Dish Network Billing Complaints Pile Up From New Customers


We continue to see complaints against the Dish Network billing department, especially as more customers attempt to switch to alternate providers. Rather than lower their rates and make prices more affordable, Dish continues to increase them. For example, on customer reported issues while being in a coma.

I have been a dish customer for 3 years. I fell ill in January of 2013 and was in a coma for almost 3 months. My family had to take care of my apartment belongings and get my cable bills and paid equipment returned. They called made a payment for the balance and returned everything they could! I was finally released from hospital and called myself, they told me I owed more and more equipment we've bent over backwards to comply located the rest of equipment and returned it the dish rep said once we returned the equipment I would have a zero balance and would take it off my credit.

She also said she would refund fees that continued after shut off. However when I called today nikhil associate #931 said they credited a credit card and I have no idea why that would of happened especially because that particular account was closed. He insisted I owe 48.98 before they would help me! As being in customer service myself Its appealing to me to be treated like this after telling him the circumstances and what I was told to previously. I have referred a number of people to dish! I would really appreciate a call from the corporate office in reference to this matter thank you.

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I'm complaining about the service I'm having with Dish Network. I was told to pay 149.00 on July 6, 2015. Now the billing department is telling me a different price. I was on the phone at least an hour with no help.



I had 3 people come to my house to get me to hook up to Dish. They let my dog out and she almost got run over. I was told that I could get dish for 45 dollars for 2 years which was a lie. They said they could hook it up on Saturday but when I went and got my dog they asked if I could be home on Tuesday. The lady called me on Saturday and said they couldn't come. I said they were supposed to come on Tuesday.

She called me on Tuesday and said they couldn't come so I told her to cancel the whole thing. She neglected to tell the technician so he came on Wednesday.  I do not want your Dish and you have no business charging my credit card. It was not my fault the so called lady did not cancel it. And if you do not reimburse my credit card I will turn it over to my attorney. You cannot go around stealing people's money.


Right now my DVR is messed up. We fix it and as soon as you turn off the tv, it goes out again. so consequently i can't tape or watch it. It just comes up with ERROR and how to fix it. Then when I turn on the tv it shows your usual Dish logo and then when you select, it shows Hard Drive Failure and you select again to get you channels. Then last complaint is right in the middle of a program, usually important part, up comes ATTENTION this receiver is about to be turned off due to inactivity.

Select no or cancel to continue viewing tv. Guess what I am watching and I miss an important part of my show. example:  Wheel of Fortune, miss the answer, same with Jeopardy and movies.. Its very irritating. Besides people I know usually leave their tv on for their pets. It keeps them company while they are out. Whats going on? Is Dish monitoring us to see what and when we watch tv. Will be calling Dish soon, to see if they can take care of my problems.


In October 2012 I notified Dish Network by phone to advise the company that my partner of 37 years was deceased and I would like to transfer the account into my name. A Dish Network representative confirmed my name as it should appear on the billing statement and asked for my social security number as the last four digits would act as my security code for verification purposes. Beginning in November of 2012 I began receiving monthly billing which included my account Number, Account Holder: (My full name), and Service address. From November 2012 until February 2015 I paid each bill with my personal check.

In February 2015, I called Dish Network to cancel all services because of several monthly increases. I was told that I had a refund of $26.08 due to me and it would take approximately three weeks to process. After five weeks of waiting, I called Dish Network to inform them I had never received the check and was told it was still in the system to be processed. The check arrived in April 2015  payable to the deceased.

I called Dish Network to inform them that the check was made out to the deceased. I talked to two Dish Network representatives, the first identified himself as Jameson who informed me that Dish Network would not recognize the relationship and the account was still in the deceased name, even though all billing identified me as the account holder, after several minutes of discussion I was transferred to a supervisor who identified himself as Victor, Victor informed me there was nothing they could do and I should take the check and cash it, or take it to my bank and deposit it, (basically asking me to commit fraud) I asked to talk to someone in a higher level of administration than he and he said there was no one that could help me.

After several minutes of discussion I was transferred to the Office of the President. A woman who identified herself as the secretary to the president, Blanca, assured me that this issue could be resolved and she would have a check issued in my name and it would take approximately three weeks to void the first and issue the second.

The second check arrived in June 2015 made out to the deceased. I called Blanca’s office at 1-866-213-5814 Ext 52030 and left a message. Blanca returned my call informing me that she apologized and she would have the second check voided and a third check issued in my name which would take an additional three weeks to process. Blanca left two voice mails on my phone which I have saved informing me that no check would be issued. I paid the bills for two and a half years out of my checking account, the billing statement clearly identifies me as the account holder and the use of my social security number for account verification validates that the refund should be issued in my name and my name only


I have been a Dish customer for over 6 years. Earlier this year, I was having trouble with our reception: I had at LEAST 5 different techs come out on different days to resolve the issue. I decided to call and cancel the service. When I tried, they BEGGED me not to cancel. They offered to upgrade my equipment to newer equipment, including the Hopper, all for the price I was paying on the old equipment. Side note, my original equipment had crashed and they replaced it. It was the replacement equipment I was having trouble with, and replaced IT with the Hopper and newer equipment.)

Well, I called today to cancel due to financial hardship. They tried to get me to accept a lower package, or place my account on hold for up to 9 months. I told them I'd rather cancel for now and, if things get better, sign back up. She then told me I'd have to pay a $190 cancellation fee. I told her I hadn't been under contract for over 3 years, and she told me when I received the upgraded equipment, the contract was renewed, and that she had a signed contract. Well, when they brought the equipment the last time, my SON signed to receive the equipment.

