10 Days of Hell with DirecTV Customer Service


Below is a summary of events that have taken place with DirecTV customer service for almost three weeks.  As you will see, I am not only displeased with the service but frustrated as I am getting the run around, not receiving requested return calls, and quite frankly hitting dead ends.  Being a customer of DirecTV for over 15 years in Maryland, this is not the way a long-standing customer, or any customer for that matter, should be treated.

Per a conversation with the sales agent, Andrew G, we discussed the DirecTV package via IM.  On several occasions he confirmed that the installer would remove the existing dishes and wiring from your competitors free of charge.

Here is the DirecTV package as it is written and agreed upon:
-- Included the Xtra Package – 220 channels
-- Included the Max Plus Standalone – up to 18 Mbps internet speed
-- We will receive one bill
-- We will receive a rewards card worth $100
-- We will receive NFL Sunday Ticket thru 2017
-- We will receive 3 months of PPV channels
-- We will receive a new dish
-- The tech will come out to install the new dish and remove all old ones and wiring, even those not AT&T or DirectV. He will seal holes if there are any in the roof at no extra charge.
-- There are no additional installation or activation fees
-- The equipment for the internet (AT&T) will remain the same
-- There is a two year commitment
-- After the two year commitment, if we do not renew DirecTV, the AT&T internet fee will go back to the current rate it is now?
-- The rate will not increase for the second year (a note will be made in the file)
-- $88/month plus taxes
-- $21.55 shipping and handling for equipment (which has already been charged to my bank account)

1/30/16 – Approximately 9:15 am
-- Installer, Aubrey, showed up around 9:15 am and said he was not aware of the removal of the existing dishes and wiring.
-- We walked around the left side of house, and I showed him the dishes and wiring to be removed.  
-- He noted the Dish’s dish was installed on the eave and would be easy—no roof repair.
-- He said he could do it off the clock.  Some installers charge about $40
-- He furthered stated that he could come back in plain clothes and mentioned a fee.
-- At this time my wife, Karen, came outside to check on the situation.
-- We walked around the right side of the house as I showed him the existing DirecTV, AT&T (explaining it is active), Time Warner, and a few existing cut wires.  
-- I further explained they went around the house and into the crawl space which will also have to be removed.
-- He said he would have to contact his supervisor and get approval to remove; which his supervisor approved him to do for free.
-- He spoke with his supervisor, explained the task at hand, while I waited for a response.
-- He finished the call with his supervisor and said he would go ahead and do this work. 
-- He then said he would remove the Dish and the associated wires to the Dish.
-- He said he would not touch AT&T.  I said that is okay as it is currently active with the internet.
-- He said he would remove Time Warner to the line but would not touch the line to the pole. I said I would go ahead and remove the wire myself.
-- He immediately responded I could not remove it because they would think he removed it.
-- At this time my wife, Karen, went back inside the house.
-- He then said he cannot do any of this work as he has a family and mouths to feed.
-- He furthered that if he changed the DirecTV dish it would have been a 10 minute job as all the wiring is in place.
-- He said he could come back without the DirecTV truck again suggesting he get paid on the side.
-- He then said he did not want to get in trouble and would not do any of this work.  
-- I said didn’t your supervisor okay this work?  He said yes, but he does not want to get him (his supervisor) or the regional manager in trouble.  He added he was not getting paid for this extra work.
-- I said how can you get him in trouble as this is my property, and I am giving you permission.
-- I even suggested that he mark the wires for me, and I would remove them.
-- He said he did not want anyone to see him or the DirecTV truck.
-- I reiterated that I have an IM stating that he would remove the dishes and wires at no extra charge.
-- I said I wound also give him a document stating I gave him permission.
-- He kept saying that he would work on the side as he was not going to get paid for this work.
-- I asked him to remove the existing DirecTV and associated wiring.  He abruptly said no.
-- I asked him if this was all about him getting money on the side.  He did not respond but rather just looked at me. I said I thought so.
-- I told him to get off my property.
-- This took about 30 minutes; he sat in the front of my house until approximately 10:30.

I firmly believe that he did not want to remove the dish and/or associated wires without additional compensation even though I have it documented and his supervisor gave him the go ahead.  His supervisor directed him to perform a task which he did not do which is insubordination.  His behavior was less than professional and a poor representation for DirecTV. I hope appropriate action is taken regarding this installer.

