Sony Customer Service Caught Cheating Customers with Big TVs


My Sony Bravia is about 7 years old. It just began having a very light picture with dark borders. So, the repair man said it would be very expensive to repair and a new tv would be a better decision. I just lost my husband and did not need so much stress at this time. Sony was a prime name and we thought we bought (a 40") tv to hang on a wall.

Now Sony customer service has been caught cheaing me and thousands of other TV customers. Here is how I caught them...

I have called Sony corporate at 1-800-222-7669 and they say that the TVs are designed to work for 3-5 years. Wish I would have known they were cheating me earlier. This is what the rep said when I called the 1-800 number.

Mike from Sony: I'm sorry you had this problem Ma'am, but our TVs are only designed to work for about 5 years. That this their average lifespan, especially with the newer LCD and LED models. It would be much better for you to go get a new television than to try and fix this older one.

Never thought that a Sony TV would be the first to go. Others in my home are years old and are never a problem. Now I know that if you want quality then don't look here. They are literally scamming people into buying new TVs every few years.

I even tried the US corporate office address to tell the CEO of Sony America at 550 Madison Avenue #3, New York, NY 10022. No answer again!


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1st- service id #15081900100. My phone use to get switched off due to over heating of the handset. even while just browsing on YouTube the set use to get terribly heated. I complained it to the service centre -- krish electronics mumbai malad east. and submitted my handset. I was told I would receive a call in the evening on the same day regarding what is the issue. if its a software problem or a hardware problem.

I didn't receive any call from them. next day i called them to check the status at that they infirmed me the set was ready for collection n they have just updated the software. As i received the set i was checking the set in the service centre only the set got switched again due to heating or some internal issue. I showed it to them and they said they would raise a new ticket number for replacement. l get a new set within 7 days. and I will be informed about the same.

After that i neither received any call from them nor any SMS was received. As said above i went on 7th day to check the status of the set since i didn't receive any communication from them.
after going there employee said there is no new ticket # raised for replacement. as per their records ticket #15081900100 was closed (software updated). Than the service centre manager Prakash Mane approached me and said that it was their mistake they forgot to raise the ticket number. and was promised that i would get my new set within 4-5 days.

They raised a new ticket #15081904100 after that and said that he(manager) will personally look into the matter and update me on the status. again there was no communication from their side. 5 days later when i called up they said that ticket has been raised but they haven't received some part  for which they are waiting. they assured me again they inform me the next day regarding the status it. 

Next day called and informed that the process has delayed n request for another more 4 days and assured me that they'll keep me informed about what's the status. After 2 days i received a call stating that the person they were contacting for the issue is on leave currently so again they asked for another more 7 days. That's how pathetic. I mean they never contact you unless you call them again and again to ask the status. Just delaying the whole processes. I was assured that the replacement is done usually in 7 days and see how many days they are taking.

That's how pathetic after sales service SONY is providing. really shame on you sony. The people at service centre are totally irresponsible. Also the standby set they provided isn't working well and touch doesn't work at times.


Recently I have been having the same issues with my TV. I have a 55" Bravia and recently purchased a new PS4. I love playing games on the play-station, that's not my issue. I don't understand why there are barely any two player games out there for PS4. As a growing market where more spouses/couples are playing video games together, you would think Sony would get ahead of it. I understand there is call of duty (which sucks, shooter games aren't fun at all). What happened to classic adventure games?

My husband and i have been playing Diablo together and may soon by Dynasty Warriors, but after that we can't play anything fun together. I get that games for new consoles are pushed out quickly to please eager customers, but there is nothing wrong with putting out patches or updated versions with multilayer game play. I also understand you can make a quick buck off of people going out and buying another console, but once this market opens up more and if any other provider gives way to more multi-player games then you will most definitely lose a lot of customers.

Something to keep in mind when creating new games. I think Sony has lost touch with their customer base.


I have a Bravia TV with bluetooth that is supposed to sync up to my phone so I can watch shows and movies. But I am having issues with my Bluetooth never working. Will not stay connected for longer than a second. Reported it about 2 months ago and was unable (unwilling) to do a complete restore. Called in yesterday 6/7/14 and spoke to a person who said if you restore your computer and it still doesn't work he would send a Bluetooth "congo". I told him I would not be able to go without my business computer for any amount of time and sending it off would not be an option. If the Bluetooth congo did not work they would decide what to do at that point.

I did so reluctantly losing a needed program that is no longer available for download. I even purchased an external drive to transfer my files onto. Hours worth of work and still, as I had suspected, did nothing. Still does not work. I called support center today and stated what had been done. He said we are not offering the Bluetooth congo at this time. then we went in circles over who he is regarding identification for stating he could only give me his first name. I questioned him if he puts his information on the notes he is taking he said yes. So apparently he flat out lied when he said he had no information on who promised me the Bluetooth congo the day before to get to bottom of my situation. Again I asked him is it documented who I speak to. He ended up hanging up on me. 

