10 Best Ways to Contact Facebook Corporate (About Anything)


Facebook is now used by more than 1 billion people and is by far the most visited website in the world. Yet, for all it's popularity and billions of dollars in revenue, the company has always had challenges scaling customer service.

The reality is that it is not easy to contact Facebook with a problem.

Each day Facebook's automated systems ban thousands of users for 7, 14, and 30 day periods. Some are even permanently banned. This is done sometimes for good reason, but other times because the user tripped an algorithm that is looking for suspect accounts in violation of Facebook terms of service.

Common issues with Facebook include:

  • Temporary account ban (7-30 days)
  • Permanent account ban (lifetime)
  • Blocked from adding friends
  • Hacked or comprimised accounts
  • Image and video trademark violations
  • Spam and harrassment reports

The best way to contact Facebook is not through the typical channels of location, physical notes, email, or even by phone. The best way is to visit Facebook help directly, navigate to the section relating to your problem, and submit a request online.

Helpful links to Facebook.com

For some Facebook users online methods of contact are not enough. They want to physically speak to someone and call a live person. If that is the case, you can certainly try to phone the corporate head office or support. Other Facebook products include WhatsApp and Instagram.

Alternate contact methods for headquarters

Phone number: 650-543-4800
Customer service hours: 9am-5pm PST
Corporate office: 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park California, 94025
Email address: disabled@facebook.com and appeals@Facebook.com

If that does not work, you can always try and submit a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Although it is very likely nothing will come of it, at least you will feel some satisfaction knowing you have shared your feedback online.

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Read more complaints: 
Have a complaint? Call customer service at: 
Upset at corporate? Their office location is: 
1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park California, 94025



While on Facebook post from one of my groups another user was making derogatory comments.  The post was a political post and the user seemed to be very unfriendly and was arguing with many of the other users.  I made a comment,  which while the particular user probably did not agree with it. The comment does not violate any of the community standards.  Several weeks ago. I was verbally and obscenely attacked...the language the user made towards me was vulgar. 

I wished the woman a blessed day...and I was blocked for 24 hrs. While the political environment is unlike any we have known in recent memory...to allow me as a user to be blocked without any violations of community standards and to allow other users to  violate the standards is beyond the pale.  It further wreaks of a bias towards certain users and an attempt to shut down political discourse.  I would appreciate your attention to this matter as I certainly do not appreciate being discriminated against based on my political views.  The program provides many features,  that if used properly... one can simply block a person.

But to allow a user to use Facebook to punish another user simply because he/she does not simply agree with another's comment. For Facebook to do this without impunity is egregious.  It is very disheartening to know that the creator of this wonderful social media network has created such a product..and now that users by the millions are attracted to it...using his product for the very purpose of it's creation. Now the creator uses his own product to punish the very ones it was created to attract. 


I have complained over and over and over. There are a group of ladies that are repeatedly reporting me. They've made fake accounts you name it. I literally just got off of a 7 day ban to be turned right around to a 30 day ban. The post is older...I had already set that page up for deletion. I can't even stay on long enough to try and get all the problems taken care of. I am disabled. I have MS. The only support I even have is on facebook.

I have a friend who is dying and the only way to contact his family is using facebook being that he lives in another country. This is absolutely ridiculous. They are trying to make me lose my account. I am trying to fix this. Can you please have them just remove the page and lift my ban? whoever these crazy women are will not stop. They made the actual picture I got reported for. Granted I did show my ass a few times because they constantly taunted me. I was just so glad to be back on I told them go their own way ...nope...they reported me and as usual I got banned. I have even gone as far as have police officers say something to them they will not stop.

This is so unfair. And if the problem cannot be resolved I would ask that I can get my pictures being since I lost everything I owned and I'll just walk away from Facebook. I have never seen anything like this in my life. I've asked repeatedly for them to look into it, just block the people from me, nothing has happened but me getting banned. I am just so done. If it can't be fixed I want out. This is crazy. I'm sick and have to go through this constantly.


Facebook have been posting pics of my dead pets on my timeline as "memories". I have found this distressing ad asked them to stop for over a month. They posted the worst on the actual anniversary, I was in tears for days, it was so unexpected, I have posted tributes, pics I've chosen, but to switch on and see them "memories".

2 years ago today, them playing happily hit me so hard, it all came back, how I felt when I took that, how much I missed them. The day ended with me having an awful accident and resigning my job. I am now seeing dr for depression. Still crying and they won't reply.


The video Facebook banned me for and the one I referred to is available to anyone and can be downloaded from Youtube. It is a great shame that you are not interested in real crimes, the hacking which l brought to your attention. And you did nothing you couldn't care. Clearly Facebook security is linked or paid by a Political Party in the Philippines it is called corruption. l am surprised Facebook is involved, or those who are working for Facebook. I will be sending a complaint to Mark the founder and chief of Facebook and tell him about the employees that are employed by Facebook.

Someone stole one of my photos, what's stopping them from taking the pictures of my kids, I want a new security measure to stop people from taking photos that aren't their's, if not there'll be a petition then court. I have been blocked from my page and the page I created. Why? No cussing or threats. Name calling only. I always see a lot worse posted everyday and they don't get blocked. Why was I blocked and who complained? I do have a right to know, right?