1/30/16 – 10:10 am
-- I immediately went into the house and contacted DirecTV at 800/519-1823.
-- I spoke to a gentleman who transferred me to Jen, who would help me file a complaint.
-- I discussed with her as noted above what happened during the scheduled installation.
-- I emphasized I believed the installer was trying to initiate side work.
-- I also emphasized that removal of the dishes and wires was included in my package with DirecTV.
-- She noted that the supervisor should not have given the installer permission to remove the dishes and wires.
-- She noted that she would be taking action on this issue.
-- She noted that because I was told the dishes and wires were going to be removed at no additional charge she was going to put me on hold and try to schedule a senior installer that would take care of this issue.
-- She got back on the phone and told me that all was resolved and someone would be at my house between 12:00 noon and 4:00 pm.
-- No one called; no one showed.

As a side note, I had my step children and friend from out of town staying with me.  We had plans to do something.  Unfortunately we were unable to do anything as DirecTV had my time scheduled from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm. We were also looking forward to watching the ProBowl on Sunday, which also  did not happen.  This weekend was not only frustrating it was non-productive for me, my family, and my friend.

1/31/16 – 2/4/16  
-- No follow up calls from DirecTV.

2/5/16 – 10:00 am
-- I called DirecTV at 800/519-1823 and spoke to David, who pulled up my phone number and records.
-- I again discussed with him as noted above what happened during the scheduled installation and the call with Jen.
-- I emphasized I believed the installer was trying to initiate side work.
-- I also emphasized that removal of the dishes and wires was included in my package with DirecTV.
-- While there was record I filed a complaint, there was no record of a reschedule for 1/30/16 between 12:00 noon and 4:00 pm.
-- David said he would also file a complaint of my unsuccessful attempts to get this matter resolved.
-- David said that it was up to the installer if he wanted to remove the dish and wires; David could not give a guarantee.
-- David said he could schedule me for  2/8/16 8:00 am – 12:00 noon.
-- I noted that I worked and was unable to be there at that time.
-- I told him I was available on Saturdays (2/6/16).
-- David said he would have a dispatcher contact me to see if there was anything they could do to schedule me in for 2/6/16.

2/5/16 – 11:00 am
-- A dispatcher, Contessa, called me immediately after I hung up with David.
-- I again discussed with her as noted above what happened during the scheduled installation, the call with Jen, and the call with David.
-- I emphasized I believed the installer was trying to initiate side work.
-- Contessa also said it was up to the installer if he wanted to remove the dish and wires.
-- I asked her for the corporate number as I wanted to escalate this issue.
-- She told me to contact the main office at 800-531-5000 and ask for the corporate number as she did not have it.
-- She told me that I was scheduled to have service 2/8/16 between 8:00 and 12:00 noon.
-- I told her I worked and was unable to be there at that time.
-- I told her I was available on Saturdays (2/6/16).
-- She told me she would get in touch with a supervisor and have them contact me to discuss the issues above and to talk about schedule for 2/6/16.

2/5/16 – 2/7/16
-- No follow up calls from DirecTV.
-- I did receive an automated call on 2/7/16 at 6:30 pm confirming the 2/8/16 install which I cancelled twice.

-- At 8:01 am I received another automated call confirming the 2/8/16 install which I cancelled twice.
-- At 8:05 am I contacted DirecTV and spoke to Tiffany.
-- I again discussed with her as noted above what happened during the scheduled installation, the call with Jen, the call with David, the call with Contessa, and the automated calls.
-- Tiffany cancelled the 2/8/16 appointment and told me someone would be contacting me.
-- At 12:54 pm I received yet another automated call confirming the installer would be contacting me for the install on 2/8/16.
-- At 12:55 pm I received a call from the installer that he was on his way to install DirecTV.
-- I told the installer the appointment was cancelled.
-- I gave the installer a brief summary of everything noted in the document above.
-- At 1:03 pm I missed an incoming call from DirecTV.  Please keep in mind I am at work and trying to handle this issue that is clearly no fault of mine.
-- At 1:04 pm I returned the call from 803/873-9825 and spoke to Jerrell, dispatch.
-- I again discussed with him as noted above what happened during the scheduled installation, the call with Jen, the call with David, the call with Contessa, the automated calls, and the calls with Tiffany.
-- I asked him if he was a supervisor as I have been waiting for a call, and he told me he was a dispatch.  He furthered there were no supervisors in his office—just another person, Dave.
-- He pulled up my information on the computer.
-- He mentioned an email he had in front of him and began to read it, “....customer...illegal/against the law....”
-- I stopped him and asked him what that was all about?  “Who wrote it?”  “Where did it come from.”
-- He quickly changed up and kept going back to “his job is to get the installer out there.” “...to get the job scheduled.”
-- He also added, “Why am I (meaning me) going back to these issues?”  “I (meaning me) should move forward.”
-- Every time I tried to refer back to the email, instead of responding to my questions, he spoke over me repeating the above.
-- He then added, “I (meaning him)  am not doing my job if I am listening to this...I (meaning me) should move forward.”  Again showing no concern for an upset customer who has received poor service to date.
-- He then said that the customer is always right which I disagreed with as it truly depends on the situation.  
-- I asked him who sent the installer out to my house as I cancelled the appointment.
-- He said he was trying to get the job done.  He further spoke about he has a pile on the left of him and a pile on the right of him.  My personal take on this was we as customers are a number and he is pushing paperwork.  
-- I finally told him that I needed to talk to a supervisor prior to any work being done.
-- He told me he could email a supervisor my number, and he would personally be sure this was taken care of.

