Amazon Customer Service and My Horrible Shopping Experience


I love Amazon customer service. I shop there every day almost for almost anything. However, recently my vacuum went out and so of course I went on Amazon to buy a new one. I decided on a Hover Deluxe Floormate FH40160RM with a free tile and brush kit attached. But when I got it a few days later, there was no tile and brush kit with it.

So, naturally I called Amazon customer service and was told they couldn't send out just the brush and to return the machine. I had to return the entire thing!

Fine, I did that and returned it. Now I have no vacuum for my house for another week while it's processing the return from the seller. Finally that new machine arrived without the screw and no tile and brush box again! Now it's been 3 times back and forth and months later and still I have no working vacuum cleaner at my house.

The box was not taped on the side and the owners manual fell out and Ups put it back in the box.  This Hoover floormate model comes with TWO brushes - the 150 model only has one. The brush cost $27.00 + shipping. I was totally duped by the seller and Amazon won't stand behidn their service.

I like the machine and I do not want to return it again. All I want is the brush. I am a devoted Amazon customer.  I wish corporate would please be so kind and send me the tile brush which is part of the FH40160RM package. But I thought I should let you know that this is what happens when you have a problem.

Amazon is great until you have a serious problem with a seller.


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They cancelled my account with just a email no warning. Saying I did misconduct won't say what and then they said it was for refunds. And they won't even return my membership. And I can't even talk to there customer specialist dept to argue my case. What is it that I did they won't say.


Somebody just ordered a movie order # D01-7590905-1812102 for 3.99. I just talked to a nice lady and she gave me my money for 3.99. I need to know how to stop this from happening again.


My daughter (Amanda Todd) has written numerous times regarding her stolen artwork being sold on t-shirts by Amazon and NOTHING has been done about it. She has sent you the copy-write laws regarding selling merchandise without her consent and making money off of her work!!! Amazon will not take down the stores (multiples). 

One store is selling her art of (Dethklok) on t-shirts, as well as others. I'm sure you can find where my daughter has filed several times with your company. We will take further steps if necessary. Please be advised!

I submitted an address change prior to my order but my products were sent to my last address. That is 110 miles from where I live now. How do I get the products I have paid for?


I have owned 2 Kindle, last one a PaperWhite purchased at Best Buy about 5 months ago. It worked great up to your update. My Kindle gave me a notice of a update coming, then later said update complete. Then I noticed I could not remove books from my devise. I was on vacation at the time and figured this could be handled in no time at all. Was I ever wrong 2.5 hour and talking to 4 or 5 people, till not able to remove books.

The update did not happen on my Kindle ever after it said complete, update now complete still can not remove books, I said I'd call when back after my vacation. Called on Sunday Feb. 28 after talking to tech. people and doing all kinds of thing, still can not remove books. Said I would like  new replacement not  refurnished or my money back to buy a new one, they said because my wife who bought it for me said no money back, refurnished only this info from  supervisor.

Called Amazon customer service again yesterday hoping to someone I could reason with, they deleted everything on my Kindle and the update was redone. Still can not remove books, I ask for a new replacement not refurnished and they said they would request it that way. I have had issues with refurnished item in the past reason for wanting a new one. Why 2 different warranties depending on where you buy? Some of your tech people should not be your tech people, they don't understand what they are doing. I feel better, I do want a new Kindle. 

I am a Prime customer, and a love my Kindle over 400 books, told many people how great they are.


My niece had ordered an Abnormal Psychology book by Jeffrey S. Nevid from Amazon, the book was delivered on 2/13/16 to 314 Gina Dr. Carson, Ca 90745. I returned the book in the same condition I received on 2/23/16--I am in shock to say the least that Amazon now claimed that the book had been used, it is a fraudulent claim. My psychology course at Long Beach City College began on 2/8/16 with just the orientation and no lecture, the following session was on President Day 2/15/16 and school was closed, I hardly opened your book to speak of since we had not even begin our study for the course.

You informed that there will be a huge amount of deduction of nearly 50% since the book was used is a blatant lie and a disappointment that Amazon, a reputable American Business as grand and proud of an Institution and successful would play this kind of petty game with a consumer, and a student on top of it. At this point I refuse your claim as I do appreciate if you should rectify the false claim and reimburse the full amount, as I had complied and sending the book back as required before the dead line. My family and friends for years, have been consistently loyal clients, the words of mouth to recommend your business or to tell others of my dissatisfaction will be now on your court to play. An unhappy client.


