my daughters Id as I live with her and she supplied me with a letter stating this. The idiot put her Id in instead of reading the letter. So after 28 calls to the fraud department and a helpful person called David the code was removed and after 6 sum cards at a cost of R60 we were able to do the sum. Swop. That was Tuesday I was told it would take 24 hours to work . Well we r now on 36 hours. I managed to get hold of a.team.leader by the name of zyaad who has tried his best. He called me.today and when I tried to call him back I haveto.put up with the idiots in the call centre who.tell.me he doesnt work.there I lost it and they have now banned.me . I have made a total.of 78 calls to try and get this sorted and am.pushe'd from.pI'll at to.post with no resolution I have been a customer since 1993 and this is the service u get. I will be laying a formal.complaint with icasa and will take this viral. The problems on.my account have got to do the the incompetent staff employed by vodacom. I have recording of all.calls.made from my daughters phone . I have been with out a phone since 7 Sept. And u can be assured they will take there money at the end of the month.


I have phoned the first time on the 30th August to ask when is my upgrade date and they replied it is on the 08th Sept so the consultant said he can bypass it and do it that day so we did it wand I would have received my new cell on the 5th Sept so then I phone on the wed 06th Sept to ask about my phone and replied back to me to say there is no upgrade. Then I asked what is going on and then they said that my cell no does not exist nor show on the system so they can not help me they will log a complaint and see what happens. Up until now I do not have a upgrade done and still no feedback what is going on on my cell no


I have a modem and havent use it for more than 6 month. I wasnt aware that they recicle and went and load data on it can someone assist me, why was i not informed by vodacom, and why cant this number not be activated again for my use so i can get back my 1gig i had load. Is this how vodacom treat customers.


On the 15th of Sept 2017 i went to Vodacom is Southgate Mall where i have a contract phone and inquired about upgrading the software since its my phone is giving me problems, and was told to go ask at another Voda shop n they said i must pay R160 to assist or go to Jabulani Mall Voda care. I dont understand why since my phone is only 10mnths, contract and under warranty??? please assist.... Thank u


PLease see email send
No Response
Dear Vodacom And Samsung
I did give in my SAMSUNG A5 in for repairs
Ref 12336750 @ Potchefstroom

I was told it is the battery

No problem

I was told that there is 1 year guarantee

I did bring in the phone 1 DAY to late for the guarantee

I have to pay for the repair

Surely their must be a way that this can be fix with in the guarantee

Not only because I am a loyal customer , I do pay on time . NOT A DAY LATE=
This is a business package to show my support to Vodacom
Now Ive been punish because I am a day late=20
And it is not that there is a repair shop in every town

Please relook into the matter=20

Charl Strydom=20


My contract came to and end and the price was put up. Have not been able to cancel the contract, and the bill keeps comeing.
I have tried every method of contact, and nooooo response.
Just want someone to resolve


RE: 0828894331 (I cannot be reached on this number) Can someone assist. I have been complaining for 2 weeks now. I was offered a 10” tablet as an upgrade. When this tablet arrived it is not what I agreed to.

I spoke to a lady on the same day the tablet was delivered – telling her I was not given what was promised. This tablet was delivered on the 18th August. I was given a reference no 1-3407298559-5012. Whoever I spoke to said the tablet would be collected within 7 days. Well this never happened.

Please call me on 0832927621. This is the only way I can be reached. I DO NOT WANT THIS TABLET as the old one I have is exactly the same.

Michelle Farrell


I opened account with Vodacom around March, I went again end on the 27th of July took another phone under existing account that I've already have. Because I took the phone after 25th it happened that my account became on arrears of which I made arrangement with Vodacom to deduct money on the 25th of august. My bank statement shows money was debited, and I kept on getting sms to show Vodacom kept on deducting my money of which some of the amount doesn't make sense to me. I went to the bank I was told to lay complain with voda...of which I did. the report came back saying I owe Vodacom R1000.00 of which im still shocked cause I don't no what went wrong. My account had money. How could debit orders fail after money they took from my account. How could I have so much arrears in 5 days. Please help as I customer I really think my right are abused. I really need explanation. customer care they failed me. Vodacom shop also failed me. Im so worried.


We normally have more than enough data to get us to the next month but in August our data was used up a week before the month end.We saw in the news that you had clitch in your system and you would be refund the data. When will this happen?


Two of my VODACOM numbers have been used for fraud and Vodacom does not seem to be interested in the reported exposure. I have a query pending with Vodacom which they have not made an effort to finalise.
Now, I seem to have another incident of fraud on my other number.
The numbers in question are:
060 966 7996 &
060 966 7997

I would like to hear from the CEO of VODACOM tell me what he plans to do with this problem.