At any rate, I blew up on her, told her I'm not paying the $190 fee, and wanted her to tell me where to send the equipment. I also told her that, if they DO force me to pay the fee, to place a note in my account to NEVER contact me or bother me again, due to their unethical business practices. I still do not intend to pay that $190, and the credit card they have on file JUST expired! They've disconnected my service, but I noticed in the billing online, they have billed me for the next month! SO, they are wanting to bill me an additional $86 on top of the $190.

I order dish for my grandchildren for 1 year. I am now being told the contract was for 2 years?  The first year was $34. a month, now they want $65. a month?  The children  have 129 channels, somehow extra channels were added, Adult channels, I am the only person that can change the package, but somehow it change the bill was then $81 that month. When I tried to speak with someone about this, the person spoke broken English, was this on purpose?  Please Help.

We were paying $56.99 per month, and we were told that that is all we had to pay each month.  So, dish started charging us $117. per month for their programming.  So, I called to tell them about it and they told me that there was nothing that I could do about it.  And they violated and breached their own contract.  The contract that they said that we had, I never signed it.  Not electronically or otherwise.  So, I cancelled out Dish, and now instead of charging us the $56.99, they are trying to hit us up for $195., which we never owed.  And they did not deduct our payment of $56.99 from the $195. anyway.  I called so many times, and nothing was done, because no one wanted to hear me or my wife.  We complained all of 2014 about their service and their billing.  

And the Hopper that they gave us never worked right in the first place.  We change the DVR so many times it wasn't funny anymore.  And they told us that the Hopper would solve all of our problems.  And they told us that we would not be charged the full amount of the Hopper.  And that was another lie they told us.  If we could afford to, we would take them to court just on the principle of the situation.  But, we just don't have the money to.  And they know this, so they try and cheat people all the time.  I have talked with so many people that have been cheated by Dish.  And no one wants to fight them or don anything about it.  They break their own contract and try and hit you up for it.  Dis does this to so many people, every single day.  Is there any help for us out here at all?


I have been a Dish for quite a few years. The installers have been nice and even helpful many times. I am sick of Dish always bragging about how great they are. When I bundle my package with with their internet service I was quoted a price that actually was correct for one month. My bill has increased at least twice in two years. Now you are increasing billing rates again. My internet is better than dial up by a small measure. You have way too many shopping channels. The  same programming can be seen on several different channels. So you need to stop bragging on yourself and treat your customer fairly.

Equipment failed and was replaced and a new contract was implemented by Dish changing my expiration date without my knowledge. I informed Presidential Team Member that I did not sign the service agreement and was told that if there is a "MARK" on the form it is a valid contract. He then said due to the circumstances he would  make a note on the account to set my expiration date as the original date but was not willing to provide me with this in writing. I have been told this by another customer service rep and thought matter had been resolved only to find it hasn't.

Every time I speak with a customer service rep I am given a different payment amount, they vow to give credits but when I receive bill it's always more than I'm told. I have spent countless hours talking with Dish reps since signing up. Had to make numerous calls just to get cable buried initially. How can I recommend this service to anyone. Extremely poor service and hate that I signup up for this and will advise anyone I know not to. They will tell you anything on the phone but will not present it in writing. I posted a remark on their Facebook page about the service and they immediately removed it from public view.


When searching for cable/internet in my area, I decided on Dish because I saw an advertisement stating a free 30 day trial and I could cancel within that time with no penalties.  Well, I've had Dish for less than 3 weeks and I am very disappointed in the service...mainly is that Dish does not offer internet where I am at and most of the features require internet connection...I was not told this when signing up, only that internet was not available to my location at this time, but that I could always add it when the service became available.  At no time was I told that most of the features required an internet connection.  I am dissatisfied with this cable confusing to even find a channel that I can watch!

So, I called today to cancel. First thing the asshole told me was that I would be charged $480 to cancel.  I told him of the 30 day and he got very irritated and said that he had work for Dish for a long time and did not know of any 30 day trial period.  I explained to him my problem with not being able to use the customer services...his response, get internet connection.  He talked to me like I was a frigging idiot and very unprofessional.

Everything has a money back guarantee, this is something I've dealt with all my life. I don't like DISH, I don't like the fact that I cannot use most of the features, and want to cancel immediately.  When I told the service rep on the phone that I did not believe I should be charged this outrageous amount for having something for only 3 weeks...his response was that Dish would just charge my credit card the amount and I would have to pay.  He then went on to threaten me that DISH would immediately initiate collections proceedings against me and ruin my credit, very unprofessional.

$480 to return something that I cannot use, ridiculous!  I obtained the service in good faith to try your service out, and it just is not the type and level of service that I am used to nor do I want.
Dish should stick by offering a trial period, especially when I saw it on the internet site prior to talking to specialist who did not inform me that most of the features required, and I mean required, internet service. Watching this dish network sucks and I end up just turning the TV off because it is useless to me. Why is the CEO acting like such an asshole with a dissatisfied customer?  Are you that big that you just want to step on people to make a buck?

I'm tempted to cancel my credit card, cancel my service and await my time in court to expose such a greedy and, can't even put it into words. I'm on a fixed income and $480 is a lot of money to me, but having a tv that I cannot watch is a lot of bullshit to me also. Unreal treatment of a senior citizen...