Dear Yahoo, My Email Login Page in Not Working (Again)


I have had reports from several members of our website that their Yahoo! email login page is not working. Now, technology problems online are nothing new. Many people report issues with AT&T, Verizon, Hotmail, and Google each day.

But when members complain constantly about not being able to get on to an email website, I think it's time to pay attention to them, right?

I looked into this today by trying to get an email account of my own.

I tried internet explorer as well as firefox, and both had problems registered with their Yahoo! email login page being is disabled in certain browsers of having errors when trying to sign on. I thought Yahoo! wanted people to use their systems. But when companies get increasingly protective, often they are protecting email account against the very customers that use them. The user.

I don't want to go through all the problems all the time. I want to find a way around it. That means skipping the login page and finding another way. But that is easier said than done. This also creates problems when using apps like Yahoo! messenger alongside email.

In addition to feedback about email login, I have one more about messenger. Recently, Yahoo! switched off the old Messenger and from then on, we will be forced to use the new one.

There are two serious problems with that, the first being the inability to make a web-cam or a video call, due to the fact that this facility is missing, despite the video on the Yahoo! help page showing how to make. A cam or video call. The other is the fact that there is no indication of which of my contacts is on-line.

I fail to see how the omission of these two facilities are going to enhance my Messenger experience, in fact it will make it much worse, to the extent that I will not be using it very much, if at all.

These are just two major complications that users are reporting. What has your experience been with Yahoo! email lately? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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When using Yahoo e-mail, the right side of the screen is constantly bombarded with ads. They tie up the computer so badly that one cannot type a message sometimes. Constantly hitting a key hoping that it will be read into the message. Terribly annoying. Didn't used to be that way.


Yahoo! has removed their toolbar and replaced it with nothing, They decided to tell us what we could and not use. One can not add it or delete anything off it. There is no way to contact Yahoo, I am sure that they like it that way as they do not to deal with the people that pay them. No one likes it, hundreds of complaints. I am very close to leaving Yahoo as they really do not care, they kept warning us and telling us how great it was going to be and what wonderful pictures we would have, no one cares about the pictures, want my tool bar back.

They have really screwed it up this time and they removed the site where you could reinstall it also and direct you to their useless contact page. The way the Yahoo mail page display changed. I do not like it. I have a large monitor and use + 150  to make the scree easier to read. With this change I have to keep going from 100 to 125 to 150 depending on the blog I am reading. Please put me back on the old setup.


I absolutely hate the way ads on my Yahoo inbox page slow everything down. It was bad enough before, but since corporate has started putting 2 ads in my sidebar it has become virtually impossible to type an email, which is what the inbox is actually meant to be for. I realize we have to have ads if we want a free service, but why do they have to slow everything down? The stupidest part is that quite often both ads are for exactly the same thing! What is going on here?

What happened to the comments format? This new one just sucks. I can't see past comments or replies. If it isn't changed, I am done with yahoo.  Also, the site used to be good now with all the ads it is impossible to navigate thru stories. I am no longer going to use yahoo as my search engine. The email search and news site has become worthless to me. The ads on the side of my screen have increased in number and are slowing down my email response time. I often need to wait a few seconds for the ads to stabilize before I can type in my email reply space. It used to be better.


My problem is, that I send out an e-mail reply or response, there is no way of knowing if I sent it out other than the box that says (your message has been sent). I'm interested in knowing that after I totally forget,  if I sent it or not. It would be nice to know that in some way I can know that I sent it.

I have been constantly getting spam mail in my inbox. garbage that I never signed up for, never been on any website for. I have been getting 4 plus emails in my inbox. I am really tired of it. It needs to stop.


So frustrating! Forget about contacting Yahoo by phone. Their 800 phone numbers are worthless.  Some 800 #'s have been disconnected, Yahoo does not want you to be able to reach. Customer service, now that's a pathetic joke.


I've got a new smartphone. I can t sign in on yahoo messenger. Nothing helps. Even in the shop they couldn't help me with all your codes. It doesn't work! You sent me a site and i need 2 years to look for  to the good link. And why? only because i use another smartphone, with the same old number. Even from the tablet i can t sign in. I can do sign in on my email on yahoo with the old password. I had to reset my password a few times, I've got code from you, nothing helps.

