Best 7 Walmart Phone Numbers for Customer Complaints


Walmart is a huge company. It employs hundreds of thousands of employees and serves millions of customers. So, it makes sense that there will be a lot of upset customers and Walmart employees from time to time who need to complain.

If you have a problem with Walmart customer service, the best number to call is 1-800-WALMART or 1-800-925-6278.

This number is toll-free and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether you work at a store, are a frequent shopper, or have a general comment, try that phone number first.

The company does provide six additional phone numbers for various divisions which are listed below.

  • Media: 1-800-331-0085
  • Stockholders: 1-479-273-6463
  • Sam's Club: 1-888-746-7726
  • Walmart credit cards: 877-294-7880
  • Fraud: 888-518-6278 (option 3)
  • Collections: 800-641-4526 

If for some reason your calls are not getting through, Walmart has an automated feedback form that allows you to email complaints on their website.


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Have a complaint? Call customer service at: 
Upset at corporate? Their office location is: 
702 Sw 8th Street, Bentonville Arkansas, 72716



I went to the Grants Pass Walmart yesterday (May 28) to tell them my wife bought Glucerna bars and the box had 3 bars inside the package when purchased, it was half gone, and the ones in the package were 1/4 the size they should be inside their packaging.

It had never been opened, the box should have had 6 ea in the package. My wife had opened the one package inside and it was much smaller than it should have been, about 1/4 size, so she had asked me to return the box, which still had the two (both unopened but you could feel they were less than 1/4 the size filled inside) i told customer service and they told me get a new box which i did, but they wanted to take 2 bars out and give that to me, which really made no sense. Also, i had more shopping to do and did not like the idea of walking around with 2 bars in my pocket not to mention i think opening a box just to hand me 2 bars was not too smart.

I told them i wanted to buy the whole box and couldn't they just take a dollar off the box and sell that to me for a 5 dollar box of (6) bars , well they refused to do that all they wanted to do was hand me 2 bars, which i did not want to do because as i said, my wife wanted a whole box. I got nowhere, so I asked the sales person who is her boss. She kept bringing over more sales people, 2 more people came, with the same thing again ... then i asked again for a manager. A man came, named Dan. He would not perform the transaction, he told me to finish my shopping and then he would take care of it, which he was really vague about.

So I grabbed a few items to purchase and went back to customer service. I asked could they take care of the transaction, i did not know how they were going to do the exchange. I had to go i find Dan, the assistant floor manager, he just said go back up there, but he was not nice at all. Neither were any of the sales people (all 4 of them, who refused to even consider a refund or exchange for a 5 dollar box of diabetic bars!). They even had one person there tell the wrong story to Dan, claiming i wanted it free, which I didn't — I already paid for a box, which was defective. In the end, they reluctantly, and not very nicely, exchanged ii with my receipt, which they had all along.

I later talked to a person name Laura, I think, who said she was the floor manager. I explained again for the umpteenth time the situation, I was so flustered and my heart was racing, all this for a 5 dollar box of diabetic bars. My wife and I spend more than $1,000 thereat that Walmart every month.  But, we may rethink that and go to Fred Meyer instead, or Winco when it comes in across the street next month. The customer service was terrible at the Grants Pass Walmart yesterday. One woman that was supposedly "helping" me was smirking at me and i would say say I thought the whole situation was funny, except it was more like pathetic.

They obviously thought i was nobody to serve. I cant believe the (lack of) professionalism, conduct, or for that matter the service that was not provided me in the first place. My wife being a diabetic, and both of us being over 50 , do not need the aggravation of this situation. I called my wife on the phone to have them understand there were bars even missing from the box (she was at work, where she is a newspaper reporter so she couldn't come in to Walmart with me to make the exchange), but all the bosses refused to talk with her on the phone. I thank you and ask for a response to this, and some understanding of this situation, for which I am deeply frustrated with Walmart.


I got off work and went to this store to pick up a few things. As I was entering the Walmart market store located at 2108 Bedford Rd. Bedford, TX 76021  there was an individual coming out of the store speaking on a cell phone saying M---F this and that very loudly. I continued to enter the store and began shopping. after I entered this individual re-entered the store and continued the same language only louder yelling you could here him for 2-3 Isles over same language MF this and MF that the other customer and I looked at each other and continued shopping.

About 5 minutes later this individual left the store  only this time yelling the same cursing language with two other personnel never stopping the yelling of the obscenities the whole store could hear it. After is reached the check out counter I asked what that was  about and the clerk said to me she did not know. I went to the customer service counter and asked the same question and no reply. I asked for the management phone number and a person, lady was paged and I got a number only after I informed her that I was going to call Walmart corporate and let management know about this. The lady said she was a floor supervisor and she talked with this individual. I informed her that it was unacceptable that if it  were done at my job I would be fired.

