Top 3 Boost Mobile Customer Service Phone Numbers


Cell phones is one of most viewed categories each week. That's because companies like Boost Mobile provide poor quality products at a cheap price. This is usually a recipe for disaster. So, if you are looking for the Boost Mobile customer service number, we have your back.

Here's the best phone number you can call to voice your complaints to the Boost Mobile corporate office:

Customer service: 1-866-402-7366
Alternate support number: 866-434-6295
Customer care hotline: 888-266-7848

Email address:

Many customers have problems with Boost Mobile. That's because they are a cheap and pre-paid phone service that has a lot of customers in a lower income tier. Some of their typical issues include incorrect billing, rude employees, and long hold times. So, hopefully you do not have to call the 1-800 number anytime soon.


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Me and my husband went to the boost store on 5306 Keystone Indianapolis, IN, United States 46220. Kandice Kennedy was the customer service representative she was very rude and when we asked about products in the store she didn't even want to give us any information on the products. We paid our phone bill and she didn't even explain why we had a three day extra fee on our bill. All she said was you have a $48 plan and a $58 plan.

No we don't we have a $45 plan and $55 plan. I said I would never go back to that store again very rude she should not be in customer service if you do not want to deal with your customers. She also thought her personal phone call was more important then her customers.


I went in to the boost  store on crewnshaw and manhattan beach bld in gardens CA. First the were very rude. They were completely unintersted in my business. And I was the only one in there.  One of the employee s was even standing behind conter eating. I was asking several questions about I phoned that were used and had been factory resets. He would avoid  my questions on prices and then gave me  quotes of 450 for a used I phone 5. And 280 on a used iPhone 4.

When I request ed a Samsung phone that  there was special deal, new member get for  29. He said they were out. Yet I saw clearly on the shelve below there was two left. I ended up with a phone I didn't want. Boost moto. And its been used. There were game apps already on the phone.  I had paid 85 dollars and only received  a receipt for 45. The speacial quote f a 4g lite for 29. I still have not gotten  any signal  over 3gs. This service is horrible. And I've talked with neibors who said they had a horrible experience too.

And when they went in to complain were told there wsd nothing they could do. There closed today but when I go in tomarrow. They better make it right because I'm reporting them to better business bureau.


I called about my high speed internet. I then was trying to exlpain to the manger about my phone and why they have not text me, letting me know I have high speed internet this month, like they always do. I did not receive it yet. Before I could finish she just interruped me and said call care service and hung up. I called back to try to let het know I did not know the number but before I could say that, she said are you the one who just called.

I know who you are, you was just in here. In our conversation, what little I had with her. She said we do not have nothing to do with that. I fell as a manager of a store you could had at lease directed me to get help. With out people like myself using your services there would be no boost mobile. I feel sprint should get rid of those type of stores. Making their name bad. I thinking about me and my wife now going to sprint. I am afraid they act the same. Need feed back on this issue please. My complaint is the store located in Peoria IL on 3102 North Gale Ave.



On July 23rd I tried to change my plan and set up auto-pay online but was unsuccessful so I called customer service and did it with an agent who assured me all was correct (I think his name was Jaime but I don't have that information with me). I received a confirmation e-mail that the plan was changed. On Monday August 24th my phone stopped working. I did not know why, and by the time I figured it out it was evening and I was unable to contact customer service to fix the problem. I was left on the road, traveling after midnight with no way to contact the person I was staying with, and was forced to spend the night in my car when I arrived because she had gone to bed. 

Furthermore, my 91 year old mother had no way to contact me and was forced to worry unnecessarily when she was unable to reach me. It was only when I reached customer service the next day that I figured out that I had been charged $40 instead of $30 for July's service and was also being charged $40 for August service. THIS WAS NOT MY MISTAKE and I was inconvenienced in such a way that it was unsafe. I asked for  $30 reimbursement for my August bill and was told by 2 people that would be impossible. They gave me a $10 credit which only reimbursed me for their mistake in July. 