Kind Regards,
071 682 7768


I am struggling for 3 days now to get my number reactivated. It has been blocked but I have made payments by EFT. However my reference was incorrect and I have send them the proof several times with the correct reference, but it is still not corrected. I contacted them about 20 times without the matter to be resolved. This is the worst service I have experience in my whole life. In the meantime I cannot use my phone. I have all the evidence and correspondence about the matter. I have talked to about 10 different people and every time I have to explain my self from the start.


I called vodacom sometime in April telling them that I am unemployed and to stop debit order and I will make cash payment at vodacom shop and I have been doing so for the past 6 months. To my surprise I am having arrears of R539 and I need to now why because my monthly installment is R239?


I ported my number from Vodacom to Cell C which transpired w.e.f. from the 12/10/2016. I requested a pro-rata invoice from Vodacom numerous times and complained about my signal numerous times. But to no avail have not received any feedback.

Today i get a call to say i am liable for the full amount billed by Vodacom on the contract that i was on. I informed them numerous times that i cannot be charged for a service that i am not using. I was already billed for the remaining days of October and full month of November from Cell C. So how on earth can i pay a full month of October if I was not using the Vodacom Service. Today i get a call from a very rude and arrogant lady to say if i don't pay the full amount to Vodacom they are handing the account over and puts the phone down before i can discuss or disclose any information.

Now i am sure this should all be on recordings. I will make it very known how existing and ex clients are treated. I want feedback please on this account and complaint - I am sure no -one would pay for a service they do not use.


Vodacom upgraded the wrong number on my profile of numbers to a data only account in October 16. Since then I have been trying to get it rectified. On the 12th of Oct I called Vodacom from to notify them of the mistake and am yet to get confirmation that they will reinstate the contract to its original package.

This has left me paying so much more on this number than i usually do. Despite numerous calls (which i hope have been recorded) and so much wasted time and effort from my side for weeks on end now, i still have not received any notification that this problem will be rectified. Absolutely shocking. They are able to so quickly and easily sign you up, upgrade or migrate your account but when it comes to fixing their mistakes it takes forever and costs the client not Vodacom. If I could give Vodacom less than 1 star - I would.


My complaint is about the company named Vodacom SA. On the 08 November I received an small from Vodacom however they suspend my numbers which are 0828060828 and 0711137953 and the following day I call and I being told I have reached my call limit which is stipulated in my contract, which for me does not make sense as why does Vodacom have a problem with a well paying customer who makes sure there is always money on the the scheduled for a debit order and whenever I run out of airtime or data I top up using my own money, and they decide I have been spending too much money on Vodacom and they rather suspend my numbers not be able to make calls with the airtime I paid for.

What is most frustrating is that I was promised the matter is being fixed only finding myself having to call them daily because my line gets suspended daily and when I call to get answers all I could get is that the problem is being escalated to solutions department. Today I found myself having to call you twice for the same problem and this is not acceptable at all. Vodacom are you really expecting me to upgrade if this is the service I am getting? The question is will I be able able to make calls after the upgrade? Right now I think I should just cancelled the contract instead of upgrading. This is so unacceptable and frustrating. Bad Service


I am disgusted in your customer service , and the misleading information and the way you sell your products. its sad that you have a call center filled with lazy people who doesnt even want to help when you call they rather transfer me from pillar to post when i called today which explains why i rated their service so poorly and i would never recommend vodacom to family and friends and as you said the calls are being recorded for qaulity and traning purposes i would love for you to listen to all the calls i made today 08/11/2016 and how they waisted my time explaining everything and then just transfering me to the next person after saying they would explain the sittuation to the next department. anyway getting 2nd part of my complaint, about 2 months ago a sales advisor called me and offered a great data deal , 2 gigs for R109 per month , she for some reason had issues and called me a few days later after i thought everything was done and sorted and took some more details from me - before she set up the contract i asked her if i could cancel if i was not happy and she said yes i can cancel at anytime but today when i spoke to the advisors who were realy not helpful at all they said its a 24mnonth contract which wasnt told to me at all .I want a good explaianation as to why someone who works for vodacom lied to me and why you feel i need to pay 75% which i refuse to pay to a company who cant even look after their loyal customers. i gave the girl my bank details when she set it up and they did not collect for 2 months , i never asked them to debit my account on the 3rd of the month at all so i dont know where they got that date from because i dont get paid that time of the month. the person who phoned me in october made an arrangment to collect the both payments end of october which was R314 but no payment was even attempted to be collected which is even more frustrating so i dont think i kwkant to continue with vodacom as they dont care about their customers at all!!!!!! now i want to know what is your complaints department going to do about this sad network provider as i think even cell c can deliver better than this. > i was told the outstanding bal is R314 and was text with that amount . i then get a message on my phone saying 'your collections call barring has been activated' ! and i was then unable to use my phone for 2 days , VERY DISSAPOINTING SERVICE !!!!! i went today to go pay the outstanding R314 just to find out i should pay R536 CASH to get my phone up and running !!!!!! i am truely not happy at all kand regret getting this plan and would like to know what vodacom can do for me as i was a good vopdacom customer untill alkl of this happend!!! hope to hear from complaints team soon