She lowered her head as if she knew she should have called the police or something.  I asked if the manager was there and she said they were in the back I asked her if she notified them  and that's when the lady informed me she had talked with this individual. upon leaving the store I still heard this person, at this time had moved over in front of another  store and was still ranting very loudly,  with his 2 other people with him. The other two  people did nothing. It was this one individual. 

On one other instance I witnessed this same individual at the customer service counter rant and rave about how another employee was dumb and not able to do their job and how he had to do all of the work. again loudly. literally berating another person and their work holding up the customer service line. I knew this person worked there because of his prior incident I saw him.

I did call a person named Robin at 817-283-9841 informed her of the incident and she was besides herself she said she had just got back from vacation and would look into it.  She also informed me that there were no floor supervisors as the lady mentioned before had said she was. I utilize this store very often however I will not shop there again if I go there and see either of the two individuals mentioned. There is no excuse for this or the prior actions of personnel such as this as far as I am concerned.


Hello I am an Atheist, a fast growing community of freethinkers. Believing that Walmart likes to follow consumer trends and as a regular shopper decided to complain about religion being advertised in the workplace to the store. Before this I was aware that employers have to legally accommodate religions, but I felt I have the right to free speech and complain. Having paid for all my items I quickly stated the fact at the consumer desk and that was that, I was asked if I wanted the store manager and I said no but upon leaving the Manager approached me by the exit and asked my concern.

I simply stated that I did not like to see religion advertised in the workplace.Things got ugly. He asked if I knew what his religion was, I replied no it wasn't in my face. He then started talking about "that woman is employed and is working"? Not sure what he meant by this as I had not mentioned any individual or religion. He then called me a racist and to get out of the store, which I did promptly.

Whilst quietly unloading my items I noticed that he had followed me and was pointing me out to other staff (two women) about 30' away, so I took my empty shopping cart to drop off in his vicinity. Again I stated that I had the right to complain about religion being advertised in the workplace. He became personal and aggressive - said what if people don't like bald men ( which I am), then he called me a racist and a fucker a couple of times and to get off the property and that he had better not see me at that store again. Leaving promptly I said he was being an ass where upon he said what did I call him. He then said he was taking my license plate and was reporting me for Racism.

Feeling physically, verbally threatened and persecuted I left as he took my license plate and stared aggressively. Since then I have destroyed my Walmart credit card, transferred my prescriptions, will purchase my prescription glasses elsewhere and will never enter a Walmart again. Some of my Free thinking friends are also boycotting Walmart because of the way I was treated. Now I have to think if my vehicle will be targeted as my license plate was obtained for unknown reasons. He was in fact the Racist as I never mentioned any particular religion and to categorize a certain person to a religion is wrong as he did.


I am a long time loyal Walmart customer and frequent patron. I am writing to this letter because I believe I was racially profiled and branded a criminal without any real consideration of the circumstance surround an incident that occurred in the Super Center located at 3535 Apalachee Parkway.

I enter the store around 12:45pm on June 6, 2015 and picked up a 12 pack of 6 oz bottled water, a bag of grape and cherries.  I was rushing to meet the movers that were bringing my furniture to the above location and I was also on the phone with my son who recently agreed to donate a kidney. I had just had my transplant assessment and was discussing that with him and discussing his birthday plans. I went to the self-check-out and couldn’t get the fruit to scan so the attendant assisted me and scan the items. I bagged them and left the store.

I returned two hours later and got $60.00 from the ATM to give a tip to the movers who were waiting for me in the Walmart parking lot. I re-entered the store and shopped for about an hour getting household supplies totaling $85.13 and again used the self-check-out system. While I was loading the merchandise in my car, I was stopped by the Tallahassee Police and questioned about my past visit in the store. It turn out that I forgot to swipe my card during my first visit into the store.

After being showed the tape I was mortified by my mistake. It was a careless mistake not intentional. I wasn’t given a chance to explain or pay for the merchandise. The officer asked someone, I assume in loss prevention, if they were willing to drop the charges but they would not. Later that day I returned to speak with a manager but, Scott Harrell had left for the day.  l came back to the store again on Sunday after calling and Mr. Harrell  was out to lunch and again  I came in one hour latter with the items with another offer to pay.