Someone has hacked my account. I am not getting anything resolved by using Facebook Help. I have changed my password over and over per their help information and my issue is not resolved. I have the person's name and Help suggested I block the person and it does not allow me to block. This person has multiple accounts when I look him up as well. I feel unsafe and violated. Despite all the messages I have sent to Facebook with regards to this issue, no one has contacted me to resolve it. Now they are setting up fake fan pages.

Please close Facebook fan pages because the owner has posted the pictures of other's point of views without their permissions. Moreover, it is full of hateful languages which will definitely damage society and my country. I've been reported this issue to the office of Facebook in my country, but it has always replied the page didn't meet the violation. I have a strong feeling that the staffs of Facebook in my country decides whether a person or a Facebook fan page violates the rules according to their own favorites, which is absolutely unfair. Please check Fan pages around the world and close it to stop the bullying and the insults.


Accidentally deleted a cookie that remembered my browser while I'm staying somewhere that I have no phone reception. Opened a support ticket asking where/how I enter one of the previously downloaded 8 digit login codes I have.

2 days later all I got is a generic 'We can't help you unless you give us your ID to prove who you are'. As my question doesn't relate to who I am, only to where to enter/how to enter my codes I have found the 'help' centre to just be mindless drones unable to think independently. Customer service was only able to repeat T&C's like mindless drones! I'm going to delete my FB account after I regain access.


I made a complaint awhile back about the games on facebook but never received an answer. are the games rigged? I play slotomania, double down casino, double u, etc. But I never win. Haven't won anything big in months. I buy credits, especially for slotomania and I still never win. Whats up with the games? Just spent another $24.00 today and got nothing. Is the execs at facebook broke or something? I don't understand why I cant win at any of the games I play. 

I'm on a budget and cant afford to keep buying credits. Here in Iowa there is not a lot to do in winter so I like to play games on the computer. But right now I am tired of facebook and considering removing the website from my computer. I know that will not make any difference to you people, I'm just one person. And there is to much foul language on facebook! Hope someone actually reads this.

Then to make matters worse, more problems. I received a message from facebook security saying I needed to up date my info because there was a problem. They said my account would be deleted if I did not do this now & gave me a link to go to. I e-mailed the facebook security & copied the message and asked facebook if the message was real. I waited for a reply but none came so I thought I better comply or I would loose my account. That night I was checking my bank account & was hacked 548 dollars from my checking account all from facebook.

Someone is hacking us & then stealing our money from our banking accounts. Please look on my page & my messages to see what I am talking about, they deleted some of the content but maybe you can retrieve it.


There is a Facebook group I wish to complain about. This group was actually started by a woman about three years ago. There was another Admin, who were both Admins. For whatever reason, he became an admin and eventually booted both women from the group. He is using this group for his own means preying on the lonely, women with trust issues, single women & the elderly. Mr. Wardlow has an lengthy criminal history especially in the "southern states" Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, and Texas just to name a few.

He is being allowed to spew trash and to kick out people who do not conform to his ideals. He has used this group to scam money from when his mother died last year by using a Go Fund Me account. Many of us believed him at first but eventually many of us started researching him and found out many things were not true and that he was actually a "criminal" As of this present time he has two active cases pending one in Mississippi (Jackson Ms) and another in Texas (Jefferson County) both are felonies according to the court documents.

I feel that Facebook is a wonderful arena to connect with friends from the past as well as keeping up with many family members. I truly do not think that Facebook is an arena for some people to lurk & prey on the less fortunate, the elderly nor the people who are just looking for friends or to discuss a television show. This guy is truly a predator and is using your forum to look for victims. I understand you have policies but people like him shouldn't be allowed to do and use Facebook. I truly hope that something could be done by shutting that group down or totally banning them, and both profiles yes he has two from ever using Facebook.

People need to be safe while using your site and not to be groomed by a "con man" I truly hope you look into this and I do thank you for your time and consideration upon this matter.


I would like to know why Facebook has limited me to a small number of friend requests daily. I think that if I have something in common with someone and want to friend request them I should be able to without being limited to so many a day. That hasn't happened since I have been on Facebook, and I don't think I should be limited to a handful of request daily.

I should be able to friend request anyone one where we both have a lot in common and there should not be a limit. I hope Facebook is not getting into politics that's not there call, as long as people are clean and respectful in there comments no matter who they are for that's there business. I hope that you restore me back to friend requesting as much as I want if they are people that accept my request which is about 98% the others don't have to, no problem. I am over a large group of people in my own group its hard to bring people in to enjoy it when you limit me to who I can request.

Also one more issue I have. There is someone claiming to be a lie, stating that he is in a relationship with my daughter. My daughter is going through an ugly custody battle, and this untrue statement could damage her chances for getting her daughter back. She was talking with the real man, but is no longer seeing him or talking to him due to increasing her chances of getting custody of her almost 2 year old. There has been somebody in the past creating face book pages for the purpose of incriminating her. I don't know for sure if it is the guy himself, or his old girlfriend, but it is showing to the public and is very damaging information.


Please stop showing the poll-taking type posts or articles where the public has to answer yes or no or agree or disagree.  I want these to stop whoever is creating them and allowing them to appear on Facebook please stop.  FB never had these earlier.  only recently are they one after another.  And there is no way to choose the reason I dont want to see them on each one with the upper right down arrow.  That is way to much work to ask of your customers.  We just want articles that say something we want to read, not get our names on some poll.  Please stop this activity.  Or else just stop FB altogether.