PETCO Customer Service Destroyed My Fish Tank


A few months ago I purchased a few live plants for my 50 gallon aquarium that I have had for almost 10 years. I have always kept artificial plants but when I was at PETCO a few months back, the sales associate informed me that live plants are beneficial for the aquarium and the fish love to eat and hide in them.

This is when I tried to call PETCO customer service at 1-877-738-6742. No luck!

She showed me which plants to purchase (a braided wicker ring with plants growing out of the top held down by a rock at the bottom and also some loose green plants that were floating in the large aquarium).

I asked her if there's anything I need to know about having live plants or any harm they could cause to my fish/tank and she repeatedly told me "no, live plants are the way to go – the fish love them!" I put the plants in my tank and they looked beautiful for a few weeks until the braided wicker ring began to completely fall apart and come dislodged from its rock base.

About a week after the plant began to fall apart, I decided to soon pull the plants out of my tank and finally go return them to PETCO​.

As I was examining my tank trying to decide what to replace the live plants with, I began noticing these small brown circular snails all around my tank. I have NEVER had snails in over 10 years with this tank and it really worries me.

They are absolutely nasty and very dirty. I began doing research on the matter and learned how detrimental they could be to my tank. I fished as many snails as I possibly could out of my tank– every single day I would find more and more little snails. A few weeks ago I finally returned the live plants along with a baggie full of the little snails to PETCO. 

I called prior to going and spoke with the store manager Ray who informed me I need to come in and talk to Travis, the aquatics manager. When I got to the store I found Travis and told him of my problem. He allowed me to return the plants and he told me what fish I need to purchase to eliminate the snails. I ended up spending over $30 on new catfish in attempt to get rid of the snails. I have given these new catfish a few weeks now to see if they would help.

Finally, I wrote a letter to the PETCO corporate offices at 9125 Rehco Road in San Diego. Big surprise? No answer again!

At the same time as this, I continue to find multiple snails in my tank every single day and it is VERY frustrating. I now have spent countless hours cleaning my tank, purchasing new supplies and purchasing new fish to help decrease the snail population however nothing has been successful. I do not think it's right that the original PETCO store associate did not have the proper knowledge to warn me of possible snails living on the live plants. 

When I notified the store manager Ray of the fact that his associate failed to inform me of the possibility of snails (even after I had directly asked her if there was anything at all that could possibly harm my tank with adding live plants for the first time) and that she actually urged me to purchase the live plants, I was told by Ray "I guess I need to spend more time training my sales associates, most of them don't know much about the fish."

Travis, the PETCO aquatics manager, instructed me to purchase five catfish that day, which I did. He told me I need to buy a loach fish to help better rid of the snails but he didn't have any so I "would have to go find one somewhere else". 

It may sound trivial but this has really cost me a lot of time and money and caused me a lot of stress.

I truly hope this doesn't happen to anyone else – there should be signs posted to warn people of the possible snail infestation when purchasing live plants. I feel at the very least I should have been given a refund for the plants AND given the new catfish, help remedy the situation, none of which was done. I was made to feel like this was my fault and basically 'too bad' for me and my tank.

I truly hope that someone at PETCO corporate headquarters can come up with a better solution to this problem and help me figure out a way to get rid of these snails once and for all. They are dirty, nasty and I'm tired of spending countless hours fishing them out of my tank. 


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Took 2 dogs in for teeth, bath, nails and 1 to be groomed. The groomer gave 1 dog a bath and did not even bathe our 2nd dog that needed it the most. Grooming never happened, pretty sure she did not even attempt it! Got their nails done, thats it! Yet it still cost me 75 bucks! Not happy at all. She was disappointed we were even there and told us how she was busy and overbooked, etc..sorry not our problem!


I worked for Petco  - store 795 - Newington, Ct. for twelve and a half years. On Dec., 2015, I severely injured my back and was hospitalized -- I had to go on a three month medical leave of absence which was documented to the managers at my store. On March 16, I dropped off a note to the store manager - (Sommers) -  stating i could return to work on March 30th. On March 22 I received an e-mail from my boss stating ok to return to work  -- just fill out the paperwork from HR.

Which I never received  -- this went on for days until I received an e-mail  from the District Manager -- Martina Green -- stating that if I didn't return her call  -- that day --which I did -- that day I would  be terminated. This was so unbelievable to me that at that point I felt I had no choice but to contact my attorney.. --  S Gartner 860/541-5020. Did I mention that  I am 68 years and worked for Petco for twelve and a half years and that I was on a legitimate (documented) medical leave of absence when your District Manager called me ONE time and threatened to terminate me for not calling her back that same day?