He was still out so I spoke with Christina Petrucelli, Co-Manager and she said I had to speak with legal because there is nothing she could do. My point is that I am not a theft but a loyal, longtime customer that made an honest mistake. I have my prescription there and shop there regularly. I have a master degree, a son in graduate school, am a State employee and church going man. I felt demoralized and racially profiled and automatically labelled a criminal. No one from loss prevention would talk to me and Ms. Petrucelli explanation to me was  security was doing their, job catching thefts!  It doesn’t make sense to steal $9.00 worth of merchandise and reenter the store and spend over $85.00.

It was clear on the video tape that I was distracted. I don’t know why the attendance didn’t realize the mistake or any store personnel didn’t question me at that time or before I left the store or at any time during my subsequent visits? I would have been happy to rectify my mistake.   I am asking that the charge be dropped and I be allowed to pay for the merchandise to avoid criminal charges. These  charges create a risk of losing my job for petty theft, a criminal offense for something that was clearly an oversight with no criminal intent.  I am available any time to discuss this matter in person.


I am so tired of calling the Walmart corporate offices and it takes customer service forever to answer and then they go to transfer you and the phone rings and rings and then it switches back to customer service. It rings 30 or 40 times and this goes on all the time. I called today wanting the camera department and being transferred back 3 times I got no answer. Same with the garden section. I want to buy a grill but nobody answers.

You either need to hire more help and not make such a big profit. I have been waiting in line with 5 or 6 people carts full and clerks so slow. There are a lot of cash registers but you only use 4 or 5 of them. I am going to start going to sears or K Mart because if I can't get help why give you my money.

I have been using your Savings Catcher for some time now. I decided 6/17/15 to get my gift card as I had it built up to $21.54. I went to the customer counter at our local Walmart and asked how I get my card. The lady did not have a clue what to do.

She ended up pushing buttons on my phone and said I should get an email about it. Checking on my phone now, it says the $21.54 has been "redeemed" and my account is 0. I called the store 6/23 and spoke to Steve, he said he did not know, just wait for an email, but was not sure. I just want to know where my Savings Catcher gift card is or how to get it or is this just another scam. I checked my account on line is Savings Catcher and there is no information about it.

I have asked for the little blue baskets for months at this Walmart. They tell me the same thing they are on order. This has been going on for over 6 months. They said that all the others have walked off. I use a wheelchair of my own do to the fact that not able to transfer to the ones in the store. I think that they need to get on the ball ASAP and get something done. It is hard to carry things and wheel the chair. Most of the time too I have asked the other shoppers to help me get things or when I have trouble carrying them they help not the staff.

Was there this last Sunday and a manager just walked by and smiled while I was trying to carry my things to the front. I have called you all before and nothing happens it is time some action is taken. Go to K mart or Target will be my next thing to do. Even saw a employ there in her chair with things in her lap do to the fact there is no baskets. Try to use a wheelchair and care things a few times and see what it is like. I hope that with this email something will be done. What other step do I and others need to take to get something do.


I have a complaint about the Walmart Vision center at Keamoku St in Honolulu. When I went to pick up my glasses the guy working behind the counter said to "sit over there on the chair" but the strap barricade blocking the entrance was still in place so I had to go under it. Then he said "gimme your paper" so I gave him my receipt. He went and got my glasses and said to try them on so I did.  I told him it was too loose so he made an adjustment and when I tried it on again it was still too loose so he said "what you like me do".

I showed him the glasses I was wearing and asked him to adjust the frame to match because it was the exact same frame. Then he really got sarcastic. He told me to wait for some one else to come in so they could adjust the frame for me.  I explained that I came early so I wouldn't have to wait. He then pushed the manager's business card to me on the table and told me to call her.  He kept saying the "right" words but with an attitude tone.  

This guy either hates his job or just care about Walmart's customers.  He was happy to show me his name badge and tell me to call the manager while saying "I no care, call em".  This happened at 9:00 am on 10/6.  I was so upset that I left without getting his name.  This person really sucks at his job.  'So what you like me do'. His favorite words. People with this really bad attitude should be working in a warehouse not with customers or should be on the street looking for a job.  Thanks, former customer.


Brought gain swifter on Saturday Sept 12, 2015 @ 9:30 am, Called store @ 10:05am  540 667-9111 that I must have left them, The lady put me on hold and came back to the phone and said i Had, I let her know that I would come in on Sunday to pick them up.

Brought my receipt and to customer service and the Lady that was working at the counter stated that they where not there, So I walk to the back of the store and got swifter Febreeze because the was no gain swifter on the shelve, I let the lady know It was a different kinda but same price. So here comes this other working very rude crewing gum, this lady had long brown hair it was a proxy 12:30 Sunday Sept 13, 2015. Stating that the swifter I picked up was not on my receipt. I know it wasn't because it was a different kind so no the UPC code would not be on my receipt. So I was treated like I was there to steal swifter wet pad, If I was going to steal, I would have spent 230.26 the day before.

