I Called KFC Corporate Office to Complain — and Was Ignored


It had been a while since I have had KFC chicken. So, on January 1, 2015 I decided to treat myself to KFC meal.  I drove to my local KFC restaurant. I approached the counter to place my order and was greeted by a young girl "named Alexus", I asked her what was new on the menu because I hadn't been there in a while. She gave me a few choices; I went along with one of her suggestions which was the "Chicken bowl".  

After being very upset over this whole ordeal, On January 21, 2015 I contacted the corporate offices of KFC at 1-800-CALL-KFC and reported the incident asking for my full refund of $5.40 of which time I was promised a follow up phone call. 

After receiving my meal, I took a bite of the food and was uncomfortable with the flavor and the consistency of the food (this dish was very bland) , I went back to her and told her nicely that I didn't like the taste and I would like to order something else. She made a disgusting face at me and said and I quote: "ewwww, we don't take food that was eaten, no". I was shocked by her facial expression and comments showing a level of immaturity in handling this simple customer request, which reflects poorly on the KFC credibility towards customer satisfaction and consumer rights. 

I tried to reason with her, but she kept making disgusting facial expressions, while refusing to serve me another meal in exchange for the meal which she had suggested and I had ordered. In trying to deal with her, I realized there was no communication/understanding on her part and I requested to speak to the manager. As the manager approached the counter, "Alexus" yanked off her headphones, continued to make nasty remarks and facial expressions to me, then walked out on her job leaving the restaurant. At that point I felt disrespected, humiliated, and shocked by her behavior towards me, a KFC customer. 

The manager watched her walk away from the restaurant and didn't say anything to her and after he took my order for another meal, I sat down and tried eating my meal in peace, however, as I looked up she had returned back into the restaurant. While I was eating, I received an urgent call, I grabbed my phone and ran to my car for privacy.  While I was on the phone I kept an eye on my food at the table. I was shocked to see how quickly she ran to my table and threw away my partially eaten food in the trash. I had no other choice but to drive away upset and still very hungry.

However, on January 23, 2015 I received a "$5.00 off towards my purchase KFC coupon" good at the same location where I had had my humiliating experience. I was very upset over KFC for sending me back to the same location.

I called the corporate office again, this time using a different phone number (502-874-8300).

I have made myself clear to her that I do not wish to go back to the same place and put myself into stress with the same level of poor customer treatment. As of today, March 12, 2015, I am still waiting for a response. So hopefully, you will not waste your time like me with such a terrible company.


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I purchased a 3 piece dinner of thighs and legs with mashed potatoes and slaw. The date was August 28, 2015. The KFC store is located at 2971 Dougherty Ferry Rd., St Louis, MO. I picked up the order at the drive in window and opened the box to eat at home. When I started to eat the chicken leg I noticed it was not cleaned or cooked properly. The inside of the leg had thick dried blood inside; so thick  that I did not want to eat it.   The thighs were good.

The next day on Sat. Aug 29 I called the store and asked to speak to the manager. I thought he should be informed about the cooking of this piece of chicken. A person answered the phone and I asked to speak to the Manager and was disconnected. I called a second time, a person answered and I  asked to speak to the Manager and was disconnected again. The same thing happened a 3rd time. When I called the 4th time, the phone rang at least 15 times and no one answered. I was calling, not to argue, but only to let the Manager know about this matter with the chicken leg part not cooked or cleaned well.

I go often to this particular KFC store because it is in my neighborhood and have always been satisfied with the food and the staff. The cooking of the chicken is one thing, but the way I was handled on the telephone 4 times is very poor business. Whoever answered the phone representing KFC certainly is giving a very bad impression of KFC. This should be looked into. I never was able to talk to anyone regarding the reason I called. You know the Lee Chicken stores are not too far away. If the Manager did not answer the phone, then he/she should certainly know what one of his employees is doing. But perhaps it was the Manager who answered the phone and did not want to speak to a customer calling. Perhaps he has had too many complaint calls.


I tried to use your www.mykfcexprience.com site to report the following. However, I was knocked offline. (You see, I have a hacker that is very controlling and demented to boot!) Consequently, I will attempt to convey my last three experiences patronizing the KFC/TB restaurant, located at 11523 Hawthorne Blvd., Hawthorne, CA 90250. On my visit to this Franchise today, it seemed there was a language barrier between your Cashier, Tania and myself. However, she did get my order right; on the first attempt.

At the drive thru window, she verbalized the daily offer. I could not understand a word she was saying. So, I proceeded to state my order. I asked in what denominations KFC sold its hot wings. Tania seemed to respond what sounded like "#2, 3 and 5". This did not answer my question pertaining to hot wings. Three times we tried, but we could not understand one another. I could see her sitting in the window, but she did not ask again.