Made an appointment.   Was informed standard grooming fee was 43.00. Additional charges could be added depending on circumstances.   Took dog, assigned Groomer Jamie did not register dog in.  Groomer Gloria assigned dog in and stated the dog was a little  matted so the charge would be 65.00.  I questioned her regarding  that amount as it was extremely  high.  She stated  the amount t had to do with her time more than anything.  

I was angered by that response however I did not want to create a scene  as there were other customers closely around.  Due to having scheduled an appointment  I wanted to courtesy and not have taken up a space someone else  could have had so I agreed to the cost.  When I went to pick up my dog I was informed to pay at the register prior to seeing  my dog which I thought was unfair.  I paid the cost and when I saw my dog the cut was lacking.  When I reviewed the receipt they had my dog listed as a Yorks hire terrier. 

They a 22.00 3 spa package as a charge and a 36.00 full groom service  charge.  My dog is a Shih Tzu.  I HAVE Had This Dog For 4 Years and 10 months and she has always been groomed.  Never have it cost such a high amount.  The quality of the groom was bad and the behavior of the groomer was very unprofessional.   I feel as though I should be compensated  in some way and that the public be aware of this particular groomers skills as well as behavior.


I went to buy a small aquarium with led lights and a betta fish. I got to the register and the cashier was eating, she couldn't talk to me. I had to see how much it all rang up to. She puts more food into her mouth, I then put $60.00 in front of her because it came out to $51.00 and some change. I then took my small aquarium and betta fish I call him "dragon" home. The led light did not work, went back to return the original Petco I bought it from ( Broadway and craycroft, Tucson, Arizona 85711) the manager (I did not get her name) grabbed the box and took off towards the back of the store and came back with a new one. She was not polite, seemed bothered. I took the item home, the fish tank is shaped like a globe. The globe had dents in it.

They would not come out, mind you the original purchase price for my betta fish,food and aquarium was $51.00 and some change. So went back, this is my third time there, second time back. They never apologize for the inconvenience or asked about my pet betta. I preferred going to Petco over other stores prior to this experience because I figure there would be a more personal feeling and niceness because you guys are Petco. I'm not sure it's because of the store on (Broadway and Craycroft, Tucson, Arizona 85711).

I then asked for some kind of discount for my inconvenience and the manager tried to rush me out saying it would take to long for the process and rudely said that she thinks that the dents could have came out if I put water in it. ( I thought to myself how would 2 gallons of water take the dents out if my own hand couldn't push the dents out.) All I wanted to do was get home to my betta (Drangon). So finally the manager gave me a 20% discount on a $30.00 item. I would have preferred better customer services then the 6 bucks. The aquarium is working rather nice and Dragon (my fish) is a happy little feller.

I have been trying to apply for a job for several days now with no success. the employment application process is too complicated and confusing, some jobs indicated have absolutely nothing to do with Petco such as Uber which is a taxi service. I called the corporate office and spent nearly an hour on the phone and again with no success, I was told I would be contacted back and I am still waiting. I strongly suggest the job application procedure be reevaluated and simplified. This has been a waste of time that I cant afford and I am highly disappointed with this matter.


On Sunday (2/14/2016) I had an appointment at 12:30 pm to have my dog groomed (shaved and Shampoo). I arrived at the Stone Oak store in San Antonio, Tx at 12:25 pm and was told that there were 5 to 6 dogs ahead of my dog. I told the female employee (Katherine Abolois) that this was unacceptable and once again made her aware that I had a 12:30 pm appointment. I also reminded her of the notes in the computer that my dog could not be kenneled and asked her to check the notes in the computer that the manager of the grooming department had put in regarding my dog's situation.

They stated that the dog should not be kenneled, but mysteriously these notes had been deleted from the file, yet they were in the computer earlier in the week when I made an appointment that I ended up having to cancel due to an unexpected trip out of town. At this time, Ms. Abolois, in a very smart aleck tone, stated that the store was under new management and apologized for the inconvenience, but today we close at 6:00 pm and your dog won't get groomed anyway. There were two other young ladies trying to offer me 2 free visits and I just told them, thanks, but I will be contacting Petco's corporate office instead.