--No follow up call from DirecTV

-- Contessa (from the 2/5/16 call) called for a follow up and left a message – (I am at work and was in a meeting).
-- I am unable to return the call to  her direct as the number she left is the main number.

While each DirecTV employee assures me that this issue will be handled, they will personally keep track of it, and they will contact me back, Contessa is the only one that has followed up.

As you can see in this document, I have no success in resolving this issue, therefore, I have decided to escalate it to the DirecTV CEO with some hope that this can be resolved quickly.


Read more complaints: 
Have a complaint? Call customer service at: 
Upset at corporate? Their office location is: 
2230 E. Imperial Hwy El Segundo, CA 90245



We signed up for DirecTV on 1/16/2016. The agent I visited with stated that the 'MeTV' and 'Antenna' channels were available. I have checked all the channels and these stations are NOT available. The agent lied to me! Other customer service agents I have contacted acted as though I was a bother and would not give me a direct answer and the reasons for which I could not gain access to these channels. I checked with the local agent in our zip code of 80550 and he said he would return my call which he did not.

I have received NO help in obtaining these stations. One agent advised us to get an antenna which we did for another $80.00 but we can only get the Antenna channel. Why do we have to spend even more money to get one channel? 

Most of the channels in our 'Select' package consist of many movie channels , sports, adult programming, Spanish and shopping channels. We are very disappointed in DirecTV  customer service, your product (the channels provided) and the unethical way in which you do business, i.e. lying to customers. We feel you are overpriced and would definitely NOT recommend you to friend or foe based on the experience we have had with your company and representatives! We wish we would have stayed with Comcast!

We would appreciate a response from the DirecTV corporate office and recommend you obtain the  'MeTV' and 'Antenna' channels.


I feel I'm being treated unfairly by this company. 've been a member for3 years and never missed a payment until I was given a promotional offer for FREE Sunday ticket and hbo channels for up until Feb.

Well now they are charging me and now my bill is unbearable close to $260.00, it was $105.00 a month prior to this! Now I'm getting rude emails from customer service and I may have to change my cable provider to Comcast or Time Warner.


I have been having a screen saver problem since 2010 on all my HR24-100 and HR24-500 receivers. The screen saver comes on every few hours and the only way to kill it is to pus the exit button on the remote. I keep calling DirecTV and they give no help. The screen saver is activated by the data stream from their satellite and switches all the receivers everywhere at the same time no matter what channel they are on. I think this is done to keep customers from streaming programming on the internet. I am planing on dropping DirecTV and going to Time Warner cable for my programming.


I have been a Directv customer approx 5 years. When my contract with them expired i continued with their service. I have resisted offers to re-up because i did not want to be obligated and under contract. Several months ago I purchased a new hd tv for my living room and was told by a friend i would get a better picture with a hd box. i called direct tv and arranged for the hd box and was told that it WOULD NOT cause me to be under contract.

I specifically told them several times that i did not want to be under contract with them. Last week I called them to see if I could get a reduction in my monthly charge and was told that was not possible because I was under contract from the time I got the new box. what gives? They tell me one thing and do another? Can you help me?


Your rep installed Direct TV some years ago.  I was told the remote control I was given would never work right.  I'd have to use the old control I had to implement volume and off/on.  Now, THAT won't work.  Neighbors nearby use the same kind of remote control for Direct TV - and it works.  I called and tried to get help.  I am very dissatisfied with your representative's response and attitude. 

I know there are Direct TV trucks in this area.  I don't know how to program the remote control I have.  Tell me why a representative can't come to my home and program this tv control for me without it's costing me "an arm and a leg" since I know they are in this area - and  don't tell me it can't be programmed.  Other customers have no such problem.  If this isn't corrected, I intend to switch to Dish or some other program.         