Anyway, I communicated in the speaker that I would drive to the window to place my order.  At the window she answered my questions and completed the transaction. She looked at a board behind her (on the wall near and the ceiling) and said something that did not make sense to me. Then she asked me to back my car up behind a white column (which, I presume, is used to prevent people from driving into the wall of the building). This was a first!  By her facial expressions, I was able to detect Tania was frustrated and annoyed by me. In turn I could not understand the reason I had to back away from the window and, “Wait till I call you.” This really did not sit well with me—like I said a first!  I suspected there was more involved here that just a language barrier (see the second issue described below).

This incident I did not report, did not keep the receipt, nor do I know the name of the cashier involved.  I placed my order at the drive thru lane. At the window, when the cashier quoted the price for a large coleslaw, I was shocked! Five dollars ($5.00) for a large coleslaw was over the top. I left the coleslaw there and drove away! Since July, I have purchase coleslaw at the same KFC twice. The cost on the receipt: $3.99—steep, but its good coleslaw.

At one time, young staff at this franchise were working in male and female teams (Hispanic), scamming and cleverly victimizing customers. You see, they had a problem with various members within this community in which this KFC operates. My interpretation is their intent was to avoid having to deal with those they considered “undesirable, unworthy” maybe less than human? I was aware of this practice, did not say anything or know how the problem was corrected, but it was. For years the aforementioned attitudes, behaviors have been absent at this restaurant.  It is my suspicion this ugly behavior maybe on the rise again, KFC, Hawthorne, CA.

My husband went through KFC drive thru at 9:30PM.  He ordered a 5 piece honey BBQ wing and a five dollar fill up, with chicken.  He was told that they have the 5 piece honey BBQ but that they had no more chicken ready and that they weren't dropping anymore tonight! It's 9:30 and you have no more chicken fried and you aren't going to fry anymore makes no sense to me.  KFC had 30 more minutes to make money!  I think this was totally unprofessional.  It should still be chicken fried at KFC if they still have chicken and their open.

Note: I have witnessed and experienced the same attitudes of staff working at a McDonalds and El Polo Loco in this city. The problem is eventually corrected.


Went to the local KFC ordered two $5.00 boxes. A young lady took my debit card then gave it back, I asked for a receipt she stated the machine is out of paper.  She walked away then a young man brought my order. Went home when opened the bag found the receipt but no biscuit or cookie. We have ordered this before and received a cookie and biscuit.

Called back to the store, put on hold for approx. five minutes hung up on. I don't know if in first of Aug. they changed what is in a $5.00 box, if so then I'm wrong if not then I wasn't given a complete order. My order #371451, the time 7:11:50 P.M. and the cashier says 01 Karen Z, I don't know if that was the young ladies name or not. I don't want anyone getting in a lot of trouble but they should watch what they are doing more closely.

I usually get KFC Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.  For the past month (June) the potatoes were much thicker and also the Gravy.  Today, they were both like soup.  Quite some time ago, they were actually the consistence of real mashed potatoes. I thought KFC had gone back to that recipe. They were horrible!  Why has the consistency change? Will they go back to the older recipe?  I certainly will not be ordering them again!  I bought my order at the KFC on River Road in Eugene, OR.

The manager at this store is very rude, obnoxious, lazy individual, not to mention the fact that the phone constantly rings, and when someone tells him it's ringing, he says let it ring and will not move from where he's sitting to answer it. Then there is Jennette, who was screaming out of the drive through window at another employee, and told the employee that she was gonna write him up, for showing up 10 minutes before the person he was giving a ride to got off work, keep in mind, this employee was off today.

So what kind of store runs businesses like this? They are constantly cursing at each other, yelling, this is very unprofessional, on who KFC has left in charge of this store. I have seen this several times, while your employees were doing this 3 customers left to go elsewhere for proper service. This store is a joke. The store is located at tobacco Rd, and Windsor spring. If this continues at this store it will lose business, no one wants to spend there money and listen to all that crap.


I went to the KFC franchise located at 1340 S Noland in Independence MO. I ordered the 16 piece meal and they told me they didn't have enough extra crispy chicken to fill my order and would I mind waiting 12 1/2 minutes for a new batch. I said no and sat down. Other people came in behind me and ordered their meals. Everyone who came in after I did got their meals before I did and this was after the extra crispy batch was done and in the warmer. I went up to the counter and told the girl that my order hadn't been done yet. I showed her my receipt and she brought the order up on her screen and started making it.

I ordered 16 pieces of chicken, potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn, coleslaw, and an extra side of mac and cheese. I ended up with 14 pieces of chicken (one drumstick) corn, gr. beans, potatoes and gravy and mac and cheese. No coleslaw. 3 biscuits and 6 apple pies (which I did not want). I worked just about my whole life in the food business. I know it was New Years Eve. But even I know you don't run out of things and promise them to a customer who is patient enough to wait the extra time to get it.

Please make that manager aware of first come first served. I'm very angry. I also know this will go no further.