I occasionally get emails from an apparently make-believe yahoo that uses the yahoo logo, alerting me that because of a "security protocol" I am about to have my emails blocked unless I give them my email password data.  Their email shows an email address. It turns out nothing happens. My service is not interrupted. Isn't this scam illegal? Might Yahoo! not be getting complaints about this from other customers? If you would like me to forward these suspect emails to you, please send me an email at the above address. I am also overcome by the number of advertisements on my computer.  

It has interfered so much that I am losing interest in using my computer.  The ads crowd into whatever I am trying to see to the extent that it is very irritating.  I will probably switch providers after more than 15 years of using Yahoo if the mess continues.


For last few months, All my yahoo emails are being deleted randomly. All flagged and unread even. Sometimes it occurs every few days, or every few weeks. No pattern. This is rubbish. My emails are important, with needed dates, info etc. Very frustrating. Everyone tells me Gmail or others much better than yahoo.

I seriously can't access my mails. While verifying the ownership of the address, a code is expected to be sent to my line but no sms is received from yahoo till now. I tried for hours and days no response. All I kept on getting is enter Code without sending nothing.

Still, today I can longer get my email. I called two customer service phone numbers and they said my yahoo mail was compromised and they could do nothing to fix it unless I pay a nominal fee of $100 for technical support using cloud. What the hell? Not happy! Is customer service a money con? Found out they have no phone number so scammers keep owning them! All of a sudden today I can't log onto email. I had always asked that my password be remembered. I can't remember it -- I am 76 years old.  I have no cell phone that I can add.

And there is a Game of thrones advertisement on my home page that is deeply disturbing. I tried to get it off several ways but whatever page I was trying to read just closed each time. I really don't need creepy moving images I can't remove on my home page. Then I went into mail tried to access my calendar. Message comes back that I could not be connected to my calendar. Need to know time and date of upcoming appointments.


The ads in the free version of Yahoo mail interrupt and slow composing email. Email hang while the adds load. Error messages come up regularly. I recently tried to submit "feedback" through the button along side the ad and clicked the response that I did not like the add because it was annoying. That immediately caused the add to load on both viewing panes. So I clicked the feedback button a couple more times to report the add was now offensive. Within five minutes I started receiving spam that was getting through my spam filter from the company posting the ad I complained about.

In the past three days I received over 50 email from similar companies and my Yahoo spam filter is letting them all through. Is it possible that Yahoo is selling my information to the company posting the ad? I cleared all my cookies and I can't think of any other way my email address (which no one outside my personal circle has) could have been so quickly compromised by spammers for a product that I have no relationship to.

Yahoo's new web page is unacceptable. They seriously need to fix this.  Also this page have way too many adds that I cannot in any way control. I have opted out of everything I can. There are Yahoo adds that pop up in the middle of videos, and pictures, so many it interferes with viewing the video or picture and they will not go away. If they cannot fix your site you will force me to switch email providers to Gmail or Hotmail. I don't want to because I like yahoo, but I spend to much time just trying to read a basic article.


My account continues to receive adult content emails in the spam folder. Nobody seems to be able to help me close the account. I also had an account several years ago with Yahoo and someone broke in, and were sending out emails, and I closed the account. I made a complaint with the FCC over my account with spam emails. My FCC complaint numbers are #989806 & #989712. Guess why the complaints? Because Yahoo has no customer service number. This is unacceptable for paying customers.

After making the complaints, I decided to cancel the complaints with FCC and just close the yahoo account. Due to problems in the past with accounts with major problems like spam, I would rather just close the account. I am sick of the adult spam emails coming in to my account. We have obscenity laws in this country that should be followed.

I also refuse to open any adult content emails. It is clear Yahoo! might have a problem on your hands. I refuse to be part of any criminal activity associated to spam coming from external sources. I will not open spam emails. The spam problem is out of control on the Internet. Please close the account.


I have 2 accounts. 1 with and the main account with When I try to login, the reply which comes back is "sorry we are unable to proceed with your request.  Please try again". So for the passed 8 hours I have been unable to access my account from where I do all my business.

And then I have my bigger issue, Yahoo's email team has somehow made navigating your news frustrating to the extent that I may switch to another venue altogether. There are so many pop ups that they keep displacing the article. I can't finish a paragraph before it disappears halfway down the page and then you have to take a quiz to finish it. The new special interest photo montage where you have to scroll through 30 photos to get to a  conclusive end is excruciating.  

It takes 20 minutes to see 5 photos and read a short sentence under each one. This is not entertaining, it is irritating. I do not like the new formats. Today the page is jumping all over the place and I can't keep track of what I'm reading