I need help in resolving a problem I'm having with Direct TV. In February of this year we decided to go b back to Charter cable because of poor service from Direct TV. Charter will pay our early cancellation fee providing that the last bill States exactly what that fee is. I never recurved a final bill that states what the actual buyout fee was, just a bill that states my remaining balance which is $336.77. Nowhere on that bill does it state that the contract buyout was $380. I have called Direct TV 5 times in the last month (your records will show this) to get a revised bill that shows a rundown of all fees, buyout fee, and remaining balance. This bill cannot be paid by Charter without this information.

I received a written offer to come back and receive a $200 reward card. I called and spoke last week with your salesman at 1-855-567-1689 and ordered tv, internet, and phone services to be installed Sat 4/16/16 and changed the date to 4/21/16. I had been informed I would pay $112 for the bundle but salesman and supervisor found a better deal at 71.97 a month for 2 yrs. The guy said he did not have exact price for bundled internet and I had to stay with Cincinnati Bell- only provider for internet in my area. Then, Terrell the installer today told me I had to get phone with bell also.

He said I needed to call bell and cancel just the tv. So, I did. A foreign worker told me I would now lose any bundled discount I have had with Cincinnati Bell since I went to Direct TV and would save nothing. She said Direct TV lies to customers about getting a discount bundled with Direct TV and Cincinnati Bell and that I would not get a $200 gift card. So, phoned Direct TV bundle dept. and Wagner there said since I was already with Cincinnati Bell and not new, I could not get a bundle deal at all. This is bait and switch. I am outraged and should never have left Cincinnati Bell. I feel I am a victim of Fraud and need to complain to FCC and BBB. I need help to get what I was promised.


I started with DirecTV triple play as they were promoting last year September to switch to ATT/DirecTV/Homephone for $400 VIsa Reward card and even had to change the home number.  I was told it will arrive in 4-6 weeks but nothing showed up.  Then I called in about 3 months and they said it will be sent out separately $200 from ATT and $200 from DireTV and tol to activate and useit within 90 days.  Then Nothing again.  I called again and now they said it was sent but was not activated on time so it has to be reissued.  so Another 4-6 weeks they said.  Then I was sent to Reward department who said they cannot do anything without customer service approval.  

Finally I call for the last time today determined to get a resolution.  First to online chat and email and was told that he confirmed that NOTHING has been sent to the address and I need to fill out a REBATE form first.  But to call 800-288-2020 to talk with the LIVE person from the customer service.  Customer Service then told me that it is NOT the rebate issue and $300 was sent out last year (mind you not $400 so they are confused) and that it may be still at the Post office (haha) and need a proof that they do not still have it and need to call back and ask for Customer Loyalty Group who will take care of it.  

SO I called the Customer Loyalty Group and was told that they cannot do anything except credit $5 per month for the last 12 months, which I declined as I was furious at this point for the waste of time and the run around I went throught today.  So I asked to cancel the service and was told that I have to pay for early termination.  WHen I told her that ATT/DireTV has violated their promotion first and not honor the deal, I was told to dispute the charges with accounts receivable once the service is cancelled.  When I said what a terrible company ATT is and horrible its servie is, she said she cannot diagree even though she works there.  I just want a resolution or able to get out of the service.




I am long time customer. They keep telling me I am a good customer in good standing. Each month I call before the 17th to get an extension on my bill till the fourth Wednesday of the month. This is when my Social Security check comes in. The date ranges from the 22nd to the 25th for me to receive my check. When I called April 12th the agent moved the pay date as they always have done. Talking to her I explained I had to call every month and would it be possible to move the bill due date so I did not have to call every month. She said she would move to due date to the 28th and I would not need to call any more.

In May I did not call this month and they shut my TV service off on the 18th. I called and they now said till I pay $183.45 they can't turn it back on.  I ask to talk to a manager and she tried to over ride the system to turn the TV back on but it would not let her do so. I told them my check comes in on the 25th and I would call on the 26th and pay the $183.45.

I would like my TV turned on immediately!  I am not going to threaten to leave your company. I have enjoyed your programs for years. I also know your agents make mistakes as we all do. As a Senior Citizen living on a fixed income I do wish though your agents were a little more sensitive to the help they have been given me each month and have a way to correct their mistakes, or misinformation, without interrupting your customer TV programs.

I received this email form Direct TV says they received a payment on the 2nd of May. Direct tv will Not send out a return label or return packages unless the service is turned off. Even a returned label would be nice so I can have it ready to ship. No, direct tv makes you wait till service is turned off, wait to get the package or label, pack their stupid equipment, move it to your new address then return it, probably weeks gorgeous the label and package to catch up yo you.  This is NOT convenient. And an avoidable inconvenience. They don't even send out labels in a PDF so you can print them out (like Amazon does as example).  When you're moving, you don't need this incompetence.