For the last 4 and half months we are in a battle with Vodacom. My husband passed away. We need to do a transfer from his name to my name. The corrected documents has been delivered by hand at Vodacom Delmas. Every time with unsatisfied service nothing has happened. Phone calls and e mails send back and forward with relevant people did not accomplices anything. They make promises they can not keep. This type of service is very bad. My phone has been cut of since the 12 October 2016 after making a payment as requested. Still nothing. We have been with Vodacom for the last 18 years is this the kind of treatment as a value customer received from Vodacom.


I have lodge several complaints with Vodacom about the billing issue I experience. Nothing has been done to fix the billing issue. How many times do I still need to contact Vodacom before they will fix my account. Vodacom is currently in breach of contract and I have taken this matter to the National Consumer Commission and if this does not get fixed soon I will take it to one of my colleagues working at Carte Blanche here at Mnet. I am not going to pay Vodacom a cent further until this matter has been solved. I am prepared to take Vodacom to court. I will also not pay the R100 they charge me for the debit that I stop as I have not seen any credit on my account.

They are not suppose to deduct more than R294 each month from my account and not a cent more. They must go and look at the history on my account and they will see for themselves. I have an UChoose account so if I top my account up it goes directly from my bank account. I see my current bill are already standing on R416. I am telling Vodacom now, the debit order will not go off from my account as I stopped it. I will pay Vodacom corporate what is due to you which is R294 nothing more and nothing less.

Until they can prove to me where this additional airtime is coming from you charge me unlawfully and fix my account I will not allow any further debit orders from my bank account and I will not pay the R100 you charge me for another fault not mine. I say again I am prepared to take this companyto court and to the media.


I paid more money into my Vodacom Cell phone account through the FNB online banking when paying my monthly bill. When I want to claim the additional funds which is in my account I am told I need to present proof of payment for the whole 2 years that I have been paying my account. When I said I will present the bank statement, Vodacom says the bank statements are not acceptable. The additional funds into my account is in excess of R2000. I want to upgrade my account, however I am unable to do it before the refund issue is settled.

My feeling is that Vodacom is full of tricks when it comes to serving its own customers honestly. I have great respect for Vodacom but after going through this ordeal I have to think otherwise. I am prepared to escalate this to the highest authorities even if it means going to the media. I believe I deserve a better service from Vodacom than the mediocre service that I am exposed to. Funds that are in the account has been paid by me not Vodacom, It does not make sense when a big company like Vodacom enjoys when money comes in but makes it difficult for money to go out. I wondered whether she understood what she was telling me or it is the coaching that she received from Vodacom.


I have contacted the Vodacom store more than I can remember to inquire about the 5 gig of data that was supposed to have been loaded upon activation of the account and the issue has not been resolved. I also asked for the just for you promotion to be activated on my account that too has not been resolved. I have been more that patient to the point that I can't anymore. I have contacted Amanda so many times she told me it will be resolved and nothing has been sorted!


I have received a free tablet from Vodacom in the middle of September 2016 for being a loyal customer for 22years. I was offered a 5Gig a month contract for R199-00 a month which I accepted. I received the device and sim card on the 16th of September 2016. I installed the sim card into the device and it worked fine for a week after which it stopped working. I have ever since been trying to get it connected again after I paid the monthly subscription and the pro-rata amount for the 2.5Gig they gave me for September not being a full month.

I went to various Vodacom shops in Greenstone mall as well as made various calls to the Vodacom help line with no luck. The one guy at greenstone Vodacom told me to do a sim swop which is still not being done after I bought the sim card from them, excuse being the synchronisation which was done by Vodacom 4U in greenstone is still pending. Surely it cannot take 4 days for them to do the synchronisation and holding up the process because it is still pending. I have no guarantee that the sim swop will solve my problem but at least this guy is trying. I am very disappointed with the way I have been treated in the last week and I don't think that is appropriate to treat your loyal customers like this. I would like this matter resolved now, I am currently paying for a service I am not receiving.