If I hadn't paid for my own phone in November I would change my plan immediately but I need to get my value for the phone. Their customer service is terrible.


I went into the store on Wednesday 22, 2015. The agent was not very friendly. I wanted to activate a phone that I had bought on line. I went to 2 other stores and they told me to go to Sprint since they were the carrier. I should of listened. I asked the Newberry agent at boost mobile could she do it and she said yes, not giving me all the details. My phone was there 3 days and still haven't been activated. Today, Friday 23, 2015, still the phone is not on. 

I asked for my phone, she charged me 150+, including the $25 fee on Wednesday. I do not want the service, cancel my prepaid account and I would like a refund because I am not able to use the phone. The agent should off explained every detail as the other two stores and I would have went on my way. She led me to believe that she could activate the phone, my phone was there 3 days and I still do not have service. I paid for nothing. Now, I have to pay Sprint.


Every time I try to pay my bill there is a problem. I tried again today, 1-8-16. Twice they declined my payment stating on 2 of their automated systems that my bank declined the payment. When I logged into my bank (I used PayPal), both payments were taken out of my account, and for 2 different amounts. On top of that, they gave me 2 different amounts, then after completing the payment, they actually charge more. My girl friend has had the same problem multiple times. This is my first month with Boost and guaranteed my last. Next I received an email, stating I was qualified for a promotional offer through Sprint (which owns Boost Mobile stating I could upgrade from my LG tribute 2 to a Galaxy S6 which I wanted to do.

I went to the Sprint store, spent over 3 hours there, the sales rep could not get Boost to release my phone # for  the promotion which was no money down. She tried hard, big kudos to her. My bill was due today with Boost, a perfect day to switch. By the time that was all over, I walked away with no new phone. My phone is now shut off due to the billing issues. After leaving the store, I tried to call Boost, their office was by then closed, absolutely pathetic. The girl at Sprint must have talked to at least a dozen Boost agents including managers, couldn't get a straight answer out of any of them.  It is my business line. I am seeking legal redress. 

I'm calling my attorney on Monday, also the AG and the FCC.


Boost Mobile compromised my privacy and security on my account by letting my son suspend my prepaid service with out my permission on my phone number claiming it was lost or stolen when I have had it in my possession the whole time alone with my phone and could be verified by a call to me. I am the sole owner of these 2 phones & numbers on my accounts which is paid in full by my credit card. All this just because I did not allow him (Son) to use this phone for illegal drug activity. I was told that my account was pin number protected that no one could access my account. That was told to  me several times by Boost customer service representatives that they could not access my account with out the pin numbers. 

That is a LIE because Boost has suspended my prepaid phone with out my pin numbers because this individual lied about it being stolen for the entire month of Dec. 2015. I called trying to get help many times gone to the local stores with no success again and again because I forgot my pin number until last night after many attempts to correct this mistake your customer service manager had reactivated my account again and told me I would receive a credit of the $35.00 payment made for the inconvenience for my phone suspension for Dec. 2015 and apply it to Jan. 2016 payment. 

I thought I was done with this finally until I decided to call back just to make sure it was done and it was another lie and they had no notes to the credit promised. When does all the dishonesty stop with your company? Lie after lie Boost taken money for services that are not rendered. So now I have been screwed and compromised in more ways then one with your Boost company and your associate's now out of my money on a phone I could not even use. Your Privacy policies for your customers really suck along with your lies from Boost.


My son ordered a Boost mobile iphone 6s for me for Christmas.  When I received it, I decided to trade it for the larger 6s+ (I am 69). I was told by Boost customer service number to mail the 6s to their Indiana factory and Boost would send me the iphone plus - for which I gave them my credit card # for the difference in cost. I spent $40 shipping and insuring the 6s iphone to Indiana and have nor heard from them at all. I have called Boost repeatedly and just hung up with a manager at Boost (Jack -TC344055) after spending three hours on the phone this morning speaking to at least 5 people and getting disconnected several times.