I spent $1000 on this TV and get the run around from these guys.


I bought a 46 inch Sony Flat Screen tv at Costco four years ago. It stopped working due to overheating. I called Sony and they told me it was out of warranty and to bring it to Precision tv in Concord CA. I took it there and paid $50 and they called a week later saying that it needed a part that Sony no longer carries. I called Sony back and after a big hassle, they finally agreed to send me a refurbished tv to replace mine, and they never followed through.

When I call back I get FAy in the Phillipines who has no supervisor in her call center, and just reads me her prompt screens telling me I can have 15% off a new sony television. Of course I will never buy another Sony product, I can't get anyone to even talk to me, or read a complaint. It is like trying to reach a company in a Witness Protection Program. 


I purchased a Sony Smart TV, in April, 2015.  Shortly thereafter, I started having problems, with the picture breaking up, then I could not pick up all the channels, my cable company offered.  The cable company came out, checked my service, ran me a new line but nothing helped.  I contacted Sony for help.  The Tech decided I had a bad tuner in my TV.  They said they would ship me a new TV, so they took my credit card number, in case I did not return the broken TV.  I waited, did not hear from them, so I called back, at which time they said they would send me a refurbished TV?  

This was not satisfactory with me, since I bought. New TV not a used one that someone had already had problems with.  They were supposed to have customer service call me back in 24 to 48 hours, to work the problem out.  Well that has been about a month ago and I still have not heard from them. The retailer that I purchased the TV from replaced it with the Same kind of Sony.  I am still having slight problems the new TV.   I wish I had never purchased a Sony TV and will never purchase another Sony, if this is the way they take care of their products.  The least they could have done was give me a phone call.   I talked to Jason, Kim, and Rachel, at Sony.  My ticket number is E61701921.

Then I purchased Sony earbuds and used them once or twice.  The next time they didn't work.  Fortunately I still had the packaging and took them back to the store. They traded the earbuds for new ones (Sony Around-the-Ear Active Sports Headset).  I used these successfully approximately 12-20 times.  I always keep them in a protective case.  Now the left earbud is not working.  I have never had problems with Sony products before.  I just want earbuds that work.


I will start by saying that if anyone would like to join me in either a civil or a class action lawsuit against sony please please contact me. Sony has recently banned my account and I have called multiple times to get an explanation why and of course as you all already know got the typical sony you violated the tos response. So I've received no real explanation as to why account has been banned in just a yr might I add while on xbox I was on eight years and never banned. That doesn't add up. While on psn I have been called racist names, targeted, abused, suspended three times then banned, experienced rude and nothing but rude customer service, not have my warranty I bought thru psn honored nor refunded by sony as they claimed, pretty treated like a criminal.

Sony has not helped me not one iota since having a ps4. I've bought three controllers, ps cam, 2 sets of px22 headsets, 2tb hard drive, one yr membership, and ton of digital games which now I no longer have because they're account banned me and a 3 month membership I had just just renewed and now is gone.

The won't transfer the content I legally paid for to a new account. That's not right. They treated me like crap, they take your money, don't care to help their customers at all. They removed pretty much all legit ways to have real customer service and steal your money. Anyone want to file a lawsuit please lets get together let's not let them get away this.


I have just recieved notice that my 5 year old 46in. Sony bravia is toast. The crt is done. Its pretty dissapointing my $1,300 TV must now be replaced. I thought buying sony meant getting the best. If this is sony corporate policy now then maybe it is best time to try someone elses.                                                                             


Contacted your support line on 15 Feb 16 (Case # E62932788) regarding Mod No. BDVE3100 SN S01-8942861-0, purchased at HH Gregg on 6 Mar. Spent over an hour troubleshooting on the phone with someone who could barely speak English. Many steps of the troubleshooting process had to be repeated because the individual was having a hard time conveying instructions to me. After this conversation, I was told that if the problem re-appeared (Blu-ray player stops playing during a movie and resets the player), that I could call back, reference the case number, and it would be sent out for repair.

The same problem has reappeared over the past week. I called today; first I was directed to contact a service center to make arrangements for repair. When I contacted the Service Center, they informed me I was responsible for the cost to package and ship the item for repair. I asked why is the customer responsible for shipping costs associated with a defective product still under warranty? She informed me that if I wanted the shipping costs covered by Sony, I would have to re-contact them and request a shipping label. I re-contacted your overseas representative a second time today (Frank, Central America, C95G).

His response to me was that since I called after the warranty date, this case would have to be elevated for resolution. In other words, it is now viewed as no longer under warranty. This directly contradicted what your previous representative told me the same day. I am very upset about this. My time is valuable. I have wasted over another hour on this issue. My expectation is that if Sony wants to keep my business, that they need to stand by their product and perform the repairs necessary at no cost to me.

Note, according to the service center this has to be received prior to 16 March. It is now the 8th. Pls do NOT defer me to a Sony representative overseas. I want to speak to someone in the UNITED STATES that speaks english!