I enjoy buying through Amazon.  However, I purchased a DVD 'The Driver'  (Order # 108-4263811-5085829) recently but it stops playing after about 10 to 15 minutes.  I have tried it on several different DVD players but with the same result.  It seems that the DVD is faulty.  Please advise me on the best course of action (e.g. ship the DVD back for replacement).  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

I purchased a steam mop from costmad to replace an existing one, identical model. Speedy delivery but new one would not stand up unaided. Contact costmad and instant replacement, still wrong, another complaint, another mop. Still the same problem. Cost mad say refund I say yes they send return label. Return label states from someone in Kent. Another phone call, rude, nothing wrong, you will have to bring it to us, will not issue anothe label! Another agent says you cannot come on site? Now what?
I want a refund and they can collect their mop.

The end game is that the purchase was via PayPal and a card so I will be getting my money back. Storage of their junk starts tomorrow.


I ordered 3 books from for the total cost of EUR.73.75, to be sent to an address in Turkey. I was given the delivery date of 13th January, 2016.  Up until 18th FEBRUARY 2016, the books had not been delivered. Every email I have sent was returned with a comment that the email address I had was a NO REPLY email. I was referred to check on delivery details, instructions on how to return the items. Where do I have to write to complain about the delay in receiving the books which were supposedly by mail in 2 separate packages.  

Is there any logical need to charge people to buy games at their full price.  There is like a million other places to get my gaming fix and most of these games can be perched used like with amazon.  This is ridiculous and will only hurt you, amazon.  Gamestop, ebay, bestbuy, game fly and others,  get ready for my business as long as you don't spoon feed us this kind of shit. Amazon, see what your greed for money has done to you.


I fully agree amazon makes it very easy for people to part with their money > so, what else is new? All businesses follow the same trail these days. As the Beatles found out way back when, you can give a billion bucks away in a whiff, but try to get just one measly dollar from someone for a cup of hot coffee on a cold winter day.

Clearly, amazon has the lousiest customer service I ever came across. No, that’s not due to the vast empire being unwieldy for numerous reasons, absolutely not. No, the applied ‘get lost’ attitude is entirely due the ol’ Bezos’ refusal to set up and enforce an organized/supervised  and diligently enforced customer support system. Why should he go there? That cost money, and since the billions keep rolling in nonetheless, who cares?

Those people who - I am reading here - were shafted time and again, refuse to learn a lesson, and keep coming back with the inferred chant, “here I am Jeff, hit me again”, don’t realize, they are not only hurting themselves, but all other amazon customers as well, indeed, all people anywhere. Fact is, it’s high time people got together and implement a little boycott of the fiefdom. For the task, North America alone will likely suffice to get Mr. Bezos see the light.

We endured two customer service related incidences.   

About a year ago amazon was on the platter with us for refusing a full refund for a set of telephones sold by one of their assistant businesses, advertised to be for people with hearing problems – which turned out to be a complete falsehood -,  and amazon thereby supporting a fraudulent operation. Amazon's 'criminally negligent act' cost us $135.00.

Just now it involves a purchase of a 10 kw genset from amazon. We took possession of the item on November 24, 2016. On assembly next day we found that there are no valve stems in the rim of the two tires. As it is, the tires cannot be inflated nor can air pressure be maintained – as admonished in the manual.  Not a thing wrong with the genset itself – don’t want to return it.

Several emails were sent to the seller – Max Tools - and amazon customer service. All were pointedly ignored. Yesterday, trying one last time to get amazon’s attention, we found our access to customer service blocked > the ba….. cut as off completely,  left us hanging in the air.

Want to make note again: this may appear to be an effort chasing flies, but it’s not. If we have to send the tire/rim away to install a valve stem, it’ll cost more than new tires, which may run at about $100.00 each. That’s a bigger loss than amazon’s phone swindle mentioned above. Further, given that MaxTool is deliberately ignoring customer requests for assistance plainly spells they offer no customer service at all. For this reason we wanted to refuse acceptance of the genset, have it returned for full refund. To this end we even asked a amazon customer service rep if, in this case, we would get a full refund. The immediate reply came back with full guaranty of all money returned if something ordered is not picked up and returned to sender.  

Last minute, however, the phone swindle mentioned above came to mind again where we got virtually the same guaranty from a regular customer service rep only to be denied by a super chief of amazon’s customer service.

If we would have sent the genset back or refuse acceptance we may have had to face a loss of $1,700.00 > contributed to Jeff Bezos billions. With the phone swindle issue in mind we didn’t want to ever have anything to do with amazon again, but relented for a last try. Glad we did. This, however, is the end > not one more dead read cent from us to amazon. If an amazon executive can overrule a regular customer service rep’s positive (in favor of a customer) ruling on issues – which the customer counted on when making his purchase - the whole amazon fiefdom cannot be trusted.