I visited your store in Litchfield Il. Restaurant #D280009 at 4:30 in the afternoon.  I pulled up at the drive through and ordered eight pieces of original chicken. They told me to pull up and the bill would be 16.08. I gave them my money and then they told me they had no original, but they had 4 pieces of grilled and 4 pieces of extra crispy. I said okay but you would think they would have your original chicken. After I got home the four pieces of grilled were over cooked and was not edible.

Now I normally do not complain, but we have a lot of fast food restaurants in Litchfield Il.  and I will think twice before I go get chicken there.  My survey code on this bill is D2800090212161335. I want to make it clear that I am not complaining about the service, but I am complaining about the original chicken not being available, especially since it was close to dinner time and you would have thought there would be some cooked for future customers, After all original recipe is what made the Colonel's chicken famous.

I was a very disappointed in the customer service and the product that your manager Jenny served me on 1/7/16. I ordered the family fill up meal w/a order of hot wings. the customer service was unsatisfactory to begin with. Jenny for being the manager showed no kind of friendly service, her staff were in there street clothes and at front counter a girl was fixing her ponytail in front of the king while a customer was waiting to order.

I was super upset when I get home to feed my family and find smashed, over fried,originally chicken pieces in my meal bucket, what is worse is the manager Jenny is the one who packed my meal.  I have worked with KFC before and the company showed more pride and appreciation towards their product and customers back then. I took a picture of the chicken and sad to say I will not be eating at any KFC in the future. Hopefully this will not happen to another family.


First of all, it's inconceivable that you do not publish an email address for your corporate offices. It appears that you don't want to be bothered by the customers, just take their money. This email pertains to your new colonel commercials. They are on the same stupid level as coke when they brilliantly changed the formula. The ad agency that did these commercials has your colonel laughing stupidly. Very phony and his body jiggling in one commercial. The commercials lack credibility and are terribly distracting. Totally bad, ineffective and crappy. They will not increase your sales. You had better get a grip quickly.  Bad move KFC.

Tonight I walked into KFC West Gosford, 2250, NSW, and placed my order at 8:33 as per the receipt. I then was informed by a staff member that it would be a wait on my food or I could choose something else. I said thank you, but was happy to wait. At 8:49 after the staff realizing I was still sitting there waiting, they asked me what I was waiting for. I had to give them my receipt and then wait a further minute or two, so they could make the order.

I received cold chips as they sat on the bench while I waited for my food. I also saw while waiting for my food as I had plenty of time a staff member standing in the kitchen and pick up a chip and eat it with no gloves. I think it is very unprofessional as there was cleaning going on. She did not seem to mind sticking her hand in to eat them in front of my view. I placed my order at 8:33 and walked out of the store at 8:51. I would be more understanding if I were busy and not enough staff,  but it was not and there were plenty and no sense of urgency to assist in making sure the production line worked efficiently.


I live in Columbia La and yesterday, June 9, my husband was released from St. Francis hospital after a heart cath and 4 days in ICU after almost dying. On our way home we stopped at KFC in Monroe La on Martin Luther King Drive. I left him in the car in the air conditioning as he was not able to get out. I went inside and walked to the counter. No other customers were inside, but there were several at drive thru. It was a few minutes before 11:00 in the morning.

There was a man at one register counting change, several employees were working the drive thru. About 4 different employees walked in front of me behind the counter and not even one person ever spoke to me or acknowledged me. I am a very patient person and I continued to stand there for about 10 minutes.  When I realized I would not be waited on and my husband was in the car and he was very tired I decided to leave. As I turned to go 2 men came in and I hope they were treated better than me.

When I got to the car my husband ask me what was wrong and where was our food and drinks. Had he been able to go inside I am sure he would have! We live on a very limited income and when we get to Monroe and can afford the luxury of eating out we choose KFC almost every time. Please bring this to the attention of these employees. After the week that we had a simple smile or hello would have been nice. Thank you for your attention in this matter and may God Bless you.


I bought a mighty bucket for one in the Morden store the customer service was very poor due to colleagues talking to each other and not listening to my order. To make things worse when I got home I had no fries so I paid for a meal that was just half. A meal I'm extremely annoyed by the neglect that your staff have caused and would like some compensation for only paying for half a meal. Also the chicken was stone cold when I got home I wouldn't normally complain. I thought that it wasn't a good experience due to poor customer service and management and the colleagues haven't put the customers first.

I purchased the 8 piece bucket chicken, the chicken was delicious however, I gave the attendee a $100 dollar bill. I went through the drive through and had customers behind me.  I did NOT check to see if he had given me back the right amount of change due to me which was: purchased price, $17.30, this from the $100 dollar bill should have received back according to my perfect receipt was $82.70.  Upon returning home I noticed that he gave me two $20s, two $10s and 70 cents...he cheated me out of the rest!  I am really furious but was not going to go back to try to explain it to them.  

I am venting this way. I will never go to the KFC on Danforth in Edmond, Oklahoma again. I will also gladly share my experience anyway I can. I just would like to tell that server that Jesusknows what he did, I truly hope he has a good purpose for my loss.  My ticket #2754 at 12:13 pm on July 15, 2015.