I sent my phone in for a warranty repair (for a common problem with the S6) and for them to avoided fixing the problem i believe they put liquid in the device and say it's liquid damage. I cannot accept this discussion as my phone has been nowhere near water and then i got a rude consultant who keep interrupting handling the complaint. I will go viral and take this to the ombudsman.


For the past month I have been requesting a simple tax certificate for year ending Feb 2016. I have sent numerous e-mails to customer care. I have contact several on line consultants, I have been to a local store, they refer me to 082 1946. I spoke to a Reesha there, she said she will sent me a tax certificate within the next 10 minutes, that was 3 days ago-still nothing. This must rate as the poorest service I have ever experienced and my esteem of Vodacom and the Vodashop company is very low. I do not expect much of this as well and will shortly share my experience with the local newspaper! Go on with your utterly bad service.


On 5th September I entered into a new contract for 2 Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Neo phones, one with R200 airtime and the other R55 airtime. Before I could collect the new phones the store in Simmonds street was robbed and the phones stolen. I eventually received the phones on 16th September 2016. It is now the 28th September and I am still unable to access the internet.

I have been back to the store on probably 4 occasions and have been to the Rosebank store on 3 occasions to assist with the set-up but they have been unable to resolve. I have also phoned the call centre about 4 times and was transferred to an IT specialist yesterday. According to all of them the sim has been synchronized, the Internet access is on according to the system etc and I have reset the settings on the phone on numerous occasions, but I still do not have access to a Network. I can phone and receive calls but cannot access the internet. I have placed this Sim card in another device and was also unable to access the internet. To me this then means there is a problem with the sim card.

Yesterday I returned to the store in Simmonds street to request that the sim card be swopped free of charge and the R200-00 airtime to be transferred to the new number. When they called the call centre they were advised that they need to log this via email and after visiting the branch now I have been advised that they still do not have an answer. It is apparent to me that there is a problem with the Sim card and it needs to be replaced. I have had the phone for nearly 2 weeks and can still not use it for the purposes I got it. I would appreciate it if this matter could be resolved sooner rather than later.

In addition to the issues above I visited the Eastgate branch on Sunday 18th September 2016. When we arrived at the branch at 10h30 the doors were closed. We tried to make eye contact with the staff inside the branch but they either just stared at us or had their backs turned to us. Only after my husband started banging on the doors, did a staff member decide to lift herself off her chair to talk to us. She advised us that the store had been flooded and the systems were off. When I asked her why they had not placed a sign on the door, she advised that they were drafting a notice. Really, it takes them from 09h00 to 10h30 to draft a notice? Surely they could have had a staff member at the door advising the customers of the issue?

At this stage I have really had enough of Vodacom and I just want to be able to use the phone I received on the 16th September to access the internet.


I requested on 18 May 2016 a premature contract cancellation quotation, which I received the same day. The quotation indicated an amount of R471.63 to settle the account. On 19 May 2016 I paid the said amount into Vodacom account and mailed the proof of payment to your Retentions and Cancellation section. On 03 June 2016 I received a statement indicating payment due of R393.49 on this specific statement the payment done on 19 May 2016 is indicated under reference number TR85800287.

I phoned your accounting section and spoke to a lady who promised that she will come back to me in less than two days - she never came back. On 11 July 2016 I received another statement indicating I am two months in rears. I forwarded an e-mail to the Retention and Cancellation section where I requested Vodacom to correct the mistake. On 13 July 2016 I received mail from srm@vodacom.co.za (Mateemane) indicating that he could not retrieve my documents as mailed to you on 19 May 2016. I was requested to "copy it the way it is on the email you received so that we can request credit and reconcile your account or resend the original documents with ID copy and proof of payment" On 13 July 2016 I send proof again to Mateemane.

On 20 July 2016 I send another mail to Mateemane requesting feedback. I never hear anything form him. On 08 August 2016 I phoned the accounting section again to finally resolve this matter, I spoke to a person with the name of David, he said that the matter must be dealt with the Retentions and Cancellation section, he put me through to that section where I spoke with Aubrey Ntshebele who said I must forward all the necessary documentation to his personal e-mail address which I did, he responded the same day by e-mail stating " Kindly be advised that the documents have been received and will be forwarded to the admin guys". On 11 August 2016 I send mail to him asking "Still no feedback?" No response.

On 28 September 2016 I received mail from Vodacom accounts that I had to pay R1473.96, which will be deducted from my bank account, not long after the mail I received a call from a lady in your accounting section and I express my dissatisfaction regarding this matter, she said that she will follow it up. I forward again an e-mail to Aubrey Ntshebele expressing my dissatisfaction.

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