What "Jack" is telling me now is totally different than when I originally returned the 6s phone. "Jack" kept telling me that I had to return the 6s back to them (which I already did on 1/13/2016) and he could not upgrade the 6s for the 6s plus without paying for the entire cost when doing so. He had no record of the purchase and could not tell me if the new iphone had been credited back to my son already or not.

Boost Mobile's purchasing procedure has certainly cost you a lot of sales. My son could not order the phone without my changing my Boost Mobile's address to his house, and he could not order it and send it to my house for Christmas; Furthermore,  returning it for a larger size has been an impossibility - as witnessed by this disaster. 


This is my second complaint that hasn't been resolved. Can I please get some kind of assistance. I am tired of trying to get Boost to work with me. My next step is emailing BBB. I am trying to work with you all. My concern is that I am trying to get me a upgrade (promotion) is what the pre-paid stores call it. I have had this Sharp Aquos since Nov. 8th 2014. I made a purchase for an iPhone 6s for my son for christmas which he's underage to have a phone is his name.

It was a christmas present for him and I did the transaction online on the 24th of Dec. 2015. This shouldn't have anything to do with me getting another phone. It's my phone that I am trying to get an upgrade on not my son's. I am trying do what's right. Every time I call a Boost customer service representative on the phone everyone is saying something different and giving me the run around. I am just trying to see why the MDN is not available for an upgrade(promotion) being that I have been with this same phone for a year and something. I pay my bill on time and I am never late. I haven't changed plans or anything. All my plans are still the same. I would like for someone to please resolve this issue like now.


I was not getting any service and my service was due to be renewed on the 7th of January. So I thought if I added Internet or a Wi-Fi hotspot for $10 I would be able to get some kind of service. I could not in fact I could not even make a phone call. When I tried to call Boost Mobile to let them know about it I could not get through. Then I tried to change my plan to start immediately.

I tried to change it to the $55 a month plan with the $10 Wi-Fi but it did not update accurately. I thought I would wait till the following day. I called Boost Mobile and got no response. So I took my phone number to u.s. cellular and transfer to the number into u.s. cellular phone.

U.s. Cellular told me to call Boost Mobile after I have transferred the number. Now keep in mind there were two separate transactions made that Boost Mobile deducted and I was not able to use any of that service and in addition it was earlier than it was scheduled to be taken out. I tried to resolve it with the company and to no avail. I tried to resolve it with my bank and Boost Mobile told them that I had gotten the services that I had paid for which I did not. In fact my service was ended before the renewal date of January 7th because I had switched to u.s. Cellular.

I have been requesting a refund and have been unable to get anywhere with them. I did not get any service at all on the new money and they took the wrong amount out anyway. I want a full refund either from my bank or from Boost Mobile. It can be verified with US Cellular that I had to switch my service and had closed my account with Boost Mobile.

I was not required to pay for the next month saying there is no contract and my contract month-to-month with not doing the resets for a couple more days after I'd already stopped the service. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with along with all those prepaid debit card companies charging fees and keep your money whenever they damn well I feel like it.


I have called and called and called trying to resolve billing problems over the past several months..  Over the summer I was double charged not once, but twice and have never received a credit on my account.  Last month I switched form a family plan to a single line plan.  My billing statement shows I am on the single line plan and yet was still charged $25 for the family plan. When I called to get it credited I was told there was nothing they could do.  How about refund my money?  

My daughter had  the insurance on her phone and when it broke she sent it back in the envelope that Boost Mobile corporate provided and they claimed they never got it and then charges her $200 for a new phone.  This service is horrible and customer service is even worse.  I have been hung up on twice now by boost customer service representatives while just trying to get back the money that they took unlawfully. 

I have now handed this matter over to other authorities since boost is so unwilling to reverse charges that they made which were not authorized.  Worst service  ever and clearly is well versed in stealing people's money.  I am contacting the Better Business bureau.