Monday morning I contacted your corporate office and talked with a person by the name of Lee in your phone center and after taking my information the call was escalated to another person by the name of Lindsey who also took all of my information on what happened in your Stone Oak store. Now, here it is Wednesday, 2/17/2016 at 3:00 pm.

Petco should really take a close look at it's business model they are operating from. First your employees should never treat customers with total disrespect, nor unnecessarily kennel animals for hours, especially animals that have  a history of anxiety from being kenneled; that is abusive and Petco was and has been aware of my pet's issue for months and up until this last visit, Petco was a model grooming service. Unfortunately, even the top of your organization has failed the customer that was willing to take the time to make you aware of how one of your employees is treating your customers.


This place was the worst experience I could have imagined! This morning I called the groomer at the petco on thirteen house drive in midlothian, va to see if they could accommodate my 3 month puppy for a full service bath, nail trimming, dental cleaning. The receptionist was very nice and happy to assist in making the reservation. I explained that I would be working and unable to fetch the pup until 6 pm which she said was no problem, that he would be well taken care of. My Neice dropped him off around 11am with his travel bag full of toys, bully stick, small bag of kibbles, and leash. When I arrived at 6pm to fetch him I found him screeching from a kennel.

The groomer said, "He's been upset and screeching like this all day." When she finally released him he urinated immediately on the floor. She informed me then that they ,"should have informed me but they do not feed, water or potty dogs in their care." Had I known this I would never have considered leaving my 3 month puppy in their care... If you can even describe the service or lack of as puppy care. I paid for his service and was about to leave when I noted that his nails-- a service that I just paid for had not been done.

Also noted he was not wearing a bandana-- so who knows it they actually bathed him and nor was his ears fact the were atrocious! The groomer should have notified me if there were any issues and a service could not be rendered. Instead they charged me for the service anyway, failed to notify me that my dog was over stressed and couldn't be groomed and held him without food, water or access to potty for almost 7 hours and collected their money. Their actions to this poor pup were cruel and highly unjustified and their staff were rude and dishonest. I will never shop here again and will be contacting corporate-- this kind of behavior-- dishonesty and animal cruelty is unacceptable!


I live up the street from PETCO and shop there all the time.   Every one is awesome and they know me and my dog Dora. She is a pit mix.  I have taken her there before to have her nails trim.  And she does not like it at all. But had her nails trim before no problem. 

I took her there yesterday and this young girl with blonde hair comes out. I tell her she hates getting nails done so bear with her.  She takes her in and ties her up in a corner.  Last time they put her on the table.  She starts yanking at her legs and my dog would yank back. Then she starts yelling at her to stop and kept yanking at her.

She gets up off the floor and comes out to me and said I don't think I can do this. She is showing teeth  but says I'm trying again. She kept yelling at her and cornered her in a corner again and yanking her.  I watch this threw the glass.  I even said I would hold her while she cut her nails.  And she said that was against policy rules. I understand that. So my dog nipped her on the wrist.  She got up furious and I could see her cursing under her breath and came out. To me and said  look what that dog did to me and you don't need to come here any more.  I felt bad about it. 

But that's her job to know how to handle and animal me and a customer were there watching the whole thing and then the other girl that cut her nails before came out from the back.  And said I cut them and had no problem your dogs so sweet.  People like this do not need to be working with animals. If I would not have been watching I'm pretty sure she would have hit my dog. That's how angry she was. 

So I took her to my vet right from there. And the had no problem.  I was not going to write this letter but has been bothering me since yesterday. Please PETCO check who you guys hire! Very disappointed.


I have been shopping at Petco for years and have always been treated fairly. Today 5-9-16, I walked in to find a huge line at the only register open. I walked back and grabbed a bag of dog food and took my place as last in line. The girl operating the one register had some problems and called to have a manager come out and unlock her drawer. Out came a man that helped her and then opened up another register. Everyone in the front of the line moved over to his line, as the other employee continued to have problems.

All of a sudden another man comes out of the front office obviously very agitated. He was a short, tattooed banny rooster who started shouting, "There's another register open" in a very condescending tone. As he walked by I said," Why don't you open up another register"? He whips around and asks me what I had said and I told him to open up another register. He yelled back that there was two open and kept walking. I looked at everyone standing in line with me, and everyone was as surprised as I was. I sat the bag of dog food down and walked out!

That will be my last time to ever set foot into a Petco. Maybe corporate should drug test their managers to make sure they're not tweaking. So long Petco, hello Amazon.