My receipt number is Terminal # MX756801 Ref# 525500718975 Letters across the top of the receipt ST# 01406 OP# 007157 TE# 17 TR# 01346. You need to teach your employees manners. not to crewing gum while talking and how to speak to customer that have been shop at your store for a ling time, Well I learned my lesson. I work hard for my money to have a company ripe me off. You better believe that was my last trip. I even asked to speak to a manager and they looked at me like I was crazy. asked if they at least could tell me who was working Saturday so I could come back and talk with her since she new I had called.

The Gum chewer, stated that she was off for the last two days so how would she know. I asked do you have a schedule and she said know and other woman with the scares on her neck was just as bad. these ladies sure will make a lot of your customers not come back. and I'm the first then again I looked at some of your complaint and not sure prized after the treatment I received. No customer service and rip off your customers.


I stopped at the Walmart store in Anderson, IN to pick up some small items and 2 bottles of Wind Song Cologne in a spray bottle.  The cost of 1 bottle is $2.97.  I was there around 12:15pm.  I asked that someone be sent to open the case but that never happened.  After waiting 12 minutes I went to the check out with my other items.  I explained to the cashier that I still needed the cologne from the locked case.  She said she had no idea where anyone was to help me.  I told her I was staying at her counter until she got the cologne for me.  

She started shuffling around trying to find someone but was unable to find anyone who knew who had the key and where they might be.  She then told me I needed to go back to the jewelry counter and they would send someone.  I refused stating they could get the cologne and bring it to me there at the counter.  Needless to say there was a line forming behind me.  Finally this lady by the name of Mary came up and told me if I would go back to the counter with her and tell her what I wanted she would try to find someone with a key.  Again I refused and she did finally come back to the cashier counter with my purchases.  

I paid her and then went to customer service to register a complaint. I was told there was no formal complaint paper to fill out and that the Manager was not on the premises and would not be there until Friday.  I then asked to speak to the manager of the jewelry dept.  She was finishing lunch and finally came to the service desk. She apologized and then stated that the cologne had to be locked due to the clientele you have in your store.  I take offense to that because I am one of the clientele and I am a college graduate with 2 post graduate degrees.  

I am going to tell all my colleagues not to shop in your store as they are considered lower class people.  I feel your store (this one anyway), is a disgrace to our city and I am sorry I ever put any money out to but things in your store.  I think maybe when the jokesters talk about the Walmartians they must be talking about your employees!


First yesterday it was extremely hot second they make you stand outside in the heat with people that aren't even trained properly on how to operate the portable gadget they carry. I'm 66 years old and I have to stand in 90 degree weather with someone that don't know how to do their job. after finally get my tire replaced at check I'm told I need a oil change, and a front end alignment. Guess what I had just had a oil change 1 week prior to this service. You could read the writing on the oil stick.

I think it is bad for service people to try and take advantage of senior citizens like myself. Thank God I'm able to understand when someone is trying to take advantage, but what about the ones that don't understand. I'm sure nothing will be done about this but if I don't get some kind of respond I will be sending a copy of this complaint to Attorney General office and my State Representative.


The Walmart store located in the Damonte Ranch center in Reno, Nevada was a disaster today.  Shelves empty, employees standing around in groups complaining and arguing with each other (so much so that they didn't even bother to move out of the way of customers with shopping carts).  In almost every isle customers had to maneuver their carts around employees and listen to disgruntled employees.  Then at check out checkers were complaining (to customers) about their benefits being cut and telling customers that a lot of employees had recently quit.  

Then if that wasn’t enough my husband went to the back of the store to pickup our online order.  There he was told that the system was down and although they had his order (even brought it out to him) could not release it to him.  When I found this out I immediately went to the pickup area and demanded the release of the item that I had ordered and paid for.  After arguing with the assistant pickup department manager I demanded to see the store manager.  The pickup department assistant manager told me that the manager was not at the store.  Then the assistant pickup department manager threatened me and told me he had the right to refuse me service.  I was not going to stand for that kind of comment.  What kind of managers are you hiring?    

He had no solution except to come back at another time. I demanded to see someone above him.  He finally got another employee to assist me and all I had to do was sign a paper stating that I had picked up the items.  I was told by this women that that’s what they do all the time when the system was down.  The reason I am so angry, first I was notified by Walmart that my order was ready for pick up, I drove 30 miles to the store and then was told go home and come back some other time.  What kind of customer service is that?  

I have been a loyal Walmart shopper for years.  Something is very wrong with the above mentioned store.  I have noticed it deteriorating for the past several months.  This could be a very vibrant store but it is poorly managed, very sad.